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October 05, 2012

TEEN TOP’s L. Joe tweets his support for member Niel’s drama

On October 4th, TEEN TOP‘s L. Joe tweeted to support fellow member Niel.
Niel has been cast in the KBS special drama, “Do You Know Tae Kwon Do?“. 

The drama recently revealed still cuts of Niel acting on set, and the director talked about why Niel was specifically chosen out of the TEEN TOP members. The drama special will have 3 episodes in total, and will air each Sunday starting on October 7th.

Since the drama will be airing so soon, L. Joe tweeted, “Niel’s drama is fun!!!!! Watch on TV on October 7th, 11:30!” and urged fans to watch while attaching a cute selca on top of it.

You can rewatch the preview featuring Niel below. Are you looking forward to the drama?

Source: TEEN TOP’s Twitter

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Block B confirms comeback date

Fans of Block B should prepare themselves for the group’s comeback!

Their official fan cafe confirmed that Block B will be releasing their first full-length album on October 17 KST. Member Kyung also tweeted earlier: “10/17… T.T finally.” 

Following the album’s release, Block B’s reality showMATCH UP: Block B Returns‘ will start airing on SBS MTV on October 18 KST.

In the meantime, check out Zico‘s pre-release mixtape songs here.

Are BBCs excited?!

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BtoB shares photos after fan sign event

BtoB shared photos after their recent fan sign event in Busan.

The seven-member group had already visited fans in Ilsan, Gimpo, Yongsan, Mokdong last week, and Daegu as well as Busan were their most recent stops.
Fans and netizens responded, “It’s good to see all the members getting along”, and “BtoB, so handome”.

SHINee’s Minho posts a picture of himself for the last episode of ‘To the Beautiful You’

SHINee‘s Minho uploaded a photo of himself as Kang Tae Joon from ‘To the Beautiful You‘.

He posted a picture of himself in the school uniform for his role on the drama on SHINee’s me2day with the words, “It was both short and long.. It’s the last day of Kang Tae Joon today“. Minho is smiling softly at the camera, creating a warm atmosphere. The last episode of ‘To the Beautiful You’ aired on October 4th KST with the 16th episode. Even though the drama suffered from low ratings, it gained quite a number of fans both in and out of Korea, so many were sad to see it finally end.

Fans commented, “Oppa you were so cool.. Does this mean I can’t see Tae Joon anymore?“, “I’m sad to see the drama end“, and “Good work!“.

Source: SHINee’s me2day

[SPOILER] – Was there a Happy or Sad Ending for ‘To The Beautiful You’?

Sulli and Minho met again on ‘To the Beautiful You‘.

On the 16th and final episode, Sulli’s character left the school when her status as a girl was revealed. She bought tickets to leave on the day in which Minho’s character had his game so they wouldn’t have any leftover feelings. When Minho heard the news, he tried to forfeit his game to follow after Sulli, but decided otherwise after he saw Sulli’s diary. Minho managed to have a strong comeback after his many injuries.

A year after moving back to California, Sulli heard was updated on the news back in Korea from Cha Eun Kyul’s character, but was disappointed that Minho was not a part of it. However, her disappointment was only short lived as Minho appeared in front of Sulli. Minho was smiling brightly at Sulli and then stated, “I told you I’d come see you“. The two held each other, further confirming their feelings for each other.

‘Do You Know Taekwondo?’ producer explains why he cast Niel out of all the TEEN TOP members

Kim Young Gyun, the director of KBS drama special ‘Do You Know Taekwondo?‘ explained the reasoning behind casting TEEN TOP‘s Niel stating, “I believed he would do a good job.

The stars of the drama special attended a press conference on October 4th, where Kim Young Gyun revealed, “All of the TEEN TOP members auditioned for the part. They’re all talented individuals, but Niel had the most energy.

‘Do You Know Taekwondo?’ follows an athlete who dreams of becoming an action star but ends up becoming a Taekwondo instructor at his alma mater. The story takes place as he teaches “troubled teens” and watches their stories unfold (watch the preview in the previous article here).

Niel plays the role of a student who is bullied by his peers and becomes the first student of the main character, as he wants to learn to protect himself.
He commented, “The competition among the TEEN TOP members was fierce. There were many members who wanted the part, especially L.Joe hyung.

He continued, “In the past, I played many roles in which I pushed around other people. But this time, I’m the one being bullied, so it was a nice change. It’s been long time since I last acted, so I was nervous, and I felt unprepared, but I had a lot of help from the sunbae actors and the director so I recovered quickly.

‘Do You Know Taekwondo?’ will begin airing on October 7th!

4minute’s HyunA and B2ST’s Doojoon pose as a couple for Shoemarker

A couple photo of 4minute‘s HyunA and B2ST‘s Doojoon has been revealed.
The brand Shoemarker released behind-the-scenes photos from the set of the commercial filming. The two acted as a couple, gazing lovingly at each other on a vintage sofa. They pulled off a natural couple look, stylish and chic in black and white outfits.

Doojoon wore the shoes he designed himself. B2ST collaborated with Shoemarker’s brand Jim Rickey for the silver high top.

A representative of Shoemarker commented, “At the beginning of the shooting, Doojoon and HyunA couldn’t stop laughing because it was awkward to gaze at each other. However, as time passed, the two showed their professional sides and mature charms, so we got a high quality photoshoot. To be honest, HyunA was supposed to play the part of a ‘shoe terrorist’, but all the shoes were stylish on her, so it wasn’t easy to make her one.

October 04, 2012

allkpop TV Guide: ‘To the Beautiful You’ (Episode 12)

Official Synopsis:
This drama draws on Hisaya Nakajo‘s manga series “Hana Kimi“ that was published by Hakusensha from 1996 to 2004. The Korean interpretation centers on Goo Jae Hee (Sulli), a Korean girl who live in the States, but transfers to an all-boys school in Korea.

Jae Hee decides on the transfer after watching a track and field competition on TV, and becomes inspired by high-jump athlete, Kang Tae Joon (Minho). 

She begins to idolize the young athlete and eventually transfers to Korea to go to the same school after he experiences an injury that may potentially end his athletic career.

However, as Tae Joon attends an all-boys high school, Jae Hee must disguise herself as a boy to enter.

MBC‘s ‘Arang and the Magistrate‘ (starring Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah) dropped in ratings again, from 13.8% to 13.1%, coming in sixth for the night.
Meanwhile, KBS‘s ‘Nice Guy‘ (starring Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Park Si Yeon) dropped slightly from 13.8% to 13.3%, coming in fifth.
SBS‘s ‘To the Beautiful You‘ (starring SHINee‘s Minho and f(x)‘s Sulli) rose slightly from 4.2% to 4.6%, but still remained in last place..

Recap of Ep. 12:
This episode opens with a confession, ends with a confession, and brings the long-simmering love triangle to the forefront, despite Jae Hee’s efforts to prevent that from happening.
Jae Hee visits Han Na, and before she can really say anything, Han Na promises to keep her secret thinking that’s what Jae Hee came for. Jae Hee, however, takes her hand and tells her not to give up on gymnastics, and gives her a card with Tae Joon‘s famous quote on it- “Miracle is just another word for hard work.” Jae Hee says she’ll visit a lot, whether Han Na likes it or not.

Seung Ri overhears Han Na explaining to Director Jang that she and Tae Joon “broke up”. Later, he sees her looking at a picture of Tae Joon and leaning on the edge of a balcony. She drops it and reaches to try and catch it, he misunderstands the situation and thinks she’s trying to jump. He grabs her, and she elbows him in his fresh appendectomy scar, sending him back to the OR.

Meanwhile, Coach Byeon gets jealous of Dr. Jang when it looks like he might be hitting on Teacher Lee, and attempts to make an impression on her, but ends up embarrassing himself.

Hyeon Jae has a meeting with the sponsor who had originally offered to sign Tae Joon. He says Hyeon Jae’s a fresher face and better talker, but will only sign him on one condition- he has to beat Tae Joon in the upcoming competition. Unfortunately for Hyeon Jae, Tae Joon’s returning to top form, while Hyeon Jae’s actually doing worse. Coach tells him it’s all in his head and he needs to get his mind back in the game.

As for our golden trio? Eun Gyeol‘s confession threw Jae Hee for a loop. She winds up visiting Dr. Jang, the only person who knows the whole story, and asks him what she should do. She says she doesn’t have feelings for Eun Gyeol, but she feels bad for causing him distress. When he asks about her feelings for Tae Joon, she just answers that she knew from day one that she couldn’t go there. He tells her that she knew her days were numbered, and it’s time to work on an exit strategy.

Eun Gyeol tries to treat Jae Hee the way any guy treats someone he likes, but Jae Hee keeps shutting him down, clearly upset. Meanwhile, Tae Joon does his best to take care of her without making her suspicious. When they find out she’s going on a weekend volunteer trip with some of the teachers, they both volunteer to go to.

While on the trip, Eun Gyeol explains to Jae Hee that he’s liked her for a long time, so nothing has really changed in their relationship and he wants to go back to being friendly. Despite a few awkward moments, they pretty much go back to their old, noisy ways, which worries Tae Joon. While they’re on their trip, Eun Gyeol gets a call from his coach- someone’s dropped out due to injury, and he’s the alternate, meaning he made it to nationals! He has to leave right away, but stops to tell Jae Hee that he owes his place on the team to her.
As Eun Gyeol leaves, Jae Hee starts making dinner for Tae Joon and herself. Tae Joon stops her in the kitchen, telling her he has something to say. There is a definite tension in the room, and Jae Hee looks very unsure. Suddenly, she hears Eun Gyeol calling to her from the yard. Although she tries to duck away to find out what’s going on, Tae Joon stops her.
“Don’t go. When you’re with me, don’t think of Eun Gyeol. I’m not letting you go to America. Stay by me.”
contagion’s Thoughts:
[ Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of allkpop ]

I feel weird about a romantic comedy that gets less interesting as soon as the romance heats up. When Daniel showed up a few episodes ago and scolded Jae Hee for coming to Genie, accusing her of throwing away her hopes and dreams, I got defensive- who says she can’t pursue her hopes and dreams in Korea? Now, I kind of see his point. This episode made it abundantly clear that Jae Hee has no goals for herself.

It was somewhat masked to this point because she was always doing things. She made friends with Sangchu and got the tennis ball. She chased Tae Joon around and tried to make him practice. She saved the day by running a marathon in the dorm competition, getting injured in the process. She performed in a drag show and nearly had her secret discovered. But everything she did was part of the Get-Tae-Joon-to-Jump-Again plot, and we learned nothing about her own interests.

She can fence a little- does she like it? Does she care about it? She can sing- is this something she does for fun? Does she have a secret desire to be a musician? She runs, but does she have any real aspirations as a runner, or is it just a hobby (remember, we never see her practicing or doing anything related to running unless Tae Joon is there)?

Eun Gyeol has his soccer aspirations and SNS hobby, Tae Joon has the high jump and his photography, Johnny has his photography- all of the guys who are interested in her have something unrelated to their love-lives to occupy their time. Jae Hee has nothing but her relationships with Tae Joon and Eun Gyeol (and, to a lesser extent, Johnny and her brother). Heck, her best female friend, the blonde girl back in the States, doesn’t even have a name! The only thing we know about Jae Hee’s life aside from her taste in men is that she can sew, but it’s not like she makes a hobby of it- she sews once to encourage Eun Gyeol and once to help Tae Joon, and that’s it. Even bit-character Chal Soo/Charles has more development that she does, as we know that he is a dorm leader, does sports, and is interested in (but largely ignorant of) western cultures and languages. It’s not a good sign when your bit characters are better developed than your main character.

This whole episode magnifies these problems, as we witness a lot of things happening to Jae Hee, but Jae Hee actually doing very little. Eun Gyeol confesses, and she doesn’t respond. She looks up ticket prices to the U.S., but doesn’t make a decision. Dr. Jang takes her on the volunteer trip, where she does exactly as she’s told. Tae Joon confesses, and she doesn’t respond. The only things she initiates are a visit to Han Na in the hospital (where she basically starts doing the same thing for Han Na that she did for Tae Joon), and sewing Tae Joon’s pants. Even in the flashback where Jae Hee shows us how she let Johnny down, we find out that Johnny stopped her before she could say anything and just told her he knew it was coming.

It’s great that the story is moving along and we’re seeing Tae Joon finding himself again, Eun Gyeol making the national team, Hyeon Jae struggling with his own mind, Han Na facing what could be the end of her career (though, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not too fond of the way she’s written, either), Seung Ri attempting to make moves on Han Na, Coach Byeon continuing to try with Teacher Lee, and Director Jang trying to cope with Han Na and Tae Joon’s mess. However, it’d be great if our actual main character got a little, you know, characterization. Take some of that time we spend watching flashbacks to things that happened three minutes ago and give Jae Hee a hobby besides doing Tae Joon’s laundry!

I hope that we see some changes in the upcoming episodes and actually learn who Jae Hee is, but for now I’m not holding my breath.

As for the good news- J-Min‘s video for “Stand Up” came out. It’s reminiscent of Paramore‘s “Decode“, but more awesome because the song is better and has nothing to do with Twilight. I know I’ve complained before that the soundtrack to this drama is overwhelming- there are SM Family songs blaring almost constantly in some episodes- but the OST itself is pretty good.

[Spoilers] Sulli and Minho visit the aquarium together on ‘To the Beautiful You’

On an upcoming episode of SBS‘s ‘To the Beautiful You‘, Sulli and Minho will be going on a romantic aquarium date as a couple!

The 15th episode will focus on the two finally becoming a real couple and not shying away from showing affections for each other. Filmed at the 63 Building Aquarium on September 28th, the new still cuts released show the two holding hands, freely engaged in back hugs, and generally having a fun time together.

Viewers will certainly be excited to catch special scenes like Minho protecting Sulli from a large crowd by hugging her from behind and other displays of affection, which also leads to curiosity as to what exactly happened that led to them to come true about their feelings.

The actual scene was recorded at 6:30 a.m. in the early morning so it took a while for the two to fully wake up, but all it really took was the cue sign from the director for them to show their professionalism and take part in the filming with wide, awake eyes.

As they’ve been working with each other for a while now, they showed excellent teamwork and chemistry, clearly being able to read each other through just their gazes alone. The five hour long filming was completed without one NG, so staff couldn’t help but to praise their excellent focus and attention.
Producers stated, “Sulli and Minho are improving their teamwork by strides with each new day. They’re not lazy about practicing and rehearsing despite a packed drama schedule day and night, and I’m really proud of them for never losing their roots and always working hard.”

Check out the episode when it airs at 9:55 p.m. KST on October 3rd.

INFINITE’s L’s ‘What Is Mom’ castmates reveal they first confused him with Park Myung Soo

On the October 3rd episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, INFINITE‘s L and the leading cast of MBC’s new sitcom ‘What Is Mom‘ guest starred on the show.
The cast members hilariously revealed that they had at first confused L with the comedian Park Myung Soo.

As L had only been known by his stage name, the actors had automatically assumed Kim Myung Soo (L’s real name) to refer to the comedian Park Myung Soo, and was in for a surprise when they realized there was quite a difference between Kim Myung Soo and Park Myung Soo.

Actor Ryu Seung Soo shared, “To be honest, at first I thought that I would be filming alongside Park Myung Soo, and was pretty satisfied with the casting [as it is a sitcom].” Kim Seo Hyung added, “My stylist also thought that Park Myung Soo was acting [for this production]“, bringing laughter on set.

In other news, ‘What Is Mom’ will premiere on October 8th!

Music Releases of September 2012

As a way for us all to keep track of the constant influx of new K-Pop records, we’ll be compiling a list of notable singles and albums released every month for you guys. Take a look to see if you missed out on any music last month!
T-ARA – Mirage (EP) – [Listen]
Lexy – Nolza (Single) – [Listen]
Nep – DoRaDoRa (Single) – [Listen]
E.via – I Know How to Play (Single) – [Listen]
24K – Hurry Up (EP) – [Single]
ABLE – Mystery (EP) – [Listen]
Baek Ah Yeon – I’m Baek (EP) – [Listen]
FT Island - Five Treasure Box [Listen]
Kim Wan Sun – The Beer (EP) – [Listen]
BtoB - Press Play (EP) [Listen]
Orange Caramel – Lipstick (LP) [Listen]
Secret - Poison (EP) [Listen]
Huh Gak - It Hurts (Single) [Listen]
Tony An – Beautiful Girl [Listen]
Gavy NJ – From A Tree Lined Street (Single) [Listen]
G-Dragon – One Of A Kind (EP) [Listen]
J.Y. Park, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy – Classic (Single) [Listen]
Vibe - 10th Anniversary Live Edition (LP) [Listen]
100% – WE (Single) [Listen]
SPICA - I’ll Be There (Single) [Listen]
OFFROAD – Bebop (Single) [Listen]
Andamiro- Hypnotize (EP) [Listen]
U-KISS - Stop Girl (EP) [Listen]
Naul – Principle of My Soul (EP) [Listen]
BBde Girl – Messing Around (Single) [Listen]
She’z – Love > Sick (Single) [Listen]
CHAOS – Kiss Kiss (Single) [Listen]
RaNia – Style (Single) [Listen]
TVXQ – Catch Me (EP) [Listen]
Shin Min Chul – Forever with You (EP) [Listen]
R.ef - Don’t Know What Love Is (Single) [Listen]
45RPM- Old Friend (Single) [Listen]
Brownie – Brownie (Single) [Listen]
Soul Star – Gangnam Station Exit 10 (Single) [Listen]
K.Will – You Are Love (OST) [Listen]
Miss $ – Smoke Less (Single) [Listen]
Junsu – Love Is Like Snow (OST) [Listen]
Navi – Real Love (EP) [Listen]
Double K – MENT (Single) [Listen]
Wheesung – Masterpiece of You (Single) [Listen]
LUNAFLY -  How Nice Would It Be (Single) [Listen]
Goddess – Farewell Party (Single) [Listen]
84LY – Girls Secret Party (Single) [Listen]

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