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April 10, 2013

L will become obsessive when he falls in love?

L once again confirmed his tendency to get obsessed with certain things with his latest broadcast appearance.

The INFINITE member was a guest on the April 9th edition of ‘1 vs 100‘, where the MC asked him, “How do you change as a man when you’re in love?“. L answered, “I think if I fall in love, I’d become obsessive.

He added, “If I like something, I get really obsessed. For example, I take photos obsessively, and I eat kimchi jjigae obsessively as well.

L has mentioned several times about his kimchi jjigae obsession before, one of them being during KBS 2TV‘s ‘Hello‘, where he had said, “I get obsessed with things. Whether it be a person or an object, if I get into it, I get obsessed. An example of that is Kimchi jjigae. For three months, I just ate Kimchi jjigae at the same restaurant.

His closet also reflected his obsessive nature during the group’s old show ‘Sesame Player‘, where it was revealed that L, who was obsessed with plaid shirts at that time, owned plaid shirt after plaid shirt of varying colors and patterns that took up most of his closet!

However, we’re guessing his fan girls probably won’t mind too much if L became obsessed with them!

Credits: allkpop

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