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welcome to vall's area.. here you may find anything about me, myself and my personality.. and many other things i love and enjoy.. ^^
it will be more of INFINITE here, since i love to listen on KPop these days.
i'd say, INFINITEly INSPIRIT here... ^^

Vall! ^^

January 20, 2011

It's Thursday. and i gues today is colder than yesterday, especially here in my desk. but, i'm just too lazy to wear my jacket. hehe... ^^

hmm... back to work, then. i'll be back later ya... ^^


January 18, 2011

what a freaking day... ~~"

Start the day with a hurry. damn! i still need some sleep. But, no matter what, i had to go to work. finished with the travel insurance for my client, there's something happen again. i have book and paid for 1 room at Kristal Hotel Kupang, but somehow someone from the Hotel said that the hotel has been fully booked because a group of Menteri Pertanian is there. the fact is, they haven't paid for the rent, which i have. this made me real sick of the hotel. i'm not talking about the refund. all i want is just i don't have to receive any complain from my client for this. but, someone from the hotel saying that he cannot help at all, even though i have paid for the hotel room. damn! this is made me mad. definitely. and, another fact is. noone here to help me deal this. well, i'm on my own again, didn't i? damn! ~~"


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