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welcome to vall's area.. here you may find anything about me, myself and my personality.. and many other things i love and enjoy.. ^^
it will be more of INFINITE here, since i love to listen on KPop these days.
i'd say, INFINITEly INSPIRIT here... ^^

Vall! ^^

October 03, 2011

just.. don't like for being so strong! =="

Sometimes, I wish I'm just a simple girl. Whom so weak, and fragile, so people will always helping me out. Sometimes, I wish I'm not that independent. Whom so strong, and able to do things that most people don't.

I'm only human. I've made too many mistakes before. But, I get up and always try to be a better person.
I'm only human. I may get ill. But, I don't think anyone would ever believe I do ill. Why? Because I'm way too independent.

Sigh! I don't know what I should do next just to be called 'normal'.
I'm not an android robot, or even a mutant.
But, I guess I won't have a 'normal' live.



I wish I could be just like a Garfield. Don't care about any other thing, but himself. ^^

Hello Kitty Kimono Dress