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March 06, 2013

Crispi Crunch thinks Teen Top’s “Miss Right” MV is for ‘young cute girls’ in hilarious reaction video

Hip hop duo Crispi Crunch has been posting very funny reaction videos to K-pop MV releases. They recently posted a funny clip for Teen Top‘s latest track “Miss Right“. The duo included guest Still PM, an underground Korean rapper, added gut-busting commentary throughout the clip.

After making the introductions, which included explaining the concept of reaction videos to Still PM, the trio commenced watching the “Miss Right” video. They seemed to enjoy the colorfulness and happy-go-luck vibe, but were less impressed with the forced nature of some scenes.  

In one hilarious interchange, Still PM explains, quite seriously which makes it even funnier, “very, very very young ladies would like this video.” To which Cheezy replies, “young cute girls love this music video“.

Credits: allkpop

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