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December 21, 2012

Roh Ji Hoon sings “Last Christmas” for fans at ‘Oh! Carol’ fan event + special “Punishment” footage to be revealed

Cube’s charming rookie soloist, Roh Ji Hoon, recently held a special fan event called ‘Oh! Carol’, in which he treated the delighted fans to a Christmas song.

Crooning “Last Christmas“, the singer also provided lots of adorable fan service during the event, making it a night to remember for them!

In addition to the footage from the event, the singer then comes on with a special announcement towards the end about a special footage of “Punishment” coming up on December 22nd with a teaser that is sure to leave fans drawn in by his charms once more.

LUNAFLY wishes fans a Merry Christmas with a practice video of “Jingle Bells”

With Christmas just days away, the boys of LUNAFLY have released a special practice video of “Jingles Bells” to spread some holiday cheer.

Uploaded onto their official Youtube channel, the trio can be seen having fun as they showcase their talents and enjoy each other’s company while singing their version of the Christmas carol.

TEEN TOP announces 5-city European tour

T.O.P Media has announced that TEEN TOP will be holding a five-city European tour!

On December 20th, the agency revealed, “In 2013, TEEN TOP will meet their fans at the ‘TEEN TOP SHOW! Live tour in Europe 2013‘ starting with Munich, Germany on February 2nd and Dortmund, London, Paris, and Barcelona until the 10th.”

TEEN TOP will be standing on the same stage that famous acts, such as Rihanna, have performed on before.

In related news, the boys were featured on France’s ‘Le Grand Journal‘ TV program, where they were introduced as a “group with much talent” and “a Korean group with prospects in France.” TEEN TOP are also preparing for their first full-length album.

Check out the scheduled tour dates below!

Date: 2 Feb 2013
(Munich, Germany @ Backstage)

Date: 3 Feb 2013
(Dortmund, Germany  @ FZW)

Date: 8 Feb 2013
(London, England @ The Forum)

Date : 9 Feb 2013
(Paris, France @ le Trianon)

Date : 10 Feb 2013
(Barcelona, Spain @ Sala Apolo)

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December 20, 2012

Starship Planet to perform “White Love” for the first time on ‘M! Countdown’

Late last month, Starship Entertainment labelmates K. Will, SISTAR‘s Soyu, and Boyfriend‘s Jeongmin collaborated for a festive Christmas single titled ‘White Love‘.

Fans will be happy to hear that the trio will be having a special stage on this week’s episode of ‘M! Countdown‘ of the chart topping hit!

On December 20th, the music program’s official Twitter wrote, “Starship Family’s Merry Christmas present for the third week of December, part two of MCOUNTDOWN’s special stage! It’s the first time reveal of ‘White Love’ so please look forward to it!”

INFINITE H to release album in January + appear on December 20th’s ‘M! Countdown’

January is almost here, which means a brand new year, and! the promised sub-unit promotions for INFINITE H!

As fans of INFINITE already know, the two rappers of the group, Hoya and Dongwoo, were said to be releasing their own album in the upcoming new year. Not much had been revealed about the sub-unit since then with Woollim Entertainment even once stating that they could not reveal who would be in the sub-unit, which seemed a little pointless since Simon D had already let the cat out of the bag as he spoke about producer Primary working on Hoya and Dongwoo’s upcoming release!

However, for all the eager fans, more good news have been revealed since then as it has been reported that INFINITE H (H stands for Hip Hop, by the way) will be kicking off their promotions in January!

A representative from the group’s agency informed ‘Star News’, “Fans’ interest is already running high after hearing about the two’s unit at INFINITE’s concert… We will be bringing out music that will be able to bring to light the special charms of INFINITE H. Through this unit activity, INFINITE’s musical spectrum will be broadened.” 

The duo have been hard at work preparing for their new activities and have decided on January as the release period for their album, which has been produced by the respected producer Primary.

Ahead of their album release, the boys are said to be taking the stage of the 20th’s (today’s) ‘M! Countdown‘ to showcase their first performance! ‘Star News’ also commented that Hoya and Dongwoo will also be acting as the double MCs, so it seems we maybe seeing the two take on the broadcast as hosts and performers as well!

Stay tuned to for updates!

Source: Star News

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비스트 헤드 마리끌레르 화보!! 완젼멋찌용

비스트 헤드 마리끌레르 화보!!!!

Jonghoon reveals a warm moment between Hongki and Minhwan

F.T. Island‘s Jonghoon snapped a warm moment between Hongki and maknae Minhwan.

On December 19th Jonghoon took to his Twitter and wrote, “Good Hongki & Minhwan. Cleaning his ears. :)“. In the photo that was attached to the tweet, Minhwan and Hongki were dressed comfortably. Minhwan was resting his head against Hongki’s lap while holding a cellphone, he was obviously at ease as he closed his eyes and let Hongki clean his ears. Hongki himself seemed focused on his work as well.

The photo caused fans to smile at the cuteness, and they commented, “Aw, Minhwan is being babied“, “They look so close“, and “It’s hyung and baby brother“.

Source: Jonghoon’s Twitter

Which idols have messy handwriting?

A netizen collected a few letters handwritten by idols to compare their handwriting.

The worst of the handwriting was a group featuring miss A‘s Suzy, Big Bang‘s Daesung, Shinhwa‘s Hyesung, and A Pink‘s Eunji. Their handwriting were all deemed as being barely legible.

On the other hand, idols such as SISTAR‘s Hyorin, Big Bang‘s G-Dragon, 2AM‘s Jo Kwon, Wonder GirlsSohee, and INFINITE‘s L were chosen as ones with the best handwriting. This group had very neat handwriting that was not only easy to read but also cute to look at.

Fans commented, “Suzy’s face is so beautiful, but her handwriting isn’t“, “Hyesung’s bad handwriting is legendary“, and “L’s handwriting is so cute!

MBLAQ’s Mir confesses that he lied to his mother about how much money he has

MBLAQ‘s Mir confessed of a lie that he once told to his mother.

On the December 18th episode of Strong Heart‘, he confessed, “There’s a lie I told my mother. She always tells me that she wishes I would have savings of 1 billion KRW (approximately $932,000 USD). One time on the phone, I told her, ‘I think I’m going to reach around 1 billion KRW because of MBLAQ’s South American Tour’. She suddenly screamed and hung up on me. I found out that she called everyone and invited them to go on shopping spree because I had 1 billion KRW.

Unfortunately he didn’t have 1 billion KRW.

Mir continued, “She still thinks I have 1 billion KRW. I want to say now that it’s not true. But I do have a lot of money saved up, so I promise to save up to 1 billion KRW in my savings and give it to you.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu reveals he once drank all night

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu shared that he once drank from dusk until dawn.

On the December 19th ‘year-end health watch special’ of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Vitamin‘, Sunggyu revealed, “I’ve drank alcohol for 12 hours straight before.”

He continued, “When I was 20, alcohol was interesting, so I wanted to drink it. And then I went to a party [with my coworkers from] my part-time job. I’m not sure what happened, but I remember that I drank until 11AM the next day.”

The studio was surprised by the idea of an idol star drinking so much when Yoon Jung Soo suddenly added, “Whenever I drink, I urinate in public. I really had to go, so I just thought that I was spreading fertilizer on the road.”
The hosts of ‘Vitamin’ then asked Sunggyu, “Do idols do that too?” He answered, “Though I don’t recall, I probably did that once as well,” causing laughter.

인피니트H 동우·호야, 내년 1월 첫 힙합유닛 출격

보컬 김성규 솔로 이어 힙합 유닛그룹 활동

사진퍼가기 이용안내
인피니트H를 결성한 동우(왼쪽)와 호야 ⓒ스타뉴스

7인 남성 아이돌 그룹 인피니트(김성규 장동우 남우현 호야 이성열 엘 이성종)가 내년 초 첫 유닛 활동을 펼친다.

인피니트 멤버 동우와 호야는 힙합 유닛 '인피니트H'를 결성, 내년 1월 첫 선을 보인다. 팀 내 랩 파트를 맡고 있는 동우와 호야는 오랜 기간 유닛을
준비해 왔다.

인피니트 측 관계자는 스타뉴스에 "미리 인피니트 콘서트에서 둘의 유닛 소식을 예고한 만큼 팬들
사이 관심이 뜨겁다"며 "인피니트H 특유의 매력을 살린 음악을 선보일 예정이다. 유닛 활동으로 인피니트의 음악적 스펙트럼을 넓힐 것"이라 전했다.

팬들 사이 큰 관심을 받아온 인피니트H는 바쁜 스케줄 속에서 유닛 앨범을 준비하다 내년 1월로 음반 발매일을 정했다. 그룹 활동과는 다른 새로운 분위기가 될 전망이다.

인피니트H란 팀명은 인피니트 힙합의 약자로, 힙합음악을 위주로 하는 팀이다.

인피니트H의 음악 파트너로는 힙합신 실력파 프로듀서 프라이머리가 나섰다. 올해 다이나믹 듀오, 박재범, 엠블랙 지오 등과 '씨스루' '입장정리' '?(물음표)' 등 히트곡을 발표, 큰
인기를 끈 프라이머리는 동우, 호야의 새 음악을 맡게 됐다.

둘은 본격적인 활동에 앞서 20일 오후 엠넷 '엠카운트다운'을 통해 첫 무대도 공개한다. 이날 더블 MC를 맡은 두 사람은 인피니트와는 다른 무대를 선사하겠단 각오다.

인피니트는 올해 '추격자' 등을 히트시키며 아이돌 강자로 떠올랐다. 국내는 물론 일본에서도 단독 콘서트를 개최하는 등 K팝 열풍을 이끌고 있다. 

December 19, 2012

인피니트 성규 “12시간 음주 후 기억 끊겼다” 과거 고백

인피니트 성규가 12시간 술 마시고 기억을 잃은 경험에 대해 전했다.

성규는 최근 진행된 KBS 2TV 건강 프로그램 '비타민' 연말 간 건강주의보 편 녹화에 참여, 연예계 주당들이 한자리에 모인 가운데 술 때문에 생긴 에피소드로 장장 12시간 동안 술을 마셨던 일화를 공개했다.

성규는 "데뷔 전 친구들과의 술자리가 저녁부터 다음 날 점심까지 이어져 필름이 끊긴 적이 있다"며 "눈을 떠보니 오후 11시 집에서 얌전히 자고 있었다"고 털어놨다.
하지만 "집에 올 때까지의 기억이 없어 무서웠다. 택시 카드결제 문자를 보고서야 도착시간을 알았다"고 당시 아찔했던 기억을 회상하며 이 일을 계기로 절주를 하게 됐다고 밝혔다.

한편 이날 녹화에는 성규 외에도 이상벽, 박준규, 추가열, 윤정수, 우지원, 백승헌이 출연, 현재 간 건강 상태를 꼼꼼하게 점검 받았다.

12월 19일 오후 8시 50분 방송. (사진=KBS)

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F.T. Island’s Hongki dyes his hair silver

F.T. Island‘s Hongki has dyed his hair silver.

A few hours ago, he took to Twitter and wrote, “Preparing for a transformation“. About three hours after that, he wrote, “Tada Evangelion” and attached a photo of himself with his new hair color. The second tweet possibly alluded to either characters Kaworu or Rei from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, as both characters both sport silver-blue hair.

What do you think of his new hairstyle?

Source: Hongki’s Twitter

Block B, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae and Juniel to perform at Midem Festival in Cannes, France

Block B and Drunken Tiger have been confirmed to perform at the Midem (Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale) Festival in Cannes, France.

According to the Midem Festival’s official website, Drunken Tiger and Block B will be performing on January 27th. Drunken Tiger is the hip-hop group that centralizes around Tiger JK, and also includes members such as his wife Yoon Mi Rae, and other hip hop artists such as Micki Eyes, DJ Jhig, and Roscoe Umali.

The Midem Fesitval is a series of 10 concerts that is open to the general public for viewing, and runs from January 26th to January 28th.

According to FNC Entertainment, rookie soloist Juniel will also be performing at the festival on January 27th. However, the official Midem website has yet to add her on the website lineup.

Midem bills itself as the largest trade fair for the music industry in the world and has been held annually since 1967.

Source: Midem Website

INFINITE’s Sunggyu interviews himself?

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu ‘interviewed’ himself for LOEN TV and the video was recently shared on YouTube.

The interview starts off humorously as interviewer-Sunggyu asks himself if he had eaten. Interviewee-Sunggyu answers that he has not, and then interviewer-Sunggyu says, “Ah, I knew it. So I ordered us some pizza“.

The two Sunggyus then talked about his album, including his follow up track “I Need You“. Interviewer-Sunggyu asks interviewee-Sunggyu to sing a bit of the song, to with the interviewee answers, “I’m a bit embarrassed because it’s in front of myself…“.

Other humorous parts include when the interviewer-Sunggyu says, “INFINITE has to do well“, to which interviewee-Sunggyu responds, “I’m INFINITE, too“. 

The interviewer then expresses his surprise that Sunggyu is part of INFINITE, saying, “Really?“.

The secret behind a Block B photo brings laughter to fans

The secret behind a Block B photo brought laughter to fans.

The original professionally done photo showed Jaehyo‘s photo from Block B’s 2013 calendar, which showed Jaehyo posing sexily for the camera. In the photo, Jaehyo was standing behind what looked like some cool special effects.

However, how the special effects were created was revealed in a second photo. The contrasting photo shows Jaehyo and the other staff members holding sticks of raw spaghetti noodles to create the special effect. Not only so, but unlike his fashionable top, Jaehyo was wearing sweatpants and flip flops on the bottom, causing further laughter from the fans.

Fans commented, “Wow the flip flops made me laugh so hard“, “From just the bottom it looks like an old man… How can it be Jaehyo on top? Haha“, and “That’s creative..“.

December 18, 2012

INFINITE’s Sunggyu releases MV for “I Need You” off his mini album ‘Another Me’

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu is just teasing fans left and right these days with the release of his solo album and his various music video versions for “60 Sec“.

But he’s here to add even more to the excitement with a new music video for “I Need You“!

“I Need You” is another song off his album ‘Another Me‘, and features a sound different from INFINITE’s songs, and showcases Sunggyu’s potential as a soloist

MBLAQ to model for the sports brand LECAF

Sports brand LECAF has chosen MBLAQ to model their products for 2013.

Every year, LECAF puts out a new line of backpacks for middle school and high school students for the new school year. This year, MBLAQ has been chosen not only to model the backpacks, but also shoes and clothing items for LECAF as well.

LECAF revealed that they chose MBLAQ because their bright, healthy image as well as their love for sports fit LECAF’s image perfectly. They also expressed that MBLAQ’s modesty as well as their community service made them good role models for students. MBLAQ recently participated in a photoshoot for the 2013 LECAF line, and will be active in LECAF’s online and offline marketing.

LECAF will provide an MBLAQ poster for anyone who buys items from the line in January and February, and will also hold nationwide autograph events.

Tip: MissLenis

F.T. Island’s Hongki and Super Junior’s Heechul get nail art for the Holidays

F.T. Island‘s Hongki and Super Junior‘s Heechul showed off their close friendship.

The pair are known to be close friends, and they proved this by getting matching nail art done. Hongki first tweeted a photo of his Christmas-and-rock-star themed nails, writing, “Ready for Christmas!!!“.

A few moments later, he tweeted what seems to be his thumbs and Heechul’s fingers, showing off a nail that had animated versions of Hongki and Heechul on each finger. He tweeted, “As a couple with Heechul-hyung… My hand has Hee-nim and hyung’s hand has Hong Star“.

Source: Hongki’s Twitter

December 17, 2012

Is Block B’s Zico working with D-Unit on their next album?

Block B‘s Zico hung out with D-Unit after their promotions for “Luv Me” ended.

D-Unit had their last “Luv Me” stage on ‘Inkigayo‘s December 16th episode, and then had dinner with Zico afterward to commemorate the end of their promotions. D-Unit had continuously written spoiler posts about Zico on their official SNS, so many fans had been wondering if Zico would be producing their next album.

On concluding promotions for “Luv Me”, D-Unit expressed, “We’ve concluded our 6 weeks of promotions. We’re very thankful for the fans that showed us love. We’re disappointed, too, but we’ll comeback next year with a new album, so please wait for us.

What do you think, could Zico be producing the girls’ next album or are they all just buddies?

[PICS] Sung Won & Seung Jun backstage of MBC “세바퀴”

NEW PLANET Entertainment shared two pictures showing Sung Won and Seung Jun in the waiting room of MBC “세바퀴” (“Quiz to change the world”) which aired on December 15th, 2012.
201212_seung jun sebakwi
201212_sung won sebakwi
If you haven’t seen it yet, click on the link below and you can watch a short video segment of ”세바퀴” with Seung Jun performing a magic trick, Sung Won creating a funny incident and also of all A-PRINCE performing “Hello” on the show:

B2ST’s Yoseob chosen as the most desired coach by the contestants of ‘Voice Kids’

With ‘Voice Korea‘s spin off ‘Voice Korea Kids‘ (‘Voice Kids‘ for short) nearing its broadcast date, the young contestants participating in the show were polled to figure out who was the most wanted coach out of Yoon SangSeo In Young, and B2ST‘s Yoseob.

As reported the three mentioned singers have been chosen as the coaches to serve on this special edition of ‘Voice Korea’ to act as mentors as well as judges for contestants between the ages of 6-14.

As expected, it turns out the young contestants were eager to have someone a bit closer to their age range and more familiar to them, and thus, chose Yoseob as the coach they wanted to work with.

A representative of ‘Voice Kids’ commented, “Because the kids are young and honest, they were honest about their feelings as they chose the coach they wanted. Out of the three coaches, Yoseob was the most popular.”

The representative also praised Yoseob’s ability as a coach on the show, adding, “As we started recording, I could see why Yoseob is popular… While filming with older sunbaes Yoon Sang and Seo In Young, he was able to help stabilize the atmosphere… He was able to do some things that the other judges could not. In addition to going down from the stage to hug the kids and take care of them, he also talked to them about his trainee days and cheered on the eliminated contestants.”

‘Voice Kids’ will begin airing on January 4th!

B2ST’s Yoseob likes women who can protect him?

On the December 14th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘, B2ST‘s Yoseob had viewers laughing as he commented that he likes a woman who can protect him, rather than the other way around!

MC Yoo Hee Yeol presented Yoseob with the hypothetical situation, “Let’s say you met a woman but didn’t really like her. But that woman says that she’s crazy in love with you. How will you reject her?” To which Yoseob answered, “I won’t beat around the bush. I won’t say it like a bad boy, and would just tell her straightforwardly. I will politely tell her I’m sorry but you’re not my style and leave there”, impressing the audience with his frank nature.

However, the ooh’s and ahh’s of the audience soon turned into laughs as Yoo Hee Yeol further asked, “What if the girl asks ‘is it because I work out a lot?’ Are you scared of women who are really into [building up their muscles]?” 

Yoseob then commented, “I like women who like working out. I like women who are into health, who can protect me,” having the audience burst out in laughs.

BTOB perform at ‘Thai Supermodel Contest 2012′

BTOB made a special appearance at the ‘Thai Supermodel Contest 2012‘.
The event was held on the 13th at the Bangkok Convention Center, and BTOB were the first Korean artists to receive an invite to perform. The boys sang their hit songs “Secret“, “Born to Beat“, “Wow“, and more, even adding some ad-libs in Thai as fan service.

After the program was aired on television, the group is reported to have received endless offers to rebroadcast their performance, which was viewed by over 1000 audience members on scene.

BTOB’s Peniel commented, “It’s an honor to be the first Korean singers to be invited to the Thai Supermodel concert.” BTOB are reported to have been met with a crowd of over 500 fans when they landed in Thailand for the first time. They were introduced as, “The new K-pop rookies with great talent,” and met up with over 70 media outlets at a press conference.

After meeting their Thai fans for the first time, BTOB returned to Korea on the 15th. They’re currently preparing for the year-end concert, ‘United Cube‘.

Who Wore it Better: Niel vs. L

I’ve had some reader requests for Teen Top and INFINITE WWIB’s lately, but unfortunately wasn’t able to use them. Thankfully, Niel and L were kind enough to solve my dilemma by wearing the same vest!

On November 25′s ‘Inkigayo‘, Teen Top’s Niel wore this quilted vest over a black, long-sleeved shirt and with red pants.
Recently, ‘Elle Girl‘ published this previously unreleased photo of INFINITE’s L from his September photoshoot, where he wore the same vest with black pants and arm warmers.
The vest is by General Idea, and can be purchased here for ~228 USD.
So, who wore it better- Niel with his contrasting colors, or L with his simple black and white style? 

Who wore General Idea better?
Niel 14%
L 86%

Who Wore it Best: Minzy vs. Sunny vs. Jaehyo

Seems like everyone’s hopping on the crayon-colored hair trend these days, and the hottest color right now is purple!  2ne1‘s Minzy debuted her bright purple pixie cut in November.
Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny recently went for a short bob in a lighter shade of purple.
Block B‘s Jaehyo posted this selca from behind the scenes at ‘Show Champion‘ on November 27, showing off his blueish-purple ‘do.
So, who’s wearing purple hair best?  

Who's wearing purple hair best?
Minzy 30%
Sunny 18%
Jaehyo 52%
Hello Kitty Kimono Dress