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welcome to vall's area.. here you may find anything about me, myself and my personality.. and many other things i love and enjoy.. ^^
it will be more of INFINITE here, since i love to listen on KPop these days.
i'd say, INFINITEly INSPIRIT here... ^^

Vall! ^^

June 17, 2011

Guinea Piggies... ^^v

These are my baby Guinea Pigs! ^^v

this is my baby Switzerland... ^^

this is my baby Canberra... ^^

this is my baby Greece and her 2 baby born... ^^

my Garfield

This is where I brought Garfield to Cirebon using Cirebon Ekspres Train
my Garfield,

Yupzie! I kind of miss my Garfield collection. My dolls, pillows, and others. Here comes some of the pic of them... ^^

My Ring-Ring Garfield... ^^

Papercraft of Garfield in my old desk.. ^^

this Garfield can hold coins in it... ^^

(the Young) Lion of Judah

(the Young) Lion of Judah? Well, my Mum always calling me that at home. She said I am a Lion. Well, I'd say, I'm a Lioness, then. Hehe... ^^

Since I was a little girl back there, I always in love to a Lion performance. I once imagining I could even hug one. And, play and eat with one. But, I believe that's just a stupid wish. Because a hungry Lion will definitely eat me up. Hehe... ^^

Here comes my favorite pic of Lion I found on the net. Love these pics a lot! Roar! ^^

a Lion couple

This is Daddy and the little Buddy


June 16, 2011

i'm back! ^^

It's been a while I didn't write a thing here. Frankly, I don't even know what to write now. Maybe just posting a few photos of my babies... ^^

Hello Kitty Kimono Dress