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March 08, 2013

M4M releases group video teaser for “Sadness”

M4M, the project group of Cube Entertainment and Chinese companyXing Tian, completed introducing their members one by one, so naturally, they’re now here with a group teaser for their debut!

As mentioned before, the group has been put together through a rigorous audition process in China, including Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and has been preparing for their debut under the incubating system of Cube Entertainment.

Made up of JimmyVinson, BinAlen, the group will be making their debut in Korea as well as China with track “Sadness” this month.

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F.T. Island releases PV teaser of new Japanese single “You Are My Life”

F.T. Island, who is still overdue for a comeback in Korea, will be releasing their newest Japanese single, “You Are My Life” on March 27th!

The single will include 3 tracks, which includes the title track as well as two coupling tracks – “Beat It” and “Come Into My Dream“.

Ahead of the release, a preview of the PV for “You Are My Life” has been revealed and is here to hype you up for the idol band’s upcoming single!

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Woohyun sleeps in the the closet of INFINITE’s new luxury dorm?

INFINITE recently moved into a new luxurious dorm!

SBS‘ ’One Night of TV Entertainment‘ held an interview with the boys about their recent fanmeeting and also talked about their new digs. 

The boys revealed, “We moved recently“, and shared information on which rooms each member were put in. Sunggyu, L, and Sungyeol shared the biggest room, while Dongwoo and Hoya shared a smaller room. Sungjong and Woohyun had their own rooms, but it turns out that while the maknae Sungjong got the best room in the apartment, Woohyun got shoved into a closet!

The boys explained that they used rock-paper-scissors to determine which room would go to who, and Sungjong won and picked the best room for himself. Meanwhile, Woohyun complained, “Maknae Sungjong and I have our own rooms. Sunjong has a room with a window view and a closet for himself. I’m stuck in an interior room, it’s basically a closet. There’s no space, the door is a sliding door, and it doesn’t even have a lock. Since there’s no window, there’s no light or wind that can come into the room, so I don’t know what time it is even when I wake up in the morning.

Hopefully, Woohyun can get a better end of the draw next time!

A model living room in INFINITE's apartment complex

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A-PRINCE’s Sungwon covers 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up”

A-PRINCE recently celebrated their 100th day since their debut, and to continue treating their fans, leader Sungwon presented fans his cover of 4 Non Blondes‘ “What’s Up“.

Sungwon shows off his vocal chops as one of the main vocals of his group and his smiles will warm your heart!

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TEEN TOP ‘shake’ for “Miss Right” choreography

TEEN TOP have come out with another ‘shake’ video for fans!

This time, the boys released a choreography video for “Miss Right“, but they made sure to sprinkle in some ‘shake’ here and there. My personal favorite is the ‘TEEN TOP crab’… you’ll see what I mean.

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Boyfriend get ranked according to their ‘skin age’

Did you know your skin has an age?

During filming for the upcoming episode of KBS Joy‘s ‘Boyfriend’s Hello Baby‘, Boyfriend were ranked according to the age of their skin.

The boys visited a skincare clinic and checked the health of their skin leading to some shocking results. Jeongmin, who initially expressed confidence in the health of his skin, discovered his skin age was the oldest among the members, while leader Donghyun, who joked he should be the new maknae, was found to be the youngest.

The members learned tips on how to take care of their on-screen children’s skin health, and sang along with Jeongmin playing the guitar to the lullaby, “Hello Song“, which they wrote and composed to get closer with their children during their family camping trip.

This episode will air on the 8th at 11PM KST.

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How expensive are SHINee’s mics for “Dream Girl”?

SHINee‘s standing mic dance for “Dream Girl” has been a hot issue, and the boys have already announced that one mic weighs in at 4 kgs (8.8 lbs). But do you know how expensive the mics are?

The mics aren’t ordinary mics – they’re built from a material used to build airplanes to make sure they’re as sturdy and light as possible. SM Entertainment revealed, “The mics that SHINee use are specially made from the same material as airplanes. Each one costs 1,500,000 KRW (approximately 1,380 USD). They’re used for both practice and on stage, so we have 5 extra for a total of 10.

Even airplane material might not be strong enough though because one broke on stage already.

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LUNAFLY announces official fan club name

LUNAFLY made their debut back in September of 2012, but they’ve just recently announced their official fan club name!

LUNAFLY posted on their official Facebook,

“Here’s the official fanclub name - LUKIE

After going through the suggestions given by fans, LUNAFLY have decided on using the name LUKIE, pronounced as ‘rookie’, for the fanclub name.

The literal meaning of the name LUKIE is ‘LUNAFLY’s Kingdom is Eternal’, while the hidden meaning is that LUNAFLY strives to remain humble and hardworking and keep their attitude as they are right now, as rookies in the music industry, even after they become more famous and more well-known around the world… 

Thank you for your participation and thanks again for all your huge love and support ~.”

To decide on the name, a contest was held from February 27th to March 5th, and whoever chose the name ‘LUKIE’ was rewarded with an autographed CD.

What do you think, LUKIEs? Do you like the name?

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M4M releases teaser for member Vinson!

Cube Entertainment and Chinese company Xing Tian are collaborating for a new project group called M4M, and have been steadily revealing the four members of the group.

M4M, who has been put together through a rigorous audition process in China, including Hong Kong, and Taiwan, has been preparing for their debut under the incubating system of Cube Entertainment. M4M stands for Mystical forMula and the group is made up of four members: JimmyVinson, Bin, and Alen.

The group had already released teasers for Bin, Alen, and Jimmy. Now the teaser for Vinson is here!

Along with the video teaser showing off his dance skills and his handsome features, his profile has also been unveiled. Vinson (born in 1991) is the main dancer of the group and stands at 180 cm tall. He is originally from Taiwan and his specialties are dancing and sports. 

He also has various hobbies as he likes to sing, play sports, and also likes to play online games.

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March 06, 2013

Crispi Crunch thinks Teen Top’s “Miss Right” MV is for ‘young cute girls’ in hilarious reaction video

Hip hop duo Crispi Crunch has been posting very funny reaction videos to K-pop MV releases. They recently posted a funny clip for Teen Top‘s latest track “Miss Right“. The duo included guest Still PM, an underground Korean rapper, added gut-busting commentary throughout the clip.

After making the introductions, which included explaining the concept of reaction videos to Still PM, the trio commenced watching the “Miss Right” video. They seemed to enjoy the colorfulness and happy-go-luck vibe, but were less impressed with the forced nature of some scenes.  

In one hilarious interchange, Still PM explains, quite seriously which makes it even funnier, “very, very very young ladies would like this video.” To which Cheezy replies, “young cute girls love this music video“.

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Key stands as an eyewitness to Sunny’s expertise at making soju-bombs

Key became yet another witness to Sunny‘s soju-beer mixing skills!

Everyone knows Sunny’s affinity for drinking and her love for the soju-beer cocktail. Now, she has yet another witness to her bartending skills! SHINee were guests on MBC Radio FM4U‘s ‘Blue Night’s Jung Yup‘, where they were asked what they usually did at midnight.

Key wasn’t shy about admitting, “I meet up with my friends and go drinking. After our musical, I went to have dinner with Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny. She’s very good at mixing soju and beer.

Would you like some soju-beer mixed personally by Sunny?

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MYNAME releases full PV for “We Are The Night”!

MYNAME has released the full PV for their upcoming Japanese track, “We Are the Night“!

The members recently made a return to the domestic scene, and are getting ready to hold their first solo Korean concert, but they won’t be stopping there. In addition to promotions in Korea, they’ll also be releasing their 1st studio Japanese album next month.

The boys had released a short version of the PV earlier, and shows them having a good time at the club. Seyong even has a little gift for you in the middle of it! The song is part of their 1st Japanese album titled ‘We Are MYNAME‘, and the album will be released on March 27.

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INFINITE-H releases live video of “Fly High” featuring Baby Soul

When recently Hoya tweeted, “In 10 minutes, a 1001 day present will be revealed ^^“, all of the fans wondered what it could be. Some fans guessed that maybe it had something to do with their upcoming comeback and were getting very excited.

Ten minutes later, Woollim Entertainment released a video of INFINITE-H performing “Fly High” live. While the video wasn’t related to INFINITE’s comeback, the video was still a treat for all the fans. Although the boys had recorded the performance for ‘Inkigayo‘, the performance never aired, and is one of the rare times that fans can see a live performance of the song.

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Onew has a case of ‘Onew Condition’ on Twitter

Most Shawol’s are familiar with the term ‘Onew Condition‘ – for those who aren’t, it’s when the leader of SHINee finds himself in a hilariously awkward situation that he usually creates for himself.

Well, the ‘Onew Condition’ has struck again! While idols tweeting their thoughts and talking to each other on Twitter are common, Onew has brought a new type into the mix: a conversation with himself. 

The conversation started innocently enough when he tweeted, “I remembered. I get surprised because my hands are cold“. In a bizarre turn of events, perhaps to explain himself, he talked to himself and wrote, “No, no. Someone asked me if I can’t touch radishes..“.

He continued on by replying to himself again as he wrote, “My knees mind is blown“, and then replied again, “No, no. It’s not that it hurts ㅠㅜ“. He finally concluded the strange conversation with “I don’t know. Good night^^^^^^^^^^^^“.

What do you think Onew was trying to say?

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INFINITE fans donate 1,586 lbs of rice for fan meeting

While the INFINITE boys are gifting their fans for their 1001st day, the fans gave their own gift with their unchanging love for the group!

The members recently held a fan meeting with 2,000 fans, where they performed their top hits such as “Come Back Again“, “She’s Back“, “B.T.D“, “Nothing’s Over“, “Be Mine“, “Paradise“, and “The Chaser“. The boys even teased their fans on their comeback at the end of the event.

Of course, a fan meeting for a big group like INFINITE isn’t complete without some rice donations. Two of L‘s fanclubs came together to donate 513 kgs (1128.6 lbs) of rice, and Woohyun‘s fanclub donated an additional 208 kgs (457.6 lbs) for a total of 721 kgs (1586.2 lbs). 

The rice will be sent to a charity of choice by the members to help children and elderly in need.

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How does Doojoon feel about his acting in ‘IRIS 2′?

B2ST‘s Doojoon revealed how he felt about his acting as he watched himself star on the highly hyped drama, ‘IRIS 2‘.

For anyone who hasn’t kept up, Doojoon’s currently active in the action drama as one of the leading characters. His character Seo Hyun Woo is a friendly, hardworking agent, who is good at pretty much everything.

On the 3rd, KBS 2TV‘s ‘3-Day Documentary‘ went behind the scenes with the drama. Since this particular show was filmed right after the first episode aired for ‘IRIS 2′, Doojoon was asked, “Did you watch the first episode yesterday? How was it?“. Doojoon answered, “I watched it in the perspective of a viewer for the first time in a while, and it was fun. I knew everything that was going to happen, but it was fun to watch anyways.

He was then asked, “What do you think about your acting?“, a question that is often asked to idol-turned-actors who are trying their hands at a field outside of their expertise.

Doojoon smiled sheepishly and humbly said, “I think it’s embarrassing.” However, seeing that as Doojoon has been receiving compliments so far about the natural-feel of his acting, it doesn’t seem like he should be too worried!

What are your thoughts? Does Doojoon have a career as a full-time actor down the road?

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Get ready to dance with TEEN TOP through Loen TV’s ‘Let’s Dance’ for “Miss Right”

Although they’ve already given you a closer look at the choreography for “Miss Right“ with a dance version music videoTEEN TOP is breaking it all down for you step by step as they introduce some of the key points!

The group has been grabbing attention with every comeback for not only their catchy songs, but their fun choreography, and this time is no different!

Three of the main choreography elements this time around consist of the ‘hand shake’, ‘shoulder shake’, and ‘angry monkey’ moves, which the members take turns explaining and demonstrating on Loen TV’s ‘Let’s Dance’ segment.

Credits: allkpop

NU’EST reveals full choreography video for “Hello”

NU’EST, who recently taught you how to do the three key dance moves in their “Hello“ choreography (the ‘necktie’, ‘s-line’, and ‘step’), has released a full choreography video for the song!

Since they taught you how to master some of their moves before, perhaps you’ll be able to follow along with the choreography a bit as you watch the video!

Credits: allkpop

LUNAFLY covers “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” by Train

LUNAFLY have been treating fans to a lot of cover performances lately, and now they have a new cover to get fans grooving to!

All three members of LUNAFLY, who are known for their talent as vocalists, created a little music video to go along with their cover of Train‘s “50 Ways to Say Goodbye“. Fans can also hear the members’ solid English as they sing to the catchy, dramatic tune.

Credits: allkpop

TEEN TOP’s Ricky runs over to radio in school uniform

TEEN TOP had their first official radio outing for “Miss Right” on the KBS COOL FM show, “Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 O’ Clock‘.

When DJ Hong Jin Kyung tweeted a photo of the boys, fans realized that while the rest of the boys were dressed in chic, everyday outfits, Ricky stood out in his bright yellow school uniform. The DJ explained why he was in the uniform, writing, “Today is a live recording! TEEN TOP’s Ricky ran over in his school uniform. Congratulations on becoming a 3rd year in high school! (As Ricky said, in high school, the 3rd years are the top.. ke). How can a yellow school uniform look so good? It’s so nice and bright!

Ricky explained why he had to visit the radio show despite his school schedule, tweeting, “Because of our official album’s first radio schedule, I ran over to the broadcast station in my school uniform. Angels, you went to school today too, right?

How do you like his uniform? Looks like Ricky’s both a hardworking student and a hardworking idol!

[Thanks to all the Angels who sent us this tip!]

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Gyuri and Thunder get into character in BTS cuts of upcoming drama, ‘Nail Salon Paris’

Gyuri and Thunder‘s upcoming dramaNail Salon Paris‘ finally lifted a bit of its mystery veil with the release of BTS cuts!

The drama has been talked about since January, but it had been keeping relatively hush hush, not giving much away. They have finally released two photos showing the four main characters hanging out together enjoying beer and chicken on the set of the show.

As previously reported, Gyuri will be playing Hong Yuh Joo, an internet fiction writer who disguises herself as a man while working for the trendy nail salon ‘Paris’. She’ll be working with Song Jae RimJun Ji Hoo, and of course, MBLAQ‘s Thunder.

So far there’s not much information on what role the other three characters will be playing, but as this drama is said to be about four male nail artists working at the salon, it is assumed that the three men mentioned will be playing them as well.

The drama will start airing in April!

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MBLAQ is “wild, sexy, and cool” in Japanese “Mona Lisa” PV teaser

MBLAQ took on three different looks for the three album jackets of their Japanese single, ”Mona Lisa“, and now they’re exuding three different charms of “wild“, “sexy”, and “cool” for their PV teaser!

It seems rather than recycling their Korean music video for “Mona Lisa”, the boys will be treating fans to an entirely new video for the Japanese version.
The teaser starts off by reminding us of the three charms of MBLAQ (not that fans need any reminding) before diving into the teaser of the PV itself.

Dressed in all black, the boys will definitely have you singing “lalala~lala” once more with this hot new video clip, so check it out below, and stay tuned for the release of their single in Japan on March 27th!

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TEEN TOP does the ‘shake’ with 1,000 fans

A lot of people cover their idols’ dances by themselves or with friends, but how would you feel doing the dance along with your favorite idols?

That’s exactly what some lucky Angels got to experience with TEEN TOP!
1,000 fans who gathered to see the boys on ‘Inkigayo‘ were treated to a special fanmeeting after the show because not everyone could enter the studio to see the boys perform. The boys had a special gift to the fans, as they made their way into the crowd of fans and stood among them.

Led by leader C.A.P, the crowd proceeded to do the ‘shake’ dance from “Miss Right“ together with the members, with the fans singing along loudly to the song.

Credits: allkpop

INFINITE-H talk about love on ‘Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST’

The boys of INFINITE-H talked about their love lives on the March 5th episode of ‘Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST‘!

MC Yoon Do Hyun first asked if either Hoya or Dongwoo were currently in love. Dongwoo replied, “It’s been a while since I was in a relationship, so my dating cells are all dying. But we have our Special Girls.” Hoya also said, “I’m always in love. All the time… (pause) With my fans.” The MC made fun of their ”typical” answers, and the crowd booed jokingly as well.

Hoya also talked about his role on ‘Reply 1997‘ as a gay student, but said, “It’s not that a man liked a man, but rather a person liked a person. I did my acting based on that.” They were then asked about any experiences they had at unrequited love. Dongwoo tried to make a joke that he had an unrequited love with MC Yoon Do Hyun, but Hoya pointed out that the joke was awkward, as they’d just talked about his role on ‘Reply 1997′.

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F.T. Island throws double birthday party for Hongki and Jonghoon

F.T. Island celebrated the birthday sof their oldest hyungs!

The birthdays for Jonghoon and Hongki are March 7th and March 2nd respectively, and since both days are in close proximity, it looks like the member of F.T. Island decided to celebrate their birthdays together!

In celebration, Hongki tweeted the above picture with the words “The two people with March birthdays kekeke. Thanks“.  The cake has 24 candles, as both the leader and main vocal are turning 24 in Korea. Strangely enough, even though it’s Hongki and Jonghoon’s birthday, Minhwan seems to be the one wearing Hongki’s birthday hat.

Jonghoon also had another birthday celebration from his makeup salon, and he wrote, ”I got makeup done at Kiele and got an early birthday celebration ^^♥”.

Happy belated birthday to Hongki and early birthday to Jonghoon!

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Lee Joon practices judo in new still cuts for ‘Iris 2′

Last week, Lee Joon finally made his long awaited appearance on ‘Iris 2‘, but his scatter of scenes hadn’t been enough to satisfy his fans.

Thankfully, ‘Iris 2′ released a set of still cuts, hinting that viewers will be seeing more and more of Lee Joon in future episodes. The still cuts show Lee Joon teaching Baek Sung Hyun and Lee Seung Hak how to physically handle themselves.

His character is a confident character who always has a smirk on his face, but he is actually completely professional once he starts to work. The still cuts perfectly depicts just that, as they show him smirking at the junior agents with ease at the beginning. But when he actually starts to show them judo, he gets completely serious and has no problem flipping the other agents down onto the mat. Even though Lee Joon suffered a slight injury when he was filming the scene, he bounced right back into filming.

The next episode will air on March 6! Are you watching the drama?

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Taemin almost becomes an international missing child?

SHINee‘s maknae Taemin bumped into nothing but trouble on ‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day‘.

Taemin’s main goal in Switzerland was to attempt sky diving, and he had to go to the well known tourist city of Interlaken. He managed to get to Interlaken after a total of 24 hours and 30 minutes of flying and riding on a train, but he was further delayed at his sky diving attempt because of the bad weather.

He had to turn back to the capital Bern. But when he got on the train, he realized he’d lost his train ticket! The ticket was one that allowed him with unlimited use of the train for 4 days, but he dug through everything all of his possessions and couldn’t find it. He almost burst into tears, crying out, “What if I become an international missing child at this rate?

Hopefully, Taemin has better luck for the rest of his trip!

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LEDApple croons a remix of Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

The boys of LEDApple have been making their own covers of famous songs, and this time they tackled Justin Bieber‘s famous hit “Baby“!

Not only did they put their own color into it, the boys included a Korean rap into the song, but also included the trademark “When I was 13” rap as well.

Sadly, Kyumin was absent for the cover because he was in the hospital. 

Next time, they’ll be covering SHINee‘s “Dream Girl“. The boys have covered “Sherlock” before, so it’ll be nice to see what kind of spin they put on this one.

Credits: allkpop

March 04, 2013

INFINITE to come back soon

You may be seeing INFINITE sooner than expected.

The members announced to 10,000 fans that they’ve already wrapped up recording their upcoming album at the ‘2013 INFINITE Rally‘ fan meeting on March 1st KST.  

Woohyun stated, “Our comeback is impending. We’ve finished recording everything,” while Sunggyu added, “With today as the start, we plan to return to you guys soon. We’ll be back with better music. Please cheer us on.”

During the fan meeting, which was hosted by actor and INFINITE’s good friend Kwak Jung Wook, a video with the messages, “INFINITE [Everything]” (Title may change.) and “Everything coming soon” was played on screen.

Are you excited?!

Credits: allkpop

INFINITE teases comeback with video clip!

Shortly after announcing they’ll be returning soon, INFINITE have released a video teaser for their comeback!

The members have already revealed that they wrapped up recording their upcoming album during the ‘2013 INFINITE Rally‘ fan meeting. All Woollim Entertainment has let us know so far is that “Everything” (Title subject to change) is coming soon.

Credits: allkpop

G-Dragon compliments SHINee as a group that has caught his eye

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon complimented SHINee during an interview with MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘.

The March 1st broadcast of ‘Section TV’ featured G-Dragon working on the set of filming for the cosmetics company, The Saem. During the interview, G-Dragon was asked, “How do you feel when you see new groups debut?” to which he responded, “I see a lot of hoobaes lately who are young and very good, and all I can do is keep saying ‘ah~’ in awe.” He also alluded to that he’s getting older as he stated, “When we have a Big Bang tour, around the middle of the tour I get really tired. I have to work out.

When asked which junior group caught his eye the most, G-Dragon stated, “Whenever I see SHINee, I think they’re doing really well.”

The reporter continued, “If you had the opportunity, would you collaborate with them?” G-Dragon playfully replied, “There are barely enough parts for our own members. I think they’d be upset with me,” making the reporter laugh.

Credits: allkpop

Kwak Jung Wook from ‘School 2013′ was originally a member of INFINITE?

INFINITE surprised their fans with a sudden comeback news and teaser video. That wasn’t it as there is yet another surprising news about INFINITE.
The boys held their 2nd fanmeeting on March 1, and the MC for the fanmeeting was actor Kwak Jung Wook, who gained a lot of love for his problem-student role in ‘School 2013‘. When he first stood on stage, he smiled and said, “Hello, I’m Kwak Jung Wook, the MC for INFINITE’s fanmeeting today. There are a lot of fans gathered here today, more than what I expected. Did some of my fans come, too?“.

In reply, the fans cheered passionately, and Woohyun spoke up in surprise. He teased his labelmate by saying, “What’s going on? This is no joke. 

Anyway, Kwak Jung Wook, why are you here? I guess you weren’t busy today“, rousing laughter from the crowd. Woohyun continued, “Today is Kwak Jung Wook’s first time on stage. It’s his official debut as an MC.

Kwak Jung Woo didn’t want the verbal sparring to end there as he responded, “There were articles saying that I was going to be an MC for the fanmeeting. The titles were ‘The warm friendship between labelmates’, but that’s wrong. Our CEO forced me to do this. This is strictly business,” which caused even louder laughs.

Hoya had a surprise for everyone, and he said, “To be honest, Kwak Jung Wook was originally a member of INFINITE. Not many people know this, but we were dance rivals when we were both trainees.

Kwak Jung Wook admitted, “I did practice dance with the INFINITE members. I already saw their next stage for their comeback, so I’m looking really forward to it.

What do you think INFINITE would have been like if he was part of the group?

[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]

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SHINee holds guerilla concert at Gangnam club

SHINee thanked their fans for the enormous support they’ve received with “Dream Girl“. To celebrate the success of their latest comeback, the idol group held a guerilla concert at the Octagon club in Gangnam, Seoul on the 2nd at 1AM KST.

SHINee performed their new single “Dream Girl” as well as remix versions of their past hit songs. Taemin recently turned 20 years old, making all of the members of SHINee old enough to enter the club.

Don’t you wish you could’ve been there?

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