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August 16, 2012

Teen Top Cheers On the South Korean Olympic Team

Teen Top Cheers On the South Korean Olympic Team
On August 9, Teen Top sent a message of encouragement to the athletes on the South Korean Olympic team through their me2day. On this day, they revealed a photo of themselves in their uniforms while cheering on the Korean team. Niel can be seen holding a towel that says “Korea Fighting!” and right next to him, Chunji is holding the South Korean flag. Changjo and L.Joe have their hands tight in a fist like they are saying “Fighting!”

Along with the picture, they wrote, “A surprising truth that in our country’s events, which continues today after eight, are all women athletes. Teen Top cheers for South Korean Olympic athletes’ fight!!! Fighting!!!” They gave words full of encouragement.

Netizens who saw the photo said, “South Korea fighting. Teen Top fighting,” “Teen Top cheers on even though they are busy. Appoint them as the promoters for the Olympics,” and “Ah, today is when the women athletes’ events stand out.”

Meanwhile, Teen Top is continually promoting their title song, “Be Ma Girl,” which has been on the charts ever since its release.

Teen Top Celebrates Niel’s Birthday with Frosting Hair, Pink Wings and More!

Teen Top Celebrates Niel’s Birthday with Frosting Hair, Pink Wings and More!
Teen Top’s Neil celebrated his 18th birthday with fellow members. Earlier today, Niel wrote on Teen Top’s official me2day, “I’m having a wonderful day thanks to everyone’s well-wishes. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I laughed so much at Ricky’s frosting hair. In order to return all your love and support, I will always strive to work hard. Please look forward to it,” and attached a photo.

In the photo, Niel smiles widely as he holds onto his blue birthday cake. Ricky amused both Niel and his fans with a pair of pink wings, blue hair, and “frosted” hair. L. Joe and Changjo held up a string of words that read “Happy Birthday.”

Meanwhile, Teen Top is held their comeback stage with “Do You Want to Go Out with Me?” on the most recent episode of MBC’sMusic Core.” Over 1,000 fans showed up to the studio to show their support for the group.

Nylon TV releases BTS footage of SHINee Taemin’s September issue photo shoot

Nylon TV has released behind-the-scenes footage from their September issue photo shoot with SHINee‘s Taemin!

The upcoming issue celebrates Nylon magazine’s 4th anniversary as well as Taemin’s ‘coming of age ceremony’. The SHINee member recently became a legal adult last month, turning 20-years-old (Korean age).

SHINee, A Pink, Dal Shabet, f(x), and more perform at the ’2012 DMZ Peace Concert’

The first day of MBC‘s ‘2012 DMZ Peace Concert‘ took place at Imjingak Park on August 14th.

The concert was held to celebrate the 59 years of ceasefire between North and South Korea, and to convey a message of peace through music.

The first day of the concert consisted of performances by top K-Pop stars such as SHINee, B2ST, f(x), SISTAR, A Pink, Ailee, FT Island, and more. The second day will showcase familiar classical performances, featuring violinist Richard Youngjae O’Neill, and performances from artists such as Sung Si Kyung and Kai, cellist Song Young Hoon, and pianist Kim Jung Won, all who will also collaborate with the TIMF Orchestra. Popular classics such as the “Shostakovich Waltz”, “Libertango”, “Imagine” by John Lennon, and traditional Korean folk song “Arirang” will also be performed.

The August 14th concert will air on August 15th through MBC at 1:05PM KST, and the second day will air on August 16th at 12:45PM KST

Check out a few photos from the concert below!


B1A4′s English skills to be revealed on ‘Hello Baby’

B1A4 member Sandeul‘s English skills will be revealed on the August 17th broadcast of KBS joy‘s ‘B1A4s Hello Baby‘.

On the upcoming episode, the B1A4 members make a visit to an English academy. The producers prepared the visit to test B1A4′s English skills after the members revealed their determination to teach Eunsol and Hyunwoo English themselves.

Sandeul was the one who suggested the idea to give English lessons to the babies. He shared, “To raise the kids as globally [aware] people, we need [to teach them] English,” showing his eagerness to teach them himself.

However, when asked to spell “elephant”, Sandeul was only able to get the first and last letter of the word, exposing himself as the one who needs English lessons the most. He then confessed how English made him nervous.

B1A4 and the babies met with Canadian baby Lauren, who was on the last season of ‘Hello Baby’ with MBLAQ, to improve their English skills. Their excitement about seeing Lauren was fleeting as the members were then faced with a mission to only use English. Even during the difficult mission, the members couldn’t help but laugh after seeing baby Hyunwoo get shy in front of his new friend.
Source+Picture: Newsen via Nate

TEEN TOP members and fans wish Niel a happy birthday!

Niel is celebrating his 18th (international age) birthday today in Korea (August 16th), and in commemoration of the special day, TEEN TOP has uploaded a video clip on their official YouTube channel!

The TEEN TOP members and many fans pre-celebrated the occasion with a cake and a song sung by the hundreds of fans who had gathered, making Niel’s birthday extra special!

INFINITE’s Woohyun reveals when he had his first kiss

INFINITE member Woohyun honestly opened up about his personal life.

The singer who earned the nickname ‘Prince of Lips‘ after posting a selca photo via his Twitter page captivated the hearts of the ladies on set of MBC‘s new variety show, ‘Lord of the Rings‘.

When MC Lee Whee Jae probed and asked Woohyun if he had experienced his first kiss, Woohyun went a step further to reveal that not only did he experience a first kiss but it also took place his freshman year in high school.

His unexpected announcement had caught everyone a bit off guard, but his response once again confirmed him as the ‘Prince of Lips’.

In related news, MBC’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ is a new variety show where the top stars meet with average female citizens, and it airs its first episode August 20th at 11:15PM KST.

Source & Image: Daum

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August 15, 2012

B1A4 sings “Hey Girl” for ‘The Thousandth Man’ OST

Idol group B1A4 has participated in the OST for MBC‘s new fantasy drama, ‘The Thousandth Man‘.

The boys have lent their voices to sing “Hey Girl“, the main track for the drama written by Jihoon and composed by both One Shot‘s Park Sung Ho and Oh Chang Hoon.

“Hey Girl” has a fresh and upbeat rhythm, which the boys managed to pull off with their unique musical colors, raising expectations for the soundtracks to follow.


Sulli & Minho talk about their kiss scene in ‘To The Beautiful You’

SHINee‘s Minho and f(x)‘s Sulli who have both transformed into ‘acting idols’ spoke out about their kiss scenes in their new SBS drama, ‘To The Beautiful You‘.

At the press conference for the drama held on August 13th, Sulli remarked, “There is a kiss scene with Minho in the script. Surprisingly, it was fine, even though we had to film it about 15 times.

I didn’t dislike the kiss scene,” she added with a bashful smile. “I was a little nervous before the shoot and I told him, ‘Oppa I didn’t know we had a kiss scene together,’ but I wasn’t that nervous. It was a little awkward, however, since we’ve known each other for so long.

Minho on the other hand remarked, “I’ve known Sulli since she was in elementary school, and I was really nervous as we approached the kiss scene. We weren’t extremely close to begin with, but we became a bit closer since the drama began. But no matter how close we’ve grown, I was still very worried about the kiss.”

He added, “The kiss scene is a situation where I plant it on her, and so I decided to build up some confidence and go for it. We filmed that scene 15 times, and Sulli said she was fine after about the 10th, but I continued to be extremely nervous.”

Meanwhile, ‘To The Beautiful You’ is a high school romance based on a famous Japanese animé from 1996. The first episode airs April 15th at 9:55PM KST.

KARA, SISTAR, EXO-K, SHINee, INFINITE, and more perform at “KBS Olympic London 2012 Festival”

To commemorate the South Korean athletes of the 2012 London Olympics Games, KBS held a special “Olympic London 2012 Festival” at Yeouido Park in Seoul. 150 athletes were in attendance and some of the medalists even performed on stage.

Performing at the event were some of Korea’s top artists including B2ST, SHINee, G.NA, Tiger JK and Tasha, KARA, SISTAR, CNBLUE, INFINITE, Ulala Session, 4minute, EXO-K, and more.

South Korea proved to be an athletic powerhouse at the Olympics surpassing it’s goal of 10 gold medals by achieving 13 gold medals (fifth overall) and finishing in the top 10 with 28 medals overall.


Image: Nate via Newsen

Teen Top releases practice video for “Be Ma Girl”

Having released their music video for “Be Ma Girl” from their special summer single album and in the midst of carrying out their promotions, TEEN TOP has released the practice video for the song, giving you a better idea of the choreography involved.

NU’EST is the top K-Pop act selected by experts in this week’s ‘KPOPULOUS’!

It’s no secret that we all have our own favorite music acts, but do you ever wonder who the music experts believe to be the top acts in K-Pop today?

That’s where KPOPULOUS‘ comes in. ‘KPOPULOUS’ is a segment that is aired through Arirang TV‘s ‘Pops in Seoul’ every week to bring you a fresh look at different acts in K-Pop.

Ten experts from various fields that represent the Korean music industry come together to share their favorite music acts each week through ‘KPOPULOUS’. 

Not only will you get to see exclusive interviews with the artists, they’ll all be in English as well!

INFINITE releases “Thanks To” video for their ‘That Summer’ concert

For nearly the past week, the boys of INFINITE made their fans swoon with their ‘That Summer‘ concert series. As a special gift to their fans and supporters, they’ve released a special “Thanks to” video.

The official YouTube message reads: “From August 8th to August 12th 2012, we thank you for the beautiful memories made over the 5 days of a summer vacation with INFINITE.

Story behind Sungyeol’s bathrobe airport fashion to be unveiled on ‘Weekly Idol’!

Photos of Sungyeol‘s forward-thinking(?) airport fashion was revealed just last month, leaving fans laughing while wondering why the INFINITE member was wearing a bathrobe at the airport.

It looks like the story behind the singer’s wardrobe choice will now be revealed on the upcoming episode of MBC‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘ airing August 15th.

After wrapping up promotions for their third mini album title song “The Chaser“, INFINITE headed to Jeju island to film a music video as well as take some time off. The day they arrived on the island, the members all excitedly gathered in one room to play games and enjoy their short vacation. However, with great games come great punishment. As agreed upon by the members, brutal ‘airport fashion’ was selected as the loser’s punishment, raising the stakes of the game.

Because the punishment required the ‘loser’ to be seen by numerous fans and reporters at the airport wearing the outfit chosen by the other members, it was said that even the less talkative members like Hoya displayed their competitive side and put in all of their efforts to avoid being the unlucky individual.

Catch the full story behind Sungyeol’s bathrobe fashion as well as details from the boys’ trip to Jeju on the episode of ‘Weekly Idol’ airing later today (August 15th)!
Source + Image: Newsen

Hoya and Seo In Guk snap a friendly photo at INFINITE’s ‘That Summer’ concert

Recently, Seo In Guk posted a photo of him and ‘Reply 1997‘ co-star Hoya backstage at INFINITE‘s ‘That Summer‘ concert.

On the 12th, the singer turned actor posted a photo on his twitter saying, “Today I went to see INFINITE’s concert. Chairman Hoya  is truly a dance machine… Daebak occurrence… Junhee ya know I love ya right….

The two on-screen and real-life friends could be seen holding their thumbs up and displaying their friendship in the photograph.

Netizens who came across the photo replied, “You two surprisingly look good together“, “Tuning in to Reply 1997!“, “Where did Seo In Guk learn how to act, did it just come naturally?“, and more.

Tune in to ‘Reply 1997′ every Tuesday to catch Hoya, Seo In Guk, Eun Ji won, and A Pink‘s Eunji and friends in their high schooler roles.

Source + Image: Seo In Guk’s Twitter

AJ arrives at Columbia University

After announcing that he will be temporarily leaving U-KISS to pursue his education, AJ has now finally arrived at the prestigious Columbia University in New York.

He hasn’t updated his Twitter in over a month but earlier today he posted 2 tweets to inform his fans of his safe arrival on campus.
Good luck to AJ at Columbia University!

Source: AJ’s Twitter

Tip: Rachel Goll

SHINee’s Minho is becoming like his ‘To the Beautiful You’ character?

SHINee‘s Minho revealed that his abrasive on-screen personality is transforming his actual personality.

At the press conference for SBS‘ ‘To the Beautiful You‘ held on the 13th, Minho revealed, “Because my character’s personality is rough around the edges, my actual personality has changed. I noticed I’ve been treating Sulli more roughly without knowing it.

He continued, “Of course, there have been funny situations. Although it was difficult in the beginning because I have no acting experience, now I work well with not only Sulli, but with the other actors. Because we’re all in the same age group and get along on set, the director says, ‘It’s good to see’.

The drama is drawing much attention for its cast, which was chosen by ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ director Chun Ki Sang. The main characters include Goo Jaehee (Sulli) who transforms into a boy and transfers to an all-boys athletics high school to meet high jump athlete Kang Taejun (Minho), who she adores.
Kang Taejun is an athlete who holds the world record for the Junior World record in high jump. With his good looks and athletic abilities, Taejun is no doubt popular with the ladies, but because of his painful past, he is quiet and keeps to himself most of the time. However, after meeting Jaehee, he begins to change little by little.

Catch the first episode of ‘To the Beautiful You’ airing August 15th at 9:55 KST!

Source + Image: Hankook Ilbo via Naver

Woohyun reveals why the INFINITE members are so ‘lovable’ in his eyes

Woohyun of INFINITE recently revealed his affection for his fellow group members.

On the 14th at the MBC Dream Center, a press release was held for the upcoming fantasy sitcom, ‘The Thousandth Man‘. During the event when the singer was asked if the INFINITE members show him support he replied, “They cheer me on a lot.

He continued, “I can get sensitive because of lack of sleep as a result of filming but the members will purposely try and make me laugh. Honestly, they’re not even that funny but it’s so lovable to see them trying to make me laugh. Thanks to their support, I’m happily filming [the sitcom].

Meanwhile, the first episode of ‘The Thousandth Man’ is scheduled to air this coming 17th!

INFINITE, Song Joong Ki, and other celebrities promote Korea’s ‘Must-See Routes’ through photoshoots

Hallyu stars INFINITE, Song Joong Ki, Jang Hyuk, and Chae Rim did their part in promoting Korea’s recommended travel courses through photo shoots held all across the country.

The Visit Korea Year‘s official Facebook fanpage stated, “So far, actor Song Joong Ki, Jang Hyuk, Chae Rim and INFINITE have finished their parts in Daegu, Gyeonggi-do, Jeju and Busan respectively,” hinting at the possibility of the participation from additional celebrities.

The footage of the celebrities’ cultural and sight-seeing experiences at their respective cities will be displayed through the special program ‘TrunQ‘, with the support of the ‘Visit Korea Committee‘.

Check out the plethora of promotional photos below!


SHINee’s Minho snaps a handsome selca in his school uniform

SHINee‘s Minho shared his excitement for his new drama along with a handsome selca of himself recently.

The idol uploaded the picture on the group’s me2day account while saying, “It’s finally my first step. I’m nervous but excited. From today, I’m Kang Taejun“, referring to the character he plays in the new drama, ‘To the Beautiful You‘.

In the picture, Minho is wearing a school uniform, which further accentuates his defined facial features and his fresh hair cut. Fans were left in awe by the singer and actor’s good looks, and responded, “Minho’s facial features make girls feel jealous“, “Oppa’s shining looks“, and “He’ll make the girls at school cry“.

As mentioned previously, Minho plays a high-jump athlete and co-stars with label-mate f(x)‘s Sulli in the drama, which will be airing its first episode later today (August 15th KST)!

Source + Image: Star Today via Naver

August 13, 2012

Etude releases BTS of SHINee & 2NE1′s Dara dubbing for their upcoming CF

Etude House has just released a behind-the-scenes clip of the SHINee members and 2NE1‘s Dara dubbing for their upcoming CF.
The concept of the CF for ETUDE’s Lash Perm 3-STEP Volumecara revolves around the look of doll eyelashes, featuring a 3-part ‘dolly look’ for every occasion.


TEEN TOP reveals thoughts on new idol groups, hopeful vacation spots, and fans + full album info

The ever-transforming boy group, TEEN TOP, has returned smoother and more loveable than ever. Through their new title song ‘Be Ma Girl‘, the boys have stolen the hearts of female fans.

Chosen as a follow-up for ‘Going Crazy‘ and ‘To You‘, the Brave Brothers‘ production’s honest and energetic lyrics set the song apart from others. 

Furthermore, the enthusiastic club beat track is fitting for TEEN TOP’s synchronized choreography. The members practiced the song for only about a month, but because they practiced double the amount as before, they displayed perfect harmony.

Although they looked exhausted while being interviewed because of their rigorous practice schedule, the boy group smiled saying, “Every time a new album comes out, we forget about being tired because we’re excited and anxious to see fans’ reactions.

Member Niel emphasized, “There’s no time gap to realize we’re tired. Now’s the time to work harder so we can rise to the top.

When asked about the new rookie groups continuously debuting, Changjo stated, “It’s impossible not to be concerned. The level of talent is no joke.” The entire group stated in agreement, “We have to work harder because you never know who’s going to take our spot.

Furthermore, TEEN TOP is always preparing for a new transformation. They revealed, “When we’ve become more stable we plan to display music and choreography that highlights each members’ individuality.

The group is also noted to be one that communicates the most with their fans. They’ll unexpectedly login to their fanpage and have a live chat with fans or hold a mini fan-meeting after music program appearances regardless of their busy schedules. The members expressed, “If it wasn’t for the fans that love us, TEEN TOP wouldn’t be here. If time will allow, we want to spend time with our fans.

When asked about free time or vacation periods the boys stated, “Times we’ve rested in the past two years? Maybe one or two days? But when we have days off we sleep in all day rather than going outside. Lack of sleep is a serious problem.” For worried fans, it has been revealed that TEEN TOP’s agency T.O.P. Media is planning to give the weary boy group some time off soon.

One group member stated, “We’re thinking of asking for 10 days off once we’re done with our current promotions. There have been talks of a seven day vacation so ten days should be a possibility.

When asked what they wanted to do during the free time, C.A.P. replied he would like to go to Jeju Island, Changjo chose to go to the beach, Niel revealed he wanted to go to some foreign country, and L.Joe revealed he wanted to go to the forest where he could rest his mind and body and gather his thoughts. On the other hand, Ricky stated he would just like to spend time with his family whereas Chunji revealed his desire to spend time with friends.

Meanwhile, TEEN TOP plans to release their official 1st album later this year.
Source + Image: Nate
Tip: S.Lee

Past photos of Hoya and Suzy on audition program ‘Superstar K’ surface!

Recently, pre-debut photos of INFINITE‘s Hoya and miss A‘s Suzy surfaced on the web and are gaining much attention.

The photos were screenshots of the ‘Superstar K Complete Mastery‘, a show produced in order to summarize the complete history of audition program ‘Superstar K‘ up until the last season. The episode gained extra attention as it showed the audition clips of INFINITE’s Hoya, miss A’s Suzy and Jewelry‘s Semi.

Airing the 13th, the special feature will reveal the ‘Top 32′ most memorable contestants in Superstar K seasons 1 through 3, chosen by viewers. Among the 32 will be Hoya, Suzy and Semi.

After seeing the past appearances of the artists netizens stated, “They look completely the same as now. They’re both so cute“, “I guess Suzy and Hoya were still auditioning as of then“, “Superstar K has bad taste. They let Suzy slip through their hands“, and more.

Source + Image: Review Star, Wstarnews

SHINee’s Key receives an autograph from ‘Catch Me If You Can’ castmate Oh Hee Joong

A photo of SHINee‘s Key receiving an autograph from fellow musical cast mate and rookie actor Oh Hee Joong has been gaining attention.

Actor Oh Hee Joong recently shared on his Twitter, “Me, I am a guy that gives SHINee’s Key an autograph. Key’s last performance. Hwaiting to both you and me”, along with a photo of the the two rookie actors.

The hilarious photo shows Key anxiously waiting for Oh Hee Joong’s autograph with both his hands joined together.

Key recently finished his acting role for the musical remake of ‘Catch Me If You Can’, along with Oh Hee Joong. Oh Hee Joong studied acting at The Korean National University of Arts and is currently making his debut through musicals and dramas.

Source & Image: Oh Hee Joong‘s Twitter, Nate

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