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November 09, 2012

Roh Ji Hoon releases “Punishment” MV + ‘The Next Big Thing’ debut album

Cube Entertainment‘s rookie soloist and former ‘Birth of a Great Star‘ contestant, Roh Ji Hoon (previously stylized as ‘Noh Ji Hoon‘), has released his debut album ‘The Next Big Thing‘!

The rookie has been garnering quite the attention even ahead of his official releases with the various concept photos and video teasers that have sparked much curiosity in this new handsome singer.

In addition to his album, he has also unveiled the anticipated video for his title track, “Punishment“, in which he is depicted as a womanizer who later realizes the consequences.

Noh Ji Hoon releases jacket images for “Punishment”

Noh Ji Hoon has released jacket images for his debut song “Punishment“.

The concept images for his ‘The Next Big Thing‘ was released through SNS, and show him with a ‘magnet man’ concept, or a man who attracts women like a magnet. In the photos, he wears a suit and shows off his charms in a blue-toned tunnel, stealing women’s hearts.

Noh Ji Hoon’s teaser for “Punishment” has been released through music programs, and the 10 second teaser gained curiosity from fans. He became the #1 searched term on various portal sites. He also released another teaser through his official SNS on November 6th at noon KST. The teaser shows him tied in a chair, featuring actress Yoo In Young to showcase a sensual, mysterious mood.

“Punishment” is a modern pop dance song written by the mega hit producer Brave Brothers. It combines the producer’s addicting melody with Noh Ji Hoon’s charming voice for an impressive tune.

Noh Ji Hoon’s title song “Punishment” will be released at noon KST on November 7th, and he will hold a showcase on the same day titled ‘The Next Big Thing’.

Cube Entertainment releases Noh Ji Hoon’s 2nd video teaser ‘Punishment’

As mentioned previously, ‘Birth of a Great Star‘ contestant, Noh Ji Hoon, is getting ready to make his official debut as a solo dance artist!

Cube Entertainment has released a second video teaser of the singer titled ‘Punishment‘ for his upcoming release “Next Big Thing“.

In the teaser, Noh Ji Hoon is tied and blindfolded to a chair.  A beautiful lady visits him, eventually removing the blindfold.  What happened to put him in this predicament is not revealed, but we are certainly intrigued.

Recall that in Noh Ji Hoon’s first teaser, his fellow labelmates HyunA, G.NA, and BTOB made an appearances with the BTOB members being sent on a search to find the whereabouts of Noh Ji Hoon, who is made out to be quite a womanizer through this teaser as the girls describe him as a guy who seems to know just exactly what to do and know exactly what they’re thinking.

G.NA spots a promotional bus for Noh Ji Hoon’s debut

It seems with soloist and former ‘Birth of a Great Star‘ contestant Noh Ji Hoon about to make his debutCube Entertainment has taken to the streets to promote their upcoming act with buses wrapped with the singer’s photo as well as new release details.

One of these promotional buses was spotted by fellow labelmate G.NA, who tweeted, “Today is Vice President Noh’s wedding! Congratulations! It’s fascinating.. On the way to the wedding ceremony, our Noh Noh Noh Ji Hoon has been spotted keke. Please give him your interest and love! ^^”

Along with her tweet, the singer attached a photo of a bus wrapped with Noh Ji Hoon’s album photos and details, drawing attention to the rookie’s upcoming debut.

As reported earlier, Noh Ji Hoon will be making his debut on November 7th with his title track “Being Punished” and album ‘The Next Big Thing‘.

If you haven’t been keeping up, make sure to check out Noh Ji Hoon’s debut video teaser here!

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Cube releases Noh Ji Hoon’s ‘Mockumentary – File Code:1107′ debut teaser

As mentioned previously, ‘Birth of a Great Star‘ contestant, Noh Ji Hoon, is getting ready to make his official debut as a solo dance artist!

After the recent announcement, Cube Entertainment has released a mock-documentary style video teaser of the singer titled ‘Mockumentary – File Code: 1107‘.

In the teaser, fellow labelmates HyunA, G.NA, and BTOB make an appearance with the BTOB members being sent on a search to find the whereabouts of Noh Ji Hoon, who is made out to be quite a womanizer through this teaser as the girls describe him as a guy who seems to know just exactly what to do and know exactly what they’re thinking.

Ailee also makes an appearance towards the end as one of Noh Ji Hoon’s many girls and has led fans to question if the last few scenes are from an upcoming music video for his debut.

‘Birth of a Great Star’s Noh Ji Hoon shows off his masculine charm for ‘CeCi’ magazine

Birth of A Great Star‘s Noh Ji Hoon, who is currently in the final stages of making his debut, recently displayed his abs for the first time in a ‘Homme Fatale’ pictorial for ‘CeCi‘ magazine.

The photos show the singer perfectly pulling of the ‘bad boy’ concept. Noh Ji Hoon’s sculpted face and figure as well as his tall height of 186 cm (6’1″) is sure to make the ladies swoon.

Noh Ji Hoon impressed viewers with his singing and dancing talent on ‘Birth of a Great Star’ Season 1 and thus has fans eagerly anticipating his debut. Noh Ji Hoon recently unveiled teaser photos for his debut mini album, ‘The Next Big Thing‘, and news of his debut has topped Korean search engines.

Noh Ji Hoon will debut with his title track “Being Punished” on November 7th.

‘Birth of a Great Star’s Noh Ji Hoon to release debut mini album ‘The Next Big Thing’

Birth of a Great Star‘ contestant, Noh Ji Hoon, is getting ready to make his official debut as a solo dance artist!

Cube Entertainment informed allkpop, “No Ji Hoon will be releasing his first mini album ‘The Next Big Thing‘ and will be raising the curtains for his promotions as a solo dance singer with his title track ‘Being Punished’“.

In addition to the announcement, two teaser photos of the singer have been released showcasing the transformation he has undergone since his ‘Birth of a Great Star’ days.

‘Being Punished’ is described to be a modern pop single by Brave Brothers.

Stay tuned for the release on November 7th!

BTOB, G.Na, Noh Ji Hoon, & A Pink reveal Chuseok greeting photos dressed in hanboks

A few days ago, G.NA, BTOB, and Noh Ji Hoon (‘Birth of a Great Star‘ contestant), released Chuseok greeting video clips. Since then, the popular artists have also released Chuseok holiday official greeting photos.

G.NA looked elegant and graceful in her pink hanbok and had a benign smile in her pictures. Along with the picture, she left a message to her fans, “I hope all of my fans have a warm Chuseok with their families and make their wishes upon the full moon. Also, I hope that along with our Cube family, everyone else has happy and laughter-filled days. My wish for this Chuseok is to become loved by all people worldwide. I’ll try my best to make this come true, so please cheer for me.
BTOB, who is promoting their song, “WOW” and perfectly showed the 90′s in their performances, posed playfully in their photos. Their message said, “The only wish that we’re making upon the full moon is the Rookie of the Year Award“, showing their ambition. Also, Hyunsik didn’t forget to remind his fans to watch ‘Idol Wrestling Match‘, which he will take part in, with their families.
Additionally, Noh Ji Hoon attracted attention for his sophisticated and handsome looks. He greeted and left a message for his fans who are waiting for his debut. The message reads, “It’s been a while since I last left a greeting. This is my first time I showed myself wearing a hanbok. Do you think it looks good on me? I hope everyone has a delightful Chuseok with your families and share lots of stories.”
Cube Entertainment also sent allkpop group photos of BTOB and A Pink in hanboks.  The two groups showed off their cuteness and posed together as couples.


Bang Shi Hyuk, David Oh, & Noh Ji Hoon take a ‘family portrait’ for “Cosmopolitan”

‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine featured a special ‘family portrait’ with some castmates from MBC‘s “Birth of a Great Star“!

Mentor Bang Shi Hyuk participated in an interview and photoshoot with his two students, Noh Ji Hoon and David Oh.

Fans immediately noticed the warm atmosphere of the shot, and commented on how their smiles bore a strong resemblance to one another’s.

Bang Shi Hyuk said, “As a life senior, I always want to give them advice. Since David Oh is a singer-songwriter, I hope to create an environment for him that allows him to pursue what he wants.”

Netizens commented, “They really look like family”, and “They’ve gotten more handsome since ‘Birth of a Great Star.’”

Source + Photos: Newsen

“Birth of a Great Star” contestant Noh Ji Hoon signs with Cube Entertainment

Cube Entertainment seems to be sweeping up every new talent out there! 

Following the addition of MBC‘s “Birth of a Great Star” contestant Yoon Gun Hee, fellow contestant Noh Ji Hoon has also been revealed to be joining the Cube family.

On June 16th, representatives of Cube Entertainment revealed, “Noh Ji Hoon had his potential as a star largely recognized through ‘Birth of a Great Star.’ He will now become a family member of B2ST, 4minute, and G.NA. We will do our best in supporting his growth as an Asian star.”

They continued, “Like B2ST, 4minute, and G.NA, Noh Ji Hoon has the ability to perform and sing live at the same time.”

Noh Ji Hoon himself commented, “I’m now a Cube family member. I’m very excited and I promise to work hard.  I will repay all of the support I’ve received from everyone by becoming a great singer.”

LEDApple releases “Let the Wind Blow” MV teaser

LEDApple will be releasing a new digital single and ahead of its release, they’ve unveiled a music video teaser!

The new single is titled “Let the Wind Blow” and will released on November 16th along with the full music video.

It seems the boys will once again be coming back with a music video with a dramatic story line, which they have pulled off successfully in the past, so the anticipation is growing for the new release!

Rookie group EXCITE leaves a video message for fans taking the college entrance exam

Rookie group EXCITE left a supportive video message for their fans taking the college entrance exam.

The college entrance exam takes place on the second Thursday of November (November 8th this year) and is an important test for high school seniors in Korea as it determines whether they’ll go to college and which college they may be accepted into.

The video message was uploaded onto major video sharing sites and has been ranked as one of the most popular videos on real-time charts.

Boyfriend unveils “Janus” MV + 1st full length album

After releasing two sets of teaser photos and a video teaser, Boyfriend has finally let loose their anticipated 1st full length album, ‘Janus‘!

The title track, also titled “Janus”, is the work of hit producing team Sweetune, and is designed to show Boyfriend in way you’ve never seen them before.

The boys have set aside the pastels and flowers to come back with a more manly and charismatic concept this time around to “show you a charisma that is different from other ordinary manly concepts through their stage.”

So check out the music video for “Janus” and a few of the tracks off their album below!

A-PRINCE receives much interest in Korea

After the release of A-PRINCE’s debut mini album “Hello” and the dance version of their MV, A-PRINCE is receiving much interest in Korea.

A little while ago, Sung Won tweeted a picture showing that A-PRINCE became one of the most searched terms on the Korean websites Naver (place 3) and Daum (place 4). (The picture shows the real-time search statistics of those websites.)
Congratulations to A-PRINCE! :)

SISTAR’s Bora is ‘two-faced’ for Boyfriend’s “Janus”

Following her tweet in support of Boyfriend‘s comeback, SISTAR‘s Bora has shared a set of adorable selcas to support her labelmates’ upcoming album, ‘Janus‘.

Starship Entertainment shared on their official Twitter on the 7th, “Two-faced Bora, ‘Janus’ selcas revealed!” The agency also shared, “With Boyfriend’s comeback a day away, Bora is actively promoting her dongsengs’ new song by attaching a ‘Janus’ logo sticker to her face ^^.”

Netizens commented, “Bora’s heart is pretty as well”, “It’s nice to see you all supporting each other”, and “Boyfriend’s ‘Janus’ is becoming a hot topic”.

In related news, Boyfriend will release their new album on November 8 KST!

B1A4 releases ‘In the Wind’ album cover + details

B1A4 have released the album cover and details of their ‘In the Wind mini-album.

According to B1A4′s official Facebook, the group’s third mini-album includes 7 brand new tracks and 1 instrumental. ‘In the Wind’ will release in stores on November 12 KST.

In the meantime, check out the teaser for the title trackTry to Walk“, Jinyoung and Baro‘s teasers, and the track list information below!

Track list:
01. Intro – In The Wind
02. Try to Walk
03. If…
04. I Won’t Do Bad Things (Narration by Suzy of miss A)
05. What Do You Want to Do
06. Be My Girl (Jinyoung Solo – Feat. JeA of Brown Eyed Girls)
07. In The Air
08. Try to Walk (Instrumental)

Album information:
01. Jinyoung composed and wrote the title song “Try to Walk”.
02. The album will include a random photo card, limited amount of posters, and an 84-page hardcover photo book.
03. Baro contributed in writing all of the raps within the album.
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Boyfriend releases new group concept photo + ‘Janus’ album track list

Boyfriend have released another group concept photo for their upcoming album ‘Janus‘.

The title track of the same name is produced by Sweetune. It’s also rumored that members Kwangmin and Minwoo helped write the rap for two songs on the album. For this comeback, Starship Entertainment revealed that fans will be able to “meet a Boyfriend you’ve never seen before. Boyfriend will show you a charisma that is different from other ordinary manly concepts through their stage.”

Named after the Roman god of new beginnings and transitions, Boyfriend’s first full-length album will be released on November 8 KST.

In the meantime, check out the “Janus” music video teaser and track list below!

01. Excuse Me
02. Go Back
03. Janus
04. Listen
05. Stop It
06. Dream About Me
07. Mystery
08. Indecisive
09. How Are You?
10. Key
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U-KISS to hold solo concert in UK

Following their successful concerts in Peru, U-KISS has been asked to hold a solo concert in the United Kingdom.

According to NH Media, “After U-KISS’ solo concert in South America was aired on November 2 on the BBC network, offers to hold more solo concerts have been flooding in. After receiving an offer to hold an exclusive concert in Lichfield, we’re coordinating schedules.”

It’s reported that over 100,000 international fans have registered for U-KISS’ fan club.

In related news, U-KISS will be promoting in Japan until early next year when they start their Asia tour. Afterwards, they’ll be touring in South America.

INFINITE show their support for leader Sunggyu’s solo debut

INFINITE members showed support for their leader Sunggyu‘s solo debut.
Sunggyu recently released his debut single, “Shine“, and his fellow group members took to Twitter to show their support. Maknae Sungjong was the first to tweet, “Leader Gyu’s song is out!!!! o.o It’s the be~~~~~~st!!!!!!!! The early release song~ Listen to the song “Shine” a lot ♥♥♥“.

Hoya followed a few moments later with, ““Shine”… Sunggyu hyung’s solo album’s early release song!!!!!! It’s really good… I’m going to be his fan from today kekeke“. Woohyun followed next with a simple, “Sunggyu – Shine“, and then L with another simple message of “Shine congrats“.

Dongwoo wrote the longest support message, and even included a selca of himself as he tweeted, “INFINITE’s leader hyungnim Gyu-jiji. The master of emotions has finally had his solo invasion! The early release song is right next to me! I get refreshed just from the name “Shine”. I’m going to spend this winter with this friend..☞☜ Hyung, the second oldest is next to you, fighting!!“.

Sungyeol tweeted, “I will support INFINITE’s Sunggyu’s first solo activities for life!! Listen to “Shine” that was released early today. It’s just the best, if you listen to it, it’s the best! Sunggyu-god♥♥ Fancafe chariman: Sungyeol“.
Finally, the singer himself wrote, “Hi? I’m Gyu. My new song “Shine” was released today. Thanks to my family INFINITE dongsengs for cheering me on and thank you so much to Jong Wan hyung for giving me such a great song. I’m really excited right now!!! kekeke“. A few hours later, he tweeted, “My dongsengs who came to cheer me on – except L“, and uploaded a photo of the INFINITE members with cake.
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Lee Joon makes a surprise appearance on ‘Radio Star’ for Oh Yeon Seo

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon visited on-screen wife Oh Yeon Seo during the ‘We Got Marriedwife special of ‘Radio Star‘ on November 7th.

In the middle of a conversation where Oh Yeon Seo was talking, Lee Joon suddenly made an appearance and hugged her from the back. The sudden embrace caused Oh Yeon Seo to blush and become flustered, but she could not stop smiling.

Because Oh Yeon Seo had revealed on the show that she was disappointed from the lack of skinship between herself and Lee Joon, the MCs pointed out her complaint to him. Lee Joon answered, “I surprised myself after I hugged her.

When the MCs continued, “She said you didn’t even hold hands“, he turned to her again and wrapped his arms around her once more, finally succeeding in their first act of skinship.

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MBLAQ featured on the front page of Chilean newspaper

MBLAQ decorated a full page off the Chilean newspaper ‘El Mercurio‘ as well as being featured on another paper, ‘Espectaculos‘.

On November 3rd, MBLAQ had joined many other K-pop artists in Chile for the ‘K-Pop Festival Music Bank in Chile‘. The group sang their hit songs such as “This is War” and “Mona Lisa” in front of thousands of fans.

The boys decorated not only the front page with a photo that took over more than half the page, but also a full page inside. The newspaper was abundant with praise for the group, including a line that read, “When they performed the hit song “Mona Lisa”, there was so much cheering that our ears were ringing. It was a fantastic opening that lifted the mood of the stage“.

MBLAQ has been popular in South America for a while now. Last year, when the group visited Brazil and Peru to be judges for a K-pop cover dance competition, thousands of fans came to greet them at the airport. Not only so, but South American fans have been writing to the boys’ label to request concerts in the local area where they live.

C-CLOWN thanks B2ST’s Junhyung for “Cold”

Rookie group C-CLOWN has gained attention by receiving a song from B2ST‘s Junhyung.

The group released their music video teaser to their upcoming mini album, and it has been revealed that Junhyung had participated in composing the song “Cold“. Junhyung has participated in other artist albums such as Kim Wan Sun, Eru, and EXID, but this is the first time he made a song for a fellow male idol band.

C-CLOWN thanked Junhyun and said, “Thank you for the great song. If we meet again in the broadcast station, we will thank you again. Sunbaenim is great because you promote with B2ST and participate in other artists’ albums as well. We want to become musicians that can also give other artists a bit of C-CLOWN’s own color.

LED Apple to comeback with new digital single “Let the Wind Blow”

LED Apple will be releasing a new digital single.

According to the group’s official Facebook page, the group will be releasing the teaser to their new song, “Let the Wind Blow“, on November 9th. The single and its music video will both be released on November 16th.

So far, no additional information has been revealed about the song. However, LED Apple has impressed many fans with their most recent song, “Run to You“, so fans are looking forward to another great song from them.

Stay tuned on allkpop for further information!

Source: LED Apple’s Facebook

Who Wore it Better: G-Dragon vs. Key

It’s a K-Pop fashionista showdown, and there can only be one winner!
G-Dragon wore a camouflage jacket in his music video for “Crayon“.
SHINee‘s Key wore the same jacket to ‘Seoul Fashion Week‘.
This is the Camo Gold Jacket by Andrea Crews ($241 USD here).  G-Dragon and Key went for two very different looks with the very same jacket! 

G-Dragon looks like he’s getting ready for bed as he paired the jacket with shorts, headphones, and a beanie. On the other hand, Key looked more like a pirate with his unique headpiece.

Who do you think wore it better?  Cast your vote in the poll, and be sure to tell us why you voted that way in the comments!

Who Wore it Better: G-Dragon vs. Key
G-Dragon 55%
Key 45%

INFINITE’s Sunggyu announces solo album release date

The official release date for INFINITE Sunggyu‘s solo album, ‘Another Me‘, has been announced.

According to Loen Entertainment‘s official Facebook, ‘Another Me’ will be released on November 19 KST.

In the meantime, check out the first revealed track “Shine, which Sunggyu created with the help of Nell‘s Kim Jong Wan.

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B1A4 reveals ‘In The Wind’ teasers for Sandeul, Gongchan, and CNU

Boy group B1A4 is gearing up to make a comeback with their third mini-album , and ahead of its release on the 12th, they have unveiled teaser clips for Sandeul, Gongchan, and CNU.
According to B1A4′s website, the new album is titled ‘In The Wind‘ and its title track is “Try To Walk“. Member Jinyoung composed and wrote the lyrics to “Try to Walk”, while Baro contributed to all the raps in the album.

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon has feelings for Stellar’s Jeon Yul?

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon recently expressed his feelings for Stellar‘s Jeon Yul.

For the upcoming broadcast of MBC Every1‘s ‘Idol Manager‘, the cast played a ‘rolling paper’ game to see how they really feel about each other. During the game, Lee Joon was asked to choose between MBLAQ’s on-screen managers Park Kyung LimKim Sae Rom, and Stellar’s Jeon Yul.

Lee Joon chose Jeon Yul, saying, “I hope you don’t feel too uneasy and have a good time. I’m sorry that I couldn’t take better care of you.”

Park Kyung Lim remarked, “Lee Joon only took care of Jeon Yul. Now is the time to tell Jeon Yul. Tell her,” making the two burst into awkward laughter. Fellow MBLAQ member G.O. then shared, “There’s probably a signal [they use] that only the two of them know about.” 

Lee Joon defended himself and stated, “Haet Nim (Oh Yeon Seo), it’s not like that. Really it’s not like that,” explaining himself to his on-screen wife who was not present.

Tune in for this hilarious episode on November 9 at 6PM KST.

TEEN TOP to hold off on solo concert plans

TEEN TOP fans were disappointed by a recent announcement concerning a possible solo concert.

A representative from TOP Media stated on November 8: “As of now, there are no plans for a solo concert. TEEN TOP will be focusing on MBC Music‘s ‘TEEN TOP & 100%’s Rising Brothers‘ with their labelmates.

The announcement shot down the hopes of many fans, who have been posting about a solo Christmas or end-of-the-year concert on many different blogs and fan pages.

Are Angels sad to hear the news?

November 07, 2012

NU’EST cheers on fans taking the college entrance exam

The members of NU’EST have sent a message of support for their fans in Korea who are about to take an exam that will ultimately determine whether they’ll go to college and which college they may be accepted into.

Although many idols have already provided support messages of their own, NU’EST takes a creative approach with the inclusion of pictures they’ve drawn themselves that go with each of their voice messages.

The members wish their fans luck and also reveal that they’re hard at work recording and practicing choreography for their next album.

B1A4 reveals ‘In The Wind’ teasers for Jinyoung and Baro

Boy group B1A4 is gearing up to make a comeback with a third mini-album on November 12th, and ahead of the release, they have unveiled teaser clips for Jinyoung and Baro!

The boys are seen lounging about in an outdoor setting with a beautiful piano accompaniment.

From B1A4′s website it’s assumed that the new album will be titled ‘In The Wind‘ with the title track being “Try To Walk“. It seems they will be releasing a teaser for each member leading up to the album release on the 12th, so stay tuned!

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