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welcome to vall's area.. here you may find anything about me, myself and my personality.. and many other things i love and enjoy.. ^^
it will be more of INFINITE here, since i love to listen on KPop these days.
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June 23, 2011

love is kind?

I don't know if I could say 'I believe in Love'. But, I do know the Love that comes from my parents and also God are the one who could keep me stronger each day. Even in the hardest time of mine, I will try to smile up and remember of how God has been so kind to me by giving me HIS endless Love. And also has giving me the best parents in the whole world. My parents may not be rich and wealthy. But, they did Love God. No matter what happen from the very beginning. They knew they have fell in love in Christ. So as me. But, I don't know if I have been good enough for my parents. Or even good enough for God. Hehe... ^^
Anyhow, keep smiling, y'all! A smile can keep you away from stress. Well, at least I wish to. Hehe...
Here's a pic I took months ago.


back again.. it's Thursday! ^^

Back again on Thursday. After spending a day in bed because of being ill. Yesterday, I found my hama beads collection in my room. Share them here all ya... ^^

Mario in Orange

a cup of tea

a group of dolphins. mum made some of these

couple in white

 red and purple lips

onigiris... ^^

x'mas season. i made these last x'mas 2010.

blu owlie. i found the design on the net, then i made this myself. isn't it cute? ^^

an orange poodle. i know, it doesn't make any sense at all. But, i just think it'll be cute in orange like this. hehe... ^^

an orange cat. i actually trying to make a Garfield here. but, i failed it.

butterfly in blu and yellow. i like this design. simple yet cute. even though i'm not into a blu things... ^^

froggie! this froggie reminds me of my school friend. maybe i'll make a keroppi later on. ^^

couple of yellow bears. i tend to make them an earring, but i just don't know where to wear them. they're just so bright! ^^

yellow domo-kun! i got yellow bead left, so i decided to make 1 domo here. isn't it cute? ^^

and lastly, an orange lady bird! i know, i supposed to make it in red. but, i'm running out of the red beads, so i make it in orange instead of red. this one happens to be one of my favorite key chain... ^^
Hello Kitty Kimono Dress