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June 08, 2012

A-PRINCE's members information

☆ Sung Won (성원) ☆ 
☆ Leader ☆ Sub Vocal ☆

Real Name: Sung Chang Yong (성창용)
Birthday: April 5th, 1989
Height/Weight: 178cm/58kg
Blood Type: O
Place of Birth: Korea
Specialties: Vocal
Hobbies: Watching movies
- able to speak English and some Japanese
- his tattoo says “you don’t need any brains to listen to music”

☆ Tae Hyuk (태혁) ☆ 
☆ Sub Vocal ☆ Choreographer ☆
Real Name: Kwak Tae Hyuk (곽태혁)
Birthday: March 5th, 1991
Height/Weight: 178cm/58kg
Blood Type: A
Place of Birth: Korea
Specialties: Dancing
Hobbies: Swimming
- studying at Myongji University Department of Spatial Design

☆ Min Hyuk (민혁) / Daon (다온) ☆ 
☆ Sub Vocal ☆
Real Name: Kim Min Hyuk (김민혁)
Birthday: April 11th, 1992
Height/Weight: 178cm/60kg
Blood Type: A
Place of Birth: Korea
Specialties: Acting
Hobbies: Listening to music

☆ Seung Jun (승준) ☆ 

☆ Si Yoon (시윤) ☆ 


Credits as tagged. I don't own the photos.



few of my Garfield collection. ^^

My Garfield collection.. ^^


This  is my Garfield Cushion given by a friend for my birthday a few years ago

I bought both of them, and still use them until now. ^^
Flip-Flop's Garfield. this is actually the size of a baby. since it's Garfield, I bought it. ^^
my Garfield bag! ^^

my lunch box... ^^

This is actually a coin purse. But, I don't think I'm gonna use this.
my Garfield helmet. I bought this 4 years ago. ^^
my key chain. ^^
This is actually a keychain. ^^
The only mug i have. ^^
Name stickers. with my name on it, actually. ^^

Few of my badges collection
This actually didn't look really Garfield, right? ^^

I bought this somewhere. I kind of forget where. Hehe... ^^

Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for May 27th – June 2nd

< Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking >

1. B1A4 – ‘THE B1A4 IGNITION Special Edition’
2. INFINITE – ’3rd Mini Album Infinitize’
3. 4minute – ‘Volume Up’
4. XIA (Junsu) – ‘Tarantallegra’
5. EXO-K – ‘MAMA EXO-K The 1st Mini Album’
6. Various Artists – ‘Love Rain OST Part 2′
7. MYNAME – ‘MYNAME 1st Single’
8. EXO-M – ‘MAMA EXO-M The 1st Mini Album’
9. SS501′s Heo Young Saeng – ’2nd Mini Album SOLO’
10. Busker Busker – ‘Busker Busker’

INFINITE wins #1 + performances from June 7th’s ‘M! Countdown’!

Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘ is back with another spectacular episode chock-full of exciting performances!
Aside from the usual stages on tonight’s episode, U-KISS made their return with a track off their special album titled “Believe“.
Girl group Dal Shabet also held their comeback stage with their catchy tune titled “Mr. Bang Bang“.

Lastly, rookie singer Juniel made an outstanding debut with her title track “Illa Illa“.
Competing for the #1 spot, it was a hot battle between Baek Ji Young and INFINITE, but in the end, it was INFINITE who clinched the win tonight with “The Chaser“!
Congratulations to INFINITE on their ‘M! Countdown’ trophy!

June 07, 2012

Defconn and Jung Hyung Don greet INFINITE with 90 degree bows

The popular MCs from ‘Weekly Idol‘ Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, who have recently formed a duo, will be making their first music program appearance on ‘M! Countdown‘ after topping charts and receiving much attention with their new album. With the broadcast coming up soon, the duo, ‘Hyung Don and Dae Joon‘, went backstage with the Mnet crew to help showcase the examples of good and bad rookie group manners.

One sunbae group they met backstage while preparing for the show was INFINITE. Defconn tweeted, “One shot with INFINITE sunbae, whom we’ve met after a long while!! It turns out they’ve already listened to our songs! They said they really enjoyed them and encouraged us to work hard,” while sharing the picture above.

Although Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, who is a senior as a solo artist, are much older than the members of INFINITE, they are seen greeting with a deep bow as they’re a new team to the scene.

‘M! Countdown’ later explained that ‘Hyung Don and Dae Joon’ were demonstrating both good and bad examples of rookie group manners. The photo posted is definitely an example of good manners from a rookie group.
Although staged, the pictures still brought laughter to fans as they commented, “Hyung Don-nim seems to be laughing there,” “Hahaha, INFINITE seems to be caught in a bit of an awkward situation there. Hyung Don and Dae Joon fighting! INFINITE fighting,” and “Perfect rookie group manners!”


Infinite - A-STAR Magazine Issue 83 Vol.7 - June 2012


Hello Kitty Kimono Dress