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September 14, 2012

Son Dam Bi, After School, NU’EST, and Hello Venus send a shout out for the upcoming U.S. auditions!

Pledis, the home to popular artists like Son Dam BiAfter School, Orange CaramelNU’EST, and Hello Venus, is gearing up for the upcoming auditions in the United States.

Dubbed the “2012 Pledis Asian-American Audition in U.S.A”, they hope to meet highly inspired and talented people through these auditions.

To commemorate the upcoming event, the Pledis artists have released a video with a shout out encouraging all those interested in participating, as well as explaining some of the details about the auditions. Check out the updated details and the video below!
Los Angeles: October 14th, 2012 (changed from previous date of October 13th)
San Francisco: October 14th, 2012
How to apply: Deadline is [October 9th, 2012]
[Send in your Profile (Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, School, Phone Number, Place of Audition)]
Applicants must be born in the years 1991 – 2003 and be Asian American.
A more detailed audition schedule and exact locations will be revealed through their Facebook.
Field of application:
Song, Dance, Actor, Model
Since this is a “Asian- American Audition” Pledis Entertainment promises a global audition soon to come!
In related news check out how you can win an autographed NU’EST album here.

Good luck to everyone.

B2ST to hold showcase for the release of ‘bodyART’ DVD

Having been selected as the endorsement models for ‘bodyART earlier this year, B2ST is getting for the release of the DVD, ‘B2ST bodyART‘.

To commemorate the upcoming release, the boys will be holding a showcase on the 19th along with the originators of ‘bodyARt’, Robert Steinbacher and Alexa LĂȘ. ‘bodyARTis a European style of fitness that combines the key points of Yoga, Pilates, stretching, and more, receiving spotlight all over the world.

At the showcase, B2ST will be revealing the footage they shot back in June, and their bodies that have been sculpted with ‘bodyART’ will be revealed through the clip as well.

The DVD will be released this month in Japan first, followed by the October release in Korea.

Source + Photo: Herald

B1A4′s Jinyoung reveals he swallowed a large nail as a child

B1A4‘s Jinyoung revealed that he swallowed a large nail as a child.

On KBS Joy‘s ‘B1A4′s Hello Baby‘, B1A4 was given a chance to educate the children on safety in order to check each member’s qualifications as a father.

Jinyoung, who was in charge of food safety, stated, “I swallowed a large nail when I was a child.” He explained that his mother was able to get the nail out before it completely passed through his throat. Because of his traumatizing experience, he stressed the importance of teaching children what is safe and unsafe to eat.

The next episode of ‘B1A4′s Hello Baby’ will air on the 14th at 7:10PM KST.

Source + Image: TV Report via Naver

f(x)’s Sulli reveals a ‘couple shot’ with SHINee’s Minho from ‘To the Beautiful You’

F(x)‘s Sulli showed off her close relationship with SHINee‘s Minho with the revealing of a ‘couple shot’.

Sulli shared the above picture on her me2day while posting, “With Tae Joon” (Tae Joon is Minho’s character in SBS‘ drama ‘To the Beautiful You‘).

The picture showed Sulli (who plays the role of Goo Jae Hee) and Minho taking a relaxing break in the park together. Sulli looked on affectionately at Minho who was peacefully laying down on the grass.

Seeing the adorable picture, fans commented, “Sulli and Minho, the two must be really close by now“, “I’m so envious of Minho seeing Sulli look at him with such an expression“, “I wish I could be the grass“, and “Fighting ‘To the Beautiful You’”.

Source+Picture: Sulli’s me2day

Lee Hyun Woo and Minho transform into sexy models for ‘To the Beautiful You’

To the Beautiful You‘s Minho and Lee Hyun Woo transformed into a couple of ‘bad boys’ through recent still cuts released by the drama production team.

The cuts are from a scene during September 12th’s episode, in which Minho and Lee Hyun Woo modeled for a photo shoot at the request of the photographer. During the photo shoot, the two showed off  their masculine charms through their edgy, yet chic outfits and slicked up hair.

Minho especially captured the viewers’ eyes for baring his six packs, while Lee Hyun Woo also set aside his cute image as he transformed into ‘bad boy’ for the shoot.

It’s been reported that the filming of the entire scene only took two hours since the two actors were already well experienced in modeling for photo shoots.

Source+Picture: OSEN via Naver

U-KISS reveals MV teaser for “Stop Girl”

Having released individual teaser photos throughout the week, U-KISS has now unveiled the music video teaser for ‘STOP GIRL‘!

The group is gearing up for the release of their 7th mini-album ‘STOP GIRL‘, and had fans waiting in suspense while teasing with their latest digital release, “Cinderella”, and the teaser photos. The new “black and white” music video teaser showcases some of the upcoming choreography and the member’s new looks, while giving us a sample of the song.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu to make a cameo appearance in ‘The Thousandth Man’

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu will be making a special cameo in ‘The Thousandth Man’, in which his fellow member, Woohyun, is currently starring in.

Sunggyu will appear in the fifth episode as Woohyun’s friend, who is a diligent student trying to earn his tuition by working a part-time job. More mature than his peers, Sunggyu gives advice to his friend Woohyun.

In addition, Sunggyu will also show his perceptiveness as he becomes the first to notice Mi Jin’s (Kang Ye Won) feelings for Eung Suk (Lee Chun Hee).

Sunggyu stated, “I’m happy that I can act with Woohyun. Watching Woohyun act is really new and cool. I, myself, had thoughts of wanting to attempt acting in a drama as well.”

Make sure to catch Sunggyu make his cameo appearance on September 14th at 9:55 PM!

Source: TV Report via Nate

TOP Media’s new idol group 100% releases debut teaser photo

TOP Media‘s upcoming idol group 100% has released their debut teaser photo!

The 100% members were first introduced to the public this past summer on SBS MTV‘s ‘TEEN TOP’s Rising! 100% – Issue and War‘. CEO Andy of Shinhwa previously revealed, “The members of 100% joined the company as trainees before TEEN TOP, but TEEN TOP ended up debuting first. I feel that it was because of good timing that we have TEEN TOP and 100% where they are. Like Shinhwa, I hope that 100% will be a group that goes on to have a long career.”

Comprised of Minwoo, Rokhyun, Jonghwan, Hyukjin, Chanyong, Sanghoon, and Changbum, 100% seems to be going for a unique, athletic concept.

Their first single album ‘WE, 100%‘ will be released on/offline on September 20th. Stay tuned to allkpop for more updates on 100%’s debut!

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September 13, 2012

BTOB releases music video for “Wow” + ‘Press Play’ mini album

The wait has finally come to an end for all the BTOB fans for the group has revealed their latest music video for title track “Wow“!

As reported earlier, “Wow” is a song reminiscent of the ’90s, and to enhance the theme, the boys have also completed their transformation utilizing accessories and apparel pieces that were popular during the period.

B2ST’s Kikwang to leave his ‘Win Win’ MC position?

B2ST’s Kikwang‘s representatives have responded carefully about the reports of Kikwang taking leave from his position on ‘Win Win‘.

On September 12th, it was reported that the September 27th recording of KBS‘s ‘Win Win’ will be his last one. However, his representatives remarked, ”We are currently discussing Lee Kikwang’s leave from ‘Win Win’ with the producers. There is nothing confirmed yet.

They continued, “B2ST is currently planning for a Japan concert tour in October. However, we cannot be certain of anything [regarding Kikwang's leave] as it is a situation we are carefully discussing still.

Kikwang has been serving as a MC for KBS’s ‘Win Win’ since 2010. Although there were times he had to miss the show due to his overseas schedule with his group, he has constantly remained as part of the permanent cast of the show.

Source: TV Daily via Nate Image: TVreport

U-KISS reveals Dongho & Hoon’s teaser images for ‘STOP GIRL’


U-KISS has released ‘STOP GIRL‘ teaser images for Dongho and Hoon.
After releasing their digital single “Cinderella last week, the group is now preparing for the release of their 7th mini-album ‘STOP GIRL‘. 

The teasers, including Eli and Kiseop‘s teaser images, Soohyun and Kevin‘s, and the group image, were all taken on the set of their upcoming music video.  

AJ is currently taking a break to pursue his studies at Columbia University.

‘STOP GIRL’ is set to release on September 20 KST.

INFINITE’s Hoya and Sunggyu to host ‘Weekly Idol’ as special MCs

It seems that INFINITE‘s Hoya and Sunggyu will be special one-day MCs for an upcoming episode of ‘Weekly Idol‘!

A recent tweet posted on the official ‘Weekly Idol’ twitter account stated, “The INFINITE partners in crime chased out the fatty hyungs and took over ‘Weekly Idol’!! Ho&Gyu X ‘Weekly Idol’ collaboration special! To be revealed soon ^_^.”

Along with the post was a photograph of Hoya and Sunggyu of INFINITE hosting the show, just as Jung Hyung Don and Dae Joon would do normally.
Tune into MBC‘s ‘Weekly Idol’ which airs each Wednesday at 6 PM to see when the two will make their special appearance!
Source + Image: ‘Weekly Idol’s Twitter, Hoya’s Twitter
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September 12, 2012

SHINee’s Minho shows off his abs

SHINee’s Minho shows off his abs.

In the episode of SBS TV’s drama series To The Beautiful You, which will air on September 12, Minho shows off his nice body and manly look with Lee Hyun Woo.

In the series, Minho and Lee participate in the photo shoot conducted by actor Kim Woo Bin as models. Kim played the role of a rebellious high school student in the drama series A Gentleman’s Dignity and plays the role of the first love of Jae Hee (played by f(x)’s Sulli) in this series.

In some snapshots from the episode, Minho is appealing to female viewers with his abs, and Lee is showing off a manly look, getting away from his pleasant, cheerful look, in a leather jacket and with heavy eye makeup.

A spokesperson for the series says, “Kim Woo Bin makes a cameo appearance in the upcoming episode, and there’s going to be a change in the love triangle between Minho, Sulli, and Lee Hyun Woo.”

SHINee’s Min Ho gives f(x)’s Sulli a hug from behind

SHINee’s Min Ho recently gave f(x)’s Sulli a hug from behind.

In the ninth episode of SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series To The Beautiful You, which will air on September 12, Min Ho gives Sulli a sweet hug from behind while Sulli screws a bulb into a socket.

Sulli stands on a chair to change a bulb but then Min Ho gives her a sudden hug from behind. Sulli looks at Min Ho with a puzzled look on her face. Min Ho will make the audience’s hearts flutter by holding Sulli tight with an expressionless look on his face.

The two stars shot the scene at the set for the series on September 7. They focused their energy into the scene and completed shooting in about forty minutes without making any mistakes.

The production company says, “Since Min Ho found out that Sulli is a girl, he will realize that he is in love with her at some point. Please pay attention to the actors to see how they keep their love in difficult situations.” The ninth episode will air on September 12 at 9:55 p.m.

BTOB releases music video for “Wow”

The wait has finally come to an end for all the BTOB fans for the group has revealed their latest music video for title track “Wow“!

As reported earlier, “Wow” is a song reminiscent of the ’90s, and to enhance the theme, the boys have also completed their transformation utilizing accessories and apparel pieces that were popular during the period.

SHINee releases teaser for “Dazzling Girl” PV

After the release of the teaser photos and previews earlier, SHINee is back with the most exciting teaser yet for their new Japanese single, “Dazzling Girl“!

“Dazzling Girl” is described as an electro-pop number with a polished beat and refreshing melody. It represents the start of a romance with a dazzling woman and the emotional intensity one feels when in love.

The single includes two tracks, “Dazzling Girl” and “Run with Me“, and will come in three versions: ‘First Limited Edition A’, ‘First Limited Edition B’, and ‘Normal Edition’. “Dazzling Girl” is slated for release on October 10th.

F.T. Island releases live performance clip of “I Wish” from ‘TAKE FTISLAND’ concert

Having released their full length album ‘Five Treasure Box‘, along with the music video for title track “I Wish“, F.T. Island has unveiled the live performance for the song from their recent concert!

The boys showcased a bit of their title track through their concert series ‘TAKE FTISLAND‘ held in Korea recently for the first time before its release to give fans a special preview.

For all the fans who missed out on the concert, the boys have released a clip of the performance for all their fans to enjoy through YouTube.

BTOB releases part 1 of making-of footage for “WOW” MV

The boys of BTOB will be making a comeback with their new album ‘Press Play‘, and to tease us even further, they have unleashed yet another video clip!

The new clip shows the behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of their newest music video for title track, “Wow“, featuring the members interacting with one another as they play games and also showing off a few of the upcoming scenes in the music video.

SHINee’s Taemin to release solo track for ‘To the Beautiful You’ OST

SHINee‘s maknae Taemin will be the next artist from SM Entertainment to sing for the OST of ‘To the Beautiful You‘.

On September 11th, SM Entertainment revealed that Taemin will release “It’s You” through various music sites for the drama’s OST on the 19th at 12 PM KST.

It will be the first time Taemin will be officially releasing a solo song. Anticipation is rising for “It’s You” as he previously showcased his powerful vocals through various performances and on KBS’s ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

Taemin’s song will be the theme song for character Cha Eun Gyul (played by Lee Hyun Woo) as it will express his tender feelings for female protagonist Goo Jae Hee (played by f(x)‘s Sulli).

Meanwhile, an acoustic version of “Butterfly” by Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal will be released as well, so stay tuned!

[Update: There seems to be a discrepancy in the OST release date. Although most articles at the moment are citing the 19th as the release date, there is one that mentions the 12th, raising a bit of confusion. It is not yet clear which date is correct.]

Source: Star Today via Nate

U-KISS reveals Soohyun & Kevin’s teaser images for ‘STOP GIRL’


U-KISS has released ‘STOP GIRL‘ teaser images for Soohyun and Kevin.
After releasing their digital single “Cinderella last week, the group is now preparing for the release of their 7th mini-album ‘STOP GIRL‘. The teasers, including Eli and Kiseop‘s teaser images and the group image, were all taken on the set of their upcoming music video.

‘STOP GIRL’ is set to release on September 20 KST.

Source: U-KISS Twitter

BTOB releases “Lyric Trailer” for “WOW”

The boys of BTOB will be making a comeback with their new EP ‘Press Play‘, and to tease us even further, they have unleashed yet another video clip!

The new clip is a trailer and contains some of the lyrics for their title track, “WOW“. Their 2nd EP ‘Press Play’ is scheduled for release at noon KST on September 12th.

Actress Kim Sae Ron takes a shot with INFINITE’s L on filming set

Child actress Kim Sae Ron took a sweet photo with INFINITE‘s L while filming their sitcom, ‘What is Mom‘.

On September 11th, Kim Sae Ron tweeted, “With ‘What is Mom’ L oppa. L oppa is cool” while L tweeted, “‘What is Mom’, our maknae Sae Ron is cute~^^“.
As the two pose sweetly for the camera, the similarity between their appearances has been attracting attention as it is enough to mistake them appear as siblings.

In related news, both Kim Sae Ron and INFINITE’s L will act in MBC‘s sitcom, ‘What is Mom’, a warm story about finding happiness. The sitcom will air in early October after ‘Standby‘.

Source: TV Report via Nate

INFINITE attends Launch showcase event for Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8

On the evening of September 11th, INFINITE attended the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Player 5.8 event as the face of the brand. Soon after the boy group was chosen as the endorsement models back in February, their CFs were released, and just yesterday the members’ individual CFs were revealed as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 is said to be an educational tool made for use by middle and high school students.

During the event, each INFINITE member explained a little bit about the Samsung Galaxy, revealed their own unique ways to endorse the device, and even prepared a special gift for their clients.

A Samsung representative stated, “As this special event would be the first time the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 would be showcased in South Korea, we prepared diligently for the event with our endorsement models, INFINITE.

Meanwhile, member L was unable to attend the event because of filming for his new sitcom, “What is Mom“.


SHINee Taemin’s “naughty hands” attract attention

Several pictures of SHINee member Taemin‘s “naughty hands” have been attracting attention from fans and netizens online.

In some of the pictures, Taemin’s hands appear to be on BoA‘s behind during their couple dance for her latest single ‘Only One‘. Although the move is a well-known part of the choreography, the boldness has been surprising fans nonetheless, perhaps due to Taemin’s young age and innocent image.

Upon seeing the pictures, netizens commented, “They’re not touching. And so what if they are? If I were BoA, I would see Taemin as a little little brother“, “When did my Taemin become so manly? So cute“, “BoA and Taemin’s couple choreography is amazing every time. ‘Only One’ is a great song“, “Taemin actually fits so well even though he’s the youngest. It’s a great performance“, and “Tsk! Not your sunbae’s behind haha.”
What do you think of the pictures?
Source + Image: Newsen via Nate, Max News, iMaeil
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September 11, 2012

INFINITE releases individual CFs for Samsung’s Galaxy Player

As the endorsement models for Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Player, INFINITE has featured in a new set of CFs for the product.

The recently revealed CF segments show off the individual charms of each member as they talk about using the Galaxy Player to help with studies, and encourages everyone to study hard. In particular, Dongwoo freestyles his portion, while Sungyeol asks questions related to INFINITE and points out that if an individual put in as much effort into learning his or her studies as they do to learn facts about idols, they could probably raise their school scores as well. Earning much love with his role on ‘Reply 1997‘, Hoya sends out his words of advice with his lovable Busan dialect or satoori.

Infinite to participate in MBC's "What's the Deal, Mom?" OST

Infinite will be participating in the official soundtrack of the sitcom "What's The Deal, Mom?" as announced by Woollim Entertainment today. "What's The Deal, Mom?" will also feature member L for a role, after being selected by the drama's production team days ago.

According to the agency, this will be Infinite's first time to participate in a soundtrack since their debut. To create the track for the sitcom, the group will be teaming up with producer Sweetune, who produced the track "Be Mine" along with KARA's "Pandora" and "STEP," and f(x)'s "Love." The representative also revealed that Infinite's participation for the soundtrack will be another way to hype their local fans.

"What's the Deal, Mom?" will start airing on October 8th and will also feature Na Moonhee, Kim Saeron and Kim Byungman.



Dokdo Islands controversy did not affect Infinite's recent album promotions in Japan

Despite the recent backlash from Japanese fans regarding the Dokdo Islands controversy, Infinite's recent album promotions gathered at least 10,000 fans in Yokohama. On September 6th, local press in Japan revealed that the single release event for "She's Back" held last September 2nd, gathered at least 10,000 fans.

It was previously announced that 3,000 fans who purchased the single would be invited to the event. However, despite the bad weather, at least 10,000 fans turned up at the venue anyways.

Another source revealed that despite the recent anti-Korean movement in the country, the Dokdo Islands controversy doesn't seem to significantly affect the Korean Wave. Fans present at the event also stated that they don't care if the group declares that Dokdo is Korean territory as it isn't an issue when interacting with them or towards their fellow Korean fans.

Despite the recent news reports that Korean pop is going downhill in Japan, Infinite still manages to gather more fans compared to their previous events. It was reported that the number of fans tripled this year, compared to their first event back in November 2011.

Infinite also managed to sell at least 40,000 copies of their "She's Back" album in its first week and ranked third on Oricon's singles ranking.



SHINee's "Dazzling Girl" becomes theme song for "Sukkiri!" + Japanese showcase dates revealed

SHINee's upcoming Japanese single "Dazzling Girl" was revealed to have been chosen as the theme song for the Japanese show "Sukkiri!!".

"Sukkiri!!", which means "Refreshing", will be taking on "Dazzling Girl" as its theme song during the month October, providing more promotions for the track as an insert song.

Along with the news of it being chosen for the show, it was also revealed that SHINee will be heading on a showcase as promotions for their upcoming single. Starting November 1st till November 13th, the five member group will go on a Zepp tour, heading towards its venues in Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and Sapporo for a special "Dazzling Girl" showcase.

"Dazzling Girl" will be released on October 10th and will be available in
three different versions. Various different picture and audio teasers were already revealed beforehand.

Tour Dates

11/01 Zepp Fukuoka
11/02 Zepp Namba(OSAKA)
11/08 Zepp Tokyo
11/12 Zepp Nagoya
11/13 Zepp Sapporo

TowerJP and SHINeeJP

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