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March 04, 2013

Kwak Jung Wook reveals his picks for the best actors in INFINITE

Those lucky fans who attended 2013 INFINITE Fan Meeting held at the Seoul Olympic Park on March 1st had a chance to witness the interaction between MC of the night actor Kwak Jung Wook (whom you might remember from the drama ‘School 2013‘) and INFINITE.

Kwak Jung Wook, who has been a close friend of the group and even once considered as part of the line up of INFINITE, ranked the members on the level of their acting skills.

As someone who knows the members even better than the fans, he revealed his top 3 pick, commenting, Dongwoo is third place. Dongwoo acts better than Woohyun. It’s like the everyday life of Dongwoo itself seems like acting. Sungyeol is 2nd. We once auditioned for a drama together and we helped each other out a lot. He is a friend who can act well.”

As for his #1 pick? “I think the #1 spot in the actors ranking definitely goes to Hoya,” he shared.

Do you agree with his ranking?

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Credits: allkpop

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