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April 26, 2013

TEEN TOP’s Niel reveals he was once hit with underwear from an European fan

TEEN TOP‘s Niel recounted a hilarious story that took place from a concert in Europe.

Changjo and Niel were guests on a recent recording of SBS‘ ‘Challenge 1000 Song‘. On the program, MC Lee Hwi Jae talked about TEEN TOP’s 5 city European tour and asked them, “You’re also very popular in Europe. What’s the difference between European fans and Korean fans?“.

Niel answered, “There’s not much of a difference, except that European fans like to throw their underwear on stage. Once, I was hit by one that a fan threw on stage“, causing everyone to laugh.

Lee Hwi Jae joked in response, “Did you pick it up after you were done? But it’s good that you were hit. What would have happened if it got caught on your ear?“.

MC Jang Yoon Jung then asked K.Will, “If you were performing and 5-6 items of underwear flew at you, what would you do?“. K.Will joked, “I think it’d be different according to the mood… I think I’d pick it up and ask, ‘Whose is this?’

Credits: allkpop

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