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December 31, 2012

B1A4 reveals practice video for "Tried To Walk"

B1A4 has been successfully promoting their title track from their 3rd mini-album "In The Wind" since mid-November. Since then, the group held their first ever solo concert at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium on December 5th and 6th.

On January 1st, B1A4 released their practice video for the title track "Tried To Walk."

The first few seconds of the video features B1A4 playing around with one another, giving the atmosphere a light mood before beginning their practice, which demonstrates the group's amazing ability to be in-sync as they dance.

The members and the back up dancers can be differentiated in the video as the
idol group is wearing black sweatshirts that adorn the name of the group in the back, while the back up dancers are wearing colorful clothes. 

December 28, 2012

Dramatic Blue (Yoseob, Jo Kwon, Woohyun, Niel, and G.O) release “Tearfully Beautiful” track

Dramatic Blue from the ‘The Color of K-Pop‘ project has released a new track for ‘SBS Gayo Daejun‘.
Dramatic Blue is comprised of B2ST’s Yoseob, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, INFINITE’s Woohyun, MBLAQ’s G.O, and TEEN TOP’s Niel. They got together to release the track “Tearfully Beautiful” which was produced by Sweetune.

MBLAQ wish their fans a Merry Christmas

MBLAQ wished their fans a Merry Christmas!
The boys have been quite busy with their individual activities since they ended promotions for “This Is War” and “Run“, so fans were happy to see the five members together again.
In the video, the boys showed off their trademark hyperactivity and gave tips to their fans on how to get as many presents as possible.

MBLAQ wish their fans a Merry Christmas

MBLAQ wished their fans a Merry Christmas!
The boys have been quite busy with their individual activities since they ended promotions for “This Is War” and “Run“, so fans were happy to see the five members together again.
In the video, the boys showed off their trademark hyperactivity and gave tips to their fans on how to get as many presents as possible.

Dynamic Black (Lee Joon, Kikwang, Hoya, Jinwoon, L.Joe) release “Yesterday”

Dynamic Black from the ‘The Color of K-Pop‘ project has released a new track for ‘SBS Gayo Daejun‘.
Dynamic Black is comprised of MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, B2ST’s Kikwang, INFINITE’s Hoya, 2AM’sJinwoon, and TEEN TOP’s L.Joe. They got together to release the track “Yesterday” which was produced by Shinsadong Tiger.
All the profits from the songs will be donated to children who live in low-income families through ‘Dream Orchestra‘.

Upcoming KBS drama ‘IRIS 2′ reveals teaser poster

The highly-anticipated sequel to the original KBS blockbuster, ‘IRIS 2‘, has revealed its first teaser poster ahead of its February release.
The poster features the main cast members in various charismatic poses, including veteran actors Jang HyukLee Bum SooLee Da HaeOh Yeon Soo, and Kim Young Chul, as well as rookie actressIm Soo Hyang and idol actors B2ST‘s Doojoon and MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon.
Helmed by famed director Pyo Min Soo, ‘IRIS 2′ will begin airing on February 13 after the conclusion of currently-airing ‘Jeon Woo Chi’. Are you excited for the upcoming sequel?

KARA’s Hara gifts B2ST’s Junhyung with a kitten for his birthday

A few pictures under the title, “Hara‘s birthday gift for Junhyung” were recently posted on an online community portal, attracting much attention from fans and netizens.
In the picture, a pet shop owner revealed a picture of KARA‘s Hara holding an adorable kitten. She stated through SNS, “KARA’s Hara reserved a Scottish Fold for B2ST‘s Junhyung as a birthday gift. It took me a lot of effort to get you guys (the cats). You’re the best quality, seriously. See you later Ms. Hara.”
Upon seeing the pictures and SNS posting, netizens even added, “The pet store is close to the headquarters of Cube Entertainment, so Junhyung was able to pick up the kitten himself.”
Junhyung’s birthday was on December 19th, and it was nice to see Hara gift him with an adorable kitten. Netizens commented, “It’s good to see them doing well“, “The selcas with the kittens are pretty“, and “I’m jealous of Junhyung.”

F.T. Island’s Jonghoon and Big Bang’s Seungri display their friendship with new selca

F.T. Island‘s Jonghoon shared a cute picture on his Twitter account on December 26th.
Jonghoon added the above photo with Big Bang‘s Seungri (VI) and wrote, “VI..I love you“. In the photo, the two idol stars are sitting together on an airplane, making adorable facial expressions and poses for the camera. Seungri also stated in his Christmas diary, “This Christmas, I wanted to rest in a warm place so I went to Bangkok with F.T. Island’s Jonghoon.”
Upon seeing the picture, netizens commented, “Jonghoon and Seungri look as close as brothers!“, “If they spend Christmas together, they must be really close“, and “Jonghoon and Seungri are so cute.”

Boyfriend to star in season 7 of ‘Hello Baby’

Six-member group Boyfriend will be the next idols to become on-screen parents on the 7th season ofKBS Joy‘s ‘Hello Baby‘.
The members started shooting for the reality series this December, and the first broadcast is planned for January 4 of 2013 at 11PM KST. From the looks of it, it seems like tots will have to compete to become one of three babies on the show.

TEEN TOP celebrate their 900th day since debut

TEEN TOP recently celebrated the 900th day since their debut with their fanclub, Angel.
On December 25th, fans sent the boys cakes, snacks, rice cakes, and even red meat such as steak as gifts to commemorate the special day. TEEN TOP shared a photo of a cake with the number ’900′ on it, as well as the words, “Angel with TEEN TOP“.
Along with the picture, they posted through their me2day account, “Thank you so much for congratulating TEEN TOP on our 900th day since our debut! Please be with us forever!” They also stated through TOP Media, “We can’t believe it’s already 900 days… We genuinely thank everyone for all of the endless love and support for the past 900 days.”
TEEN TOP is currently busy preparing for the end-of-year awards ceremonies and performances, and has also recently announced a 5-city European concert tour, as well as their upcoming first full album.

SHINee’s Taemin and Kim Won Jun to collaborate for the ’2012 SBS Gayo Daejun’

SHINee‘s Taemin and Kim Won Jun will be holding a collaboration stage for the ‘2012 SBS Gayo Daejun‘.
The theme of the ‘SBS Gayo Daejun’ this year is ‘The Color of K-Pop’, and the producers of the show have worked hard to incorporate the various colors of each idol group into collaboration stages. KARA‘sHara will be performing with Kim Wan Sun, and 2NE1‘s CL will be performing with Sung Si Kyung.
Kim Won Jun also revealed that he would be working with Taemin through his Twitter account. He shared the above photo and also wrote,
Source: Kim Won Jun’s Twitter

B2ST and A Pink team up with ‘Skool Looks’ and unveil teaser for promotional single “5! My Baby”

B2ST and A Pink unveiled the teaser for their upcoming animated music video for the digital single, “5! My Baby“.
The label mates are currently the endorsement models for school uniform brand, ‘Skool Looks‘, and are set to release the promotional jingle and video next month. The teaser video shows the members of B2ST and A Pink transformed into animated characters that highlight each members’ unique traits.
A representative revealed, “For this music video teaser, we teamed up with famous cartoonist Jenna to create the animations. The various animated characters will appeal to teens and show a fun way of watching B2St and A Pink like never seen before.”
Stay tuned for the release of “5! My Baby” on January 7th!

U-KISS releases digital single “Gangstar Boy”

U-KISS fans are in for a treat as U-KISS has just released their new digital single, “Gangstar Boy“.
“Gangstar Boy” is an easy to follow dance track that tells of a guy’s outgoing love for his special girl.

Why did B2ST’s Hyunseung, A Pink’s Eunji and Namjoo meet?

B2ST‘s Hyunseung, and A Pink‘s Eunji and Namjoo had a cozy party together.
Photos of the three idols’ meeting have been keeping netizens guessing as to what the occasion was for. The only hint seems to be a cake on top of the table in front of them as well as presents.
Netizens commented, “Is it someone’s birthday?”, and “None of them have a birthday in December”,while others guessed that it was just a friendly meeting.
A representative from A-Cube Entertainment commented, “The three had a special exchange recently. This project will be revealed soon,” increasing anticipation.

‘IRIS 2′s star-studded cast look chic while filming on set

KBS 2TV‘s highly anticipated drama ‘IRIS 2‘ released another set of photos of its star-studded cast and it’s receiving attention because of the eye-catching visuals.
The photos show co-stars Jang HyukLee Bum SooLee Da HaeOh Yeon SooIm Soo Hyang, and B2ST‘s Doojoon overflowing with charisma while filming on set.
The cast and crew have been carrying out much of the filming overseas including Hungary andCambodia. Fans were especially left in awe at how the visuals of the cast outshine the beautiful background scenery, further heightening the anticipation for the upcoming drama.
Stay tuned for the premiere of ‘IRIS 2′ on February 13th

Members of INFINITE, B2ST, SHINee, 2AM, CNBLUE, B1A4 to form ‘Idol Super Band’ for ’2012 KBS Music Festival’

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An insider with KBS announced on December 26th that “INFINITE‘s L will be forming a rock band with some of the members from other boy groups for the ‘2012 KBS Music Festival‘. They will be performing hits from the 90′s.
The insider revealed that the name of the band will be the ‘Idol Super Band‘ and will include L, B2ST‘sYoseob2AM‘s Changmin and JinwoonSHINee‘s Jonghyun and TaeminCNBLUE‘s Minhyuk, and B1A4‘s Jinyoung.
The ’2012 KBS Music Festival’ will air on December 28 and will feature this super band, performing famous hit songs from the 90′s in the style of a medley. As all of the boys are busy with their own schedules and they are working with the time they have to put together a great performance.
Are you excited to see this super band perform?

December 26, 2012

Hoya gives Lee Yoo Bi a kiss in their SK Telecom CF

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INFINITE‘s Hoya and Lee Yoo Bi shared a kiss in their newest SK Telecom CF.
The new CF showed the two at a ski resort, where Hoya was one of the workers. Lee Yoo Bi visited him at the slopes with a cake, surprising him for his birthday. The CF ended with Hoya planting a kiss on Lee Yoo Bi’s cheek, to which Lee Yoo Bi responded cutely by flailing her legs and leaning on his shoulder while smiling brightly.

★Boyfriend 2013 Jan @Star1 Pictorial ★


credit : Bogopdang

December 25, 2012

INFINITE’s online Christmas event causes servers to shut down

INFINITE‘s recent Christmas event held through the Woollim Entertainment homepage attracted over 160,000 fans, causing the site’s server to temporarily shut down on Christmas day.
Inspirits revealed through Twitter on December 25th at 1AM KST, “December 25th, 2012. 160,000 Inspirits logged in. INFINITE’s official homepage server is down. Woollim Entertainment ranked #1 on real-time search engines. INFINITE’s official homepage achieved #1 on real-time search engines. WOW”, celebrating INFINITE’s latest achievement.

Boyfriend sells outs out all 12,500 seats for their Japanese solo concert

Boyfriend sold out all 5 shows for their live “Love Communication 2012 ~XMAS BELL~” Japanese concert.
Boyfriend held 5 concerts at the Tokyo Dome City Hall from December 22nd to 24th. Each of the 5 showings for the concert sold out completely, totaling to 12,500 fans in all.
Their label Starship Entertainment said, “They sold out all 5 of their Christmas Live Concert shows, and every seat was sold out within 10 minutes“. Even though the group debuted in Japan less than a year ago, they boast of incredible popularity in Japan.
Japanese music experts stated, “Boyfriend’s Japanese activities are very noticeable among the sea of K-Pop idols. It’s not easy to sell out a venue like the Tokyo Dome City Hall 5 times for a group that just debuted.
Boyfriend expressed, “We spent a joyous time with our fans for our first solo concert. We’re always thankful for the love we receive, and we will be a Boyfriend who continues to work hard and striving to be the best.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu receives a kiss on both cheeks from…

On December 26th, ‘Weekly Idol‘ will air a special thanking all the idols that helped make the show shine in 2012.
The guests will include an incredible line up including members from Super JuniorSHINee,B2STmiss Af(x), and more.
INFINITE‘s Sunggyu was the idol that appeared the most on ‘Weekly Idol’ in 2012. To show their appreciation, the two MCs Defconn and Jung Hyung Don each gave him a kiss on both cheeks.
Jung Hyung Don said, “As a special present for Sunggyu, we want to give him a kiss that’s full of our love“. Even though Sunggyu rejected their present vehemently, the pair sandwiched him to give him a kiss. After the kiss, Sunggyu expressed his shock by saying, “This wasn’t originally in the script!“.
Check out the special episode of ‘Weekly Idol’ on December 26th!

‘Voice Korea Kids’ releases preview featuring mentors Yoon Sang, Seo In Young, and B2ST‘s Yoseob

Earlier today, Mnet revealed a preview for ‘Voice Korea Kids‘ (‘Voice Kids’ for short), featuring profiles of the show’s three coaches/mentors.
The shows coaches, Yoon SangSeo In Young, and B2ST‘s Yoseob will serve as mentors as well as judges for the contestants who range in age between 6-14.
It was also recently announced that former KBS announcer Jun Hyun Moo has been appointed as the show’s MC.

Roh Ji Hoon releases ‘live version 1′ of “Punishment” MV

Solo singer Roh Ji Hoon has released ‘live version 1′ of his “Punishment” music video.
The solo singer revealed at his recent fan meeting, ‘Oh! Carol‘, that he would be releasing a special version of his MV soon. This newly released video focuses on Roh Ji Hoon’s dance moves, including hisinfamous belt dance.
“Punishment”, from his debut mini-album ‘The Next Big Thing‘, tells the story of a womanizer who gets his just desserts.
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