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February 01, 2013

INFINITE’s Sunggyu discusses some of the hardships he faced before his debut on ‘Happy Together 3′

On the January 31st broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu revealed some of the hard times he had to face after coming to Seoul by himself.

During the episode, Sunggyu surprised the guests by sharing that he came to Seoul from his hometown Jeonju without any definite plans in order to become a singer. He revealed that his parents did not support his dreams initially and told him, “If you’re going to do that then get out.

Sunggyu shared that he was confident that he would succeed as a singer, and with this mind set, he packed his bags and with the money he earned from part time jobs, he left for Seoul.

To support himself once he was in the city, Sunggyu had to take on a lot of odd end jobs such as carrying charcoal at meat restaurants, serving at a cafe, and working at a bakery. He shared, “I was sad. When I was working at the restaurant and saw families come and eat delicious meals together while I was working in Seoul alone without my family, I wanted to cry at times.”

On the same episode, Sunggyu revealed his simple recipe of mixing kimchi with beaten egg and frying it, and shared that he used to make this fried kimchi dish whenever he missed home cooked meals.

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B1A4 concludes their first solo concert series in Japan

B1A4 successfully wrapped up their first solo concert series in Japan in front of a total of 30,000 fans!

B1A4 held concerts at Kobe World Memorial Hall on January 26th-27th and at the Yokohama Arena on the 29th-30th. The group performed their hits “Beautiful Target“, “Baby Good Night“, “Baby I’m Sorry” as well as their Japanese tracks “Beautiful Lie” and “Tipping Point“, and more. The members also showed off their individual charms through their solo stages as well as a special music video segment.

B1A4 shared, “It is an honor for us to perform on a stage that we dreamed a lot about since before our debut and it is because of our fans that we were able to get this far. In order to return the love that all of you have given us, we will work harder and show a better side so please continue to watch over us.”

In other news, B1A4 will also be holding their first fan club opening celebration for BANAs at the Koryo University Hwajung Gym on February 16th.

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January 30, 2013

MBC’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’ films for 22 hours, draws complaints

The latest rendition of MBC’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship‘ filmed for a record of 22 hours yesterday (28th), drawing complaints from staff members and entertainment representatives.

The filming started at 7:00 AM, which required the participating competitors to wake up at 4:00 AM to begin makeup and hair conditioning. Despite the fun atmosphere that occurred once the filming began, the recording time soon sped past the stated finishing time of 2:00 AM the next morning, and final filming only wrapped up at 5:00 AM – which meant that the idols had been on set for nearly a full day.

The competitors who had been eliminated early also weren’t allowed to leave the set, requiring them to waste valuable time when they could have been taking care of other schedules.

A representative for an entertainment company bemoaned this bloated filming session: “Our idols had five schedules the day after the Championship recording,” he complained. “I don’t know if they’ll be able to finish them being so tired.”

Another representative echoed these sentiments, saying “it was nearly imprisonment, not allowing the early eliminated idols to leave”.

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

U-KISS to make a comeback with a new album this March

It has been announced that U-KISS will  be making their Korean comeback this coming March!

For their return, the boys will be collaborating with composer Kim Hyung Suk once again to greet eagerly awaiting fans.

A representative revealed on the 30th, “Talented Kim Hyung Suk, Ryan Jhun, and other producers that they previously worked with participated in the new album and the recording was completed. U-KISS started actively promoting in Japan last year, and as a tour is also planned, they will simultaneously conduct their Korean and Japanese activities.”

Stay tuned for more details on U-KISS’ upcoming comeback!

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NU’EST releases Baekho, Aron, and Minhyun’s teaser photos for 2nd mini-album

NU’EST, who’s receiving much attention for being one of 2012′s best rookie groups, will be making their comeback on February 13th!

The group is stirring interest amongst netizens as they have just released jacket photos of Baekho, Aron, and Minhyun for their comeback 2nd mini-album.

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‘We Got Married’ releases official statement + confirms leave of Lee Joon-Oh Yeon Seo couple

It has been confirmed after a day of deliberating by the ‘We Got Married‘ staff that MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon and actress Oh Yeon Seo will be officially leaving the show.

Rumors had been afloat that the two couple would be pulling out of the show earlier, and the agencies of the two stars later confirmed that they had both requested to leave the show due to scheduling issues.

‘We Got Married’ has recently released an official statement regarding their decision about the couple, which you can read below.
Hello. This is the production team of ‘We Got Married Season 4′.
MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and actress Oh Yeon Seo, who have been playing the part of a faux married couple on ‘We Got Married Season 4′, will be leaving the program due to scheduling issues.
Lee Joon started his acting activities having been cast in movie ‘An Actor Is an Actor‘, and drama ‘IRIS 2‘, and not only does he have Japanese album activities and concerts planned, but an album release in Korea as well, so realistically, it has reached a situation where it has become difficult to manage his schedules.
Also, actress Oh Yeon Seo has been discussing leaving the show with the production staff due to scheduling issues with her daily drama ‘Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming‘.
We are currently discussing the new couple who will be appearing on ‘We Got Married Season 4′, which has been broadcasting with three couples, after the leave of Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo.
The last episode with Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo will be broadcast on February 2nd.
Thank You.

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NU’EST announces comeback date + JR and Ren’s teaser photo

NU’EST, who’s receiving much attention for being one of 2012′s best rookie groups, will be making their comeback on February 13th!

The group is stirring interest amongst netizens as they have just released a new jacket photo for their comeback 2nd Mini album starting with JR and Ren.
The photo shows JR with tears running down and Ren with a mysterious aura.

Stay tuned to allkpop for more information!

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Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo to end their run on ‘We Got Married’?

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon and actress Oh Yeon Seo will be leaving ‘We Got Married‘.

On January 29th, MBC revealed that Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo are in the process of concluding their run as an on-screen married couple on the fourth season of the show. At the earliest, the two will film their final episode early February.

The stars first became a couple on last year’s September 15th airing of the new season of ‘We Got Married’. They’ve been appearing on the show as a virtual couple for 5 months.

There have been complaints by viewers ever since Oh Yeon Seo’s scandal with her ‘Oh Ja Ryong is Coming‘ co-star Lee Jang Woo erupted. Though Oh Yeon Seo’s agency denied that the two actors were dating, the aftermath likely attributed to the actress and MBLAQ member’s departure.

For the time being, the show will continue with the Julien Kang-Yoon Se Ah as well as the Kwanghee-Sunhwa couple after Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo leave the show.

There are now conflicting reports about Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo leaving ‘We Got Married’.

According to Lee Joon’s agency J.Tunes Camp, “Considering that Lee Joon’s fan cafe post unintentionally caused harm to the ‘We Got Married’ producers and his busy schedule was adjusted, it’s true that an amicable finish [to the show] was recently requested.” Oh Yeon Seo’s label Wellmade STARM also announced, “It’s true that we’re currently negotiating [Oh Yeon Seo's leave from the show]. We’ll probably make the final decision by the end of this week.”

However, there is also a news portal reporting that ‘We Got Married’ producers have not been informed about the couple leaving the program, and that Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo were filming as usual recently.

Source & Image: Osen via Nate; Update- My Daily via Nate, Newsen via Nate, TV Report via Nate

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MYNAME drops details about their upcoming first solo concert in March

Like mentioned previously, MYNAME will be holding their first solo concert in March to coincide their latest domestic comeback with “Just That Little Thing“. The group has since then unveiled some more details about the upcoming event, mentioning that the concert will be titled, ‘The Beginning‘.

It has also been announced that this anticipated event will be held at Seoul’s UNIQLO AX Hall on March 2nd.

MYNAME is currently preparing to showcase their powerful choreography and upgraded stage manners during the concert. The group will also perform the songs from their 2nd single album including title track “Just That Little Thing“, “Astonished” and “Drawn To You“, as well as their previous songs “Message” and “Hello & Goodbye“. The five members will also hold special stages for the Korean fans who waited for their return.

Ticket reservation for the concert will start on January 29th 5PM KST through Interpark and YES24.

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TEEN TOP’s Niel chosen as the ‘Most Fragile Idol’

TEEN TOP‘s Niel has been chosen as the ‘Most Fragile’ by other idols.

MBC‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘ ran a survey asking idols on who the ‘Most Fragile Idols’ were and who could use some healthy nourishment. 

The idols who ranked within the top were SHINee‘s Jonghyun, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny, and f(x)‘s Krystal. However, the one that was selected as the most fragile was TEEN TOP’s Niel. Many reasoned that, ‘He’s too thin even though he’s tall‘, and said they felt sympathy for him when they saw his lanky frame.

The MCs then called Niel and informed him that he was chosen as the #1 ‘Most Fragile Idol’. Niel defended himself, saying, “I’m not as weak as I look. I’m a man, too“.

The episode will air on the 30th.

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빅뱅-인피니트 한 숙소 식구됐다 ‘최고 아이돌 이웃사촌 눈길’

빅뱅과 인피니트가 한 숙소 식구가 됐다.

빅뱅과 인피니티는 최근 서울 마포구 합정동의 한 주상복합아파트로 숙소를 옮겼다. 비슷한 시기에 두 팀이 한 아파트 단지로 숙소를 옮기게 된 것. 특히 가요계 최고 아이돌과 떠오르는 대세 아이돌이 숙소 이웃이 돼 관심이 높다.

한 가요계 관계자는 최근 "빅뱅과 인피니트가 합정동의 주상복합아파트로 숙소를 옮겼다"며 "서로 의도한 것은 아니겠지만 한 식구가 됐다"고 귀띔했다.

이어 "빅뱅과 인티니트 외에도 여러 아이돌 그룹이 새로운 숙소로 고민 중이다"고 덧붙였다.

한편 빅뱅과 인피니트가 자리잡은 이 주상복합아파트엔 이들 외에도 가수, 개그맨 등 적지 않은 연예인들이 이사왔거나, 올 예정이라 또 다른 '스타 명소'가 될 전망이다.

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Big Bang and INFINITE move into the same apartment complex

It seems that two of the hottest male idol groups, Big Bang and INFINITE, may be running into each other more frequently in the future for they’ve moved their dormitories to the same apartment complex!

According to the report that has surfaced, the two groups moved into an apartment complex in Hapjeongdong Mapogu, Seoul around the same time period.

A music industry insider revealed, “Big Bang and INFINITE moved their dormitories to the residential-commercial apartment complex in Hapjeongdong.” The insider also added that there are other groups who are thinking of changing their dorms as well, commenting, “Besides Big Bang and INFINITE, there are other idol groups that are currently considering moving to different dormitories.”

In addition to Big Bang and INFINITE, various singers and comedians also have moved or are planning to move into the same apartment complex, making it the next ‘hot spot’ for celebrities.

Source + image(s): Newsen

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LEDApple performs rock cover of Big Bang’s “Love Song”

LEDApple is back with yet another impressive cover! This time, they’ve put their skills on display as they perform a passionate rock cover of Big Bang‘s “Love Song“.

On January 29th, the boys shared the cover through their official YouTube channel. The cover is a pretty nice twist to “Love Song” with the usage of their trademark guitars and drums.

The boys have been steadily covering songs of various genres over the course of the past month

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January 29, 2013

My INFINITE Collection...

Here are my Infinite collection until now. not so much, I know. but, I know I love Infinite. ^^

Start with the 2013's calendar package.

Here's another shot with what's inside it.

Here are more shots of it... with Sung Gyu on the first shot.he looks cute in here. 

continued with Dong Woo on the next shot, as fresh as always, I supposed.

then, Woo Hyun... acting cute as always.

next with Hoya, whom looks so cool. and Sung Yeol...

and the next two, are Myung Soo and Sung Jong.

and, here are more shot of the diary...
Sung Gyu looks so cool here. I love how Sung Gyu's pose in here, Myung Soo too.

and, 7 pencils with the members name on them. I'm not kidding. the names are printed in the pencils. awesome! 

next on, will be my CDs collection, and start from my Paradise repackaged CD with Sung Gyu's card.

I feel so lucky when I got this. since Sung Gyu is my favorite member in Infinite.

this is my Evolution CD.

here's the Inspirit CD.

next is my Be Mine Japan Version A CD.

with cards below. Sung Gyu with his coolness, Dong Woo as always, Woo Hyun act so sexy, Hoya with his manly pose, Sung Yeol and Myung Soo with the coolness too, and lastly Sung jong, whom looks more mature here.

and I got extra Myung Soo card on this CD. ^^

continued with my be mine japan version C CD.

cards as below, Sung Gyu, Dong Woo, Woo Hyun, Hoya, Sung Yeol, Myung Soo, and Sung Jong.

and I still got Myung Soo extra card.

next is my Infinitize CD.

with Sung Yeol's voice message in it. not quite excited with it, though. but however, this is my favorite album ever. 

and, the latest CD would be... Sung Gyu's solo CD. Another Me.

I'm glad I can have this. he looks so adorable inside. ^^

To be continued...


January 28, 2013

DMTN’s Daniel also involved in an accident during filming for MBC’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’

DMTN‘s Daniel has also been involved in an accident during MBC‘s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’ recording.

During the preliminary race for the male 70 meter dash Daniel tripped and fell. He quickly got up and finished the match with a limping leg. However, he was taken off the field to get treated when he showed signs of pain even after the match ended.

Prior to Daniel’s injury, Sistar‘s Bora was also involved in an accident during a preliminary match for the female idols’ 70 meter dash.

Hope both Daniel and Bora have a speedy recovery!

Source + image via Star News via Nate

Credits: allkpop

INFINITE H have an upbeat performance on ‘Immortal Song 2′

INFINITE H performed an upbeat cover of Kim Jung Ho‘s “The Two of Us in the Rain” on January 26th’s ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

The duo had a few words  before their performance. They stated, “We hope that those of you who know the song well just look at [our cover] as kids your sons’ and grandsons’ age acting cute. As for those of you who don’t know the song that well, we hope that you think of it as another INFINITE H song because our arrangement of it is very different.”

They added, “We’re the only singers today who are performing an upbeat song. We’d like you to enjoy it.”

Their exciting cover as well as charismatic dance break captured the attention of the audience. However, Poppin Hyun Joon and his wife, pansori singer Park Ae Ri, took the final win

Credits: allkpop

DMTN (formerly Dalmatian) releases video teaser for “Safety Zone”

Dalmatian’s new agency, 2Works Entertainment, released a new teaser video for their upcoming comeback, “Safety Zone“!

Having parted ways with MC Mong‘s company back in November, the group have renamed themselves as DMTN.

Credits: allkpop

Which idol groups are the most popular by country?

Fans all over the world voted for the most popular idols in their country.
CJ E&M ran a survey from December 11th to the 18th asking users to vote for their favorite idols. The survey received a total of 920,000 votes from 18 different countries including Japan, Russia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, France, England, Germany, Spain, Poland, United States, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina.

In Japan, TVXQ was voted to be the most popular, receiving 40.8% of the votes. Following were f(x) with 12.1%, Girls’ Generation with 10.7%, 2NE1 with 10.1%, and Ailee with 8.1%. TVXQ also ranked #1 in Russia.

In China, F.T. Island received 30% of the votes to rank #1, followed by INFINITE‘s Sunggyu with 26.5%, f(x) with 15.3%, Super Junior with 10.5%, and TVXQ with 4.7%. The pop rock band also ranked #1 in both Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Super Junior gained 27.1% of the votes in the United States to rank #1. f(x) followed with 11.5%, and F.T. Island with 10.9%. Super Junior proved their huge popularity as they ranked #1 in 10 other countries, including Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, England, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. They had the most overall #1 rankings.

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon took #1 in Spain and Poland by himself, managing to beat out all the other groups in those respective countries.

Source: Korea Economy

Credits: allkpop
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