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April 22, 2013

What’s in store for B1A4 on April 23rd?

B1A4 has something up their sleeves for the day of April 23rd!

WM Entertainment previously announced that the group would be making their return in the beginning of May, May 6th to be exact, but there was never any mention about something coming up next week!

The group’s homepage has been updated with a word bubble that reads, “What’s Happening 2013.04.23“, leaving a lot up to interpretation. Some fans are guessing that maybe the group is coming back earlier than expected, while others think perhaps there will be a teaser this day, and there are also those who think this might be the name of their new title track. 

There are also speculations that this has actually nothing to do with their release, but maybe something about their 2 year anniversary coming up or maybe the 2nd round of initiation for their fan club.

What do you think this could be for?

Tip: JammySmoochie

Credits: allkpop

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