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March 01, 2013

LOEN TV goes backstage for TEEN TOP’s showcase + C.A.P draws his own ‘Miss Right’

LOEN TV went backstage with TEEN TOP!

The boys recently held the showcase for their first album ‘No.1‘, and LOEN TV revealed footage of how they looked offstage and conducted a short interview with them. The boys gave themselves a 100 on their showcase, laughing brightly. They also chose maknae Changjo as the most manly member. 

The official TEEN TOP Twitter account also shared a photo of C.A.P holding a drawing of his own ‘Miss Right’, surprising everyone with his artistic skills. He drew the picture below with the words, “The ‘Miss Right’ that I imagine.” 

Looks like C.A.P is artistic in more than one way!

[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]

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U-KISS releases teaser image for 3rd album ‘Collage’

U-KISS has released a teaser image for their upcoming 3rd album ‘Collage‘!

The full album’s title song will be “Standing Still“, written by Ryan Jhun. The album includes Kevin‘s solo “My Reason“, Eli and AJ‘s “Party All the Time“, and Soohyun and Hoon‘s “More Painful than Pain“. It contains 10 songs and 2 extra instrumentals. 

The album will be released on March 7, but the boys will have their first comeback stage a day before on March 6 through ‘Show Champion‘.

Tracklist for Album:
01. Step by Step (Intro)
02. Standing Still
03. Can’t Breathe
04. Missing You
05. Bad Person
06. More Painful than Pain (Soohyun & Hoon duet)
07. My Reason (Kevin solo)
08. Party All The Time (AJ & Eli duet)
09. Sweety Girl
10. Cause I Love You
11. More Painful than Pain (Inst.)
12. Standing Still (Inst.)

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‘BROTHER19′ (Roh Ji Hoon & Eric Nam) to perform “Ma Girl” on ‘Birth of a Great Star 3′

Former ‘Birth of a Great Star‘ contestants Roh Ji Hoon and Eric Nam, who have both kicked off their solo debuts, are coming together to collaborate for a performance that should prove to be quite interesting to watch!

Roh Ji Hoon hinted at the upcoming collaboration, sharing on his Twitter, “A cut with Eric Nam hyung… Be excited… Collaboration? Hyung what are we going to do!!!! Ah.

Well, we now know what’s up as it’s been announced that the two singers will be coming together to perform “Ma Girl“. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? If you guessed SISTAR19, you’re right, since this will be their version of “Ma Boy“!

Eric Nam further confirmed the news and revealed the name of their unit as he replied to Roh Ji Hoon, “With Ji Hoon… Oh my god. What do we do! Let’s do our best! BROTHER19.”

This special collaboration will be aired on ‘Birth of a Great Star 3′s March 1st broadcast at 9:55PM KST, so don’t miss it!

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February 28, 2013

TEEN TOP completely sell out the limited edition version of ‘No.1′

TEEN TOP has been sweeping the charts with their first album ‘No.1‘!

Apparently achieving all-kills on music charts and search charts weren’t enough, because the boys completely sold out the limited edition of ‘No.1′.

According to their label, T.O.P Media, when the album was available for online pre-orders on the 19th, it completely sold out on the same day. Not too long after when the album was released in stores, the physical copies sold out within 2 days. The album was produced by Brave Brothers, and includes hip hop, ballad, and R&B songs.

The boys will have their comeback stage on the 28th through ‘M! Countdown‘! 
Congratulations to TEEN TOP!

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The boys of A-PRINCE attempt the ‘cutie player’

Have you gotten tired of the ‘cutie [guiyomi] player’ yet? Neither have we!
The latest Korean celebrity to attempt the shiver-and-grin-inducing move is none other than the boys of  idol group A-PRINCE, who performed admirably with an extended version of the ‘cutie player’!

The ‘cutie player’, started by BTOB‘s Ilhoon on ‘Weekly Idol‘, has reached epidemic proportions, with celebrities practically falling over each other to outdo everyone on just exactly how cute they can be.

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Dance version music video released for TEEN TOP’s “Miss Right”

After falling for female comedian Shin Bora in their original music video for “Miss RightTEEN TOP has decided to cut out the chase as they’ve now revealed a dance-only version!

The group has been grabbing attention with every comeback for not only their catchy songs, but their fun choreography, and this time is no different!

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MV for Woohyun & Lucia’s duet “Cactus” is here!

Woohyun of INFINITE has joined forces with singer-songwriter Lucia for a duet project, and after a day of wait, the full music video has finally been released!

Like said previously, their duet is called “Cactus” and is the 2nd project from ‘Re; code, the same project that produced the hit ”Officially Missing You, Too” by Geeks and Soyu. The song originally comes in two versions, but in the re-edited version, Woohyun’s soothing voice mixes in to create a mellow song that is perfect for this upcoming spring season.

Unfortunately the two singers don’t star in the music video themselves, but their voices definitely help to enhance the mood of the scenes depicted in the video

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Did your favorite celebrity make it onto Forbes Korea’s ’2013 Power Celebrity 40′ list?

In celebration of their 10th year of establishment, Forbes Korea has reported this year’s list of the top 40 ‘Power Celebrities’.

The list picks the top 40 from a long list of actors, MCs, singers, and athletes and ranks them accordingly based on profit, influence, name value, and professionalism. 

Psy topped this years list, pushing Girls’ Generation down to #2. The girls topped this list in both 2011 and 2012. Big Bang, Park Tae Hwan, IU, and Kim Yuna all managed to keep their rankings within the top 10 for the second consecutive year while 16 new celebrities made their first appearance on the list.

The full Top 40 list is as follows:
  1. Psy
  2. Girls’ Generation
  3. Son Yeon Jae
  4. Kim Soo Hyun
  5. Big Bang
  6. Park Tae Hwan
  7. Song Joong Ki
  8. IU
  9. Kim Yuna
  10. Super Junior
  11. Lee Seung Gi
  12. Yoo Joon Sang
  13. KARA
  14. Lee Dae Ho
  15. 2PM
  16. Ki Sung Ryong
  17. miss A
  18. Joo Won
  19. Park Ji Sung
  21. CNBLUE
  22. T-ara
  23. TVXQ
  24. Kim Tae Hee
  25. JYJ
  26. SISTAR
  27. Shin Bora
  28. Oh Yeon Seo
  29. B2ST
  30. Yoo Jae Suk
  31. Han Hyo Joo
  32. Kim Nam Joo
  33. Kim Joon Hyun
  34. Ryu Seung Ryong
  35. Yang Hak Sun
  36. Kim Byung Man
  37. Lee Min Jung
  38. Um Tae Woong
  39. Lee Kwang Soo
  40. Ha Ji Won
Did your favorite celebrity make it onto the list?

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Lee Joon finally makes an appearance in ‘Iris 2′

Iris 2‘ was off to a blazing start with high TV ratings but for the first two weeks, Lee Joon was nowhere to be found. Many viewers were kept wondering where he could possibly be but the MBLAQ member finally made his long awaited appearance on the 5th episode.

The 5th episode aired on the 27th, and to make up for his lengthy absence, his voice was even used for the beginning narration.

Even though he played a serious, cool character for his first scene, he soon showed some elements of his real-life self, being a proud and fun character.

He’s going to be swept up in an unusual situation as he guards the former president in the drama, and even though he complains about his tasks, he always fulfills his duty until the very end. His action scenes awed the entire staff, especially the director.

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Lee Joon in the drama?

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Sunggyu reassures HyunA that he’s not a sasaeng fan

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu attempted to explain himself to 4minute‘s HyunA.

On the February 27 episode of ‘Radio Star‘, MC Yoo Se Yoon listed Sunggyu’s many ideal types which included Jeon Ji Hyun, Soyu, and HyunA. When he was asked if he selected these women because they had sexy bodies, Sunggyu stated that the main reason was because he likes women with pale and milky skin. Of all the women from his ideal types, he has talked mostly about HyunA over the years. So much so that he stated, “It’s like I’m in love with her. Now when she sees me, she looks at me like I’m sort of a sasaeng fan. So I wanted to properly explain myself.

In a video message to her, he said, “I just… It’s not that I like you. Wait, no, I do like you. As a fan, I just love- wait, no, I don’t love. As a fan.. I’m a big fan. It’s not like I have weird thoughts.

Kyuhyun pointed out, “So you are a fan. You said she looks at you like you’re her fan“, and Sunggyu said, “Like.. sort of a sasaeng fan.” Undeterred, Kyuhyun continued, “What if HyunA asked you out?“. Sunggyu sighed and said, “Do you think such a thing could really happen?“.

Kyuhyun and Muzie urged him on, and he replied, “If that happened, I think I’d be able to handle it well. For my future.” He ended up stuttering, “I’ll think of all my fans and… secretly… Wait, no“, causing everyone to laugh at his embarrassment.

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INFINITE’s Sunggyu was hurt by L’s remarks about his solo album?

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu opened up about a time when he felt somewhat betrayed by a group member.

Discussing his solo album, “Another Me“, on the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, he revealed that he was disappointed by the lack of success of his first solo effort. The conversation started with MC Kim Kuk Jin pointing out, “I heard that your ambitious solo album was a complete failure. Your fans even made posts reading, ‘Don’t even type in or search about Sunggyu’s solo album failing’ since the search ranking will go up.

Sunggyu sighed as he responded, “I saw that. If you type in ‘Sunggyu’ in the search bar, the related search term is ‘Sunggyu’s solo failure’.” The other MCs joked around to make him smile, and he continued, “It came out last year, and the songs were really good. The album is a classic. It’s a really well-made album.” Kyuhyun mentioned that INFINITE-H‘s album was doing well, and Sunggyu explained that it was because they had the name ‘INFINITE’ behind them, while he just promoted simply as ‘Kim Sunggyu’, and explained that he was originally going to be ‘INFINITE’s Sungyu’, but changed at the last minute.

Even more so than the failure itself, he related, was the reactions of his fellow INFINITE members. He said, “The worst thing was, L‘s sitcom was cancelled.

I heard he was drinking with our CEO, so I went to them. In the beginning, he said he was so thankful that I was there, but when he got drunk, he said, ‘But it’s okay because you failed, too’. I went to cheer him on, but I was the one that got damaged. During that time, it was sort of hard for me to say anything, because he was having a hard time, too. Since I’m a hyung, I couldn’t go argue with him about it. I was going to let it go if he stopped there, but he just kept going. He even knew the exact ranking. Even I didn’t know that! I got angry and blurted, ‘Didn’t the drama get ruined because of you?’“.

Sunggyu went on to reveal that despite being hurt at the time over L’s remarks, they mutually put an end to the problem by getting over their hangover together the next morning – which goes to prove that in some cases, drinking does solve problems, after all!

[Disclaimer: allkpop does not endorse alcoholism in any way.]

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MBLAQ takes on three different looks for the album jackets of Japanese single “Mona Lisa”

MBLAQ has taken on three different looks for the three album jackets of their Japanese single, ”Mona Lisa“, leaving fans saying, “oh yeah”, as they pick and choose their favorite!

As typical of most Japanese releases, there will be several versions of the single including two limited editions and one regular edition. So for each edition comes a new jacket; the boys sport a tough, charismatic look in all black ensembles for the first one, a preppy, boy-next-door image for the second, and finally a fun and funky look for the third version.

Their Japanese label explained the concept behind the photos stating, “The black represents their powerful performances on stage, and the white and vivid colors represent their kind and lively image when they’re not on stage.” 

MBLAQ will release their 3rd Japanese single on March 27th, so you have plenty of time to debate with yourself about whether to pick one, or you know, just splurge on all three to your wallet’s dismay.

So, which is your favorite?

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February 27, 2013

Why did MBLAQ’s Seungho and Mir visit ‘Inkigayo’?

MBLAQ hasn’t promoted a song since “Run“, so the boys have been quite absent from the broadcast stations.

However, the boys paid a special visit to ‘Inkigayo‘ to cheer on their hoobae labelmates TWO X. J.Tune Camp tweeted a photo of the two MBLAQ members and TWO X in cute yellow stage outfits from the ‘Inkigayo’ backstage, writing, “#MBLAQ #TwoX Seungho and Mir appeared at the SBS Deungchon Hall, where SBS ‘Inkigayo’ was held!! They came to ‘Inkigayo’ for the first time in a long time to cheer on TWO X. We’re revealing that scene to you. Ring Ma Bell~♪“.

Seems like MBLAQ is making sure to take good care of their hoobaes, as they’ve previously given them special lessons!

Tip: Hong

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SHINee reveals their ‘dream girls’

Jonghyun, Minho, and Taemin of SHINee revealed their ‘dream girls’ in a recent radio broadcast of ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘.

“I like women who are like foxes,” Jonghyun said. “Those with a lot of aegyo and who can play around with me.”

Minho took a different track as he got a little more detailed. “I like girls who look especially beautiful when they flip their hair while in the midst of working hard on something.” [How many of our readers did this in real life just now?]

The youngest, Taemin, gave what might be the most mature answer of them all. “I’d like someone who is the same on the inside and the outside, someone who’s honest about herself.”

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A famous female celebrity has expressed interest in a TEEN TOP member?

Netizens have found themselves another case to investigate as TEEN TOP mentioned that a famous female celebrity has expressed interest in one of the members!

On the 26th, the boys had a showcase for their first album, where they talked about all sorts of topics and performed “Miss Right“. With the title track about finding that perfect girl, the talk segment naturally encompassed the topic of dating and love.

L.Joe surprised and teased when he said, “One of the members was asked out by a female celebrity, who is someone that everyone would know if we mentioned her name.” When the audience couldn’t quiet down, he, perhaps scared that the situation might become a bit bigger than he expected, added, “If I think about it, maybe she didn’t ask him out. She told him he was her ideal type.

Niel helped stir the topic in a different direction by jokingly boasting, “A lot of female sunbae celebrities like Um Jung Hwa, Lee Hyori, Kahi, and Lizzy like us. Thank you so much,” bringing bittersweet laughter from their fangirls.

Any idea who this famous female celebrity may be?

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