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April 26, 2013

Sunggyu becomes the icon of betrayal on ‘The Genius: Rules of the Game’

Lee Kwang Soo might have to hand over his ’Running Man‘ status of being the ‘icon of betrayal’ over to INFINITE‘s Sunggyu!

The first episode of tvN‘s new variety show ’The Genius: Rules of the Game‘ will air on April 26, and Sunggyu threw the entire cast into chaos with his betrayal. At first, he looked like he was confused and couldn’t even understand the game, causing the other cast members to lower their defenses around him.

When the other cast members tried to get him to work together, he even said, “What if you betray me?“, and made absolutely no one wary of him. However, as we saw in the teaser, near the middle of the game, Sunggyu’s image completely flipped, as he won every game and shot up to 1st place, shocking everyone.

The PD of the show said, “He’s a character that shows twists upon twists. In the waiting room, he’s a diligent maknae to his sunbaes, but during the filming, he changes completely. He’s a great cast member who understood the program concept completely.

Tip: Palupi, dee1987

Credits: allkpop

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