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July 14, 2012

A-Prince! Today.. ^^

A-Prince's today update! ^^

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B2ST releases video teaser for ‘Midnight Sun’

With the release of “Midnight” right around the corner, B2ST has released a video teaser for their upcoming mini album, ‘Midnight Sun‘!

As announced previously, ahead of the July 22nd release of the new album, the first track on their track list, “Midnight”, will be pre-released on July 15th at midnight KST!

T-ara’s Hyomin and INFINITE’s Woohyun went grocery shopping together?

T-ara‘s Hyomin has left fans puzzled with her latest tweet.

On July 14th, Hyomin uploaded two shots of herself and INFINITE‘s Woohyun with the message, “Got caught red handed on my way back from grocery shopping with INFINITE’s Woohyun… haha.”

Sure enough, the two seem to be on their way back from a trip to the market with two bags full of groceries, which Woohyun seems to have offered to carry like a gentleman.

Although Hyomin is known to have worked with Woohyun’s brother, Boohyun, on the show ‘T-ara’s Flower Boys‘, she and Woohyun had not spent time together on the show, sparking much interest from fans of both singers.

Fans have been asking questions as well as speculating with comments like, “What are they doing together?” “Are they working on a drama together?” “They look good together”, and “I almost misunderstood the situation at first, but it seems like they’re in the middle of filming.”

Source + Photos: Hyomin’s Twitter

B2ST shows off their new looks for ‘ELLE Girl’ magazine

With anticipation in full swing for B2ST‘s comeback, it has been revealed that the group has graced the cover of the upcoming August issue of ‘ELLE Girl‘ magazine!

A few photos from their upcoming spread have been released through various online retailers, and show off the group’s new look! Donning new hair styles and hair colors, the boys look charismatic with their smoldering gazes in the samples of the pictorial.

Check out some of the other photos below!
[Note: Bigger photos are not currently available]

Source + Photos: Interpark

Teen Top’s Ricky wants to go on a trip with UEE

Teen Top‘s Ricky recently revealed his dream partner to go on an MT trip with.

During the most recent episode of  ‘Teen Top’s Popularity 100%‘, the members went on an MT to Kang Pyung. MT stands for Membership Training and it’s a part of Korean culture where young employees or college students take a weekend trip and have some quality bonding time together.

When MC Kim Tae Hyun asked Ricky, “Which girl group member would you want to go on a MT with?” Ricky shyly replied with After School‘s UEE.

He then left a short message for her stating, “Lets travel together some time when the weather is nice.

This episode consisted of the members taking on different tasks to become the “number one trendy male to go on a vacation with“.

Source & Image: Seoul via Naver

July 13, 2012

Tickets to INFINITE’s ‘That Summer’ concert series sell out in 15 minutes

INFINITE has once again shown their ever increasing popularity by selling out tickets for their upcoming concert.

Having sold out their previous concerts immediately, it was no surprise to see the servers become paralyzed with fans trying to get a hold of a ticket for the upcoming concerts. Within 15 minutes, a total of 10,000 tickets for all five days of the concert were sold out and the unlucky ones have been calling in to ask for more.

As mentioned previously, the upcoming concert series is an “emotional concert” in which the members will aim to become closer with their fans by holding performances at a smaller venue over the course of five days rather than holding a large scale concert that is not as intimate.

In addition to the tickets selling out, search terms related to the group and the concert took over the real time search term charts, evidencing the interest of the public.

Woollim Entertainment commented, “We thank all the fans for their interest in INFINITE… The INFINITE members are practicing hard to show you new sides of themselves for ‘That Summer‘ concert series.”

‘That Summer’ concert will be held from August 8th through the 12th at AX-Korea.

Source + Photo: Newsen

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B2ST releases “Midnight” teaser image

Cube Entertainment has just informed allkpop some good news for all the B2ST fans out there!
Ahead of the July 22nd release of B2ST’s new album, ‘Midnight Sun‘, the first track on their track list, “Midnight” will be pre-released a week before on July 15th at midnight KST!
“Midnight” is said to be be a song that will grab attention with its piano and guitar sound and the dramatic vocals of the members of B2ST.
In the meantime check out the teaser image for “Midnight”

NU’EST receives much interest with their comeback performance

Rookie group NU’EST‘s first mini album, released on the 11th, and has been receiving positive response from fans especially with their comeback performance.

After NU’EST’s exciting performance of their latest track, “Action“, on ‘M! Countdown‘ on the 12th, the group achieved #1 on MelOn‘s real-time search ranking chart and fans’ anticipation for their comeback led to the server of their fan cafe to temporarily crash.

Pledis Entertainment stated, “NU’EST did their best to upgrade their musicality and stage performance from their previous album activities. Due to their unique performance along with the strong beat and easy melody of their single, the public has become more aware of the group. We will keep promoting hard in return for your support.”

Fans commented, “They have the visuals, choreography, and songs to make them the rookie group of the year”, “I can’t wait to see their comeback performance tomorrow”, and “The choreography matches well with the lyrics of their single.”

July 12, 2012

INFINITE releases ‘That Summer’ concert poster

After the announcement of their upcoming summer concert, ‘That Summer, INFINITE has revealed the official concert poster!

Different from the powerful and charismatic images they’ve shown in the past, the boys strike playful poses for the new poster, making it the perfect accompaniment to a fun-filled summer concert series.

In addition to their hit tracks and powerful, synchronized performances, the boys will also put on acoustic renditions of their songs to show various sides of themselves for their adoring Inspirits.

The concert will take place from August 8th through the 12th at AX-Korea and the tickets will go on sale on July 12th through Interpark.

Source + Photo: TVreport

Tip: S.Lee

Still cuts of Hoya from ‘Reply 1997′ revealed

Still cuts of INFINITE‘s Hoya parodying poses done by H.O.T have been revealed bringing laughter to those familiar with the gestures and fashion from then.

Hoya will be making his acting debut through tvN‘s ‘Reply 1997‘ and through the still cuts released, he showed off five poses that were reminiscent of H.O.T with the big gestures and the loose baggy pants.

The idol brought laughter to fans with his various dynamic, dramatic poses while keeping a completely serious face.

Hoya will be playing the mysterious character Kang Jun Hee, who captivates females with his gentle and smooth personality and his stunning good looks. Kang Jun Hee is Busan’s greatest dancer and Hoya, as the “dance machine” of INFINITE, will be showing off his talented dance skills.

‘Reply 1997′ will be the first production of Shin Won Ho, the PD for ‘Old Miss Diary‘ and ‘Qualification of Men‘, since his move to CJ E&M. Writer Lee Woo Jung, who has been a writer for ‘1 Night 2 Days‘, ‘Qualification of Men’, and ‘The Romantic‘, is in charge of the script.

The first airing of ‘Reply 1997′ will be on July 24th at 11PM KST.

Source & Image: Osen via Nate

B2ST to pre-release “Midnight” ahead of album, ‘Midnight Sun’

Cube Entertainment has just informed allkpop some good news for all the B2ST fans out there!

Ahead of the July 22nd release of B2ST’s new album, ‘Midnight Sun‘, the first track on their track list, “Midnight” will be pre-released a week before on July 15th at midnight KST!

“Midnight” is said to be be a song that will grab attention with its piano and guitar sound and the dramatic vocals of the members of B2ST.

It seems the album will utilize the theme of  ”Night”, and “Midnight” is the “Dark Night”/”Dark Knight” (it is yet unclear from the romanized English) version of another track which serves as its coupling track.

Stay tuned for more details!

B2ST’s Kikwang and IU become a ‘turtle couple’ for ‘Sammy’s Adventure 2′

Singer IU and B2ST‘s Kikwang have recently become a ‘turtle couple’, coming together for a dubbing project.

Ahead of the release of 3D animation movie ‘Sammy’s Adventure 2‘, IU, Kikwang, and comedian Kim Won Hyo participated to dub the movie in Korean. ‘Sammy’s Adventure’ first drew attention as it was dubbed by Big Bang‘s Daesung and f(x)‘s Sulli, and now, the sequel, ‘Sammy’s Adventure 2′, tells the story of Sammy’s granddaughter Ella going on a new journey.

IU dubbed the voice of cute and sentimental voice of Sammy’s granddaughter, Ella. Despite it being her first time taking part in a dubbing project, she surprised the public by displaying a voice that perfectly fits the character.
In addition, Kikwang dubbed the voice of Ella’s boyfriend, Ricky, who has a cute but courageous color to his voice. Meanwhile, Kim Won Hyo showcased his wit and various popular sayings as he dubbed the aquarium’s autocrat, BigD the seahorse.

After the dubbing project came to an end, IU remarked, “Because it is a 3D animation, I think it will answer many questions that kids may have about the world under the sea.” Kikwang added, “It’s an animation that families can enjoy together during summer vacation.

Kim Won Hyo also strongly recommended the movie saying, “I hope that all the families can get together to watch this film.

The movie hits theaters everywhere on August 2nd.

Source & Photo: Naver

July 11, 2012


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