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April 26, 2013

C-CLOWN walks you through their key choreography points for “Shaking Heart”

C-CLOWN had fans grooving along to their new single “Shaking Heart” and now fans can learn the dance moves from C-CLOWN themselves!

LOEN Entertainment released their ‘Let’s Dance’ segment, this time featuring a tutorial for the “Shaking Heart” choreography. 

Through the clip C-CLOWN breaks down their dance into three distinct moves: the ‘hat dance’, ‘wolverine dance’, and ‘grumpy dance’.

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TEEN TOP’s Changjo snaps photos with his ‘twin’

TEEN TOP‘s Changjo snapped photos with his ‘twin’!

Changjo posted a pair of selcas on Twitter that made fans do a double take. The first one was captioned with, “D-18 TEEN TOP concert.. I’m nervous….” The photo shows Changjo posing with his photoshopped ‘twin’, one staring out the window and one posing with a peace sign.

In the second photo, the idol is making a furious face at his doppelganger, while his ‘twin’ cringed back in shock. He captioned it, “Gasp.

Looks like Changjo might be the champion of playing by himself!
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Cover of INFINITE’s L photo essay book ‘L’s BRAVO VIEWTIFUL’ unveiled

INFINITE‘s L is giving fans a sneak peak before releasing his photo essay book ‘L’s BRAVO VIEWTIFUL‘ next month.

The photo essay book features photos taken by L during a 93-day journey. He didn’t focus on his life as an idol star, but rather the feelings and lifestyle of a man in his twenties.

Woollim Entertainment stated, “L loves photography so much that the first thing he bought with his first paycheck as an INFINITE member was a camera. Recently, he has been getting close with professional photographers and is consistently studying photography. Although we’re not sure if the photos themselves may be lacking, we hope that you look fondly at the sincerity and honest stories contained in the photos.”

Only 30,000 copies will be available, so make sure to grab yourself a copy when it’s released in May!

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Sunggyu becomes the icon of betrayal on ‘The Genius: Rules of the Game’

Lee Kwang Soo might have to hand over his ’Running Man‘ status of being the ‘icon of betrayal’ over to INFINITE‘s Sunggyu!

The first episode of tvN‘s new variety show ’The Genius: Rules of the Game‘ will air on April 26, and Sunggyu threw the entire cast into chaos with his betrayal. At first, he looked like he was confused and couldn’t even understand the game, causing the other cast members to lower their defenses around him.

When the other cast members tried to get him to work together, he even said, “What if you betray me?“, and made absolutely no one wary of him. However, as we saw in the teaser, near the middle of the game, Sunggyu’s image completely flipped, as he won every game and shot up to 1st place, shocking everyone.

The PD of the show said, “He’s a character that shows twists upon twists. In the waiting room, he’s a diligent maknae to his sunbaes, but during the filming, he changes completely. He’s a great cast member who understood the program concept completely.

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TEEN TOP’s Niel reveals he was once hit with underwear from an European fan

TEEN TOP‘s Niel recounted a hilarious story that took place from a concert in Europe.

Changjo and Niel were guests on a recent recording of SBS‘ ‘Challenge 1000 Song‘. On the program, MC Lee Hwi Jae talked about TEEN TOP’s 5 city European tour and asked them, “You’re also very popular in Europe. What’s the difference between European fans and Korean fans?“.

Niel answered, “There’s not much of a difference, except that European fans like to throw their underwear on stage. Once, I was hit by one that a fan threw on stage“, causing everyone to laugh.

Lee Hwi Jae joked in response, “Did you pick it up after you were done? But it’s good that you were hit. What would have happened if it got caught on your ear?“.

MC Jang Yoon Jung then asked K.Will, “If you were performing and 5-6 items of underwear flew at you, what would you do?“. K.Will joked, “I think it’d be different according to the mood… I think I’d pick it up and ask, ‘Whose is this?’

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U-KISS tour dates for Colombia and Mexico confirmed

If you live in Mexico or Colombia, get ready because U-KISS is coming near you!

On April 25, U-KISS announced on their official website that they’ve confirmed 2 dates in June for their South American tour. On June 23, the boys will be performing in Colombia at the Royal Center at 8PM. On June 28, they’ll be in Mexico performing at the Jose Cuervo Salon at 8PM. 

Tickets for both events will go on sale on April 30.

The website also announced that after Mexico and Colombia, there will be new announcements as future dates and venues are confirmed. So if you live in South America and you’re a KISSME, stay tuned for more information!

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INFINITE members show support for L’s ‘BRAVO VIEWTIFUL’

The INFINITE members showed their love and support on Twitter for L‘s upcoming photo essay, ‘BRAVO VIEWTIFUL‘.
Sunggyu wrote a series of tweets, writing, “L, I love you“, “I’ll be supporting L-god’s photo essay from here, always“, and “Kim Myung Soo, I love you.

Dongwoo posted a selca of himself and wrote, “Kim Myung Soo-L photographer, I congratulate you. Is it finally time for your masterpieces to be born! Are you curious of L-photographer’s view of the world!? If you’re curious… Our hidden selves may be in there, too ~.~ I’m really looking forward to it“.

Woohyun shared a photo L had took and wrote, “Please show a lot of love to Kim Myung-L photographer ♥ When did you take a picture of me.. This is surprising… You’re a professional……“.

Hoya also wrote, “Kim Myung-L!!! kekeke. The record of 93 days! Why didn’t you fill up 100 day~ keke. Fighting ^-^“. Sungyeol tweeted, “Kim Myung Su-L. L’s bravo beautiful life kekekekekekekekeke Send me a photo essay with your signature on it~ Kim Myung Soo-L Kim Myung Soo-L Kim Myung Soo-L Kim Myung Soo-L“. 

Maknae Sungjong added on, “Kim Myung Soo-L photographer~♥_♥!!! I’m proud of you, hyung~>__<♡ Please show a lot of support to our Myung Soo hyung~@-@“.

Looks like even the INFINITE members can’t wait to see the photobook!
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[2013 April] teens’ Interview with A-PRINCE

Original Interview (in English): May issue of “teens” (Magazine in Singapore)

(Source of pictures shown below: Facebook page of JNation Entertainment)

Credits: UnityOfAPrince

20130417_media article 01 20130417_media article 02

April 25, 2013

SHINee releases “Why So Serious?” music video teaser!

SHINee has just released the music video teaser for their comeback title track “Why So Serious?“!

The group’s third album’s second half, which is titled ‘Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me‘, will be released online on the 26th, rather than the previously mentioned date of the 29th! The offline release will actually be taking place on the 29th.

But if that still feels too far away for you, you’re in luck as the boys just unveiled their MV teaser for “Why So Serious?” on April 22nd. The song is a dance track that is accompanied by a powerful performance that will show you a bit of a different side to the group than “Dream Girl” stages.

As mentioned before, the boys will promote as four members in the beginning due to Jonghyun’s injury, and it’s said he’ll be joining them after his treatments have been completed.

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SHINee’s “Why So Serious?” Choreographed by Devin Jamieson

SHINee’s “Why So Serious?” Choreographed by Devin Jamieson
It’s been revealed that Devin Jamieson, the world-renowned choreographer who worked with Michael Jackson, Usher, and Britney Spears, among others, collaborated with SHINee on the choreography for the group’s upcoming single, “Why So Serious?” This isn’t the first time Jamieson has worked with an SM artist. 

He also choreographed Super Junior’s “Sexy, Free & Single.”

Credits: soompi

Mir becomes the hero of the army in ‘Real Men’

MBLAQ‘s Mir became the real hero of the army in ‘Real Men‘!

The new variety show features celebrities actually enlisting in the army and going through the same rigorous training that real soldiers receive. On the 21st’s episode, Mir snatched the attention of his seniors by revealing, “I wrote down the numbers of all the girl group members I know in a notebook“.

He revealed the notebook and read down his list, which included 4minute‘s Jihyun, SISTAR‘s Soyu and Bora, Rainbow‘s Jaekyung, and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, and his seniors couldn’t help but yell in excitement.

But he struck the final blow when he said, “SISTAR’s Soyu and Bora said they’ll come visit no matter what“, instantly upgrading him from the new recruit up to the hero status.

In other ‘Real Men’ news, there are reports that Mir has decided not to leave the show and will be continuing with recordings. We will keep you updates with this new turn of events.

Source: TV Daily

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F.cuz release teaser for “Hello Again”

F.cuz have released a teaser for their upcoming Japanese single, “Hello Again“!

It’s been a while since fans heard from the group, but they’re actively preparing for their Japanese comeback. “Hello Again” is the boys’ 4th Japanese single, and it’s a bright, happy song with a warm music video to match. 

The boys seem to be doing something with a big ball of red yarn, but we’ll have to wait for the full MV to figure out exactly what.

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MBLAQ’s Mir to rejoin ‘Real Men’

Mir will be rejoining the MBC show ‘Real Men‘!

He considered leaving the show because of his back issues along with MBLAQ‘s plans to make a comeback soon, but Mir ultimately made the decision to rejoin the show. 

MBC said, “Mir has decided to rejoin ‘Real Men’. He’ll be returning to the filming set tomorrow. His schedule was organized well, and he decided to stay on the show because of his own motivation.

The new variety show features celebrities actually enlisting in the army and going through the same rigorous training that real soldiers receive. The 2nd episode aired on April 21 and enjoyed a rating of 9.9%.

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LUNAFLY releases English version of “Fly to Love” MV

Good news, international fans! LUNAFLY has released the English version of the “Fly to Love” MV for all of you!

The talented trio recently made a comeback with their first full-length album ‘Fly to Love’ and showed their appreciation to fans with an English version of each track. 

Now with the accompanying music video in English, which features the same scenes as their original “Fly to Love” MV, international fans can groove along to the upbeat song and understand every word.

The title track of the same name was created by the members themselves with the help of lyricist Kim Ee Na

The upbeat song expresses the desire to break out from a mundane relationship and travel the world as a couple.

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Baro featured in B1A4′s latest “What’s Going On?” teaser photos

Following the release of Jinyoung and Sandeul‘s teaser photos, B1A4 has now released Baro‘s set of comeback photos!

Baro doesn’t continue with the red hair trend, but caught the eyes of fans with his facial expression and the illustrations on the back of his hands. He also made quite a statement with his pink ensemble and the bold necklace around his neck.

Judging by all the teaser photos, it seems that the group will be going for a more casual and funky concept than their previous comeback, making it hard for us to wait until next month to see the full result.

Their 4th mini-album “What’s Going On?“ is slated for a May 6th release, so stay tuned for the release of the rest of the group’s teaser photos coming soon!

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Sandeul is the next member up in new comeback photos from B1A4

Following the release of Jinyoung‘s comeback teaser photos, B1A4 has now released Sandeul‘s individual teaser photo as well as a pair shot!

The new photos of Sandeul caught the eyes of fans with his red locks and milky skin, while going preppy chic in fun prints. Just from looking at Jinyoung and Sandeul’s comeback photos, it seems the group will be going for a more casual concept than their previous comeback.

Their 4th mini-album “What’s Going On?“, is slated for a May 6th release, so stay tuned for the release of the rest of the group’s teaser photos coming soon!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!] 

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B1A4 releases Jinyoung’s comeback teaser photos

B1A4 signaled to fans that they had something up their sleeves for April 23rd, and they’ve now announced their comeback!

Comeback teaser photos for Jinyoung released today reveal that the group will be going for a casual, street fashion concept. The photo below also shows Jinyoung standing next to who fans are saying is Gongchan

Their 4th mini-album, “What Happened?” (or also “What’s Going On?“), is slated for a May 6th release.

Are you excited for B1A4′s comeback?!

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TEEN TOP’s Ricky bundles up for a ride

TEEN TOP‘s Ricky covered up for a ride on the train.

He tweeted a photo of himself waiting at a stop with the message, “Kid-Changhyun (Ricky’s real name) using public transportation ^^.” Ricky covered his face up with a mask, making him look like an average, though very adorable, student with a backpack.

TEEN TOP will be making a comeback soon with their follow-up track, “Walk By“. The boys are planning to start promotions on broadcast stations this week.

How would you react if you saw Ricky on your commute?

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INFINITE become first artist in 12 years to win #1 on the three major broadcasting stations

INFINITE has been sweeping music shows with their latest single “Man In Love” and they’re now recognized as the first artist in 12 years to win #1 on three major broadcasting stations (SBS, MBC, KBS) with the same song.

INFINITE recently achieved #1 on MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘s first broadcast with its new ranking system. INFINITE also achieved #1 on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Music Bank‘ on the 4th and 12th as well as on SBS‘ ‘Inkigayo‘ on March 31st and April 7th.
The previous artist and song that was able to achieve such a grand slam was back in 2001 when Fin.K.L‘s “You Wouldn’t Know” achieved #1 on ‘Inkigayo’, ‘Music Bank’, and ‘Music Camp‘ before it became ‘Music Core’.

The reason it took so long for artists to hit a ‘grand slam’ on all three broadcasting stations involved the different timing of the music shows’ ranking systems. ‘Music Bank’ previously discarded their ranking system back in August 2001 and revived its ranking system in September 2007. ‘Music Core’ also removed its ranking system in January 2006 and just recently returned with a new ranking system on April 20, 2013.

A music insider commented, “It is true that the music show ranking systems which have made their return are a good barometer that showcases star power. The industry is flooded with various teams and because the standards for each show’s ranking system are different, it would be difficult for an artist(s) to achieve a grand slam in the future.”

Congrats, INFINITE!

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LEDApple performs a hilarious cover of Psy’s “Gentleman”

LEDApple is back again with the next installment of their ‘Music Note‘ series!
This time, the boys covered Psy‘s “Gentleman“, and just like the music video, they went with a hilarious rendition. Fans even got a rare treat to see the boys dancing to the song.

As mentioned before, the profits that are made from the advertisements that appear when playing ‘Music Note’ are donated to the international organization ‘Save The Children‘. 

The more people who watch the video, the more money they raise for the good cause!

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TEEN TOP sells out 13,000 tickets in 10 minutes

TEEN TOP has sold out all 13,000 tickets to their Japanese tour!

The boys will be embarking on their first Asia tour starting with Seoul on May 11 and 12. They’re scheduled to hold 4 Japanese concerts with 2 shows in Kobe and 2 shows in Tokyo. Immediately upon going on sale, the tickets for the Kobe concert were sold out and there are only a handful of tickets left for the Tokyo concert.

The managers for their Japanese concert stated, “TEEN TOP’s tickets to Kobe and Tokyo were released on April 20. The tickets for both Kobe concerts sold out immediately, and the Tokyo concert looks like it’ll be sold out soon.” Even though they haven’t officially debuted in Japan, there’s a lot of demand for their concert tickets.

The boys also released a photo of their cue sheet with the caption “Teen Top No.1 Concert D-18” onto their official Facebook, raising anticipation for their concert.

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TEEN TOP releases NG cut from their ‘shake dance’ videos

TEEN TOP has released the NG cut taken from all of their previous ‘shake’ videos!

The boys have been spreading the dance to “Miss Right” near and far, randomly bursting into dance at their hair salon, inside their car, during a conference, and even backstage at music shows with other idol groups.

Since they’ve wrapped up the promotions for “Miss Right” and preparing to come back with “Walk By“, TEEN TOP released the NG video showcasing their various mistakes while recording the series. 

In the NG cuts, the boys are crazier than the original videos and they even play with Barbies, causing laughter with their goofiness.

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SHINee gives you a sampler of upcoming album with a highlight medley

SHINee has just revealed a highlight medley clip for their title track “Why So Serious?“ as well as other songs on their album!

The group’s third album’s second half, which is titled ‘Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me‘, will be released online on the 26th, which is right around the corner. 

They’ve already got fans holding onto their seats with the release of a video teaser, and now we’re treated to a sampler of what to expect!

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’1st Look’ reveals BTS photos from INFINITE’s soccer photo shoot

INFINITE‘s WoohyunHoya, and L were previously seen showing off their soccer skills for ‘Nike‘ in ‘1st Look‘, and now the magazine has released behind-the-scenes photos from the pictorial.

The INFINITE trio previously engaged in a 3:3 game of ‘street football’ with ‘Asian Football Confederation‘ (‘AFC‘)’s U-19 championship winners Kim Seung Jun, Oh Young Jun, and Kang Sang Woo for the ‘Nike Football FC247 Collection‘. 

Woohyun and Hoya are seen taking time to stretch before the soccer game, while L shows his love for photography. The three members also make fan girls melt with their charisma as they model their casual active wear.

Check out the BTS photos below!

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BTOB releases making of “Second Confession” MV

BTOB made a comeback with their latest digital singleSecond Confession”, and they’ve now released an extra behind-the-scenes treat for fans.

The group previously released their latest track, “Second Confession“, which is perfect for the warm spring weather as a sweet confession song that music lovers of all ages will be able to relate to.

The romantic song is about the emotions of a man about to confess his feelings a second time to a lover he has parted with in the past.

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Boyfriend celebrate 700th day since debut + Kwangmin and Youngmin’s birthday!

Boyfriend are celebrating their 700th day since debut as well as members Kwangmin and Youngmin‘s 19th birthday (International age: 18) today!

The group posted on their official Facebook: “Happy Birthday YoungMin & KwangMin, and Happy 700th day BOYFRIEND & Bestfriends! Thank you for supporting BOYFRIEND always :)!! We ask for your great love ^^.”

The boys treated their ‘Bestfriends‘ with celebratory photos and a video greeting. Member Minwoo also hinted that Boyfriend will be returning soon with the tweet, “It’s been 700 days since we’ve debuted! We’re more happy and thankful that so many people congratulated us! Looking back on all our cherished memories~ time goes by so fast!! Good news in Korea! You’ll be able to listen~ Just wait a little bit more~~ Bbyong <3 .="" em="" nbsp="">

One of the twins, Kwangmin, also tweeted, “Everyone, thank you so much for the birthday greetings!!! Today is our 700th day since debuting, so I’m 2 times, 20 times as happy! ^^ I’ll be a hardworking Kwangmin and twin in the future.”

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B2ST’s Junhyung and actress Ha Yeon Soo go back in time as students for ’1st Look’

B2ST‘s Junhyung and actress Ha Yeon Soo gave fans a taste of what to expect in their upcoming drama ‘Monstar‘ by channeling their high school characters for ‘1st Look‘.

Junhyung and Ha Yeon Soo are seen donning school uniforms and giving each other intense eye contact, leaving fans wondering kind of plot and love lines will unfold in the teen drama. Junhyung also shared the songs that are currently on his playlist include Bon Jovi‘s “All About Lovin’ You“, Kid Cudi‘s “Erase Me“, The Quiett‘s “Be My Luv“, and T.I.‘s “Go Get It“.

The drama revolves around the recent audition craze sweeping South Korea and the behind-the-scenes stories on the road to becoming a star. It will also be a high school drama, featuring the eponymous school music club and the stories of the students that follow. B2ST‘s Junhyung will take on the role of a vocalist in the fictional boy group ‘Men in Black’, with a cynical and rough-and-tumble personality.

‘Monstar’ will premiere on May 17. Check out the pictorial while you wait!

Image(s): 1st Look
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TEEN TOP releases repackaged album + MV for “Walk By”

TEEN TOP has returned with the release of their repackaged album!

The boys had stolen hearts with “Miss Right” from their first album ‘No. 1‘, and they’re back again with their repack containing the original songs as well as two new songs, “Walk By” and “Jealousy“.

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April 22, 2013

B1A4 show off their charisma for ‘Marie Claire’

B1A4 showed the kind of charisma that is sure to make fan girls swoon in the May issue of ‘Marie Claire‘.

Jinyoung, CNU, Baro, Sandeul, and Gongchan showed a clean-cut image by keeping it simple with their neutral colored outfits that brought attention to their handsome visuals. The five boys displayed their charisma with expressions that had fan girls’ hearts beating fast.

The staff members from the photo shoot stated, “The five B1A4 members have great harmony together, but they also have their own unique personalities. It all made it a fun photoshoot that’s showed with their charms.” The chief editor said, “Even though they worked the entire day, the B1A4 members were bright throughout the day, and they gave energy to the set.

May will definitely be a hot month as B1A4 will also be making a comeback with the release of their new album on May 6.

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Hello Kitty Kimono Dress