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June 13, 2013

Teen Top’s L.Joe Asks Someone (?) to Stop Stalking Him

Sometimes, enough is enough, and Teen Top’s L.Joe has put his foot down.

On June 9, L.Joe tweeted, “I wanted to watch the movie with a good mood~ but because you sat right next to the seat I purchased, I had to move my seat many times. Go home safely.”

He later added, “From the dorm to the movies… Honestly, it’s uncomfortable that you follow my personal life. Please refrain from it.”

While the context of the tweets seem like L.Joe is warning sasaeng fans, due to fellow member Chunji’s replies to the tweets, the situation became a bit hazy.

For each of L.Joe’s tweets, Chunji wrote, “I’m sorry. T” and “That’s right, that’s right,” making it a bit confusing to whether the stalker fan that L.Joe was referring to was actually Chunji or a real sasaeng fan.

Were the Teen Top members just merely playing around with each other? Or is L.Joe actually a victim of sasaeng fans crossing the line, like Niel was?

Photo Credit: L.Joe and Chun Ji’s Twitter
Credits: enews

Block B Loses Case Against Stardom Entertainment

Block B lost its contract case against its agency Stardom Entertainment, but it showed it′s not planning on returning to the agency.

On June 7, law firm Shinwon, Block B′s legal representative, said through a press release, "We haven′t been convinced by many of the decisions the court made. We will confirm the lawful cancellation of the contract in the merit suit, then demand compensation from Stardom on its violations."

On the same day, the Seoul Central District Court had dismissed the suit Block B had brought against its agency. Its decision was made, according to the court, based on the lack of evidence on whether the agency had indeed failed to uphold its duties. It also added that it was hard to say the agency hadn′t paid the members their dues.

The release from Block B′s representative added, "[Block B] does not plan to rejoin Stardom for its future career, and so the group will prepare to go its own way. If the merit suit does not say the contract should be cancelled, the group is prepared to pay compensation."

On January 3, all the members of Block B had filed a suit for the cancellation of its contract with its agency Stardom. They claimed that the agency had not paid what the members were due for about a year.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan
Credits: enews

Infinite Talks About World Tour at Press Conference

Infinite is set to embark on a world tour this year, and the idol group held a press conference to talk about its 2013 Infinite 1st World Tour One Great Step on June 10.

Infinite cleans up in slick suits for the press conference.

Sung Jong looks ever chic in his suit.

Sung Jong opens up about the impending tour.

L doesn′t look too shabby either.

L speaks his piece about the tour.

Dong Woo keeps the mood light at the press conference.

Meanwhile, Hoya is all business.

As is leader Sung Kyu.

Sung Kyu shares his thoughts on the group′s world tour.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min
Credits: enews

Infinite Says It′s Excited About Its World Tour

Infinite talked about how excited it is to be newly joining the ranks of idols that have held their own world tours.

On June 10, Infinite appeared at the press conference for its upcoming 2013 Infinite 1st World Tour One Great Step, and talked about its aims toward its future promotions.

The conference was relayed live to the world through Google.

Hoya said as the representative of the group, "We debuted on June 9, 2010, and yesterday was our third anniversary. I can′t believe we′ll be going on the world tour we′ve dreamed of since we were trainees, and it′s like a dream. I′m excited and happy."

Sung Yeol said about the title of the concert, "Niel Armstrong said his first step on the moon was ′one small step for a man′. We took that phrase and made it ′one great step′. It upgrades the meaning, and it means you can look forward to what′s coming."

Infinite will hold concerts in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Peru, America, Britain and France after starting off in Seoul. The tour will last about three months.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min
Credits: enews

MBLAQ′s Mir is Forced to Change Scary Profile Image

MBLAQ′s Mir had to change the picture he had put up on his portal site profiles after it swept the web.

His picture, from the teaser for MBLAQ′s new single Smoky Girl, had gone viral after some netizens thought it was too scary with the color lenses.

A rep from J Tune Camp said about the new issue on June 10, "We′re surprised, but we believe [it went viral] thanks to the attention of the public. We changed the profile image to a photo that is to be included in the offline album to be released tomorrow. Please continue to show your interest in MBLAQ′s Mir onstage and in variety."

In the new photo, Mir holds up a milky snake, staring at the camera with his own dark eyes.

The offline version of MBLAQ′s Sexy Beat as been released on June 11.
Credits: enews

MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung and Mir Talk about Their Sisters′ Beauty

Known to have pretty older sisters, MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung and Mir talked about 2NE1’s Sandara Park and actress Ko Eun A.

On June 10, MBLAQ appeared as guests on Mnet’s The Beatles Code, where Cheon Dung and Mir were asked about their famous older sisters.

The two MBLAQ members were asked to honestly rate their sisters’ beauty, and Cheon Dung shared that he currently lives with his family.

“When I see her at home, I don’t really think that she’s pretty, but when I see her amongst other celebrities, she becomes very pretty,” said Cheon Dung, making the MCs joke that it must be because all the other celebrities are drop-dead ugly. Cheon Dunq quickly said, “Even though she’s surrounded by very pretty people, my sister looked really beautiful.”

In complete contrast to Cheon Dung’s praises towards Sandara Park, Mir was straightforward and direct, saying, “My sister is the worst of the worst.”

He added that he never thought that Ko Eun A was ever pretty. “When my mom sees my sister at home, she even says, ‘Look at that beggar over there.’”

Photo Credit: SBS, Sandara Park’s SNS, Mnet
Credits: enews

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Once Bought 1 Million Won Worth of Teddy Bears

MBLAQ Lee Joon revealed that he sleeps better at night…surrounded by his teddy bears.

On June 10, Lee Joon and the other MBLAQ members appeared on Mnet’s The Beatles Code, where the MCs mentioned that Lee Joon was stingy.

Lee Joon defended himself, saying he’s gotten better at spending money, revealing that he’s spent around one million won (~886 USD) in a span of two days. When asked what he bought, Lee Joon replied, I bought a lot of teddy bears. I made a large purchase.”

On his teddy bear purchases, Lee Joon said, “I relieve stress by sleeping, but these days, I’m not satisfied with my sleep. One of my fans gave me a teddy bear as a present, and after I sleep with the teddy bear on my bed, I was able to really go into deep sleep.”

He also added that he talks to his teddy bears, asking if they slept well.

“It makes me feel better.”

Mir served as a witness, saying, “The first thing Lee Joon does when he gets home is greet all of his teddy bears.”

Guest Park Hye Kyung said she understood Lee Joon, as she talks to her flowers.

Photo Credit: Mnet
Credits: enews
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