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February 28, 2013

TEEN TOP completely sell out the limited edition version of ‘No.1′

TEEN TOP has been sweeping the charts with their first album ‘No.1‘!

Apparently achieving all-kills on music charts and search charts weren’t enough, because the boys completely sold out the limited edition of ‘No.1′.

According to their label, T.O.P Media, when the album was available for online pre-orders on the 19th, it completely sold out on the same day. Not too long after when the album was released in stores, the physical copies sold out within 2 days. The album was produced by Brave Brothers, and includes hip hop, ballad, and R&B songs.

The boys will have their comeback stage on the 28th through ‘M! Countdown‘! 
Congratulations to TEEN TOP!

Tip: angelontop

Credits: allkpop

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