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August 03, 2012

TEEN TOP’s new single ‘Be Ma Girl’ reaches 1st on music charts

TEEN TOP‘s new single ‘Be Ma Girl‘, released just last night, has overcome Psy‘s long-running lead and reached 1st on music charts!

The new title song was released on August 3rd KST and immediately hit 1st place on charts like Bugs, Cyworld, and Soribada. The song continues to maintain a high ranking on Melon and Mnet as well.

TEEN TOP’s new title song managed to surpass Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style‘, which had been #1 on several music charts for two weeks straight. Their sudden conquest of the music charts has attracted much attention from netizens.
“Be Ma Girl” is the follow-up song to TEEN TOP’s recent hit, “To You“, which was written and produced by Brave Brothers and features a fresh, club beat and sound fit for summer as well as honest and bold lyrics.

TEEN TOP will be making their comeback on MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core‘ on August 4th, so don’t forget to check out their “Be Ma Girl” performance then!

Source + Image: Hankook Ilbo via Naver

TEEN TOP releases special summer single ‘Be Ma Girl’

Less than a month after wrapping up promotions for “To You“, TEEN TOP has returned with a special summer single ‘Be Ma Girl‘.

The honest and confident lyrics of the upbeat, club-sound title track “Be Ma Girl” is expected to be a big hit amongst those in their teens and early 20′s.

NU’EST to conclude promotions for “Action” & follow up with “Not Over You”

Rookie group NU’EST who have displayed stage performances that efficiently combine fierce musical beats with solid vocal talent have wrapped up their promotions for “Action“, and will continue to impress their fans with their new song of love, “Not Over You“.

“Not Over You” is a modern-rock dance track that displays the refreshing major chord sounds of the guitar. The bright melody combined with the genuine lyrics help to express the nervousness that comes with running into a former lover.

The boys who took on a fierce, charismatic concept for “Action” to sing about raising a voice for their young peers will now be sporting a more youthful and innocent concept to melt the hearts of their fan girls.

[SPOILER] INFINITE’s Hoya makes a shocking confession on ‘Reply 1997′

Member Hoya of popular boy group INFINITE has given fans and viewers of his sitcom quite a surprise.

On the most recent broadcast of tvN‘s ‘Reply 1997‘ which aired on August 1st, Hoya’s character Junhee made a surprising confession when he revealed the identity of his secret crush to Siwon (A Pink‘s Eunji). His crush turned out to be not a girl, but rather a guy, Yunjae (Seo In Guk).

The script had hinted earlier on that Junhee is a sensitive guy who seems to be able to empathize with the hearts of the women around him. Having decided to reveal their secrets with one another, Junhee then revealed to Siwon, ”Truthfully… I like Yunjae,” he confessed.

His confession came as a surprise to the viewers tuning in for it is not common to see a gay character on a television broadcast in Korea. Viewers expressed their surprise as well as applauded Hoya for bravely taking on Junhee’s role with his idol image, stating, “I was totally blown away by the surprise“, “No wonder Junhee could read the minds of girls so well“, and “That must be a difficult role for an idol to take on, Hoya’s really something“.

To this, the drama’s production team remarked, “A lot of people may be surprised with Junhee’s confession, but there’s more to come. Please anticipate more unexpected turn of events.

Source + Image: My Daily

August 02, 2012

MV teaser for “I Hate You” featuring B2ST’s Junhyung surfaces

A music video teaser for a song titled “I Hate You” has been circulating online recently, leaving fans extremely curious as to what this may be for.

B2ST‘s talented rapper, Junhyung, is seen featured in the video while the vocals of an unknown singer can be heard.

No information has been revealed on the teaser so far, but many fans have already pieced together various information to determine that the singer is Eru!

Eru is known to have tweeted at the beginning of this year, a photo of himself and Junhyung, while also commenting, “Junhyung, who has made my song with his awesome flow.” It is also said that a copyright listing containing Eru’s new album contents showed that there was a song with lyrics that have the words “I hate you”, while also listing Junhyung’s name under the list of those participating on the album.

However, keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed at this point and no other details have been revealed.

MYNAME tops Japan Tower Records’ weekly ‘K-Pop Hit Chart’

MYNAME is on the rise with their debut in Japan!

The group recently managed to overtake top names in K-Pop by taking first place in the single album sales on the ‘K-Pop Hit Chart’ of Tower Records.
Their debut single, ‘Message‘, was released on July 27th and is currently ranked at the top for the week of July 23rd through 29th. MYNAME has previous experience ranking in at ninth on the Oricon chart previously, and also jumping up to seventh on the single’s second day of release.

Just three days into their debut in Japan, MYNAME performed at the Tokyo Dome as part of a concert for 50,000 audience members, helping them solidify a position for themselves in the Japanese market.

MYNAME will begin their fan meet events in Osaka starting August 5th before performing at one of Japan’s biggest summer fireworks festival on the 10th. 

The boys will also be preparing for their comeback Korean album slated for a release in September.
Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

B2ST’s Junhyung writes about his own relationship in new album tracks?

Idol group B2ST recently released their new album ‘Midnight Sun‘, and fans are suspecting that tracks “It’s Not Me” and “Your Day Off“, both written by Yong Junhyung, are about his own relationship with KARA‘s Goo Hara.

Junhyung has written a number of songs before, but the lyrics of his past songs have never described a specific situation in such detail, the way they are in his new tracks. In “It’s Not Me”, the lyrics explain, “Ate at a place I frequent visit, not with a girl, but the two of us. Doojoon and I, the two of us,” and “I’ve never even been to a Hongdae club, You were mistaken last night.

Adding fellow B2ST member Doojoon’s name in the lyrics made it seem all the more personal to Junhyung, and the track included ‘explanations’ that those in their early teens give to their significant others such as “I really don’t have anyone else but you,” and “I left my phone at home,” making it easy for listeners to relate.

In his other track “Your Day Off”, Junhyung wrote, “What are you doing tomorrow, you’re off, I have work, You’re meeting a friend, How about you stay home,” and “Okay, go out but come home early, so that I don’t worry.“ He worries about his girlfriend going out without him, and he it seemed he was trying to express his heart and mind through the lyrics as if he were having a conversation.

Both songs contain lyrics that describe situations which could easily take place in reality, and fans are growing ever more curious to know who the songs are about.

Do you think they are about Hara? Let us know below!

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate

INFINITE’s Sunggyu creates a new Twitter account

INFINITE‘s ‘grandpa’ leader Sunggyu opened a new Twitter account!
The singer explained why he chose to open a new Twitter with his first tweet, “Hello I’m Gyu. It’s not that I lost my password, I just wanted to refresh the mood by making a new account hahaha.

When people became suspicious of the new account, Sunggyu proved his identity by exchanging friendly conversations with a few of his fellow INFINITE members, and uploaded the photo above stating, “I am Gyu!!!

You can follow Sunggyu’s new Twitter @kyuzizi.

Source: Sunngyu’s Twitter
[Thanks to everyone sent this in.]

B2ST holds a successful fan signing event in Myungdong

Idol group B2ST made a surprise stop in Myungdong.

On July 31st, B2ST held a successful fan signing event at a cosmetic brand shop in Myungdong.

Despite the event being held on a weekday afternoon, more than 1,000 fans had gathered, filling the vicinity. Not only were there Korean fans at the event, but also fans from China and Japan.

The members shook hands to greet their fans all throughout the event, and had a chance to spend some quality time with their fans from all over the world.

Thank you so much for showing interest in the opening of a cosmetics brand we are endorsing,” the B2ST members said. “We will continue to show you various sides of us through our new album.

In related news, a new fantasy comic series titled ‘The Beast featuring the B2ST members is scheduled to be published on the 22nd.

Source & Image : FinancialNews via Nate

INFINITE spotted shopping in Apgujeong dressed in sleek black suits

The members of idol group INFINITE were spotted shopping in Apgujeong, garnering much attention from fans and the public.

On August 1st, photos of the idol group shopping at a brandname rain boots store was shared on an online community forum. The post was titled, “INFINITE Apgujeong.

The netizen who uploaded the post wrote, “I saw some really good looking guys when I went to Apgueong, and when I got a closer look, it was INFINITE. Even when invaded their space with my camera, they responded with their smiles.

The INFINITE members were matching in sleek black suits, sitting on the chairs to try on different rain boots. Member Sungyeol drew special attention, as he didn’t shy away from the camera, but rather posed for the photo by carrying the boots on his shoulders.

Netizens commented, “They are all good looking,” “I should have gone to Apgujeong,” and “Sungyeol oppa is so cute.

Meanwhile, INFINITE will be holding ‘INFINITE CONCERT-That Summer‘ at AX KOREA from August 8th to the 12th.
Source & Photo: Tvreport

August 01, 2012

TEEN TOP releases second teaser for “Be Ma Girl”

TEEN TOP has released the second video teaser for “Be Ma Girl” from their upcoming special summer album!

They’re making a comeback in less than a month after promotions for “To You” have ended. “Be Ma Girl” (titled “Will You Go Out With Me?” in Korean) will be released on August 3rd KST.

How did B1A4 spend their first vacation?

The B1A4 members went on their very first vacation in three years.
Fans reported sighting the members in their hometowns of Cheongju, Chungju, Busan, and Suncheon starting on July 28th.
According to WM Entertainment, B1A4 never got a day to rest since their trainee days because of their busy schedule of album production and promotions. Since Gongchan went home to recover after his recent surgery, the rest of the members went on their first vacation in three years to recharge.

The agency shared, “The members each went home to spend time with their families for their first vacation. Jinyoung went to his old school to visit his teachers.” It’s been reported that Jinyoung happily gave his autographs to the hoobaes who gathered after recognizing him.

Jinyoung also tweeted, “Happy eating out with the family~ Delicious samgyupsal! What was Bana’s dinner menu?” and shared a picture he took during his meal. Even during his vacation, Jinyoung showed off his love for his fans by asking them about their dinner menu.

Then, Gongchan tweeted to him, “Hyung! I’m eating chicken, while watching judo. I miss my hyungs,” and shared the picture of him smiling brightly as he held chicken pieces in both hands. Fans were able to see the close friendship among the members when CNU tweeted to Gongchan, “Is the puppy feeling better? Eat a lot of delicious food, and don’t eat just anything you find. I miss you too.”

After their sweet vacation, B1A4 will focus on preparing their new album and continue being fathers on KBS‘ ‘B1A4′s Hello Baby‘, which started airing on July 25th.

Source+Picture: Jinyoung‘s Twitter; Gongchan‘s Twitter; CNU‘s Twitter; News N via Nate

TEEN TOP members sport new ‘traffic light’ hairstyles

On July 31st, TEEN TOP revealed their new ‘traffic light’ hairstyles on their me2day account, attracting attention for the colorful new look.

In the picture, members Changjo, Chunji, and Ricky have their backs turned to the camera, showing off their red, yellow, and blue hair. Niel left a cute quiz for fans along with the picture: “What did Changjo, Chunji hyung, and Ricky’s hair colors immediately make me think of?? Hint!! 1. The Olympic flag 2. A traffic light. You have ‘sense’ if you get it right!

TEEN TOP will be revealing their new single ‘Be Ma Girl‘ on August 3rd, so the picture has been making fans curious about each of the boys’ looks for their comeback.

Netizens responded, “I think the answer is 2. A traffic light. So from now on I have ‘sense’,”Rather than paying attention to their hair color, I just want to hug them from behind,” and “Creative Niel, thinking of a traffic light after looking their hair.

In related news, TEEN TOP’s second teaser for “Be Ma Girl” was released today, so don’t forget to check it out!

Source + Image: TEEN TOP’s me2day

Trend Alert: Shorts over Leggings for Male Idols

It may not be the biggest trend out there, but it’s definitely a trend- male idols wearing loose-fitting shorts over leggings.  Love it or hate it, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon… let’s take a look at who’s wearing this style!
B1A4‘s CNU
CNU’s been wearing shorts with leggings ever since his 2011 debut. On the far right, you can see him in a dressy, black-on-black version of the look that he wore to the ‘I Need a Fairy‘ press conference in February 2012.
SHINee‘s Key and Taemin
In March, Key and Taemin of SHINee brought us their own versions of the shorts and leggings look. While Key tended to opt for patterned shorts with boxy cuts over solid leggings, Taemin was more adventureous. On the left, you can see very baggy grey shorts over sparkly leggings, and next to that you can see him with checkerboard-patterned shorts over striped leggings. It’s hard to see in still photos, but if you watch the dance practice video for Sherlock, you’ll see that Taemin was actually wearing long, asymmetrical, white shorts over white leggings.

Ren has tried many variations on the shorts and leggings combo, starting with his debut in the MV for “Face“. On the far left, you can see him walking the runway in a fashion show in April 2012.
Jr. of JJ Project has been wearing two different pairs of black shorts over black leggings- one with pink and blue designs on the front, and one with a red and white striped inset.
Showing that this trend is still current, Jongup wore black-on-black shorts and leggings to a recent performance on ‘Show Champion‘, while Sungmin did a white-on-white style, and Shindong did black-on-black in the recent MV for “Sexy, Free and Single.
What do you think? Would you wear shorts and leggings together?

Idol stars who are often mistaken as the youngest member of their group

The above collage of idol stars recently surfaced on an online community board, and is becoming a hot topic of conversation amongst netizens.
Seeing the post titled ‘Idol stars who are often mistaken for maknaes‘, fans began discussing the group members who look young for their age, sometimes even younger than their team’s actual maknaes.

The top choice was B2ST‘s Yoseob. The singer who turned 23 in Korea boasts a baby face and is often mistaken as the youngest member of his group. Likewise, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park (Dara) who was born in 1984 turns 29 in Korea this year, however, her age is not obvious, even when standing side by side with group maknae Minzy who is ten years her junior.

T-ara‘s eldest member Boram is often mistaken as the youngest member thanks to her petite frame, while 2PM‘s Wooyoung is actually a year older than youngest member Chansung. KARA‘s Seungyeon is actually 6 years older than Jiyoung.

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon also looks extremely young for her age, and is often mistaken as the youngest member of her group.

Netizens who came across this post left responses such as, “They all look like the youngest members“, “These members are actually a lot older than I thought“, and more.

Source & Image: Nate

July 31, 2012

Yong Junhyung looks antsy on same stage as girlfriend, Goo Hara?

Recently, B2ST‘s Yong Junhyung was captured looking restless standing on stage with girlfriend, KARA‘s Goo Hara.

During the most recent broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘, B2ST was interviewed by the MC’s of the show to talk about their comeback.

Hara, who happens to be one of the MCs, asked about the concept of the new album and title song and expressed her anticipation by saying, “I want to hurry up and see the performance.” All the while, unlike the other B2ST members who looked calm and collected while being interviewed, ‘Goo Hara’s boyfriend’ Junhyung looked nervous and uneasy.  The boy group member stood frozen and was unable to look at Hara properly.

Netizens responded to the situation saying, “They must be nervous because they’re on stage together“, “What a cute little couple“, and “It’s too bad the MCs weren’t a little more pushy and didn’t tease them.”

[TRANS] Son Dongwoon’s Profile from the [THE BEAST - Destiny’s Start]

[Son Dongwoon]
- Age: 20 / Height: 180cm / Weight: 64kg 
- Location: Chongdam / Living with his grandma in an apartment
- Job: Personal tutor
- Speical ability: Photographic memory. He can remember every little thing he saw down to the smallest detail. Even rushing through a book, he can remember everything like he took a picture of it.. However, after an hour he returns to his clear minded state.
- Ability: Cleaning
- Nickname: Arab prince
- Hobbies: Cooking food for others. Because he learned from a cook book others have a hard time eating.
- Role model: Yong Junhyung. He looks up to him and hates him. What’s the point of taking girls out to shopping and walking them home. They all go to Yong Junhyung in the end.
- Pro: Memorization
- Con: Because he learned everything from a book it isn’t realistic. Especially when it comes to dating.
- Motto: This dirty world only remembers Yong Junhyung


[TRANS] Lee Kikwang’s Profile from the [THE BEAST - Destiny’s Start]

[Lee Kikwang]
- Age: 21 / Height: 170.5cm / Weight: 58kg Job: Workout Trainer
- Location: Apgujeong
- Special ability: Power, Psychokinesis. Has enormous amount of strength. But because of the love for his muscles, he only uses the special powers when he has to.
- Ability: Working out
- Nickname: Strong shorty (he really doesn’t like it)
- Hobbies: Working out. Even though he isn’t at a gym, he uses anything around him to work out.
- Role model: The chief workout trainer
- Pro: Can get along with anyone. His simple mind is charming to many.
- Con: Can’t get to know anyone too well. He looks like he is focused on the conversation, but goes in one ear and out the another.
- Motto: You make your muscles on your own


[TRANS] Yang Yoseob’s Profile from the [THE BEAST - Destiny’s Start]

[Yang Yoseob]
- Age: 21 / Height: 170cm / Weight: 57kg 
- Job: Magician 
- Location: College Road
- Special ability: Can create an apparition by singing. He can create an apparition by singing and use that to control humans. Since when he was young, other’s happiness was Yoseob’s happiness. After seeing that people were happy from watching a magic show when he was little, he decided that he was going to be a magician. However, despite all the efforts, he can’t get past being an amateur magician.. Yoseob can’t handle anyone being disappointed at him. 
- Ability: Magic
- Hobby: Magic
- Nickname: Emotional Seob. Because he is always so emotional
- Role Model: Kikwang. He is inspired by Kikwang’s abilities.
- Pro: Happy, nice, sweet
- Con: Doen’t get mad. He might actually really pop one day.
- Motto: Wa to the rm. Loves warm atmospheres!


[TRANS] Yong Junhyung’s Profile from the [THE BEAST - Destiny’s Start]

[Yong Junhyung]
- Age: 22 / Height: 178cm / Weight: 58kg
- Job: Popular slacking college student
- Location: Boondang / Living together with a grandfather who has a lot of assets
- Special ability: Psyco-commentry. Can read minds by touching the person or object.
- Abilites: Dating girls (girls follow him more than he does). It has nothing to do with his special ability, but there are a lot of girls who follow good looking bad boys like Junhyung. Junhyung only uses his special ability when he is about to break up with a girl (too heartless). He was taken care by his grandfather after his parents passed away. Even though it was at a young age, he remembers one thing. The feeling of being “hated,” Living with his grandfather who didn’t even want to touch Junhyung because he was the grandson that he never wanted, he first learned the emotion of being hated. So to Junhyung, who doesn’t believe that anyone would love him, he can’t open up his heart easily. But when love comes and finds him through Sooae, he soon finds out that she doesn’t like him and he curses her with his special ability. 
- Nickname: Yong psychic. Short for brave psychic.  He has to be brave with his answers. He can see through everyone.
- Hobbies: Shopping for brand names. Going to the club. Nagging Dongwoonie.
- Role model: None
- Pro: A true man of mens!
- Con: Scared of bugs
- Motto: You live alone.


[TRANS] Jang Hyunseung’s Profile from the [THE BEAST - Destiny’s Start]

[Jang Hyunseung]
- Age: 22 / Height: 176cm / Weight: 58kg 
- Location: Mapo (dance school) / Doesn’t have a specific place so he goes around staying with his friends.
- Job: Dance teacher
- Special ability: Teleport. He can teleport to anywhere he wants in the world. But Hyunseung can’t decide on the location and it’s totally random.
- Ability: Poppin dance
- Nickname: 4D. Because he can teleport? NO~~ because he is strange
- Hobbies: Whether it be a mirror, when he can see his reflection, he dances anywhere
- Role mode: Justin Timberlake, Neyo, Usher
- Pro: Strange+serious (you can tell how he is really like)
- Con: Lies a lot
- Motto: Loan is the way to failure.


[TRANS] Yoon Doojoon’s Profile from the [THE BEAST - Destiny’s Start]

[Yoon Doojoon]
- Age: 22 / Height: 178cm / Weight: 66kg 
- Job: Professional soccer player
- Location: Incheon (dorm). On breaks he goes to visit his aunt.
- Special ability: Hyperactive exercise skills. Speed, balance, coordination. All his sport skills exceed the average man kind. For a soccer player it’s like a gift, but for Doojoon, who still can’t control it, he is still just a bench player full of mistakes.
- Ability: Running
- Nickname: CEO (Working on his own job just incase he might be fired), Bluff Yoon (full of bluff)
- Hobbies: Planning his business 
- Role Model: Steve Jobs
- Pro: Can take care of situations well
- Con: Bit of a bluff. He likes to act like he knows everything and if he is wrong then he tries to find a way out.
- Motto: If met strategically for work, don’t leave it up to the partnership.


[TRANS] Full synopsis for [THE BEAST - Destiny’s Start]

“The presence of the unknown hiding behind the neon signs of the city. Do not fear. There’s BEAST!”
(K-COMICS ‘The BEAST’ planning to have 6 books and is not affiliated with Cube Ent. in any way.)

A group of people win an event hosted by a program so the group and their families are sent on a trip down to the South Pacific! However, the plane carrying the passengers to their final destination crashes into the ocean and many people lose their lives.. but there were passengers on the plane who had their young located in a different place. Therefore, despite the tragic accident, six kids are still alive.

2012. The six kids are living their own lives. If there is anything that differentiates them from the public, it would have to be their special abilties. However, for these kids who don’t know why they have such strength and how they got it, these special powers are just abilities that hinder them from being normal. Yoseob who can control people by singing and creating hallucinations. Soccer player Doojoon who has all the skills you need to be an excellent sports star. Workout trainer Kikwang who has enormous amount of strength and power. Talented dancer Hyunseung who can teleport anywhere he wants. College student Dongwoon who can absorb any knowledge in seconds. And Junhyung who can feel emotions just by touching an object or person. For them, it isn’t so easy to hide their abilities and live amongst people.  However, there is one person who knows their true identity and that’s the head of the ‘Red Eye’ clan.

The ‘Red Eye’ clan have been livng in the city amongst the people. The ‘Red Eye’ people are the only ones who know of creatures known as “Varients” and have been secretly hunting them down for the peace of the city. However, chaos strikes the clan when they find out that these “Varients” have evolved to look like the humans as well. The Head of the clan realizes that there are only the 6  men who can go against the new “Variants.” These six men, even though they have special powers, isn’t enough to defend themselves from dangerous situations. And it doesn’t help that they are called “monsters” by the Red Eyes. Then a mysterious incident occurs. The Head decides to officially call on BEAST, the six boys from the plane crash. But, not only can’t they gather their strength together, but they keep on fighting each other.  Their future doesn’t look so bright..

As BEAST goes against the new variants, they start to realize that their powers are amazing. Letting out their suppressed powers, the action that rocks the city begins! The six members as a team start to understand each other and start to face their different traumas. As a bonus love comes to find them too!

Then one day, BEAST realizes something is wrong when following a new variant. It’s as if they saw their alter ego. Like a family member.. what is this? While BEAST falls into a confused state, Miso, the girl who has a crush on Junhyung, gets captured. Junhyung, realizing that Miso had become an important part of his life works with his members to save her.. 

However, awaiting BEAST is even more danger and a truth too great for them can’t handle. The tragedy made by humans endless amount of desire. BEAST, who are stuck in the middle of all that tragedy. Will they be able to come out of their deadly destiny and become a true hero?..


B2ST to star in their own action fantasy comic series, ‘The Beast’

B2ST will be making their debut as mahnhwa characters through the work of artist Jena!

Scheduled for release on August 22nd, the members will be the leading characters in Jena’s upcoming mahnhwa series, ‘The Beast‘. The action fantasy series, which took three years of preparation, will focus on the boys discovering new supernatural powers and their adventures on saving the world as new superheros.

Jena herself is a widely known artist online, with her previous series including ‘19 and 21‘ and ‘Girl the Wilds‘. Also participating in the series is writer Kim Hak Bun, who’s written for dramas and movies like ‘Monster 2′ and ‘Runway‘.

The series will be distributed with a focus on the international market as well as the domestic market as a ‘OSMU (One Source Multi Use)’ product. Fans can expect to see various contents like animation series and games coming out in the near future.

The first part will come out on August 22nd, for a total of six parts in the series.
Source + Photos: Star N News via Naver

INFINITE to release 3D movie, ’2012 INFINITE Concert 3D’

It has been revealed that INFINITE‘s performances will be recreated into a 3D movie.

Produced by director Son Suk, The movie ‘2012 INFINITE Concert 3D‘ will showcase the boy group’s various performances from their concerts. Through the 3D film, viewers will be able to experience the effect of being at an actual INFINITE concert.

Production of the film has been completed and it is currently awaiting examination by the ‘Korea Media Rating Board‘. Once it has been examined and rated, the 3D production will be screened in Seoul cinemas.

Recently, films that capture the activity of idol groups is becoming a trend. Before INFINITE, Big Bang‘s concert was remade into the film ‘2010 Big Bang Show 3D‘, and recently the performances of Girls’ Generation, TVXQ and other SM entertainment artists were showcased in the ‘SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Special Edition‘ movie.

One film industry representative stated, “It can be seen as an example of ‘One Source, Multi-Use’. Although the movie won’t be a large-scale release, the following DVD release will be profitable all the while providing enjoyment for fans. A variety of media content is being produced as a result of K-POP’s world-wide popularity.”

Source + Image: Sports Hankook via Nate

SHINee’s Minho becomes a gold medalist in ‘To the Beautiful You’

SHINee‘s Minho has transformed into a handsome gold-medalist for his upcoming drama!

In the upcoming SBS drama ‘To the Beautiful You‘, character Kang Taejun, played by Minho, was captured in a photograph with a gold-medal around his neck.

With the ‘2012 London Olympics‘ in progress, Minho’s golden smile drew extra attention from netizens for Minho’s transformation into a gold medalist portrays the dreams of the South Korean Olympic athletes and the hopes of the citizens of the nation.

The filming of the medal ceremony scene took place on July 28th at the Jamsil stadium, directly after Minho’s high jump scene. It has been said that Minho lifted the spirits on the set with his enthusiasm.

Even after two hours of continuously shooting the high jump scene in Korea’s extreme summer heat, Minho showed no signs of exhaustion and executed his character flawlessly.

A representative from the drama’s production company stated, “Please keep your eyes out for Minho, who is working extremely hard to portray his high jump athlete character perfectly.

Source + Image: Star News via Daum

비스트, 코믹스 주인공 대변신..‘더 비스트’ 출간

그룹 ‘비스트’가 인기 만화가 제나와 ‘더 비스트’라는 이름으로 만났다.

오는 8월 22일 ‘애완돌’, ‘남친돌’로 불리며 최고의 인기를 구가하는 인기 그룹 ‘비스트’를 주인공으로 만든 코믹스 ‘더 비스트’가 출간될 예정이다.

‘더 비스트’(그림:제나, 글:김학분, 제작:㈜플래니스엔터테인먼트)는 한류 아이돌 ‘비스트’가 주인공이며 그들의 우정 그리고 모험을 그린 코믹스로 인기 만화가 제나(김혜진)가 작화를 맡아 많은 기대를 모으고 있다.

특 히 이번 ‘더 비스트’에 참여하는 작가 제나(김혜진)는 ‘열아홉 스물하나’, ‘소녀더와일즈’ 등으로 폭넓은 독자층을 보유하고 있는 인기 만화가. 또한, ‘괴물2’, ‘런웨이’ 등 다수의 영화, 드라마에 참여한 시나리오 작가 김학분이 참여하여 스토리의 완성도를 높였다.

또한 국내뿐만 아니라 해외시장을 겨냥한 K-COMICS의 첫 신호탄이 될 ‘더 비스트’는, 최초 기획단계부터 OSMU(One Source Multi Use) 콘텐츠로 기획되어 캐릭터 MD사업, 애니메이션, 게임 등 다양한 사업으로 발전시킬 예정이라고.

더불어 실제 3년여의 기획 끝에 출간되는 ‘더 비스트’는 각기 다른 초능력을 지닌 준형, 두준, 기광, 요섭, 동운, 현승이 눈부신 활약을 펼치며 인류를 구하는 히어로 액션 판타지 이야기이다.

한편 ‘더 비스트’는 8월 22일 ‘더 비스트 : 운명의 시작’ 1권을 출간한 후 총 여섯 권의 시리즈가 출간될 예정이다.

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기사제보 및 보도자료 

Boyfriend releases greeting for their official Facebook page

Boy group Boyfriend, who are currently promoting, “Love Style“, recently posted a greeting for their Facebook page.

In the message, the boys thank fans for their support of the Facebook Page. They also explain to look out for special events and real time content.

INFINITE reveals teaser for their upcoming Summer Concert

After the announcement of their upcoming summer concert, ‘That Summer, INFINITE has revealed a teaser.

The concert is a hot item as within 15 minutes of going on sale, a total of 10,000 tickets for all five days were sold out.

Woollim Entertainment commented, “We thank all the fans for their interest in INFINITE… The INFINITE members are practicing hard to show you new sides of themselves for ‘That Summer‘ concert series.”

B2ST holds a surprise fan meeting with 2,200 B2UTY’s

B2ST concluded their first week of promotions with a surprise fan meeting with 2,200 fans.

On the 27th, B2ST held a guerilla performance at Gwanghwamun Square for 4,000 fans and was widely complimented for their live performance skills and full stage after the recording of the show was aired.

Also, after their comeback stage at SBS‘s Inkigayo was aired on the 29th, the ‘MR Removed Live video’ also became a big topic. Even with restless choreography, their live was strong and firm, proving their skills once again.
On the day of the comeback stage, the fans waited since the early morning and B2ST, upon seeing this, forgot about their preparations for the stage and were worried about the fans in the heat.

After the show at a park near the SBS Hall, the members had a pleasant time meeting with 2,200 of their fans who cheered for their comeback even in the hot weather.

They also showed their gratitude with a aegyo speech to their fans who rooted for them with unwavering support even after a year and 2 month break.
Meanwhile, B2ST has attracted attention after it was revealed that they have a history of holding fan meetings after their official Inkigayo performances. They have held one ever since their debut in 2009.

Even though they had many fans before their debut, B2ST‘s first mini fan meeting started off with meager attendance of 300. However, with their special love for their fans, the number increased to over 1500 by the time of their “Fiction” comeback. Even in this fan meeting, the picture of B2ST with 2200 B2UTY’s (B2ST‘s fan club) confirmed the reciprocal love between them despite the scorching hot weather.

B2ST is planning on embroidering the summer night with their song, “It’s a Beautiful Night” and show the essence of B2ST‘s stage.

SHINee gives greeting for Korean Cultural Service New York’s ’2012 New York K-Pop Festival’

Following the success of 2011’s ‘SMTown Live’ in NYC and the ‘New York Korea Festival’, the Korean Cultural Service New York will be holding ‘2012 New York K-Pop Festival’, an event that all K-pop fans in New York and the surrounding area can participate in with their covers of one of three artists.
From July 23rd 9AM through August 10th 5PM is the entry submission period for the online preliminary to choose teams that will advance into the finals.
The categories for the contestants will be singing, dancing, or both singing and dancing. The teams will be covering a song from either SHINee, Big Bang, or Wonder Girls, the three representative artists from the three major Korean Entertainment Agencies SM, YG, and JYP.  The entries will be judged by the Korean Cultural Service New York and the finalists will be notified individually.

The finals will then take place at 6PM on August 31st at NYU’s Skirball Center for Performing Arts and the winner of this contest will be given the chance to enter the ‘2012 World K-Pop Festival’ in Korea.

More information about the ‘2012 New York K-Pop Festival’ can be found through the Korean Cultural Service New York’s home page and Facebook page.

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