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January 18, 2013

A-Prince wins K-Pop Rising Singer Award

Barely only two months after their official debut, rookie group A-Prince gained recognition from the recently concluded 2013 Asia Model Festival Awards as the group bagged the K-Pop Rising Singer Award. Organized by the Korea Model Association, past winners of the said festival include groups like Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, B2ST, Shinee and more. The awarding ceremony was held last January 15th at the Olympic Hall, Olympic Park in Seoul. 

A-Prince also got appointed as honorary ambassadors for the Korean boy scouts for the year 2013 by the Korea Scout Association. The group is currently busy promoting their debut single “Hello” both in Korea and abroad.



January 17, 2013

TEEN TOP’s Changjo does push-ups with one arm

TEEN TOP‘s Changjo shared a selca of a workout, leaving fans googly-eyed over his built figure.

Changjo shared on TEEN TOP’s official Twitter, “Working out during my break time! So I can do it with one arm!!! Eum ha keke,” along with a photo.

The photo shows Changjo flashing a peace sign while pulling off a push-up with one arm, and fans couldn’t take their eyes off of his muscles.

He later tweeted, “Cham! It looks set up keke. But I really read books, work out, and practice! keke,” along with a photo showing his various activities in the practice room.

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MYNAME discuss their Japanese promotions

MYNAME opened up about their promotions in Japan.

The members, who are preparing for a domestic comeback with a new track called “Just That Little Thing“, have been promoting overseas for the past seven months. They’ve recently wrapped up their Japanese solo concert and will be featuring on their own Japanese TV show.

In a recent interview, MYNAME shared, “After releasing our first single album, we promoted actively in Japan for 7 months. Because of that, our [Japanese] fan base has grown, and most of our fans happen to be male.”

Insoo commented, “In Japan, there are a lot of handshake events. One time, a male fan saw me and started crying. At first I was taken aback, but I was thankful that he was so interested in us.” Gunwoo added, “We try to promote in Japan without a translator. I think [our Japanese fans] like that about us.”

In related news, MYNAME will release their second single album, ‘Just That Little Thing’, on the 25th KST.

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TEEN TOP tops ticket sales chart in France

Like their namesake, TEEN TOP rose to the top of the concert charts in France. The group recently announced that they would be holding their 5 city European tour in 2013.

Immediately after ticket sales in France began on January 5th, the ‘TEEN TOP Show! Live Tour in Europe 2013‘ ranked first on a ticket sales chart in France, proving the popularity of the concert to French fans.

TEEN TOP’s tour will take place from February 2nd to the 10th in four countries including Germany (Munich, Dortmund), England (London), France (Paris), and Spain (Barcelona)

Fans in France stated, “TEEN TOP is extremely famous among K-pop lovers in France, and there’s been an increase in fans recently. It seems that their popularity has risen ever since they announced their concert in Paris.”

Congratulations to TEEN TOP on their success overseas!

Image: Osen

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NU’EST’s Ren and Baekho cast in ‘Jeon Woo Chi’

NU’EST‘s Baekho and Ren have been cast in the KBS‘ fantasy drama ‘Jeon Woo Chi‘.

They appeared in their first episode on the 16th. Baekho played one of the henchmen to Lee Hee Joon‘s character, while Ren played the youngest reporter where Cha Tae Hyun worked.

Pledis Entertainment said, “We’re worried because it is their first time acting, but they are learning with the help of many sunbaes. They will be trying their hand at acting through ‘Jeon Woo Chi’, and they are also planning to show a new side on stage, so please show them a lot of support.

‘Jeon Woo Chi’ already has labelmate UEE as the female lead. Jooyeon also plays one of the bigger supporting roles, so it seems Baekho and Ren won’t be without familiar faces around even though they’re trying their hand at something new.

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Cross Gene’s J.G leaves group, introduce new member Seyoung

Cross Gene introduced their new Korean member Seyoung on January 16.

Seyoung participated in his first photoshoot with the group for their Japanese debut. He introduced himself as the 22-year-old Seyoung, and then joked, “I’m trying to work as hard as the other members, but my confidence is dropping“.

The interview also showed him practicing Japanese, with the other members helping him out. Seyoung will be replacing Chinese member J.G., who has decided to leave the group to pursue solo activities.

Cross Gene’s official fancafe said, “Starting with this album, J.G will not be participating in any activities. We want to thank all of you fans who have loved J.G of Cross Gene. he will start walking towards a new path as a singer. Please continue giving J.G your interest and love.

The group received some attention in 2012 as they’re a multi-national group consisting of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese members. 

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January 16, 2013

‘IRIS 2′ reveals character cuts of MBLAQ’s Lee Joon

IRIS 2‘ unveiled dashing still cuts of MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon in character ahead of the premiere of the highly anticipated drama.

It has been revealed that Lee Joon will play the role of NSS agent and chic guy Yoon Shi Hyuk, and will showcase his ability to perform action scenes.

A representative revealed, “Lee Joon’s fierce eyes, lips, and ability to perform flexible stunts will grab the attention of viewers. We ask for you interest in Lee Joon, who puts his own spin on character Yoon Shi Hyuk, and what type of charms he’ll show.”

‘IRIS 2′ will premiere on February 13th!

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SHINee and f(x)’s Krystal and Sulli to have YouTube drama ‘Sweet Recipe’ for Etude House

Following news that f(x)‘s Krystal and Sulli will be joining SHINee as the 2013 endorsement models for cosmetic brand ‘Etude House‘, it has been revealed that the brand will be releasing a YouTube drama entitled ‘Sweet Recipe‘ featuring the idol stars.

‘Etude House’ staff member shared through Twitter, “Audition YouTube drama ‘Sweet Recipe’ will premiere on YouTube on January 23rd.. Spring, a sweet recipe challenge for a sweet transformation! Spoiler lead actors’ roles? This coming Spring, girls’ menboong again?!” along with the snapshot above.

The photo shows SHINee and f(x)’s Krystal and Sulli dressed as chefs and ready to cook up something sweet for fans.

Stay tuned for the release of ‘Sweet Recipe’ on the 23rd!

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Footage from INFINITE H’s showcase released

As mentioned previously, INFINITE H held a successful showcase ahead of their album release in front of selected lucky fans. Although many of us weren’t able to make it, you can now enjoy the performances and talk sessions that went on for a few videos from the event have been revealed!

The showcase was held at 5PM on the 10th at the Seoul UNIQLO-AX. The showcase ran for about an hour and the unit performed “Special Girl” and more, notifying the fans of their unit debut. Fans from all over Asia, including China, Hong Kong, and Japan attended the showcase.

What made it even more special was that all the other INFINITE members also attended to show their support whether it be as the MCs of the event or observing them from afar.

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C-CLOWN show off their signed albums from labelmates Guckkasten

C-CLOWN showed off their autographed CDs from labelmates rock band Guckkasten.

C-CLOWN shared on their official Twitter, “We received signed [CDs] from our hyungs, wow!!! The best rock band on earth Guckkasten, you are always handsome!!! Your C-CLOWN dongsengs are strongly supporting you!! ^@^,” along with the photo above.

The photo shows C-CLOWN proudly holding up their signed copies of Guckkasten’s repackaged album, ‘Time After Time Selection‘, and left fans smiling at the strong friendship between the label mates.

Fans commented, “You guys look so excited!”, “I want to receive Guckkasten’s autographed CDs as well!”, “Guckkasten hyungs, please take good care of C-CLOWN~”, and more.

In other news, Guckkasten successfully wrapped up their ‘Time After Time‘ year-end concert, and C-CLOWN are currently receiving a lot of love for their latest single, “Because You Might Grow Distant“.

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LEDApple performs rock cover of Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Taxi”

LEDApple performed a passionate rock cover of Girls’ Generation‘s “Mr. Taxi“.

On January 15th, the boys shared the cover through their official YouTube channel.

The cover is a pretty nice twist to “Mr. Taxi” with the usage of the guitar.

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Baro shares emotional story of his younger sister on ‘Strong Heart’

B1A4‘s Baro shared an emotional story of his younger sister.

On the January 15th episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, Baro revealed, “I have a little sister who is 4 years younger than me. She turns 18 this year. This happened when I was in middle school and she was in elementary school. There was a time when my father’s business didn’t work out, so our family was going through a difficult time.

He continued, “One day as my parents fought, I heard that men would come in and start labeling our possessions so they could take it to repay our debts.” He confessed that there was time when his parents were out working, men started to come in their home and his sister started to cry because she was so shocked, but that he couldn’t do anything because he was just as shocked.

He confessed, “I should have gone out to comfort my sister, but I was scared too. After they were done, my sister was still crying, but if I went out (of my room) right away, I thought she’d realize I was actually not asleep, so I just kept pretending to be asleep. I cried under my blanket and thought to myself that I would help rebuild our family. My sister gives me strength now“.

He also revealed that his sister hadn’t told anyone in her school that her brother was a member in B1A4. When he asked her why, she had replied, “If I do something wrong, you’ll get hurt because of it“, touching the hearts of everyone in the studio.

Credits: allkpop

Sandeul bursts into tears on ‘Strong Heart’ thinking about his grandfather

B1A4‘s Sandeul burst into tears on the January 15th installment of ‘Strong Heart‘.

On the show, Kim Jung Hwa talked about her mother who passed away due to cancer. While listening to her story, Sandeul had shed tears, and the MCs asked what was wrong. Sandeul had to take a moment to compose himself, and he had a hard time confessing, “My maternal grandfather has cancer, but he can’t even get surgery“, revealing that the cancer was untreatable.

He continued, “But my grandfather doesn’t even know he has cancer. He can’t get surgery, and he’s such a cheery person that we thought it was best not to tell him, so we haven’t. Everyone in our family pretends they don’t know anything.

Even after he was done, he couldn’t stop crying. MC Shin Dong Yup tried to make him feel better by joking about their upcoming topic, but in the end he couldn’t stop crying and actor Park Shin Yang suggested they take a break from filming before they continue.

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F.T. Island’s Jonghoon reveals a photo of the triple JH’s

F.T. Island‘s Jonghoon revealed a picture of the triple JH‘s!

He took to his Twitter on the 15th to share the above photo and wrote, “Jonghoon & C-Jonghyun & Sha-Jonghyun. JH JH JH. Golden Disk, fighting :)“. 

The photo was taken at ‘The 27th Golden Disk Awards‘ that took place earlier today in Malaysia. He snapped a photo with CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun and SHINee‘s Jonghyun who all have the initials of JH in their names.

F.T. Island, CNBLUE, and SHINee all won the Disk Bonsang award at the ceremony. The three are all born in 1990, and also close friends. If you can recall, SHINee’s Jonghyun wrapped up a box of chocolates pretending it was the newly released Diablo III and gave it to CNBLUE’s Jonghyun for his birthday as a prank .

Source: Jonghoon’s Twitter

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Childhood photos of actor Yoo Seung Ho and Boyfriend’s Kwangmin modeling together resurface

Fans have been left surprised after finding out that actor Yoo Seung Ho and Boyfriend‘s Kwangmin‘s meeting dates way back, for it’s been uncovered that the two starred in a past advertisement together!

The photos above were uploaded onto an online community site and quickly gained the attention of netizens and fans who never realized the connection between the two stars. Although they are now fully grown men, it is apparent that they’ve retained a lot of their baby features, making it clear who is who.

In other news, Boyfriend recently made their comeback with new single, “I Yah“, which has been ranking high on music charts.

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MYNAME unveils MV teaser for “Just That Little Thing”

MYNAME has released the most exciting teaser so far as they’ve finally revealed the MV teaser for that comeback track!

After the release of teasers and a few hints, it seems the boys are gearing up for their return that is coming up shortly!

The new track is called “Just That Little Thing” and is scheduled to be unveiled on January 25th!

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SPEED’s Taewoon considers his brother Block B’s Zico to be his rival?

Rookie idol group SPEED‘s leader, Taewoon revealed, “I consider my younger brother, idol group Block B‘s leader Zico, as a rival.

Taewoon shared, “Zico is a precious younger brother to me, and we always give each other rap advice and work together at home. Since it’s a professional world on stage, I’ve always considered him to be my rival.”

He also commented, “We tell the fans that Block B is talented and raps well on stage, so they should think of Block B as SPEED and become their fans. 

Similarly, I would like Block B’s fans to give a little love to SPEED.

Meanwhile, SPEED released their drama and dance music video versions for “It’s Over” as well as their full album ‘Superior SPEED‘. The brothers’ duet was also recently canceled.

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January 15, 2013

Boyfriend’s music video for “I Yah” stirs controversy

Boyfriend‘s music video for “I Yah” has been swept up in controversy as netizens debate whether or not the music video is promoting violence.

The music video was directed by Zany Bros, who also filmed INFINITE-H‘s “Fly High“, Girls’ Generation‘s “I Got A Boy“, SECRET‘s “Talk That“, and much more. “I Yah” tells the story of an innocent school love story, and has been gaining much love because of its sweet story.

However, some are criticizing the music video because it glamorizes school violence and students skipping school. Viewers commented, “The video looks nice, but it’s beautifying school violence“, “It looks like they’re supporting students skipping school and the dangerous motorcycle scenes isn’t helping matters“, and “This may have a negative influence on the youth“.

Others have argued that it’s just a music video and that some people are looking too much into it.

Even though there were many instances of music videos portraying school violence and youth riding on motorcycles, it seems that netizens are more sensitive about the subject of school violence because of the high popularity of the currently-running drama ‘School 2013‘. 

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INFINITE’s Sunggyu shares the story of his first love on Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code 2′

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu revealed the story of his first love on the January 14th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘.

The story came up during a particular segment of the show, “Music 101″, as Sunggyu explained, “I sang Weather Forecast‘s “A Doll’s Dream” to confess my feelings to a girl.”

When MC Tak Jae Hoon asked how he met his first love, Sunggyu stated, “We were in the same school band. She played the piano and I sang. I didn’t have any feelings for her when I first saw her, but one day I noticed myself watching her constantly.”

In response to the cute love story, MC Tak Jae Hoon asked, “But didn’t your ideal type change a lot after your debut?“. Sunggyu was unable to answer the question, making everyone else laugh.

The episode also featured INFINITE H members Dongwoo and Hoya.

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INFINITE-H tops the Hanteo charts with ‘Fly High’

INFINITE-H has topped the Hanteo charts with ‘Fly High‘!

The album was recently released and it quickly reached #1.

The sub-unit of INFINITE, consisting of members Dongwoo and Hoya have unveiled a new hip hop flavor in their album that is sure to impress Inspirits as well as fans of hip hop.

Many respected names in hip hop such as Primary, Dynamic DuoZion.TBeenzinoBumkey, and more contributed to the album.

Congratulations to INFINITE-H!

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Style Breakdown: INFINITE-H’s “Special Girl”

Those of you who follow me over on Twitter might have noticed that this post came with a few technical difficulties- namely, that I’d just finished getting all the screencaps for this article and was about to start combining them when my computer freaked out and ate all my work… sigh. An important remember, kids – save as you go!

Anyway, now that little trial and tribulation is over with, we have some fashion to discuss! INFINITE-H is finally here, and they gave us a LOT to talk about!
Dongwoo definitely got the flashier outfits in this group- I’m sure Inspirits aren’t surprised- and he’s just kind of Mr. Sunshine throughout the whole video with lots of bright colors and funky jewelry. His stylists did a great job matching all the yellows in this outfit, which isn’t always easy to do!

[Gold bat earring: Magic Metal Jewelry, ~40 USD | Shirt: Givenchy, 475 USD | Heart pins: KTZ, sold out | Pants: Unbounded Awe, ~85 USD | Shoes: Frapbois x New Balance, not yet available | Safety pin earring: Conroy & Wilcox, 285 USD (not sure if this is the exact earring or not, but it looks right)]

While Hoya‘s outfits may be darker, they’re definitely not less interesting. We’ve got some wild, clashing patterns here between the shirt and the pants, which he tries to balance with a dark jacket.

[Pants: KTZ, ~623 USD (sold out) | Shirt: Horace, ~141 USD (sold out) | Red pin: KTZ, ~65 USD | Blue pin: KTZ, no longer available | Jacket: Horace, ~947 USD | Shoes: Nike Air Jordan (not exact, but similar), ~76 USD]

When this scene started, I thought maybe Hoya had gotten lost on Super Junior‘s “SPY” set, but he was actually just filming a drama. His verse is all about how he becomes “like an actor” around this special girl, who just so happens to be his co-star. You really can’t go wrong with a nice-fitting suit like this.

Hoya goes on to explain that he doesn’t understand why he freezes up around this girl- after all his ‘hairstyle is always better than other guys” and his new shirt is the exact color of the sky. It may sound silly, but it really can help you feel more confident in life if you feel confident in how you look. Of course, it doesn’t quite work out for Hoya, who hangs up the phone before he can actually confess.

[Boots: Doc Marten, ~104 USD]
Hoya continues to keep things simple with a printed shirt and orange pants.
[Shirt: Givenchy, 360 USD | Pants: Balmain, ~565 USD (orange color not available) | Boots: Doc Marten, ~104 USD | Belt: Balmain, sold out]
So now we have Dongwoo’s verse, where he talks about having a crush on his co-worker, whom he wishes he could see on weekends instead of just weekdays. He may be wearing the same suit Hoya wore earlier, but the styling is quite different as Dongwoo likes to wear more jewelry than Hoya (and, well, more than almost anyone actually). It’s kind of amusing that he and Hoya have the same work uniform in this video.

[Wing earring: Rings and Tings, ~7 USD- worn with this earring piece in back (black unavailable), ~6 USD]

To contrast with his workweek look, we have Dongwoo’s rather colorful weekend look. It makes him stand out against the other guys in black suits, but it doesn’t save him from the embarrassment of forgetting what he was going to say when he saw his crush!

[Jacket: Joyrich, ~339 USD | Shirt: Givenchy, sold out | Pants/apron: KTZ, ~362 USD (on sale) | Hat: House of Holland, sold out | Wing earring: Rings and Tings, ~7 USD- worn with this earring piece in back (black unavailable), ~6 USD]

I found Hoya’s outfit here a little strange- the shirt is really unflattering on him, and I’m not a fan of the gloves. Also, why is he a “Holy War Commander”?
[Gloves: KTZ, 198 USD (on sale)]

Ahh, more of Dongwoo in his piles and piles of accessories. He does some interesting makeup looks in this video, using blue and purple instead of just black or brown eyeliner, which I haven’t seen many K-Pop guys trying out.

[Pants: Cheap Monday, out of stock] | Hat: Yzstyle, ~19 USD (it may be this hat, decorated by the stylists. The little “ears” are shaped exactly the same. I’m not 100% sure.) | Boots: appear to be Doc Marten 8-hole boots in red, unavailable online | Pile of skulls patch: Rude Dog Leather, 4$ USD | Goju patch (similar, not exact): Kungfu4less, 3 USD (on sale) | Star ring: Love ‘n Dung, ~11 USD | Wing earring: Rings and Tings, ~7 USD- worn with this earring piece in back (black unavailable), ~6 USD | Sex Pistols patch: ~4 USD]

And now he’s… hugging his invisible girlfriend? I’m not super into the crimped bangs here- they kind of remind me of Bang Yong Guk‘s fried purple hair during “Power” promotions, and that’s not something anyone wants to remember.

[Pants: Horace, ~308 USD | Cape: Leopard, ~315 USD (on sale) | Skeleton hand bracelet (you can see it better in this teaser): Wacky Werewolf, ~13 USD | Star ring: Love 'n Dung, ~11 USD | Wing earring: Rings and Tings, ~7 USD- worn with this earring piece in back (black unavailable), ~6 USD]

Aww, poor Hoya’s got an invisible girlfriend, too. This is the same outfit he wore earlier in the apartment, but with a jacket thrown over it. Strangely, even though he hasn’t changed clothes, she’s changed from a sweater dress to a sweater and red pants.

[Shirt: Givenchy, 360 USD | Jacket: General Idea, ~654 USD | Pants: Balmain, ~565 USD (orange color not available) | Boots: Doc Marten, ~104 USD | Belt: Balmain, sold out]

More bright colors from Dongwoo.

[Sweater: Ilode, not available online | Shoes: Frapbois x New Balance, not yet available | Star ring: Love 'n Dung, ~11 USD | Wing earring: Rings and Tings, ~7 USD- worn with this earring piece in back (black unavailable), ~6 USD |

And a few bright colors from Hoya as well.

[Shoes: Nike Air Jordan (not exact, but similar), ~76 USD | Sweater: Ilode, not available online]

Dongwoo’s bringing fanny packs back in fashion! Some of you may cringe, but we’ve seen them on Hello Venus and Girls’ Generation, too, so don’t be too surprised if you start seeing them more and more…

[Shirt: Givenchy, 475 USD | Fannypack: KTZ, sold out | Wing earring: Rings and Tings, ~7 USD- worn with this earring piece in back (black unavailable), ~6 USD ]

This time it’s Hoya matching a difficult color- the red in his hat, shirt, and shoes all go together well. Reds are notoriously difficult to match, so kudos to his stylists.

[Hat: Dee & Ricky x Joyrich: ~93 USD | Shirt: Givenchy, ~167 USD (on sale)]

Dongwoo, you have Pegasus on your shirt. I feel like you’re coming dangerously close to challenging Key‘s king-of-the-fashionistas status.

[Wing earring: Rings and Tings, ~7 USD- worn with this earring piece in back (black unavailable), ~6 USD | Sweater: MSGM, not currently available (similar tee shirt here for 79 USD, on sale]

Hoya’s not big on accessories for the most part in this video, so I was surprised to see him go for a patterned shirt, patterned pants, a necklace, glittery sunglasses, two bracelets, AND a decorated glove all in one outfit for this scene.

Dongwoo, on the other hand, is all about the accessories. Here he shows how a person can pull of just about any outfit- even an all-over galaxy print tracksuit and neon dragon scarf- with enough confidence.

[Scarf: Jeremy Scott, ~550 USD | Star ring: Love 'n Dung, ~11 USD | Wing earring: Rings and Tings, ~7 USD- worn with this earring piece in back (black unavailable), ~6 USD]

Hoya does a print for the winter scenes as well, but he goes for a more traditional paisley, and sticks to a patterend blazer with solid-colored pants, which is probably a little closer to what any of us would wear in real life than Dongwoo’s outfit.

[Belt: Balmain, sold out]

You would think it’d be easy to track down blue, sequined, cheetah-print skinny jeans, but it turns out that there are a lot more of these pants out there than you would expect! I find it funny that when Hoya imagined his date with this girl that she picked out this KYE shirt for him, while Dongwoo wore it in his imaginary date. Matching work suits, matching imaginary shirts, identical crushes… seems the guys of INFINITE-H have a lot in common!

[Shirt: KYE, 125 USD (on sale)]

This actress is so adorable, and had some great outfits in this video! My personal favorite was the red coat with the black dress, though the shoes she wore in the spy scene were pretty great, too. Also, can we talk about the fact that her entire job in this video was to stand around looking cute while Hoya and Dongwoo told her how awesome she was? Not a bad gig at all!

And lastly, we have Primary. I want to talk about him for two reasons:
1. How cool is it that INFINITE-H got to work with Primary, Bumkey, Beenzino, Zion.T, Dynamic Duo, and other big names in Korean hip hop on this album? Between having Sunggyu work with Nell and now INFINITE-H’s collaborations, it seems like Woollim Entertainment really wants to make INFINITE stand out in the sea of idols.

2. He took off his box. AND HE WAS WEARING SUNGLASSES UNDERNEATH. My brain cannot handle the impracticality of it all.

Credits: allkpop

Block B’s Zico and SPEED’s Taewoon’s duet revealed to have been canceled

It’s been belatedly revealed that plans for Block B‘s Zico and SPEED‘s Taewoon‘s duet have been dissolved.

According to Core Contents Media, there were plans for Taewoon to have a duet with his younger brother Zico in SPEED’s 1st album. However, it has been canceled because of various issues. The label said, “He is very disappointed.

Although fans won’t be able to find the duet in SPEED’s first album, which is called ‘Superior SPEED‘, they will be able to check out songs from well-known composers such as “It’s Over” written by Shinsadong Tiger, and “Sad Promise” written by Duble Sidekick. The album will include 10 songs that range in genres from hip hop to R&B.

Stay tuned for the release of the “It’s Over” MV that will be released today along with the album!

Source: Newsen

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January 14, 2013

[PICS] A-PRINCE behind the scenes of MBC “Music Core” on Jan 12th

A-PRINCE performed on MBC “Show! Music Core” on January 12th, 2013. On January 13th, NEW PLANET released several pictures showing the A-PRINCE members behind the scenes of MBC “Show! Music Core” on that day.

For those who do not have Facebook and haven’t seen the pictures yet, you can see them below.
20130112_bts music core 01
20130112_bts music core 02
WOO BIN (우빈)
20130112_bts music core 03
20130112_bts music core 04
20130112_bts music core 05
20130112_bts music core 06
20130112_bts music core 07
20130112_bts music core 08

Credits: UnityOfAPrince
Hello Kitty Kimono Dress