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February 27, 2013

TEEN TOP’s L.Joe expounds on his kiss scene with Shin Bora

TEEN TOP‘s L.Joe related a story about his kiss scene with comedian Shin Bora for their recent comeback music video.

“I heard about the kiss scene for the first time on the set,” he said at a recent showcase, describing the atmosphere. “I was a bit surprised, so I asked the director what I should do. But Bora unnie seemed to be more flustered about it, so I took the lead.”

The ‘kiss scene’ in question was a part of TEEN TOP’s “Miss Right” music video. Shin Bora was actually wearing a thick breathing mask over her mouth, which makes it less of a kiss scene and more of a mouth-to-plastic scene – but still romantic, all the same.

He sounds like he’d be a perfect boyfriend, don’t you think?

Credits: allkpop

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