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March 04, 2013

U-KISS hold athletic meet ‘KISSME Day’ with their fans

U-KISS had their 3rd athletic meet ‘KISSME Day‘ with their fans!

The member split their fans into 7 teams and had various sports games including dodgeball and balloon-blowing. ‘KISSME Day’ is the boys’ own way of getting close to their fans, and as expected an incredible amount of fans applied to participate with their favorite idols. A select few actually got to play with the U-KISS members, and at the end they snapped a photo with the members. The photo was tweeted along with the caption, “HAPPY KISSME DAY~ There were some lacking parts, but did you have a good time~?! Get home safe and see you next time~^^“.

Kevin himself retweeted the post and wrote, ”It was s~~~o fun! I was so happy to have such a great time before our comeback!“.

Hopefully, U-KISS can have a similar event in a foreign country as well!

Credits: allkpop

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