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December 14, 2012

F.T. Island’s Hongki steps down from his MC position on ‘M! Countdown’

F.T. Island‘s Hongki has decided to step down as the MC for ‘M! Countdown‘.

FNC Entertainment revealed on December 13th, “The staff of ‘M! Countdown’ requested that he be absent temporarily only for 2 weeks and then return to his position. His stepping down was unavoidable because of his current activities. We had previously sought out a way to make it work because of the pleas from the staff, but we’ve told them of the decision due to his busy schedule.

Currently, Hongki is filming a movie, and also has F.T. Island’s Asia tour and Japanese promotions on top of it. F.T Island is also currently scheduled for the ‘TAKE FTISLAND‘ concert in Taiwan on the 15th and 16th as well.

Source: My Daily via Nate

Doojoon vows to keep any potential relationship a secret because of Junhyung and Hara

Doojoon revealed why he was against making any potential relationship public.

On the December 13th episode of ‘Happy Together‘, he confessed, “I don’t know any female idols.” When asked if he wanted to date when he sees Junhyung and Hara, he answered, “Well, I’m at the age where I want to date“, but when asked if he would make his relationship public, he said he wouldn’t.

He reasoned, “It’s extra work and worry when everything is revealed. There is also an effect from Junhyung and Hara. Our fans are still young, and a lot of them left the fanbase and cried after learning about the relationship.

U-KISS to release 6th Japanese single “Alone” in February

U-KISS will be releasing a new Japanese single in February.

According to the group’s official Japanese site, the single will consist of four tracks, including “ALONE” and its instrumental. The accompanying track is currently an unnamed song and the instrumental version of the unnamed song will be included as well. 

A second version of the single will include a bonus track, and the DVD version will include the music video for “ALONE” and its making video.

U-KISS has just released their 5th Japanese single “Distance…” which placed 3rd on the Oricon Daily Chart, so it looks like the boys are going to be busy in Japan for quite some time.

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‘Elle Girl’ magazine reveals unreleased spreads + interviews with B2ST, B.A.P, INFINITE’s L, ZE:A’s Siwan, TEEN TOP’s Niel, and more

Elle Girl‘ magazine recently revealed several unreleased “B-version” spreads featuring B2STZE:A‘s SiwanINFINITE‘s L, Seo In GukYeo Jin GooB.A.P, and TEEN TOP‘s Niel, explaining that there were too many hidden charms in the unreleased spreads for them to keep to themselves! Below are the comments from ‘Elle Girl’ and the interviews with the stars.


In the August 2012 edition, B2ST became the first boy group to grace the cover of ‘Elle Girl’ magazine. Throughout the interview, they reminded readers constantly of their new single, released over the summer. Their music reached a new level, especially by leaving the ‘heartbreak-boy’ image (in Yoseob‘s words) and opting for a brighter charm with “Beautiful Night“. Regardless of the sweltering hot weather, the boys didn’t lose focus and ended their photo shoot well.

B2ST stated, “While promoting in Korea again after so long was fun, the most memorable event was our 14-country world tour. We were so worried about being able to pull it off, but as we went through more and more performances, we got more confident and completed the tour safely. Being able to meet the fans and feel the love and support from so many countries was a big help to us.


Siwan transformed into a rookie actor this year, showcasing a new side to his many charms. Despite his busy schedule during the shooting of KBS drama ’The Moon That Embraces The Sun‘ in May, he took the time to sit down with ‘Elle Girl’ and complete a photo shoot and interview. He impressed with his sculpted features and ability to photograph well, and his concise way of speaking kept him from using any unnecessary words. His intelligence, talent, and good looks are bound to bring in success as an actor in 2013.

He stated, “I started the challenge of acting with ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ and received so much more love than I expected, relative to my acting abilities. I’m thankful to the year 2012 for the unexpectedly huge opportunity. The past year has felt like one huge gift to me, and I wonder if I’ll ever receive a gift like this one again.”


After INFINITE’s September edition photo spread was released, readers and fans both on and offline showed quite a reaction, surprising the editors at ‘Elle Girl’. Known as ‘Trend-Dols’ for their sudden, hot rise in popularity during this relatively calm year for idols, INFINITE has enjoyed quite a rise in fame over the past year. The unreleased photos from ‘Elle Girl’ contain images of the members looking healthy and happy. The editors selected L’s B-version cuts at the end of his sitcom, ‘What Is Mom‘. As INFINITE’s visual and the epitome of good looks and mysterious quiet, he steals the hearts of fans with his steady gaze in the cut.

Seo In Guk

Although he immediately became a superstar after his win on the first season of ‘Super Star K‘, he experienced a fall in popularity, until he brought it all back with his excellent acting in ‘Reply 1997‘. His eyes, expressions, and way of speaking made viewers reminiscent of 1997 in Korea and gave him an opportunity to flaunt a completely different charm through his acting. He worked with ‘Elle Girl’ for the October edition. The editors were curious, but he was already a professional. He already knew how to turn his face and his gaze; he was also a complete gentleman during his interview, speaking politely and well.

He stated, “It’s been a year during which I’ve received the gift of becoming an actor. I started with ‘Love Rain‘ and then became Yoon Jae for ‘Reply 1997′. During a fan meeting, I sang ‘All For You‘ with two special fans, and I’m thankful for their courageousness. It’s been a year that I want to put in a time capsule and look back upon when times are hard.”

Yeo Jin Goo

He made a mark in history through one of the most successful dramas of the year, ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’, and still has a long way to go. Born in 1997, Yeo Jin Goo has yet to start high school, but despite his young age, his haunting calls to his first love in the drama as the grieving young prince has received much applause. Even with his ability to act with a serious stare, he has a lovely, boyish charm to him, which has attracted many “noona fans”. With his dark-tone skin, charming eyes, and mature deep voice, Yeo Jin Goo still has infinite possibilities as an actor.

He stated, “I remember the first time I spent my birthday with my fans. It was fun, but I also felt the responsibility that comes with it. I was able to make a name for myself with ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’ and it was one happy year. Rather than feeling sad about sending 2012 off, I’m feeling ambitious and excited about 2013. I’ll show you a more developed side to me!


These 6 young men have the performance abilities and energy that are unlike many rookies. Fans were impressed with their great live vocal skills and the amount B.A.P has matured within a year of their debut. They worked with ‘Elle Girl’ for the first time in the April edition. There was no place for criticism with the 6 blond boys. With their poses and expressions that were unlike those of most rookie artists, their attitude was also a pure 100 percent. After the interview, they even shyly asked, “Let’s take a photo together” and smiled brightly, something ‘Elle Girl’ will remember.

B.A.P stated, “On the day of our fan club inauguration, we performed for 4,000 fans, which was the biggest performance we had since our debut showcase. It was so exciting. This year, we released 5 albums and worked non-stop. We’ll show you a more mature B.A.P in 2013, please watch after us with warm hearts!


TEEN TOP made many teenagers and noona fans swoon all throughout 2012. With “To You” in the first half of the year and “Be Ma Girl” in the second half, the 6 members showed off their charms as a group. In the September edition of ‘Elle Girl’, they displayed their unique characters and passion in each of their photo shoots. Niel, who went first, especially wowed ‘Elle Girl’ with the cuts of his uniquely beautiful face. In front of the camera, he had a bright, strong energy, but during the interview, he folded his hands together politely and smiled shyly, showing his many charms.

Niel stated, “This year, I learned and gained many things and was able to grow a lot. Personally, it was the end of my school career, and I worked hard with TEEN TOP for our overseas promotions, all of which are great memories. I’m sad to let go of 2012 because many great things happened, but I’ll send it off gracefully!

Source + Image: Elle Korea via Nate

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SHINee’s Onew and Block B’s B-Bomb celebrate their birthdays

SHINee‘s Onew and Block B‘s B-Bomb celebrated their birthdays!

Onew turned 23 and B-Bomb turned 22 when it turned midnight on December 14th KST, and fans and friends alike rushed to wish them a happy birthday. 

Onew’s fans trended the “#HappyOnewDay” trend on Twitter, which shot its way up to #1 on the ‘Worldwide Trending List’. After School‘s Jungah also rushed to wish Onew a happy birthday, writing, “Jingki Jingki Jingki Jinki Happy birthday~~^^.

Block B’s Taeil also took immediately to Twitter to wish his fellow member a happy birthday, tweeting, “Happy happy birthday to Lee Min Hyuk,” and then again tweeting to B-Bomb to write, “Happy birthday >.<.” In both cases, he uploaded photos, attaching a jureumi (a character that has recently become popular on the internet) version of Block B in the first tweet and then a screencap of Minhyuk wearing a rather scanty outfit in the second. Block B fans also took to trend #BBombSelcaKingDay, which ranked right below Onew’s trend at #2.

B-Bomb also went to go see a movie with Taeil and P.O for his birthday, and tweeted a photo with the words, “I just watched a movie with Taeil and Jihoon for my birthday! keke

Happy birthday to both Onew and B-Bomb!

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon meets with 200 fans on ‘An Actor is an Actor’ film set

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon held an impromptu fan signing on the set of his upcoming movie, ‘An Actor is an Actor‘.

According to J. Tune Camp on December 13th, over 200 fans showed up to the film set of ‘An Actor is an Actor’. Lee Joon showed his gratitude for their support by signing autographs despite the cold weather. Fans are said to have been touched by his care and thoughtful actions, especially as he was previously revealed to have gifted parkas to the movie staff.

Lee Joon stated, “I was so thankful for my fans who came to support me in the cold weather. The impromptu fan signing at the movie set was a fun and memorable time.”

December 13, 2012

BTOB’s Sungjae, Ilhoon, and Peniel cross dress on ‘B+ Diary’?

For the recent broadcast of SBSMTV‘s ‘B+ Diary‘, BTOB acted out a hilarious parody of SBS‘ match-making program ‘Couple‘.

The show called for Sungjae as well as Ilhoon and Peniel to transform into women #1, #2, and #3 to be set up with their other members, donning wigs and looking quite pretty, which had the viewers and the members laughing.

Christmas greetings to allkpop fans from LEDApple

Christmas is right around the corner and allkpop received some stocking stuffers in the form of a special greeting videos for our fans!

Today’s greeting is from none other than LEDApple. The boys made a comeback last month with the release of their new single “Let the Wind Blow“, once again delivering another impressive song.

Orange Caramel & NU’EST release Christmas carol, “Dashing Through the Snow in High Heels”

Orange Caramel has released a new winter digital single featuring their labelmates NU’EST, that is sure to kick off the holidays to a great start for their fans!

Titled, “Dashing Through the Snow in High Heels“, the single is a Christmas carol that puts a spin on the lyrics from the classic “Jingle Bells” (original lyrics: “dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh”).

SHINee reveal making-of for ’1000 Years Always by Your Side…’ PV and album jacket

SHINee have released the making of the album jacket and music video for their latest Japanese single ‘1000 Years Always by Your Side…‘!

The PV, which features the boys at an old-fashioned bus stop, is created in a short film style based on the theme of the lyrics: “The thoughts you want to deliver to people who you cherish, a story of a little miracle that surely happens a few times somewhere in the world.” 

B1A4 fans donate rice, coal briquettes, mango trees, and more for the group’s first concert ‘BABA B1A4′

B1A4‘s fans donated rice, coal briquettes, eggs, animal feed, and mango trees for starving children and neighbors in need.

Fans from all over the world in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico and Peru came together to donate numerous congratulatory wreaths for the group’s first concert ‘BABA B1A4‘.

In total, they donated 1,980 kg (4,365 lbs) of rice, 2,356 coal briquettes, 300 egg wreaths, 300 kg (661 lbs) of animal feed, and 10 mango trees all on behalf of B1A4. 

B1A4 thanked the fans for their charitable donation. They also stated, “From our point of view, it’s sort of embarrassing to call this a good deed (since it’s the fans that are donating). When the opportunity arises, we want to do more for those in need.

B1A4 to be special MCs for December 13th’s ‘M! Countdown’

F.T. Island‘s Hongki will be unable to host his regular spot on Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ for the second week.

Mnet announced on the 12th, “Due to his filming schedule for the movie ‘Phoenix‘ (working title), he’s requested the producers for a two-week absence from his MC position on ‘M! Countdown’.”

In his place, the members of B1A4 will act as special one-day hosts.
In related news, ‘Phoenix’ is a story that revolves around a top star who learns to appreciate life and music after spending time in a hospice hospital.

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December 12, 2012

Boyfriend’s Jeongmin updates fans with a goodnight selca

Boyfriend‘s Jeongmin updated fans with a “swoonworthy” goodnight selca.

Jeongmin shared on Boyfriend’s official Twitter on the 11th, “I’m sleepy… A snapshot from yesterday after I finished practice in the early morning! This is a late-night gift from Jeongmin… kekeke. Goodnight, everyone<3 about="about" dream="dream" em="em" me="me"> along with the photo above.

The photo shows Jeongmin happy to finally get some rest as he cuddles into his pillow.

Fans commented, “Noona fans hit the jackpot today”, “Jeongmin is so charming and sexy”, “I think of ‘White Love‘ when I see this selca”, and more.

In other news, “White Love”, featuring K. Will, SISTAR‘s Soyu, and Jeongmin, is ranking high on music charts. Boyfriend is also doing well in Japan with the singles “Dance Dance Dance” and “MY LADY“.

B1A4 successfully wraps up their first solo concert, ‘BABA B1A4′

B1A4 successfully concluded their first solo concert, ‘BABA B1A4‘, held on the 8th and 9th at the Seoul Olympic SK Handball Stadium in front of 11,000 fans.
The three-hour long event had fans wild throughout with B1A4′s performances of “Baby Good Night“, “Beautiful Target“, “Baby I’m Sorry“, and new songs “What Do You Want To Do“, and “In the Air“. The members also showcased their individual charms through solo stages with Sandeul singing ”Lefty“, CNU performing ”With Me“, CNU and Baro captivating fans with their duet “I’m Burning“, and Gongchan performing “Would You Like To Sing With Me“, and Jinyoung had fans swooning with “Be My Girl“.

B1A4 also showed off their cute charms by dancing along to Girls’ Generation‘s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)“. One lucky fan from the audience was also chosen to receive a proposal from the group and have a backstage date with the group.

The group will also be holding their Japanese concert series, ‘B1A4 1st Concert [BABA B1A4] in JAPAN’ at Kobe Hall on January 26th and 27th, and the Yokohama Arena on the 30th and 31st.

In other news, B1A4 is currently receiving a lot of love with their new single, “Tried To Walk“, and recently claimed their first win on ‘Immortal Song 2‘.
Fans also sent 2 tons of congratulatory rice wreaths to commemorate B1A4′s first solo concert.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

‘불후의명곡’ 새해엔 뉴페이스들과 만나는 걸로, 하차 가수 누구?

'불후의명곡'이 새해를 맞아 새 판을 짠다.

최근 KBS 2TV '불후의 명곡-전설을 노래하다'에서 맹활약했던 B1A4, 스윗소로우, 브라운아이드걸스(브아걸) 제아, 손호영은 하차를 결정했다. 각자 새 앨범 및 콘서트 등을 준비하기 위해서다.

이들의 모습은 12월 말과 1월중순까지 전파를 탄다. 그간 '불후의 명곡' 중심세력으로서 다양한 무대를 보여줬던 이들이 하차한다는 소식에 많은 이들이 아쉬움의 소리를 높이고 있다.
한편 아이비, UV, 체리필터, 박현빈, 손호영, 정동하, 브라운아이드걸스(제아 나르샤), 윤형렬, 스윗소로우, 유미, 틴탑, 투빅 등 총 12팀은 12월10일 KBS 신관 공개홀에서 진행된 '불후의 명곡' 엄정화 특집 녹화에 참여했다. 이어 17일에는 '젊음의 행진' 특집으로 진행되며 인피니트H(호야 장동우), 정동하 등이 참석한다. 주요 멤버들이 하차한 공백에는 기존에 '불후'에서 좋은 모습을 보여줬던 멤버들 혹은 뉴페이스가 참여할 예정이다.

이와 관련해 '불후의 명곡' 고민구PD는 "일부 멤버들이 활동을 이유로 잠정적으로 '불후'를 떠나게 됐다. 그들의 공백에는 익숙한 얼굴들이 합류할 예정이다"고 말했다.

15일 방송되는 '불후의 명곡'은 친구와 함께 하는 겨울특집으로 꾸며진다.

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INFINITE H and TEEN TOP to perform for ‘Immortal Song 2′

It has been announced that there will be some casting changes for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

Current contestants B1A4, Sweet Sorrow, Brown Eyed GirlsJeA, and Son Ho Young will be leaving the show due to scheduling conflicts with their upcoming concerts and album recordings. But fans who are disappointed to hear the news will still be able to catch their favorite artists perform on the show until mid-January as there is enough recordings to carry them over until then.

The December 10th filming is said to have seen featured performances by Ivy, UV, Cherry Filter, Park Hyun Bin, Son Ho Young, Boohwal‘s Jung Dong Ha, Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA and Narsha, Yoon Hyung Ryul, Sweet Sorrow, Yoomi, TEEN TOP, and 2BiC. It has been revealed that the upcoming ‘March of the Youth’ special for the December 17th filming will also welcome INFINITE H‘s Hoya and Dongwoo to add to the list of new faces.

‘Immortal Song 2′ Go Min Goo PD stated, “A portion of the members will leave ‘Immortal Song 2′ due to individual activities. During their period away, it is planned that familiar faces will enter.”

Catch the ‘Immortal Song 2′s ‘winter special’ episode on the 15th!
Source: Newsen

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TEEN TOP releases “Delicious Addiction” for K-FOOD

Hit producer Brave Brothers has joined with some of Korea’s top idol groups to create songs for the K-FOOD campaign.

Brave Brothers has joined the campaign and created 6 songs with each track having the concept of Korean Food. He has handed over the licenses and all rights of the album to the K-FOOD campaign.

ZE:A sang the first song of the album called “Remember” and now TEEN TOP has song a song titled “Delicious Addiction“. Other artists such as Jay Park, Brave Girls, and Electroboyz will be releasing songs for the K-FOOD campaign.

[PIC] A-PRINCE interview to be released in French magazine “Asian Wave”

Unity of A-PRINCE previously shared several behind the scenes pictures from A-PRINCE’s interview with the French magazine “Asian Wave” (and CultureM).

A-PRINCE’s interview with the French magazine “Asian Wave” will be released in the upcoming 6th issue of “Asian Wave”. The exact magazine release date is not know yet, Unity of A-PRINCE will keep you informed about that matter.

Generally, the “Asian Wave” magazines can be bought on the website of “Asian Wave”: (But please note that the “Asian Wave” issue #6 featuring A-PRINCE is not released yet!)

Or you can buy/order the “Asian Wave” magazine at the French K-Pop store “Musica” located in Paris, the exact address of the store “Musica” is 44 Avenue d’Ivry, 75013 Paris, France. The online store of “Musica” can be found here:

credits: Asian Wave
Sources: Asian Wave, Musica

[PROMOTION POSTER] A-PRINCE’s European Tour – Si Yoon Version

[포토] 라뷰티코아 헤어쇼, 내일은 슈퍼스타 에이프린스

(데이터뉴스=김민효 기자) 에이프린스가 28일 서울 대치동 SETEC에서 열린 2012서울국제뷰티살롱엑스포 라뷰티코아 2013 S/S 헤어쇼 룩&런 세미나 포토세션에 참석했다.

토 탈뷰티살롱 라뷰티코아는 서울국제뷰티살롱엑스포에 참여해 라뷰티코아 10주년기념 2013 S/S 룩&런 세미나 행사를 개최했다. 이날의 행사에는 버스커버스커 박수진 강예빈 한혜린 에이프린스 스테파니 윤지원 박국선 에이더원 조은숙 등이 참석해 라뷰티코아 헤어쇼 개최를 축하했다.

[PIC] Another picture of A-PRINCE at 10 year anniversary event of “Ra Beauty Core”

Unity of A-PRINCE previously reported that A-PRINCE attended the 10 year anniversary event of “Ra Beauty Core” including a picture of A-PRINCE at the event’s red carpet.

Here is another picture showing A-PRINCE on the red carpet of that occasion.
credits: datanews
Source: datanews

NU’EST holds a sold out mini concert in Japan

NU’EST recently wrapped up their Japanese mini concert, which had originally sold out in 10 minutes.

The group has yet to officially debut in Japan, but the mini-concert held in Shibuya AX sold all 3,000 seats in 10 minutes. The rookie group performed their powerful, masculine stage to the feverish support of their Japanese fans. They performed 7 songs, including “Face” and “Action“.

They also spoke in Japanese to the fans, gaining a lot of praise from the many Japanese staff and fans.

Pledis Entertainment said, “We were surprised because the mini concert that was held on a weekday was sold out even though it was held before official Japanese promotions started. We’ll prepare a good album and promotions so we can meet our Japanese fans as fast as possible. Please show NU’EST a lot of support and love.

NU’EST will be finishing their Malaysian promotions this week, and are preparing for their album that will be released early next year.

Sunggyu’s new “60 Seconds” band version MV causes homepage crash

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu recently revealed a new ‘band version’ music video for his solo debut single ‘60 Seconds‘ on December 10th.

However, fans were met with an unexpected issue when INFINITE’s official website crashed for an hour due to a server overload, leaving them unable to access the video. The band version of the video was released to return the love and support Sunggyu had received from his fans.

The bright background on the set of the music video and the many clocks complement Sunggyu’s chic black suit and overall concept. “60 Seconds” is a song that goes well with the winter season.

Woollim Entertainment commented, “While the band version was revealed to give back the love and support to fans, we had no idea the site and server would crash. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

While Sunggyu has wrapped up his solo promotions, he had a successful run with high rankings on various music charts. His successful solo debut shows his maturity and capabilities as an artist.

SHINee release Japanese single “The World Where You Exist”

SHINee have released their Japanese single “The World Where You Exist“.

The song is the B-side track of their single album ‘1000 Years Always by Your Side…‘, which is also the name of their title song. “The World Where You Exist” is a ballad song fit for the wintertime that features the use of piano and percussion.

B2ST’s Yoseob, Seo In Young, and Yoon Sang to coach young contestants on ‘Voice Korea’

Singers Yoon Sang, Seo In Young, and B2ST‘s Yoseob have been confirmed as coaches for Mnet‘s ‘Voice Korea‘.

The upcoming season of the reality competition program will focus on a younger age group. It seems that the coaches are expected to show a softer side of themselves as the contestants will all be children between the ages of 6-14 years. Many viewers are looking forward to how Yoon Sang and Seo In Young will adjust.

CP Oh Kwang Suk from Mnet stated, “I’ve met a lot of talented young people while working on ‘Superstar K‘ and ‘Voice Korea’. I thought it’d be a good idea to have a separate program for them, so I decided to produce this program.”

This special version of ‘Voice Korea’ will maintain the format of the original. Those accepted during preliminary rounds will be assigned a team and coach after blind auditions.

The first episode of the upcoming season will air on January 4, 2013 KST.

Lee Joon’s family home revealed, mother shows pride in his strong sense of fiscal responsibility

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon‘s house was revealed on the December 11th episode of KBS2TV‘s “Yuh-Yoo Man Man“.

Lee Joon’s mother introduced the family house, and stated, “We don’t even have an air conditioner at home. Last summer, it was so hot that I really wanted buy an air conditioner. But Lee Joon said that air conditioners are expensive in the summer and wouldn’t let me buy one. So we still don’t have one. Our refrigerator is also 13 years old. Recently, our fridge started making loud noises so I wanted to buy a new one, but we just replaced the part and didn’t buy a new one. I’m thankful because he seems to be very frugal.

She added, “I believe he has a strong sense of fiscal responsibility. I think he realized that there are obstacles in life after his father’s business faced some difficulties when he was in elementary school.

December 11, 2012

Orange Caramel to release new digital single featuring NU’EST

Pledis Entertainment has announced that Orange Caramel will be releasing a new digital single featuring NU’EST.

The agency posted to its official Twitter:
The above zoo-themed concept image was also shared, but no further details have been announced at this time.

Do you have any guesses about what kind of collaboration will be released on December 13th?

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LUNAFLY release practice video for English version of “One More Step”

LUNAFLY have revealed a practice video for “One More Step“.

The trio recently returned with their second digital single, ‘Clear Day, Cloudy Day‘. They’ve also released the English MV for “Day by Day”.

2AM’s Seulong and Block B’s Jaehyo wish SECRET a speedy recovery

Following the news of SECRET‘s car accident, 2AM‘s Seulong and Block B‘s Jaehyo were two celebrities among those who sent their sincere wishes for SECRET’s speedy recovery.

Seulong shared on his Twitter on the 10th, “SECRET’s car accident.. I was shocked since reading the news in the morning. Although they are not close friends of mine, as colleagues, I wish for them to have a speedy recovery.. !”
Jaehyo also showed his concern as he tweeted, “When I hear celebrities getting into a car accident, I don’t feel at ease. I wish for a speedy recovery!!”, sending good vibes to the girls who have just gone through a rough ordeal.

We wish all the members a speedy and complete recovery!

B2ST, INFINITE, and SISTAR to hold special themed performances at the’2012 Melon Music Awards’

B2ST, INFINITE, and SISTAR have confirmed their attendances for the ‘2012 Melon Music Awards‘ along with a special stage!

The three groups will be collaborating for a special stage on the upcoming music ceremony on December 14th. According to concert directors, the two part ceremony will be a festival to heal the hearts of fans, aptly titled ‘Music is Healing’. B2ST, INFINITE, and SISTAR have been chosen as the stars of the concept, which will be divided into three themes titled ‘Girl is Healing’, ‘Dance is Healing’, and ‘Star is Healing’.

SISTAR will be making transformations as Catwomen breaking into a casino with a 60 member dance team while INFINITE is expected to flip the tables on the expectations of the audience with a dance stage never seen before. As for B2ST, they’ll be coming up with a whimsical concept as ‘little princes’ to put on a dream-like stage.

MMA representatives stated, “As this is the first and the last music festival made entirely for domestic fans, we’ve created a lot of stage concepts different from anything ever seen before. You’ll only be able to see them at the MMA so please look forward to their special stage.” 

Check back with allkpop for the ceremony on December 14th.

Source + Photo: bnt News

B1A4′s Baro and Sandeul win on ‘Immortal Song 2′

Idol group B1A4‘s Baro and Sandeul won first on the December 8th episode of KBS2TV‘s ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

For the Kim Bum Ryong special of the show, the two B1A4 members performed “The Way to Live like a Man“. Sandeul’s quiet yet emotional singing impressed the crowd in particular.

Son Ho Young, who also competed on the program, commented, “This is the best B1A4 performance I’ve seen so far. I think they’ll get 1st,” while Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA stated, “It’s like they were cast aside somewhere. They express themselves in a way that’s supposed to be difficult for young people.”

Kim Bum Ryong himself said, “You [two] are very cute, but the song is very mature. I composed ‘The Way to Live like a Man’ after watching the drama ‘Seoul’s Daughter‘, and [I feel like] the feelings during that time were brought back.”

In the end, B1A4 won with 405 votes, defeating Jung Dong Ha by 1 vote.

INFINITE goes up against card throwing master on ‘Star King’

INFINITE went up against a card throwing master on the December 8th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘Star King‘.

The INFINITE members took on a match against Bai Dengchun to see who would come out on top for “card shooting.”

Unfortunately, Woohyun, Hoya, L, and Sungjong failed the challenge, and Sungyeol made a good effort, but still missed the mark.

On the episode, Bai Dengchun cut into cucumbers and watermelons, amazing those in the studio.

100% releases “Guy Like Me” practice video

100% has released a practice video for ”Guy Like Me”!

As previously reported, the song is a continuation of the “boy/guy” series, following their earlier track, ”Bad Boy“. Different from their previous release, this new song explores the softer side of the boys as it is a “perfect ballad for the winter.”

‘Smart’ school uniforms reveals teaser CF featuring B1A4

Smart school uniforms has released its teaser CF featuring the brand’s endorsement models B1A4.

The ad asks “December 22nd, do you want to do the ‘style up dance’ with B1A4?”; the question is also a play on words that refers to matching looks with the idol group. With the teaser CF released, many fans are looking forward to what might be coming later on this month.

In the teaser, B1A4 can be seen doing a comical dance in front of a cityscape with the date “December 22nd” prominently on display. Viewers commented, “They’re so bright and cheery”, “What is this? You’ll regret not watching this video”, “The dance is so adorable”, and more.

In related news, B1A4 will open their first solo concert, ‘Baba B1A4‘, on December 8th to the 9th at Seoul’s Olympic Park.

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