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March 04, 2013

U-KISS’ Eli thinks Soohyun is tasty?

U-KISS held their 3rd athletic meet ‘KISSME Day‘ and fans surprised Eli and Soohyun with a birthday cake.

Eli looked so happy as he took a bite out of the cake, which happened to be the part with Soohyun’s face on it. Eli took to Twitter to thank his fans sharing, “Eli “kekekekeke Soohyun hyung is tasty!^^; Thank you for the cake!^^ I am so touched!”, revealing how delicious the cake was.

Fans are now left wondering if Eli had some hidden grudge towards Soohyun that he needed to relieve or if he just finds Soohyun tasty.

U-KISS will also be making a comeback this month so stay tuned!

Tip: lunarlullaby

Credits: allkpop

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