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October 19, 2012

Breathtaking 3D Goldfish Paintings by R. Fukahori

It’s hard to believe, but these lively goldfish swimming in the bowls are not real at all! A Japanese artist named Riusuke Fukahori is painting these incredibly realistic three-dimensional goldfish using acrylic paint layered over clear resin. 
Just like 3D printer[1], the artists paints the fish layer by layer, with the sandwiched slices revealing slight more about each creature.
When struggling with artistic vision, Fukahori’s pet goldfish became his inspiration and ever since his passion and lifelong theme. His unique style of painting uses acrylic on clear resin which is poured into containers, resulting in a three-dimensional appearance and lifelike vitality. This exhibition features twenty new painting works by this leading Japanese contemporary artist.”[2]

Riusuke Fukahori’s exhibition called “Goldfish Salvation” was recently on show at the ICN Gallery in London.


Photos by: Dominic

U-KISS’ Dongho released from hospital

U-KISS’ Dongho has now been released from the hospital.

The idol star, who was sent to the emergency room last week, canceled all his promotional activities to receive treatment for lung issues (pleurisy).

Agency NH Media announced on October 18, “Dongho has been discharged [from the hospital] after receiving surgery on the 15th. His health has greatly improved.”

Dongho has yet to recover completely, however. He’ll be resting at home for the time being. NH Media stated, “He has not recovered completely yet, so he’s resting at home. We’ll be checking in on his condition every day to figure out when he’ll be able to continue his schedule and join U-KISS promotions.”
U-KISS is currently preparing for their upcoming Japanese album.

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Block B sweeps various charts with ‘Blockbuster’

Block B‘s first album ‘Blockbuster‘ has risen to the top immediately upon their comeback.

The group revealed the tracks to ‘Blockbuster’ on the 17th at noon KST, and also held a comeback press conference / showcase at ‘AX-KOREA’. Their powerful performance took over the entire stage, and fans responded passionately to their return after an 8 month hiatus.

Their title song “NILLILI MAMBO” has reached #1 in Bugs, #2 in Olleh and Soribada, and #6 in Melon and Mnet. Not only so, but every other track on the album have also ranked high on music charts as well. The Block B members had promised to reach #1 and the company has expressed that they are experiencing a ‘happy dilemma’ because now fans are having higher expectations and that they reach #1.

Block B expressed, “We’re thankful to everyone who loved us endlessly even after a long wait. We worked hard to prepare for this album, so we hope more people enjoy it together. We’re going to work hard to keep making good music.

INFINITE’s 3D movie takes #3 spot in box office ticket sales

INFINITE‘s 3D film, ‘INFINITE Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D‘ is proving to be a huge success thanks to the support from their fans!

Even among the many excellent films currently out in theaters, ‘INFINITE 3D’ took the #3 spot in ticket sales, following the films ‘Masquerade‘ and ‘Suspect X‘, which took the first and second spots respectively.

In thanks, INFINITE has planned a special event for their audience. On top of the few theaters at which INFINITE is officially scheduled to make appearances on the 18th, they have planned to make special, ‘guerilla’ appearances at a few other theaters as well, as a surprise gift for their fans.

Before its release in South Korean theaters on the 18th, the movie had been invited to be screened at the 22nd Fukuoka International Film Festival just last month. And just several days ago, the members of INFINITE attended the premiere for their film where they expressed their excitement for the high-quality 3D production which would showcase special footage from their encore concert.

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F.T. Island is working on a new song?

On October 18th, F.T. Island‘s Hongki informed fans that they’re working on a new song.

He wrote, “Huh?? Oh, yeah, that’s right. I’ve called everyone over and we’re writing a song together” and uploaded a photo of members Jaejin and Seunghyun. Even though the screen glare whited out the computer screen, Hongki’s words hint that they’re working on a song together. The shirtless member in the back caught immediate attention of fans, and fans rushed to comment back to Hongki.

They tweeted back, “Why is Seunghyun shirtless!“, “Are you sure Jaejin is actually working?” and “Where are the other members?

Seems like F.T. Island is already at work on their next song!

Source: Hongki’s Twitter

A-PRINCE sightseeing? ^^

Today, the CEO of NEW PLANET (A-PRINCE’s management company) shared a picture of A-PRINCE which seems to show A-PRINCE during sightseeing.
Here is the picture:

credits: Mr. 이종서, CEO of NEW PLANET
What do you think where that place might be? ^^
Source: Mr. 이종서, CEO of NEW PLANET


October 18, 2012

BTOB to begin promotions for follow up track “I Don’t Know Anything But Love” through ‘M! Countdown’

Rookie group BTOB will begin promotions with their follow up track, “I Don’t Know Anything But Love“, today (18th) on ‘M! Countdown‘.

Their title song “WOW” had gathered much attention due to the powerful performances and the New Jack Swing sound, and now they’ll be showcasing their other charms through their follow up song “I Don’t Know Anything But Love”.

The song is said to have been originally considered for their title track with its strong sound and highly addictive melody. BTOB will be transforming into innocent men and singing emotional, yet witty lyrics that meld with the retro sound to create a different vibe from “Wow”.

Cube Entertainment artists to target Indonesian market with the help of Rainbow Bridge Agency

Cube Entertainment
artists like 4minuteB2STG.NA, BTOB, and more have signed a contract with Rainbow Bridge Agency, who will act as the official Indonesian agent for Cube artists.

On October 17th, Rainbow Bridge president Kim Jin Woo and Cube Entertainment representative Park Choong Min have joined together to begin activities in Indonesia for all of the artists under Cube Entertainment.

Rainbow Bridge stated, “Through the contract, We will be preparing for the management related activities for Cube Entertainment artists including broadcast activities, concerts, CFs, and various events in Indonesia. We will be marketing B2ST, 4minute, G.NA, and BTOB in Indonesia and help spread Hallyu.

With the new collaboration underway, 4minute will perform in “Volume Up Party” on October 31st with ‘S4‘, the winner from season 1 of Indonesia’s audition program, ‘Galaxy Superstar.

Netizen-created chart of idol rappers gains attention

A netizen-created chart ranking some of the popular idol rappers was recently posted on an online community board and is attracting much attention with some individuals agreeing with the chart while others disagreed.

The chart was posted with the title “Rapper Idol Ranking” and various rappers from various idol groups were arranged based on their skills.

The highest ranking idol rapper is Block B‘s Zico, who is receiving positive feedback along with the group for their comeback song “NILLILI MAMBO”. He is followed by Big Bang‘s G-Dragon who made a solo comeback with his album “One of a Kind”, proving to be a dominant force on music charts. 

Coming in right underneath the second tier are B.A.P‘s Bang Yong Guk, Block B’s Kyung, and Big Bang’s T.O.P.

The third tier with the red words is the limit line according to the netizen who created the list. Making the cut off is B2ST‘sJunhyungBrown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo2NE1‘s CL4minute‘s Hyuna, Block B’s P.O, and B1A4‘s Baro.

The fourth tier includes SECRET’s Zinger, INFINITE’s Dongwoo, JJ Project’s JB, TVXQ’s Yunho, SISTAR’s Bora, B.A.P’s Zelo, 2NE1’s Minzy, Wonder Girls Yubin, MBLAQ’s Mir, f(x)’s Amber, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Shindong, SHINee’s Minho, miss A’s Jia, and Hwayoung (former T-ara member).

Those who lie just above the fifth tier and towards the bottom of the fourth tier include Rainbow’s Woori, Viki (former Dal Shabet member), Wonder Girls Lim, KARA’s Nicole, Jihae (former Girl’s Day member).

Coming in below them are 2PM’s Taecyeon and Chansung.

So what do you think? Was this chart spot on in your opinion or do you disagree with it completely?

Minimiam: Little People in the World of Food

Do you remember the little people from the Tiny Street Art Project by Slinkachu? Now take these tiny guys to the beautiful Foodscapes by Carl Warner and you’ll get something similar to what you’re about to see.

Minimiam (meaning “Mini Yum”) is a creative union of husband and wife who create tiny worlds of food with their little people doing their little chores here. Akiko Ida is Japanese and Pierre Javelle is French. They met studying photography at the Paris “Arts Decoratifs” art school.

Since childhood, Akiko has always been attracted to the world of gastronomy. As a child, she elaborated and baked different sorts of bread which she subsequently photographed and classified in a notebook. At the same time, she invented tiny characters that filled entire pages of her journal. Akiko became a renowned Food Photographer, and has already taken part in more than 30 cookbooks.

Piere hails from Burgundy. He grew up on a comics diet. Attracted by drawing, illustrations and photography, art school was his refuge. The likes of Doisneau and Cartier-Bresson were major influences in his choice of photography as a medium.


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