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December 07, 2012

‘SBS Gayo Daejun’ releases photo + interview with ‘Color of K-Pop’ project teams

The ‘SBS Gayo Daejun‘ has released more photos and a video of their upcoming ‘The Color of K-Pop‘ project!

The line up was revealed back in mid-November which included MBLAQ‘s G.O and Lee Joon, TEEN TOP‘s Niel and L.Joe, B2ST‘s Kikwang and Yoseob, 2AM‘s Jokwon and Jinwoon, INFINITE‘s Hoya and Woohyun, After School‘s Lizzy and Nana, SECRET‘s Hyosung and Sunhwa, SISTAR‘s Hyorin and Bora, 4minute‘s HyunA and Gayoon, and KARA‘s Nicole and Jiyoung.

The interview showed parts of the choreography for ‘Dazzling Red‘ and ‘Dynamic Black‘, and showed the ‘Mystic White‘ and ‘Dramatic Blue‘ members making a team introduction for themselves.

F.Cuz and Dalmatian successfully wrap up joint concert in Japan through ‘Cooperation Live [Knock]‘

F.Cuz and Dalmatian successfully wrapped up their joint concert through ‘Cooperation Live [Knock]‘ on the 6th at Zepp Diver City, Tokyo.

F.Cuz opened the stage with “NO. 1” and “Rise Up“, and performed a total of 8 tracks for fans. F.Cuz’s Yejun shared, “I’m thankful that a lot of people came. Let’s have fun til the end.”

Dalmatian then went on to perform eight songs as well including “Round 1” and “E.R“. Member Youngwon expressed his excitement and stated, “I’m so thrilled that I get to meet you all again like this.” 

F.Cuz and Dalmatian also came to the stage as one and performed a joint-performance of Big Bang‘s “Fantastic Baby” and Japanese band Arashi‘s “My Girl“.

The ‘Cooperation Live [Knock]‘ concert series, which has been designed to showcase a new type of live performance of K-pop artists, was also held on December 3rd as well as the 4th in Osaka and Nagoya.

Source + image: Yonhap News via Nate

100% releases “Guy Like Me” MV

100% have released their music video for ”Guy Like Me”!

As previously reported, the song is a continuation of the “boy/guy” series, following their earlier track, ”Bad Boy“. Different from their previous release, this new song explores the softer side of the boys as it is a “perfect ballad for the winter.”

Block B’s U-Kwon reveals he’s in a relationship with model Jun Sun Hye

Block B‘s U-Kwon has been revealed to be in a relationship with model Jun Sun Hye.

On December 2nd, U-Kwon left a post for BBCs on the group’s official fan cafe, disclosing his relationship with the model.

He wrote, “I have a girlfriend. I believe a lot of you already know that. When I talked about my first love recently, the person I was talking about was Jun Sun Hye, a model four years my senior. Whenever I was going through a hard time or about to fall, she was always by my side and supported me to stand back up again. We’re a source of strength for each other and are meeting with good intentions. We make each other happy. I’m sorry to all of the fans that I’m surprising with this sudden piece of information. I think my girlfriend will be surprised as well that I’m writing a post like this.”

He continued, “I wanted to be closer with my fans but wasn’t able to because of small incidents and misunderstandings which upset me gravely. I was too embarrassed to smile at you all without telling you the truth. I want to show who I truly am now without hiding anything and be loved by my fans for who I am, Kim Yu Kwon.”

Concluding the message, he stated, “I’ll continue to show a more truthful and brighter image of myself to our fans. I promise to continue to work hard and improve as a member of Block B. I’m sorry to all of BBCs. And thank you.”

Congratulations, U-Kwon – we hope your relationship is a happy one!

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

[PROMOTION POSTER] A-PRINCE’s European Tour – Seung Jun Version

HyunA and Hyunseung display their close friendship while backstage at MAMA

The December 6th airing of Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News‘ went behind the scenes at the ‘2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards‘. One segment of the behind the scenes footage focused in on HyunA and Hyunseung backstage.

The Troublemaker pair was awarded with the ‘Best Collaboration Award‘. While backstage, they shared a water bottle and even held their hands tightly together, sticking close to each other the entire time. The segment showed their strong teamwork and close friendship while a few viewers wondered if they were actually more than just friends.

Jonghoon shares unedited photo from his L’officiel Hommes’ photoshoot

F.T. Island‘s Jonghoon shared an unedited B-cut photo from his December ‘L’Officiel Hommes‘ .

The photo was revealed through SNS and although the photo wasn’t touched up through photo editing, it clearly shows Jonghoon’s clean-cut muscles. The concept of the photoshoot was retro, and he pulled off the concept and the retro hairstyle with his own style.

When fans saw the photo, they commented, “All his fans are going to faint“, “His face and body are so contrasting“, and “This is an unedited photo? No way!“.

B2ST’s Yoseob to make cameo appearance in ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’

B2ST‘s Yoseob will have a cameo in ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘.

According to KBS, Yoseob will appear on an upcoming episode as a popular star that is well loved by the public. He will also have a few scenes interacting with CNBLUE‘s Jungshin and AOA‘s Seolhyun

Even though his scenes were short, he was able to film them in a smooth manner and pulled off his role perfectly.

Yoseob’s scene will air on the December 8th episode.

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INFINITE’s Sunggyu to end promotions for “60 Seconds” this week

Sunggyu will be ending his promotions for “60 Seconds” this week.

The first INFINITE member to pursue a solo career will be holding his last stage for “60 Seconds” on the December 9th episode of ‘Inkigayo‘. As Sunggyu made his solo debut only two weeks ago, fans were saddened to see him go so quickly.

His label said, “Sunggyu will be ending his “60 Seconds” promotions on ‘Inkigayo’ this week. He filmed a music video for the song “I Need You“, but we haven’t decided if he will promote with a follow-up song yet because there are a lot of special programs for the end of the year.

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December 06, 2012

Boyfriend holds high touch event at the Saitama Super Arena for ‘Dance Dance Dance’

Boy band Boyfriend is spending a busy year-end promoting simultaneously in both Korea and Japan, but their hard work is paying off, as they’ve held yet another live event at the Saitama Super Arena!

According to Starship Entertainment, the boys held a high touch event in celebration of their second single album, ‘Kimi to Dance Dance Dance/My Lady‘, on December 1st and 2nd at the Kobe World Hall and the Saitama Super Arena.

Kicking off with a mini-live to introduce fans to their new song, thousands upon thousands of fans packed the arena, showing physical proof of the group’s rising fame in the country. Industry officials were indeed surprised at how far the boys have come barely a year into their Japanese debut.

Ahead of the event, the members greeted fans who had gathered early in the morning by stating, “We’re so glad to be able to hold an event in a concert hall so big! Thank you so much for coming!” 

Currently, the boys are promoting ‘Janus‘ in Korea while preparing for their Christmas live concert in Japn on December 22nd through the 24th.

Who Wore it Best: Suzy vs. Youngjae vs. Sandeul

It’s a vocal line showdown for this edition of WWIB!  On November 10, miss A‘s Suzy wore this South Park shirt while hosting ‘Music Core‘.
On the November 4, Youngjae wore a shirt from the same line during B.A.P‘s video for the ‘Inkigayo Egg Song‘.
On November 25, B1A4‘s Sandeul wore a jacket from that line in an ‘Inkigayo Recycle Song‘ video.
All of these items are from some of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac‘s past collections and are no longer available for purchase.

Which shirt is your favorite? And, of course, who wore it best? 

Who wore Jean-Charles de Castelbajac best?
Suzy 24%
Youngjae 33%
Sandeul 43%

LUNAFLY reveal practice video for “Seeing You or Missing You”

LUNAFLY have revealed a practice video for “Seeing You or Missing You“.

The trio recently returned with their second digital single, ‘Clear Day, Cloudy Day‘. ”Seeing You or Missing You” is reported to be the Korean version of “You’ve Got Something I Need“.

MBC sitcom ‘What is Mom’ to be cancelled after just 2 months

MBC‘s Monday-Tuesday sitcom ‘What is Mom‘ has been officially discontinued.
According to one representative from the show, which aired its 24th episode on December 3rd, the program that will replace the sitcom’s time slot has yet to be decided.

The representative stated, “We decided today (December 5th) that MBC’s ‘What is Mom’ will be canceled. It’s been confirmed. We reported the discontinuation notice to the cast members, and we’ll be airing 3 more episodes, which have already been filmed.” He also added that the cast and crew of the sitcom were shocked by the sudden news of cancellation.

Another representative commented, “The sudden cancellation was shocking. We were beginning to receive praise from viewers, and to get the news for a project that just kicked off has been cancelled is dismaying.”

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, ‘What is Mom’ scored an average of a 5% share in viewership ratings since its first broadcast on October 9th. 

The sitcom stars Na Moon Hee, Kim Suh Hyung, Ryu Seung Soo, Kim Byung Man, INFINITE‘s L, Yoo Yun Suk, Kim Sae Ron, Park Mi Sun, Park Jung Hak, Shin So Yool, and Hello Venus’ Ara.

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The cancellation of “What Is Mom” angers staff members and fans

The sudden cancellation of ‘What is Mom‘ angered both the staff members and fans.

One of the members of the costume team took to Twitter to tweet, “We’re getting shut down? Getting shut down? After you pretended we were just taking a break from filming? I’m not just shocked, I’m cursing! Our team mood was so good! I heard rumors, but I doubted that it was true. And now we’re getting shut down. I haven’t even been told yet. Our director is also a victim. I don’t know about everyone, but most of the actors don’t know neither. This was all a one-sided decision from MBC.

One of the representatives from the actors’ side said, “We just heard the news today. We told the actors and they just took it quietly, but we are still shocked. We refused all other projects and focused on ‘What is Mom’, but this happened so we’re in shock.

It is not just the staff members that are angry at the sudden cancellation, but the fans as well. Fans of INFINITE‘s L said, “If they were going to cancel the show, they should have done it early on instead of dragging it out“, “I was hoping to see L until April of next year, but what’s this?“, and “I’m so mad at MBC right now“.

The cancellation of the sitcom came to be because the sitcom was moved from its usual time slot of 7:45 PM KST to 8:50 PM KST, dropping its ratings down to barely 5%. The last episode of ‘What is Mom’ will air on the 17th.

Source: Sports Seoul

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100% to make a comeback with “Boy Like Me” this week

It has been announced that 100% will make a comeback with new single, “Boy Like Me“, on the 7th!

TOP Media shared on their official Twitter on the 3rd, “100%’ will make a comeback with new single, ‘Boy Like Me’! The ‘Boy’ series continue following ‘Bad Boy‘, what kind of song could it be? It will be released on music sites on the 7th at noon. They will also start music programs this week so we ask for your love and support~ Thank you!”.

100% also released a video of their ‘guy chat’ and shared their stories about their definition of a ‘bad boy’ and personal dating styles.

Stay tuned for the release of “Boy Like Me” on the 7th.

December 05, 2012

[PICS] A-PRINCE backstage of “Music Core”

As reported, A-PRINCE had a special stage at MBC “Show! Music Core” on December 1st, which they recorded on November 24th. If you haven’t seen that performance of A-PRINCE yet, you can do so here.

And on December 2nd, NEW PLANET Entertainment shared several pictures showing A-PRINCE behind the scenes of MBC “Show! Music Core”. The behind the scenes video will be released at a later time, so please look forward to it. :)

For those who do not have Facebook, below are the pictures which were shared on A-PRINCE’s official Facebook page.

Sung Won
Woo Bin & Min Hyuk
Woo Bin & Seung Jun
Min Hyuk & Seung Jun & Sung Won
Si Yoon
Woo Bin

[PROMOTION POSTER] A-PRINCE’s European Tour – Min Hyuk Version

100% releases “Guy Like Me” MV teaser

100% has just released the music video teaser for their “Guy Like Me“ comeback.

As previously reportedTOP Media announced on Twitter, “100%’ will make a comeback with new single, ‘Guy Like Me’! The ‘Boy’ series continues following ‘Bad Boy‘. They will also start music programs this week, so we ask for your love and support~ Thank you!”

LUNAFLY releases MV for “Clear Day, Cloudy Day”

Rookie group LUNAFLY has finally released their second single, ‘Clear Day, Cloudy Day‘, along with the full music video.

The title track “Clear Day, Cloudy Day” once again displays the group’s talents as it was composed by the members themselves with lyrics by Kim Eana

Instead of a simple love story, the song delivers a message of hope to those facing difficulties in the current generation.

INFINITE’s L voted as the #1 ‘Wolf Boy’ voters would like to raise

INFINITE‘s L was voted as the #1 “Wolf Boy” those polled would like to raise.

The results were revealed on MBC Music‘s ‘Show Champion‘, on which passersby were asked to vote for the “wolf boy”, they’d like to raise or take care of the most. The poll is in reference to actor Song Joong Ki‘s recent successful movie, ‘Wolf Boy‘.

Other contenders were B2ST‘s Kikwang, ZE:A‘s Siwan, SHINee‘s Taemin, and MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon; Kikwang and Siwan were the strongest competitors.
Some of the voters commented, “His sharp eyes suit the look of a wolf boy“, “I think he’d be good to noonas“, “He’s as good-looking as Song Joong Ki“, “He’s mysterious“, and more, explaining why they thought L was the best choice.

The ‘Wolf Boy’ episode will air on December 4th and features Son Dam Bi, Kim Jong Kook, Ailee, and B1A4.

Who Wore it Better: Amber vs. Sunggyu

On December 1, f(x)‘s Amber wore this Joyrich t-shirt and jacket to the ‘SBS Pop Culture Art Awards‘. (See the video for a better look- this was the best screencap I could get of the shirt).
Back on November 25, INFINITE‘s Sunggyu wore the same t-shirt with a Joyrich cardigan.
The shirt is available in black here for $34 USD.

So, who do you think wore this t-shirt better?

Who wore Joyrich better?
Sunggyu 67%
Amber 33%

December 04, 2012

L’s manners toward women on ‘Hello’ draw praise from the audience

INFINITE‘s L earned the praise of the female members of the audience on ‘Hello‘.

He and Sunggyu were two of the guests on the 3rd’s episode of ‘Hello’. One of the guests complained that her husband cursed at her all the time. The husband explained himself by saying that that was how he showed his affections. However, L firmly pointed out, “You should never curse at women.

Also, when one of the female guests had a hard time getting up after coming down to slide to make her entrance, L rose immediately from his seat and helped her stand up. Although it’s common to see the male guests offer their hands to help the women out of the pool of plastic balls, L took it a step further by actually wading through the balls to reach the guest. The female audience cheered loudly for his manners, and Yewon, who was also one of the celebrity guests, said, “Sunggyu, you should get up and help her, too“. To this, Sunggyu replied that L’s manners were ‘only for business’, causing the audience to laugh.

Block B’s Kyung and P.O release full audio of “I’m Embarrassed, Don’t Laugh”

Block B‘s Kyung has released the full audio of “I’m Embarrassed, Don’t Laugh” featuring P.O!

On December 3rd, Kyung took to Block B’s fancafe to write,
Hello, it’s Park Kyung. I brought a surprise present today. It’s a song called, “I’m Embarrassed, Don’t Laugh” from our previous concert, but I couldn’t release the song because it wasn’t complete. Also, since it was created before, so I wanted to release it as a surprise ‘tada!’ with the filled in bridge, and a redone rap, but we couldn’t because of the time. I’m uploading the guide version that we did before. It’s getting chilly now, so be careful of catching a cold, and listen to this well. If you press the arrow on the right side, you can download it. Thank you ^^

Block B thanks fans on 600th day anniversary since debut

Block B has reached the 600th day since their debut!
To celebrate, the group took to Twitter to tweet, “It’s been 600 days since Block B debuted~ Thank you again and again to the fans who always support Block B ^^ Please support and love Block B as you do now! It’s been chilly lately, so be careful of catching a cold! Have a happy dream being with Block B today :)“.
A few minutes later, Taeil tweeted, “Everyone be healthy“, with a photo of pressure points on the hand. The tweet bewildered fans because of the randomness, but BBCs have concluded that he must have been trying to refer to the group’s tweet before about catching colds.
Kyung was next to tweet, with a selca of himself and writing, “600 days since debut ^.^“. Jaehyo followed soon after with, “Thank you so much for 600 days since our debut. I’m always apologetic and forever thankful. I love you~~~ BBC, I’ll run harder!!!” and attached a hilarious photo of his head photoshopped onto an ostrich that was running.
Congratulations to Block B and BBCs!

Boyfriend releases PV’s for “Dance Dance Dance” and “MY LADY”, places 2nd on Oricon Chart

Boyfriend has released the PV’s for their Japanese ‘double single’ “Dance Dance Dance” and “MY LADY“.

Boyfriend’s second Japanese single, ‘Dance Dance Dance / MY LADY’ was released back on November 28th and debuted at #3 on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart. Five days after the release, they have reached their peak position at #2 on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart.

The single comes in four editions: Limited Edition A (CD+DVD of “Dance Dance Dance” MV), Limited Edition B (CD+DVD of “MY LADY” MV), Limited Edition C (CD), and a HMV Limited Edition (CD+photo book).

INFINITE’s Sunggyu reveals he likes wearing Sungjong’s underwear

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu confessed his unique underwear preferences.

On the December 3rd episode of KBS 2TV‘s ’Hello‘, Sunggyu was asked, “Is there a member who uses items belonging to the other members’?“, and he honestly confessed, “Sometimes I wear other people’s underwear without telling them“. The MCs were surprised by this confession, but asked, “Whose underwear do you like the most?“.

The question flustered Sunggyu for a bit, but he answered, “I like Sungjong‘s especially. His colorful underwear is my style“, causing the studio to explode into laughter.

Style Breakdown: Sunggyu’s “60 Seconds”

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu has made his debut with “60 Seconds“!  The lyrics of the song talk about a failed relationship that can be explained in just sixty seconds, and the video reflects the simplicity of the story with very simple, wearable fashion.
INFINITE’s L stars in the video as a guy who’s still struggling to get over his ex.  In the present-day scenes, he wears a wool moto jacket with leather sleeves, black jeans, and patterned boots.  And, of course, the all-important couple ring.  No wild hair or eyeliner here- he’s just a regular guy, wandering by the diner where his ex’s doppelganger works.
And here is that love interest, looking super cute in her oversized white sweater, patterned mini skirt, black tights, and black ankle boots.  You might notice that either everyone in this imaginary town carries the same umbrella, or the set decorators only bought one kind of umbrella, because the umbrellas in the stand by the door have the same handle as the one in L’s hand.
Throughout the video, we get to see flashbacks of L and his girlfriend’s better days.  Here, she wears a furry pink sweater with white, high-waisted pants, while he wears a denim shirt, red cardigan, and black pants.
In one of the flashback-to-the-good-ol’-days scenes, L and his girlfriend do some cooking.  She wears a wide-check, plaid jumper over a long sleeved black shirt, while he wears a faded tee shirt and a grandpa sweater with khakis.
L also remembers the day he gave his girlfriend the couple rings.  They sat in the dining room with coffee and absolutely nothing else on the table (not even coasters, guys? C’mon, that’s just irresponsible!) until she notices that he’s wearing a ring and asks about it, which is when he reveals a matching ring for her.  Aww.  She wears a ruffled white blouse, while he wears a military-inspired jacket and khakis.
And here we have the breakup.  Much like the outfit our heroine? is wearing in the restaurant, L’s girlfriend wears and oversized sweater, a mini skirt, black tights, and the exact same black ankle boots she was wearing at the beginning of the video.  L is dressed casually in a white shirt, grey, shawl neck cardigan, and khakis.  Maybe she just doesn’t like that you always wear khakis, L.  Things were going great when you wore black pants.
Poor girl, your shoes are going to get ruined!  We flash all the way back to when L and his girlfriend first met- the day he offered to share his umbrella with her in the pouring rain.  She wears a pink, polka-dot dress with a white, shawl-collar, fur-trimmed cardigan, black tights, and brown ankle boots.
And here’s L to save the day in his grey peacoat, black hoodie, and striped shirt.
Fans, fear not- Sunggyu does, in fact, make an appearance in his own video!  Here, he wears a scarf-patterned shirt with a blazer and red pants.
For the band scenes, Sunggyu goes all-out in a black jacquard suit, leather shirt, and metal collar, all of which make his newly-dyed red hair stand out even more than it already does.  I was kind of surprised he went for the red, since his style tends to be a little more low-maintenance than your average idol, but it’s a good look on him.

What did you think of “60 Seconds”?  Did you like the more down-to-earth fashion, or do you prefer your K-Pop fashion to be more bombastic? 

Hello Kitty Kimono Dress