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July 27, 2012

Boyfriend Music Videos

Boyfriend - Boyfriend Music Video (

Boyfriend - Don't Touch My Girl Music Video (

Boyfriend - I'll Be There Music Video (

Boyfriend - Love Style Music Video (

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TEEN TOP’s Niel breaks SHINee Minho’s record in high jump on ‘Idol Star Olympics’

Niel has secured the gold medal in high jump on MBC‘s ‘Idol Star Olympics‘, which aired on the 26th.

The highest record of 173 cm in high jump was set by SHINee‘s Minho previously, and the the competing athletes this time around were not only trying for a gold medal but also were trying their hands at setting a new record.

B1A4s Sandeul, INFINITEs Sungyeol, TEEN TOP‘s Ricky, and 2AM‘s Jinwoon all made valiant attempts, but unfortunately got caught on the bar at 170 cm. However, TEEN TOP’s Niel easily jumped over the bar and clinched the gold medal.

However, Niel didn’t stop there as he challenged himself to break Minho’s record and proved to be successful as he raised the bar, setting a new record of 174 cm for these ‘Idol Star Athletic Championship’ events.

After confirming the new record, the broadcasters jumped up cheering, and fellow TEEN TOP members ran to Niel to share his happiness.

Niel jokingly provoked Minho’s competitive nature by commenting, “I want to meet with SHINee’s Minho sunbae.” “Please give me a cell phone right now,” he pleaded to his agency’s boss, Shinhwa‘s Andy.

Source+Picture: Financial News via Naver

B2ST heats up Gwanghwamun Square with their “Beautiful Night” guerrilla performance

On July 26th, B2ST managed to gather over 4,000 fans into a sea of dark gray balloons at the Gwanghwamun Square for their comeback guerrilla concert with ‘Inkigayo‘.

The concert was announced just 12 hours before the event, and despite the sweltering heat wave that day, Cube Entertainment has released to us a few details about the event held yesterday.

The agency has reported that fans gathered since 11 a.m. and stood in line as they counted down to B2ST’s comeback. The group’s “Beautiful Night” comeback is their first in a year and two months, so fans showed their passion by heating up the square from day to night.

Fans were reported to have stood in lines nearly 900 meters long circling the square from the entrance way. Not only were Korean fans present, but international fans that had been visiting from overseas as well.

B2ST finally arrived at 11 p.m. onto their special night time stage lit up with several spotlights ready to showcase their talents. After greeting their fans and passersby, the boys confidently stated, “Let’s have as much fun as possible”, before launching into their comeback performances.

The boys showed utmost passion and stage manners during their “Beautiful Night” recording and instantly transformed the square into a concert venue of their own. Aside from what they needed to film for the broadcast, they also performed “It’s Not Me“, “Freeze“, and “Beautiful“, all the while making sure they thanked their fans for their patience, love, and support.

Yoseob even gave a special performance of “Thanks To“, a song dedicated to Beauties, without any background music to specially express his gratitude.

B2ST’s comeback will be broadcast on July 29th through ‘Inkigayo’. Fans that weren’t able to make it to the pre-recording can expect fun-filled stages full of energy from both the boys and the crowd against the beautiful nightscape of Seoul.

The reason B2ST chose the square in particular was because it is the representative location of Koreans coming together out of support, as well as in preparation for the Olympic season.

Ahead of ‘Inkigayo’, fans should also make sure to tune in to their first comeback stage on ‘Music Bank‘ on July 27th.

TEEN TOP goes into shock after learning the results of a fan-ranking based on their looks

The latest recording for SBS MTV‘s ‘TEEN TOP’s Rising 100%‘ has put the members into absolute shock over the results of a survey ranking their looks!
On this week’s recording, the members were prompted by MC Kim Tae Hyun to rank themselves. In doing so, the members fought for the first place position, each arguing that he was in charge of the team’s visuals.

The show eventually turned to a week-long survey completed by fans asking them to choose the best looking member of the group. With the revealing of the results, the members were reported to have expressed their extreme disbelief and refused to believe the results. C.A.P. and Ricky in particular even asked to halt the recording immediately as they rushed out in shock.

Catch the episode when it broadcasts on the 28th to find out the results, but in the meantime share your own rankings in the comments below!

Source + Photos: Seoul via Naver

A-Prince holds surprise showcase in Gangnam

Brand-new idol group A-Prince successfully held a surprise showcase on the 26th, kicking off their activities.

Because of MBLAQ G.O.‘s support, the new boy band has been recently dubbed as “G.O.-dols“. The group met with their fans for the first time and spent 40 minutes with them. Over 200 fans came out for the event.

For those unfamiliar with the group, there are 5 members: Sungwon, Taehyuk, Minhyuk, Seungjun, and Siyoon. Their name stands for “Asia, Amazing, Awesome, Ace, and Absolute Prince”.

Watch A-Prince’s music video for “You’re the Only One” if you haven’t already here.

Source + Image: Segye News via Naver

4Minute Music Videos

4Minute - Hot Issue Music Video (

4Minute - What A Girl Wants Music Video (

4Minute - Heart To Heart PV (Japan Version) (

4Minute - Heart To Heart Music Video (

4Minute - I, My, Me, Mine Music Video (

4Minute - Mirror Mirror Music Video (

4Minute - Muzik PV (Japan Version) (

4Minute - Muzik Music Video (

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4Minute - Why PV (Japan Version) (

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After School and sub-units Music Videos

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Orange Caramel - Funny Hunny Music Video (

Orange Caramel - Magic Girl Music Video (

Orange Caramel - Shanghai Romance Music Video (

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Infinite Fan Art... ^^

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Boyfriend Official Photos

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Hello Kitty Kimono Dress