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July 20, 2012

INFINITE for Cosmopolitan: “We want to stay together as seven”

INFINITE participated in a sporty photo shoot as well as an interview for the August edition of Cosmopolitan.

The members are currently dealing with a busy schedule due to their upcoming 5-day concert starting on August 8th. When asked whether they were tired from concert preparations and their otherwise hectic schedule, the INFINITE members stated that they received a lot of strength from fans. Tickets for the concert sold out in 15 minutes.

During the interview, Hoya commented on leader Sunggyu, who’s been receiving attention for his powerful vocals and variety skills, “He is an amazing leader with a strong sense of responsibility and leadership. Even if his pronunciation may be off sometimes.Sungjong added, “He used to be scary when we were trainees, but not anymore. As leader, he tries to brighten up the mood at times by making jokes, but sometimes his jokes get out of hand and affect tempers.

Woohyun discussed the members’ attitude about dating: “It’s difficult for all of us because we’re not the types to go up and talk to someone first. Although we may be at the age [to want to be in relationships], we’re just too busy. We’re enduring with the love from our fans.

The INFINITE members also unanimously agreed that they each have the same dream, “We hope to always stay as seven and grow as musicians [together].

The full interview will be revealed in the August edition of Cosmopolitan.
Source + Images: Daum

July 19, 2012

INFINITE’s ‘She’s Back’ ranks #1 and #2 on Japan’s Tower Records pre-sales chart

INFINITE has surprised both fans and Japanese music officials with their latest achievement on the Japanese pre-sales charts!

Their third Japanese single, ‘She’s Back‘, opened for pre-sales starting July 17th. Despite there being over a month left until the album’s official release, both the limited and standard editions have managed to take first and second in ranking on Tower Records‘ pre-sales!

It’s an exceptional case for the same album to take the first two spots on the chart, and has definitely surprised music representatives while also letting them know of the high anticipation fans have for the boys.

The limited edition of the album also ranked second on HMV‘s pre-sales chart, further signifying the support the boys have been gaining.

The boys’ first single, ‘BTD‘, had recorded 70,000 units in pre-orders last year and earned hot attention from the press even before their debut while their second single, ‘Be Mine‘, ranked second on the Oricon.

The boys are definitely on a roll, as they’re also scheduled to hold an arena tour seating 60,000 fans along with increased activities all over Asia, starting with a fan meet in Thailand on July 28th.

‘She’s Back’ will be released in Japan on August 29th.

Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver


B2ST unveils audio teaser for “Beautiful Night”

Having unveiled the last of the album photos, B2ST has now revealed an audio teaser for their upcoming title track!!

Cube United Twitter announced that if their tweets are retweeted 20091016 times, they will be unveiling a new “present” for the fans later today, and it seems they were impressed with the efforts of fans as they have rewarded us with a sample clip!

Their title track, “Beautiful Night“, is said to be a dramatic dance track from the electro-synth pop genre.

B2ST unveils group album photos for ‘Midnight Sun’

Having unveiled the previous album photos featuring the members as separate units, B2ST is back with two new photos featuring the whole group!
With the revealing of the photos, Cube United Twitter also announced that if their tweets are retweeted 20091016 times, they will be unveiling a new “present” for the fans later today!

In addition to showing the new transformation of the members, the playful poses depicted in the photos also hint at the fresh and playful sound of their upcoming title track, “Beautiful Night“, which is said to be a dramatic dance track from the electro-synth pop genre.

Stay tuned for the release of their album on the 22nd!
Source + Photos: Cube United Twitter

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Boyfriend surprises fans with their transformation for ‘CeCi’

Boyfriend pleasantly surprised their fans with their new style for ‘CeCi‘s latest spread.

On the 18th, Starship Entertainment released a preview of the pictorial, revealing a tough and charismatic side to the members with their stylish hairdos and funky fashion.

The photos reveal a tough and charismatic side to the Boyfriend members with their stylish hairdos and funky fashion. Their facial expressions also give the members a confident and mature image.

Netizens commented, “Is this really Boyfriend? My hearts beats fast when looking at their tough expressions”, “They are definitely showing what ‘Love Style’ means”, and “They are doing really well these days.”

Boyfriend successfully completed their debut Japanese showcase at the Budokan on the 1st, and is traveling back and forth between Korea and Japan to carry out their activities.

NU’EST become ambassadors for Korea Scout Association

According to Pledis EntertainmentNU’EST, who recently made a comeback with their first mini-album ‘Action‘, are the new ambassadors of the Korea Scout Association.

The boys became the official endorsement models of the association on July 18 at the appointment ceremony in Yeoido. The Korea Scout Association is the national Scouting association of South Korea, and it aims to improve adolescents as citizens.

A representative from the Korea Scout Association stated, “As the NU’EST members are in their teens themselves and have been sending strong messages to adolescents in their debut album ‘Face‘ as well as their new album ‘Action‘, we decided that it would be fitting to appoint them as the ambassadors of the scouts, who support social contributions. We’re looking forward to their large role as the spokespersons for adolescents.” 

The scouts exist in 131 countries across the world and include 30,000,000 members. South Korea alone has 370,000 active scouts.

B2ST release ‘Midnight Sun’ mini-album track list

After pre-releasing “Midnight” a week before the July 22nd KST release of ‘Midnight Sun‘, B2ST has now revealed the official track list for their fifth mini-album.
It’s been a year and two months since B2ST has been active, and fans are excited for their new concept and mini-album, which holds six tracks in all. Cube Entertainment revealed the official track list and details on the 18th KST. Member Junhyung in particular is receiving attention for being involved in the production of most of the album’s songs.

A representative from Cube Entertainment stated, “You’ll be able to discover new charms of B2ST through this album. They’ve made the effort to show a variety of changes. Please look forward and take interest in their upcoming comeback stage.”

Check out the track list details for B2ST’s ‘Midnight’ below.

‘Midnight’ Track List:

01. Midnight (Composed by Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kyu Sung; Lyrics by Shinsadong Tiger, Junhyung; Arranged by Shinsadong Tiger)
02. Beautiful Night (Title Track; Composed by goodnight, sleep well; Lyrics by 4realz; Arranged by goodnight, sleep well)
03. It’s Not Me (Composed by Rado; Lyrics by Rado, Junhyung; Arranged by Rado)
04. When I Miss You (Composed by Choi Kyu Sung; Lyrics by Choi Kyu Sung, Junhyung; Arranged by Choi Kyu Sung)
05. The Day You Rest (Composed, Arranged, Lyrics Written by Junhyung, Kim Tae Joo)
06. Dream Girl (Composed, Arranged, Lyrics Written by Junhyung, Kim Tae Joo)

July 18, 2012

INFINITE announces their Japanese arena tour

INFINITE has announced that they’ll be going on an arena tour in Japan!
Through their official homepage on July 16th, the boys unveiled the list of tour dates for their arena tour, which begins this October in Yokohama. Following Yokohama on October 27th and 28th, the boys will be traveling to Nagoya on November 1st, Kobe on the 3rd and 4th, and finally Fukuoka on the 11th.
In total, they’ll be traveling through four cities for a total of six concerts, but considering their rising popularity both in Korea and Japan, fans can expect additional concert dates to be added.

INFINITE has experience selling out three concert dates September of last year in Japan in addition to their Korean and Japanese concerts this year.

The boys have a busy year coming up, as they’re also scheduled to hold their ‘That Summer‘ at the AX Hall next month. Tickets have already sold out for the upcoming concert series as well.

Source + Photos: Newsen

INFINITE’s Sunggyu to leave ‘Immortal Song 2′ due to overseas promotions

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu will be leaving ‘Immortal Song 2‘ due to overseas promotions. The July 16th filming of the KBS program was the main vocal’s last.

Sunggyu became a fixed cast member of ‘Immortal Song 2′ this past May along with Super Junior‘s Ryeowook. He’s the second INFINITE member, after Woohyun, to appear on the show.

The last broadcast of ‘Immortal Song 2′ with Sunggyu as a contestant will be a summer music special, featuring Lee Saung Eun and Lee Sang Woo, airing on the 21st. Sunggyu first appeared on the program on the Yang Hee Eun special with “A Love that Cannot Be“, and went on to impress in later shows with Yoon Il Sang‘s “Wave” and Hyun Chul‘s “With the Star in My Heart“.

In related news, INFINITE will open ‘INFINITE Concert That Summer‘ in Seoul on August 8.

Source: Newsen
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MYNAME members have no serious injuries after car accident

The members of MYNAME have been in a car accident, but are reported to have sustained no serious injuries.

Agency H2 Entertainment stated on the 17th KST, “MYNAME was in a car accident while on their way to [something in their schedule]. Though the members were shocked by the sudden accident, fortunately, none are hurt.”
“We were going to take them to the hospital right away, but the members insisted that we complete the promotions in the schedule, so they haven’t been able to visit the hospital yet. We plan to wait a day, and if there are problems with any member’s condition, we plan to take them to the hospital right away.”

In related news, MYNAME will release their first Japanese single, ‘Message‘, on July 25.

Source: Osen

Cross Gene members become dandy gentlemen for ‘Elle Girl’ magazine

Idol group Cross Gene transformed into dandy gentlemen for the August publication of Elle Girl magazine.

Each of the Cross Gene members donned grey-toned ensembles that best suited their individual fashion styles for this particular shoot. Members Shin and Takuya who took a few photos together showcased their charming appeals, sporting their trench coat and cardigan fashion.

Takuya who used to model in Japan displayed his natural modeling abilities, impressing the staff members by striking just the right poses and gazing expertly into the camera.

During the interview that took place following the shoot, the members could not hide their pride and affection for their title song “La-Di Da-Di“.

There is an oriental appeal of the three different countries that only Cross Gene is able to display,” the members explained.

Their full interview and the rest of the pictorials can be found in the August publication of Elle Girl magazine!

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate, TVDaily via Nate

CROSS GENE’s Shin Won Ho reveals the occasion that allowed him to get closer with miss A’s Suzy

Actor and member of CROSS GENEShin Won Ho, revealed how he was able to get close to miss A‘s Suzy on the July 17th broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘1 vs. 100‘.

Shin Won Ho, who is currently playing the role of 18-year-old Kang Kyun Joon in the popular drama ‘Big‘, stated, “I don’t get to encounter Gong Yoo sunbae as much because he changes souls with me. But I do get to act with Suzy sunbae and Lee Min Jung sunbae.”

He added, “Lee Min Jung sunbae is very easy-going and caring. I formally greeted Suzy sunbae (even though she is younger in age) with a ‘hello’ but she said it was uncomfortable for her to accept a formal greeting [from someone who is older than her]. But I told her that I will greet her formally anyways since she is a sunbae.

Shin Won Ho also revealed that the two were able to become closer through one scene. “There was a scene in ‘Big’ where Suzy sunbae had to slap me but she kept hitting me lightly because she felt bad. After 6 times of slapping me, I finally said to her in informal speech, ‘just hit me hard once’. After that we got really close,” he said.

Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate

Title track announced + album cover photos for Dongwoon, Junhyung, and Doojoon revealed for ‘Midnight Sun’

Having unveiled a variety of teasers and hints along with the pre-release of “Midnight“, B2ST is back with two new photos featuring Dongwoon, Junhyung, and Doojoon!
The revealed photos are photos from their album jacket and once again show the 180 degree transformations of the members.
The playful poses depicted in the photos also hint at the fresh and playful sound of their upcoming title track, “Beautiful Night“, which is said to be a dramatic dance track from the electro-synth pop genre.
Stay tuned for the release of their album on the 22nd!

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B2ST releases album cover photos for Hyunseung, Yoseob, and Kikwang!

Having unveiled a variety of teasers and hints along with the pre-release of “Midnight“, B2ST is back with two new photos featuring Hyunseung, Yoseob, and Kikwang!
The revealed photos are photos from their album jacket and once again show the 180 degree transformations of the members much like the previous photos released yesterday featuring Doojoon, Dongwoon, and Junhyung.
The playful poses depicted in the photos also hint at the fresh and playful sound of their upcoming title track, “Beautiful Night“, which is said to be a dramatic dance track from the electro-synth pop genre.
Stay tuned for the release of their album on the 22nd!
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INFINITE’s Woohyun cast in Hyomin’s upcoming drama ‘The Thousandth Man’

INFINITE‘s Woohyun will be making his acting debut through MBC’s ‘The Thousandth Man‘ alongside T-ara‘s Hyomin!

Scheduled to begin broadcasting next month, Woohyun recently confirmed his casting for a role in the drama, marking his first acting endeavour since his debut. Although it is not yet clear whether this will be an extended appearance or a cameo as there are very few details released, it is confirmed that Woohyun will be making an appearance.

A representative of the drama stated, “Woohyun is showing confident acting skills unlike a rookie. We trust that he’ll do well alongside Hyomin as another rising idol turned actor.”

Hyomin had previously tweeted, “Got caught right when INFINITE’s Woohyun and I were done grocery shopping,” along with two pictures of the two, raising much interest from fans. Many had speculated that the photos may be from the filming of Hyomin’s new drama, and their speculations have now been confirmed!

‘The Thousandth Man’ is a fantasy mellow drama about a gumiho (nine tailed fox) who must eat the livers of 1,000 men in order to become a true human being. Hyomin, who plays the role of the gumiho, has finished consuming 999 livers before she chances upon a man she truly falls in love with but must still work to obtain his liver to live.

Others who will be appearing in the drama include Kang Ye Won, Lee Chun Hee, Seo Kyung Suk, and more.

Source + Photos: Sports Korea via Nate

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Boyfriend at Kan Mi Youn's Radio and Shim Shim Tapa.. ^^

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July 17, 2012

INFINITE releases 2nd concert poster for ‘That Summer’

Following the release of their official concert poster on July 12th, Woolim Entertainment has unveiled the second poster for INFNITE‘s upcoming summer concert, ‘That Summer‘.

Compared to the previous poster, the second poster shows all seven members dressed in formal attire as they await to be called up to the stage in a waiting room. Fans, in particular, were captivated by the photo as the members are giving off an alluring chic look, bound to melt the hearts of many.

The boys can be seen listening to music with earphones plugged in and giving themselves a second glance in order to prepare to greet fans on stage.

This poster was also released in CGV theaters located in Kangnam and Yeongdeungpo, attracting the public’s attention. Upon seeing the new poster, fans commented, “They all look great in a suit“, “I’m so excited!“, and “I can’t wait to see them at the concert!

All 10k tickets for INFINITE’s concert, ‘That Summer’, were sold out in just 15 minutes after tickets went on sale on July 12th. Their concert was also the #1 most searched term, proving INFINITE’s ever-growing popularity.

The concert will be held on August 8-12 at the AX Hall in Seoul.

Source & Image: TVReport

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July 16, 2012

B2ST releases theme music video for “Midnight”!

After unleashing their latest single “Midnight, the boys of B2ST have released a ‘theme’ music video teaser, fans will have to wait a bit longer for the full version!

The boys proved their popularity as the song already achieved an all-kill on the music charts. This is a special treat for their fans as are expected to release the music video a week ahead of their July 22nd album release, ‘Midnight Sun‘!

Set in New York, the music video shows a stylish group, walking through a quite neighborhood.  It includes great solo shots of each member.

Hello Kitty Kimono Dress