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November 30, 2012

TEEN TOP gets greeted with a warm welcome from fans in Vietnam

On November 28th, TEEN TOP visited Vietnam to perform for MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core‘ special celebrating the 20th anniversary of Korea and Vietnam’s establishment of diplomatic relations.

The Vietnamese fans gathered in Hanoi wearing self-produced t-shirts and holding up purple TEEN TOP towels. They traveled with the members throughout their various schedules.

In addition, the fans handed gifts to TEEN TOP at their official press interview and had a short but special meeting with the members.

After seeing the photos from Vietnam, fans commented, “I’m proud of TEEN TOP spreading across Asia“, “Wow~ they are famous in Vietnam too“, “Let’s spread across the world, TEEN TOP!“, “Have a good performance!” and more.

Meanwhile, this ‘Show! Music Core’ special will have a total of 17 artist groups performing including, TEEN TOP, Girls’ Generation, Yoseob from B2ST, F.T. Island, INFINITE, KARA, miss A, SISTAR, and T-ara.

The special will air on December 8th at 4 pm KST.

TEEN TOP fans donate a bathroom to Cambodian community for L.Joe’s birthday

Fans of TEEN TOP have donated a bathroom for L.Joe‘s birthday.

A few photos under the title ‘TEEN TOP L.Joe Cambodian bathroom‘ were recently uploaded online. The photos show a bathroom with a plaque hanging from it that read ‘Donation by TEEN TOP L.Joe‘. The Cambodian community who received the bathroom had taken a photo with the word ‘Thank you‘ in both Korean and Cambodian.

Fans had donated the bathroom for the Cambodian community which did not have a modern one before. Because of the lack of a functional bathroom, the people in the community had suffered from various diseases. Thanks to L.Joe’s fans, the community now has a modern bathroom. The bathroom construction began in September and was finished in the beginning of November.

L.Joe’s fans had previously donated to the ‘Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation‘ last year as well.

LUNAFLY’s second digital single to be titled ‘Clear Day, Cloudy Day’

Earlier, LUNAFLY announced that they were preparing for the release of their second digital single.

Further details have finally been released today, revealing the single’s title to be ‘Clear Day, Cloudy Day‘ with a scheduled release date of December 5th. Since their debut with “How Nice Would It Be” back in September, LUNAFLY has been attracting thousands of international fans thanks to promotion through iTunes Worldwide.

Despite the trio focusing just on live performances without any TV appearances, they were able to chart on Malaysia’s radio chart at #1.

Their new single will be comprised of the members’ self-composed songs just like their debut album. For their title track, the members collaborated with lyricist Kim Eana.

In related news, LUNAFLY will be holding a solo concert at the Tokyo FM hall in Japan on December 1st.


“White Love” feat. K. Will, SISTAR’s Soyu & Boyfriend’s Jeongmin rises to #1 on music charts

Labelmates K. Will, SISTAR‘s Soyu, and Boyfriend‘s Jeongmin‘s collaborative project, “White Love“, rose to the #1 spot on music charts immediately upon its release.

According to Starship Entertainment on the 29th, “White Love” achieved #1 on Bugs, Soribada, and Cyworld Music, and #2 on Melon music charts. This is quite an achievement considering the strong competition they face from artists such as Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hi, and B2ST‘s Yoseob.

The “White Love” MV feat. Jeongmin and ‘K-Pop Star‘ Season 1 contestant Huh Ji Won has also been gaining enormous attention and achieved an all-kill on real-time search topics on Korean portal sites.

November 29, 2012

TEEN TOP’s ‘airport fashion’ grabs attention on their way to Vietnam

Popular boy group TEEN TOP‘s ‘airport fashion’ grabbed attention as they prepared to fly out of Korea for the shooting of MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core‘ overseas special in Vietnam.

Pictures of members L.Joe, Changjo, and Ricky surfaced on an online community on November 28th, featuring the boys’ natural and stylish looks.
L.Joe is wearing a pop art style jumper and a chic beanie along with stylish sunglasses, making him look like a cool fashionista.

The ‘maknae-line’ of Changjo and Ricky made V-signs for their fans while waiting for their flight. Changjo’s wine-colored skinny jean look was completed by a black jacket, and Ricky looked adorable in jeans and a jumper as well as a baseball cap.

In response to TEEN TOP’s fashionable outfits, netizens commented, “TEEN TOP’s ‘airport fashion’ is great“, “The airport looks so much brighter“, “If I saw TEEN TOP at the airport, I’d be so happy,” and more.

Block B’s P.O reveals his father owns a duty-free shop

Block B‘s P.O revealed that his father owns a duty-free shop.

On the November 28th episode of ‘Weekly Idol‘, it was revealed that P.O’s nickname is ‘rich idol’. P.O insisted, “[I'm not that rich].” However, the MCs jokingly responded, “If we knew about this, then we should have given P.O more screen time,” and moved P.O to the center seat.

P.O said, “It’s true my family is well-off, but this is exaggerated.” When the MCs asked what kind of business his parents ran, he answered, “My father owns a duty-free shop. I don’t know exactly what he does, but I know he works in the duty-free business.

On the show, the Block B members also revealed that Zico gets asked out by an average of 4 female idols when the group has promotions.

K.Will, SISTAR’s Soyu, & Boyfriend’s Jeongmin release “White Love” MV

Label mates K.Will and SISTAR‘s Soyu have teamed up to release a song for the upcoming holiday season!

Titled “White Love“, the duet is Starship Planet‘s second digital single project, and as a label effort, Boyfriend‘s Jeongmin has also participated as an actor for the music video!

Starring with Jeongmin is ‘K-Pop Star‘ season 1 contestant, Huh Ji Won, who has been gaining attention for her pretty and mature looks as she is only 13 years old and has just signed with Nega Network.

[Update]: although the song was originally called a duet, it seems Jeongmin has also lent his voice for the song as well!

INFINITE’s L’s unusual sleeping habit revealed on ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’

INFINITE‘s L‘s unusual sleeping habit has been revealed on SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, bringing laughs to viewers.

During an interview segment on the November 28th broadcast, the members of INFINITE played the ‘image game’ and when asked which member has the strangest sleeping habit, everyone pointed at L.

I don’t know [about my sleeping habits] because I’m asleep!” L said, but the members explained, “He’s the type who causes self-injury.” Woohyun added, “His face was red when he woke up. It turned out he slaps himself while he sleeps.”

In related news, this episode of ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ achieved its highest viewer ratings yet, with the numbers reaching the highest during INFINITE’s interview segment, confirming the popularity of the group once more!

LUNAFLY gearing up for the release of second digital single

It seems the talented trio of LUNAFLY will be returning with another new track!

The group released their debut song “How Nice Would It Be” and gained attention for their musical abilities as they often took on various street performances, acquainting themselves with music lovers and fans on a more personal level.

The group recently announced through their Facebook as well as Twitter their intentions of revealing a second digital single next week, leaving fans anticipating to hear what the group has in store.

Stay tuned for the reveal on December 5th KST!

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Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt

( - Trước sự cuồng nhiệt của fan, một anh chàng Infinite lúng túng đến mức đã làm rơi món quà được fan Việt tặng.

Infinite xuất hiện trong buổi họp báo với diện mạo vô cùng bảnh bao trong trang phục áo vest lịch lãm. Trà lời những câu hỏi của báo giới Việt, Infinite đã chia sẻ khá cởi mở về kế hoạch solo của các thành viên trong nhóm.
Khi đến màn giao lưu, chụp ảnh cùng fan hâm mộ, một thành viên của Infinite làm rơi món quà vừa được fan tặng. Điệu bộ lúng túng của các anh chàng khiến fan Việt rất thích thú.
Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt 1
Infinite trong trang phục bảnh bao ở buổi họp báo.
Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt 2
Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt 3
Nhận những món quà từ FC Việt Nam.
Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt 4
Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt 5
Một phút lúng túng đã khiến một thành viên của Infinite làm rơi món quà vừa được fan tặng.
Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt 6
Anh chàng thoáng chút bối rối.
Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt 7
Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt 8
Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt 9
Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt 10
Các chàng trai Infinite bị bấn loạn trước fan Việt 11

Yoseob releases making-of clip for “Caffeine”

Yoseob, who revealed his music video, recently has unveiled a making-of footage taking you behind the scenes for the filming of “Caffeine“!

The singer has been gaining much attention with the release of his debut solo album ‘The First Collage‘, and caught the eyes of fans with the catchy choreography presented in the video.

SHINee’s Minho turns into a winter man for ‘W Korea’

W Korea‘ revealed photos from their latest Winter photoshoot with SHINee‘s Minho.

The photoshoot was included in the December issue of ‘W Korea’, where he transformed into a winter man who had a mysterious mood. He also showed off a mysterious but strong charisma with his various gazes.

He was able to pull of all the different outfits with ease, and struck poses that fit the mood and concept of each shoot easily. Check out the photos below!

B1A4′s Baro tweets an awkward photo of himself lying down

B1A4‘s Baro recently updated his Twitter with a new photo of himself.
On November 27th, the singer tweeted, “My long leg picture ^^,” and attached the photo above.

The picture shows Baro simply lying on the grass and the angle of the photo does make him look a lot taller. Judging by his outfit, the picture seems to have been taken during B1A4′s music video shoot for “Tried to Walk“.

Fans commented, “Oppa, your facial expression…“, “You do have very long legs!“, “It’s just the angle“, and more.

Source: Baro’s Twitter

[Review][Single] Roh Ji Hoon “Punishment”

When I saw Roh Ji Hoon‘s debut teaser photos- the ones of him sitting on a couch with a girl wrapped around him, I was curious to see where this ‘bad boy’ concept would go. Cube Entertainment, the team behind envelope-pushing acts such as G.Na, 4minute, HyunA and Troublemaker, has had their share of hits and misses with sexy concepts, so this could have gone either way. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a miss, for one big reason- it feels like a boy band song, not a solo.

Look, I love boy bands, I really do. And Roh Ji Hoon has a great voice.  However, “Punishment” (created by Brave Brothers) could have gone to Teen Top and it wouldn’t sound all that different from how it sounds now, except it might have a rap break (see “To You“, also by Brave Brothers).

What makes Roh Ji Hoon’s solo all that different from the “Lover Boy” by Cube’s own BtoB, a seven member band? Soloists are dominating right now, so why take a perfectly good soloist and give him a song that sounds like it should belong to a group- doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

All of that said, it’s a decent song. I don’t dislike it, I just feel like I’ve heard it three times already this year- the previously mentioned “To You” and “Lover Boy”, as well as SISTAR‘s “Alone“- which, like “To You” and “Punishment”, is by Brave Brothers. Kudos to Roh Ji Hoon himself- he seems a lot more confident on stage now than he did when he was on ‘Birth of a Great Star‘, and his dancing has improved by leaps and bounds. Here’s hoping Cube can figure out what to do with him as a soloist soon.
Reviewer's Rating: (3.5 / 5)
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November 28, 2012

[Review][Single] Boyfriend “Janus”


Boyfriend‘s latest song, “Janus“, is named after a Roman god with two faces. This is supposed to reflect the song’s lyrics, which talk about a “two-faced” man who smiles in front of his girlfriend during their breakup, but cries when she’s not looking. However, the metaphor extends further than press releases would have you believe- Janus is the god of transformation, which is the perfect word to describe Boyfriend’s comeback.

The almost terrifyingly sweet fluff of the past is gone, making room for a song and video with actual substance, courtesy of Sweetune. Boyfriend has a couple of pretty good vocalists in their mix, which I never noticed until now because I was too distracted by mediocre songs and overwhelming aegyo. Behind that not-so-great concept was some real talent that is finally getting its chance to shine.

Boyfriend still has quite a road ahead of them if they intend to stick around. “Janus” is a huge step in the right direction, but it also kind of sounds like a rejected “BTD“-era INFINITE track, which prevents it from establishing any kind of identity for Boyfriend. The instrumental starts off great and seems to be going somewhere, but the vocals begin with the second half of the chorus- possibly the dullest part of the song! This kills all the anticipation built up in the intro and makes the first part of the song feel like it drags on forever. 

“Janus” makes use of the multiple rap breaks that Sweetune likes to use with INFINITE, but the rapping itself is completely uninspiring. The video borders on MBLAQ-level overacting, but while MBLAQ videos have storylines to justify the drama, “Janus’” storyline is uneventful, so the acting feels silly and out of place.

Even so, “Janus” is by far the best thing Boyfriend has ever released, and it’s the first song of theirs I’ve wanted to listen to more than once. It isn’t the best comeback of the year, but it is one of the most surprising, which is a good thing for a group that’s been stuck in one not-very-successful image up to this point. For the first time, I’m looking forward to seeing what Boyfriend does next.
Reviewer's Rating: (3.8 / 5)
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