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February 22, 2013

NU’EST’s Ren gets confused as a member of Hello Venus

Netizens were left questioning whether NU’EST‘s Ren is a member of Hello Venus after seeing a photo of the idols together at the ‘2013 Idol Star Athletics Championship‘.

Ren, looking pretty in a yellow tracksuit, made fans do a double take due to his feminine facial features and thin frame. Pledis Entertainment stated, “Among the NU’EST members, he suits glamorous and dramatic fashion best, and because he has refined features, we think people see him in that way even more. In reality, he’s a man’s man with a lot of charisma and a strong sense of loyalty.”

Netizens commented, “Ren could very well be a Hello Venus member”, “He’s pretty, but he’s also very mysterious looking”, and more.

In other news, NU’EST recently made a comeback with their second mini album ‘Hello‘.

What do you think? Could Ren blend in as a member of Hello Venus?

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Which TEEN TOP member is a world star?

Well, all of them, of course.

However, Chunji threw everyone for a loop when he tweeted, “Hallyu star Lee Byung Hun finally graduated ^^ As a hyung, I hope he works hard in college~ ♥ -Chunji.

This made fans question – How could Lee Byung Hun have just graduated high school? The actor is 42 years old, and he even has a graduate degree. It turns out that L.Joe‘s real name is Lee Byung Hun as well – as his high school graduation photo reveals.

All the same, this Lee Byung Hun might be better looking than the actor.

Maybe the secret to fame and good looks is in the name?

In other news, TEEN TOP is preparing to make a comeback with the group’s first full-length album, ‘No.1‘.

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B1A4 to represent ‘Litmus’

In addition to renewing their endorsement contract with Hats On, B1A4 have landed another deal with casual clothing brand Litmus.

A representative from Litmus stated, “We look forward to seeing B1A4 representing our brand’s image with their individuality and healthy energy. We successfully concluded a photo shoot with B1A4 on February 7th at a studio in Seoul.”

With ’2013 spring/summer rhythmical’ set as the theme, the members went for a youthful and vibrant, stylish image.

B1A4 have racked up deals with school uniforms, hats, games, and sports brands, and according to their agency, they’re continuing to receive love calls from various beverage, ice cream, and mobile phone carrier companies.

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SHINee goes on an eating spree on ‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day’

The SHINee members revealed their ‘eating rooms’.

The ‘eating room’ is a popular trend, where celebrities are caught pretty much breathing in their food. The SHINee members have their own unique personality, and it was put on full display even when they were eating on ‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day‘.

In Thailand, Onew carefully analyzed every single food that he ate. In England, Key frowned and worried about his weight even as he drank a single cup of coffee. Taemin ate the various foods in Switzerland and gave a simple, short comment on each item. Jonghyun was indifferent to the cameras in Japan as he completely ignored them and focused solely on eating his ramen.

However, the member that fit the ‘eating room’ style the best was none other than ‘flaming eater’ Minho in England, who devoured every single bite with passion.

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Hongki is considering international marriage?

F.T. Island‘s Hongki has left his international fans’ hopes soaring with his latest tweet!

The idol revealed a selca above, making quite a statement with the letters on the hat, but it was his words that actually stole the show.

Hongki wrote, “International… Marriage… Should I try it”. If you’re just reading about this, many international fans have already beaten you to it, forming a line with comments like “Yes!”, “With me!”, “Oppa, marry me!”

However, there were also those who read more into his comment and pondered whether this was Hongki possibly hinting at joining the ‘world version’ of ‘We Got Married‘.

Before he created disorder among international fans, he also didn’t forget to leave a supportive message for his friend SHINee‘s Minho with a picture of the two (below) as he asked, ”Who is this simpleton [can also be translated to 'ugly']? Keke. ‘Dream Girl’ daebak!!” With Hongki also adding his support, it seems like celebrities might be even more excited about SHINee’s comeback than the actual fans are, if that’s even possible!

So what do you think? Is Hongki really thinking about his future with his tweet or is he hinting at something else?

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Brave Brothers releases 15+ rated version of “You Got Some Nerve” ft. Junhyung, FeelDog, & LE

Hitmaker producer Brave Brothers joined forces with some of your favorite idol rappers like B2ST’s Junhyung, Big Star’s FeelDog, and EXID’s LE to release the daringly titled track, “You Got Some Nerve”.

The producer revealed since the beginning that this project is not for the faint of heart as he clearly indicated that there will be profanity and some strong language for this ‘19+’ rated song, which perhaps only increased the anticipation even more.

However, it seems we’ve been taken for a ride. Instead of releasing the 19+ song today like they had mentioned, we’ve been presented with the ‘15+’ version today.

Brave’s reps explained the change: “We have been receiving requests for a public version to be released. So we took out the words rated 19+ and replaced them with beeps instead and decided to reveal the edited version on the 21st.”

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TEEN TOP goes all out for comeback album ‘No.1′

TEEN TOP went all out for their first full length album, literally, as they’ve visited various locations throughout the world for ‘No. 1‘!

As you know, the boys released an album cover and teaser video for their upcoming album. Their pre-release “I Wanna Love” swept charts as soon as it was released, and in aims to do the same with their album, the boys have sought out several locations in the process of putting their full album together.

The group set new decibel records in Europe as they gathered themselves more hype there with their concert series around 5 cities. They also traveled to Hong Kong for the music video for “I Wanna Love”. It’s also been revealed now that they’ve actually been back to Europe to shoot their album jacket in France. With their international-scale efforts, their label secured the ‘world-idol’ image for the boys as they said, “TEEN TOP is loved by international fans all over the world, so we wanted to answer to their supports and express the colors of various countries.

The boys will have their comeback on the 26th through a showcase after the release of ‘No.1’ on the 25th.

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SHINee take over fashion magazines

SHINee isn’t just sweeping the music scene with their “Dream Girl” comeback.

The boys became young rebels for the Marsh issue of Nylon, where they opened up about things they regret on set. Even though the concept was something the boys have never done before, they had no problem expertly leading the photo shoot.

SHINee also scored a 16-page spread in ‘L’Officiel Hommes‘, where they tossed aside the boyish, innocent image they took on for Nylon and and went for a completely masculine look instead. Jonghyun even had the chance to bear his abs, while Minho showed off his own arm muscles.

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Check out the photos below!

B2ST to sing “Black Paradise” for ‘Iris 2′

B2ST will be supporting Doojoon‘s drama by releasing a track for ‘Iris 2‘.

Much like how Big Bang sungHallelujah” for T.O.P when he played the role of Vick on ‘Iris‘, B2ST will be coming together for Doojoon to sing “Black Paradise“.

Doojoon plays agent Seo Hyun Woo in ‘Iris 2‘, and he’s been showing off his trademark charisma combined with bright smiles on the drama.

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SHINee’s Onew shares a picture with his mother

SHINee‘s Onew shared a picture with his mother through his Twitter account.

Onew shared the photo above and wrote, “Mother, you’re round“. In the photo, Onew and his mother are smiling together for the camera and you can see some of the similarities in their facial features.

Upon seeing the photo, netizens commented, “Onew looks a lot like his mother!“, “Onew and his mother seem close~“, and “Onew’s mother should be proud!

In related news, SHINee made their long awaited return to the stage on the February 21st installment of Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘.

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Zico officially greets fans for the first time since Block B’s lawsuit against Stardom Entertainment

Even though Zico could be keeping low profile after Block B‘s lawsuit against Stardom Entertainment, he isn’t shying away from the limelight and even produced D-Unit‘s upcoming release.

Zico has been performing on various stages with Kyung, but this is the first time since the lawsuit that Zico showed up on any official material. 

Thankfully, he was all smiles for his faithful fans, and introduced the album to viewers.

The songs are titled “Thank You” and “Talk to My Face“, and are both produced by Zico himself. Zico was adamant that the song “Thank You” was their secret weapon and that he would not give away anything. On the same token, he didn’t give much hints about “Talk to My Face” either – he merely joked that he couldn’t possibly be modest about this song because it was so awesome. He said that it was a song that D-Unit hadn’t tried before, and promised that it would be incredibly cute. He even called Kyung in the middle and joked around with him.

He ended the video with Block B’s trademark greeting – “Do you wanna be? Block B!“, with the hand motion, but left out the usual ‘Block B’ part of the greeting. Do you think it could mean something?

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Apparently, they’re the TEEN TOP members’ ‘prison’ names?

Fans got a little glimpse of the boys in the orange prisoner jumpsuits in their first teaser, and now the first photo teaser of the boys shows that not only are they in prison outfits, they’ve also got new nicknames(?) for themselves!

C.A.P is apparently called MUSTANG82, Niel became FULLLIPS12 (rather fitting for Niel don’t you think?), L.Joe became GANGJOE11, Chunji – SCATTY77, Changjo - WANNABESUN99, and Ricky - OOMPH27.

We don’t know yet if these names actually mean something for their comeback, or if they’re just meant for our amusement, so stay tuned for more news on their comeback!

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TEEN TOP reveals final video teaser for “No.1″

MUSTANG82, FULLLIPS12, GANGJOE11, SCATTY77, WANNABESUN99, and OOMPH27, who areC.A.PNielL.JoeChunjiChangjo, and Ricky, have released their final video teaser!

Their new transformation into more matured and charismatic men of TEEN TOP have fans wanting more and more! Unfortunately, this seems to be the last video teaser in the lineup, judging by its title.

However, not to worry because that just means their comeback is drawing near on February 25th with their album ‘No.1‘!

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U-KISS’s agency merges with actor management agency to become ‘NH&MAJOR1998′

It seems like there’s even bigger and better things in store for U-KISS‘s future as their agency NH Media has merged with actor management agency MAJOR Entertainment to form a new company NH&MAJOR1998.

NH Media confirmed, “Since the establishment of our company, our business mainly focused around record production, and through the merger with MAJOR Entertainment, we plan to become a multi-dimensional entertainment agency pursuing not only music, but actors’ management, drama, films, and various fields. Through the framework of our know-hows that we’ve gathered from our respective fields, we anticipate a harmonious synergy effect in all fields. Please anticipate it.”

Seeing that as U-KISS is now under a company with experience in various fields, perhaps we’ll be seeing more acting opportunities come their way?

Source + image: Sports Chosun via Nate

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February 20, 2013

Tritops releases MV for digital single “Too Foolish To You…”

Talented vocal group Tritops has released the MV for their latest digital single “Too Foolish To You…

Tritops’ Jang Yoo Joon and rookie actress Ahn Soo Bin portrayed the feelings of longing after a breakup through their tears in the music video. 

Fans were also surprised to find that leader Bahn Hyung Moon composed the touching song himself. Kang Eun Kyung who wrote the lyrics behind Davichi‘s “8282” and Ailee‘s “I’ll Show You” also teamed up with the group to help portray the feelings of a breakup from a man’s perspective.

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SHINee’s Jonghyun is obsessed with anime?

SHINee‘s Jonghyun may be an otaku. The idol star bared his obsession with anime on the February 19th broadcast of MBC Music‘s ‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day‘.

On his trip to Japan, Jonghyun spent a day in an animation mall, looking through loot from anime series like ‘One Piece‘ and ‘Gundam‘. He mentioned that even during promotions with SHINee, he studied Japanese in order to understand anime better.

Jonghyun was also disappointed by the high prices of some souvenirs, like a 3D Gundam image for 2,700 Japanese yen (35,000 KRW; ~32.50 USD). He was pretty satisfied with how he spent his free time, however. 

He said happily, “Spending a day with anime in Japan felt like I was returning to my childhood roots. It was romantic.

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Jonghyun clears up misunderstandings related to dropping out of high school

Jonghyun cleared up what he really meant in an earlier interview.

The interview for Nylon with SHINee was revealed earlier today, where he was asked, “What do you especially regret?“. He answered, “Dropping out. I don’t think it was that great to drop out of high school to go to the music school. I felt like I was wasting my time studying back then, but now that I look back on it, I don’t think it had to be like that. But still, it’s not that I have a lot of regret and feel guilty.

After he read how his own words came out in the interview, he must have realized that it was open to some misinterpretation. So Jonghyun took to his Twitter to clarify what he really meant by sharing, “Going to Smi (Seoul Music Institute) was the most important turning point in my life, and the best decision. There must have been a miscommunication of some sort. I feel disappointed about it all, but I don’t have any regrets.

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MBLAQ’s Mir gets tricked by a hidden camera prank on ‘All the K-Pop’ and sheds tears

On the February 19th broadcast of MBC Music‘s ‘All the K-pop‘, MC Mir got tricked by a hidden camera prank and was brought to tears.

During the hidden camera event set up, a fortune teller purposely gave Mir a false fortune and stated, “If you didn’t become a celebrity, you were destined to become a shaman.” Another fortune teller followed along on the prank and spooked Mir by telling him, “I feel the energy of a snake ghost coming from Mir”, which especially freaked him out because he recently came back from a real-life jungle while recording for ‘Laws of the Jungle‘. 

The serious atmosphere on set seemed to be too much for Mir to handle in addition to his fright and the filming was momentarily stopped.

After shedding tears backstage, Mir responded, “This is my first time being surprised by a hidden camera. Because I heard stories of snake ghosts after filming ‘Laws of the Jungle’, I didn’t suspect anything at all.”

Do you think the hidden camera was too harsh?

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INFINITE sells out all tickets to their fanmeet ‘Infinite Rally’

Tickets to INFINITE‘s fanmeeting ‘Infinite Rally‘ sold out immediately upon going on sale.

The boys prepared the special fanmeeting with their fans for March 1st. Tickets were first made available to official fanclub members on February 12th and ticket sales to non official fanclub members opened up on February 18th.

As you can probably imagine with INFINITE’s popularity, the ticketing site had a surge of traffic with thousands of people trying to buy tickets. Unfortunately there isn’t an infinite amount of tickets as within moments of going on sale to the general public, less than 10 tickets were left, and of course the remaining were sold not too long after. 

The boys have been keeping busy even though 2013 has just begun. Do you think they’ll be taking over in 2013 as well?

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Boyfriend have yet to turn a profit?

S Boyfriend confessed that they had yet to turn a profit on ‘Beatles Code‘.
The boys have been in the industry for a year and 8 months now, and they’ve had quite a successful run, especially with their latest songs “Janus” and “I Yah“. However, it seems like that wasn’t enough to make a profit. 

On ‘Beatles Code‘, MC Tak Jae Hoon asked the members, “When did you see the biggest profit after you debuted?“.

Whatever answer the MC was expecting, it wasn’t the one he got, as the boys answered, “We haven’t broken even yet, so don’t really have an income.” 

Despite this, the members added brightly, “But our CEO still gave us allowance telling us we worked hard for the Lunar New Year. We got 1,000,000 KRW (approximately $930 USD) each.

But even their optimism was shot down when MC Jang Dong Min jokingly (yet painfully truthfully) point out, “If you worked part time at a PC cafe for 1 year and 8 months, you would have made more than that.

UPDATE: Starship Entertainment posted the following message on Boyfriend’s Facebook page:
We would like to announce what BOYFRIEND has mentioned regarding their revenue on Mnet ‘Beatles Code Season 2’ is different from the truth. :)
Revenue earned in and out of the country since their debut was all distributed to the members. The boys were aware of the distribution system very well, but DongHyun misunderstood MC’s question “How much is the most money you’ve ever had on hand?”, and thought he has never had on his hand because their revenue is directly transferred to their account. [sic]
The situation was made by misunderstanding, so please do not worry about the members :)
Please keep supporting BOYFRIEND!
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TEEN TOP brings out first video teaser for “No.1″

TEEN TOP is already driving fans crazy with their teasing, but they’re not stopping yet! They’ve only really just begun as they’ve unleashed the first video teaser for ”No.1“!

The group already has fans hanging on after the pre-release “I Wanna Love“, making their upcoming first full album even more anticipated.

TEEN TOP’s agency TOP Media previously stated, “The boys are working to become the true ‘number one’ and will show stronger, new sides to themselves through this first full-length album.

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Check out LOEN TV’s ‘Coming Soon Interview’ with SHINee

With their ‘Dream Girl‘ comeback around the corner, LOEN TV sat down with SHINee for their CSI(Coming Soon Interview) series.

In the clip, with English subtitles, the group discusses their choreography, recording process, and fashion style. Be sure to pay attention to Taemin‘s response to the question of whether their is skinship with the the female actress in the music video.

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Hello Kitty Kimono Dress