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it will be more of INFINITE here, since i love to listen on KPop these days.
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January 08, 2011

saturday, at school

It's Saturday, and I'm already at class now. Feeling so damn sleepy here... ~~"

Anyway, there's only 2 weeks left for studying here before the final test of my 3rd semester. Never really thought I could thru many things up until now. It's hard for me to study while working. Knowing the fact that every working day of my life will always fully loaded. I'm taking Psychology now. And, I don't think I can keep up with the subject. Then, I think I should study more of it. Fighting! ^^

Hmm... I wanted to learn more about Multiple Personality Disorder. Maybe some other time I will write something about my favorite subject in Abnormal Psychology, the Multiple Personality Disorder. Of course with the famous Sybil and Billy as the example of this case. I really wish I could be a psychiatrist after this. hehe.... XP

Hoahm... I'm getting way too sleepy. Bye now, I'm going to sleep now. ~~"


January 07, 2011

I wish... (again)

I wish I could wear each of these... hehe... ^^
And I wish I could have their proportional body, too... hehe...^^


Red iz my morning mood... ^^

after the RED... ^^

I'm feeling a little better now. It seems that my voice is loud enough to remind everyone here that I'm just a Travel Counselor. If they pay me for my multitasking, I'll be fine. But, it's for free. Sorry, guys. But, nothing for free now. Hehe... ^^

Anyway, I'm done with my morning email now. So, I kept listening to Shinee in my ear. Playing the Jojo, Amigo, Replay, Boys on Top, and now Electric Heart. Yeay! ^^
Never get bored with their song, somehow. I get my mood back into the normal position if I could listen to them. Nice, isn't it? Thanks, guyz! ^^


RED iz da color of my mood today... ~~"

I supposed, RED iz da color of my mood this morning, hopefully not for the whole day. This is not because I'm wearing my Red Emily tee, but I just dislike with what people did around me. Especially what they did to me. In my workplace, my position supposed to be a Travel Counselor. And, just because I know how to minimize any issue related to Computer, they made me the assistant of IT. Hey! I'm not supposed to be one. Then, I get a little upset because those who are not my client, keep contacting my number just to get to the other team here. Hey, again! I'm not an Operator here. Hmm... Do I have to resign then? What a day... What a day... ~~"


January 06, 2011

Thursday.. I'm in Purple! ^^

It's Thursday, and I'm wearing Purple today. Hehe... ^^

Many things happen during the day. Starting with my un-nice dream last night, which kept me awake until morning comes. Until I decided to wear Purple today. What I mean with Purple is a purple stocking under my purple mini dress. Hehe... ^^
I'm not trying to be a model here, just get a little tired and bored of the way people underestimated me for being what I am.

I tried to cheer myself up by listening to Shinee and B2ST. I really loved the 'Wowowow', 'Lucifer' and 'Electric Heart' from Shinee. They're so nice to hear, and a little calm me down from all the hectic-ness. Then, from B2ST, I'd rather listen to 'Special', 'Beautiful', 'Soom' and 'Let it Snow'. Never really thought that Shinee and B2ST members are definitely younger than myself. Even though many people still assuming that I'm just a Junior High School student up until now. Hehe... ^^
That doesn't mean I'm as cute as a doll ya. ^^

Anyway, it's January 6th, 2011 today. And, I kind of allergic to number 6. It brings bad luck to me. Well, at least that what I thought. Hehe... ^^
Even thought there's no sign of prove of it. ^^

My working time is almost over in a few minutes. So, I wish the rest of the day will went just alright. And, I have to watch Garfield the series in my local TV channel. Hehe...^^
I've loved Garfield for the past 7 years, though. Right after I graduated High School. Garfield is my favorite fat cat. ^^

May God be with each of us ya... ^^


January 05, 2011

I wish...

Well, I really wish someone would sing this for me. I wish it would be Gi Kwang. Hehe...


B2ST - Beautiful ^^

Beautiful my girl!

Beautiful my girl. My beautiful my girl and I.
So beautiful my girl (In the cube). Haha, girl.
This is my confession. Drop that beat.

Oh listen to my heart, nae mam deureobwa bwa.
Eotteon mallodo neoreul pyohyeonhal su opjiman.

Geunyang nae stylero nae mam dullyeojulge. Oh listen listen, girl.

Nothing better than you, sesangeul da jwodo.
You, you, you, you, neowa bakkujin motae.

Hey baby girl, maeiri jeulgeowo. 
Sashil jom duryoweo nuga mworaedo neon I want.

So beautiful, my girl. Oh oh, girl. Oh oh, girl.Shigani jinado.
Nuguboda naega deo deo deo.
Neoreul akkyeojulge, my girl. Modu da julge.
Neo, neoege, eege.
Niga eodi itdeun dallyeo gal su isseo. I always think about you.
Jigeum boda naega deo deo deo. Neoreul saranghalge, my girl.
You, you, you, my girl.

Oh beautiful.
So beautiful.
My beautiful.
Nothing better than you.
Oh beautiful.
So beautiful.
My beautiful.
Don't be shy, girl.

Niga himdeul ttaen eonjena, I'll be there.
Amuttena naega wa naui pume angyeo.

Geunyang nuneul gamgo nae mam deureobwa bwa. Oh, listen listen, girl.

Nothing better than you, amudo mot maga.
You, you, you, neol hyanghan naui maeum.

Haruui seumulle shiganeul neol wihae sseodo.
Akkapji anheun naya, just take my hand and fly.

Beautiful, my girl.
Make a love, baby. Just make a love. Feeling in my heart. So nice! 

Nothing better than you! ^^

Wednesday I'm -not- In Love! ~~"

Well, it's Wednesday, already. And, I'm definitely not in love. Haha! There's nothing important happen today, actually. I work as usual, and... there's some problem with my email office. So, I cannot work. Hehe... XP

Instead of wondering what to do, i'd rather play my Lady Juliette on Pet Society in my Facebook account, or... write something here. And, not to forget, listen to B2ST!! i kind of their fan now. But, i cannot call myself a B2TY, because i'm not that beauty, and... I don't really understand their song, cause they're all written in Korean. hehe... XP

Here's my favorite members of B2ST! Lee Gi Kwang and Son Dong Woon... ^^


January 04, 2011

New Year 2011, New Me! ^^

This is the new year already. The 4th day in January 2011. I know I have thru many things last year at 2010, and now I wanna be a better person in 2011. Hope I can get a better score at college. And also more creative than before. I loved to read and write things, hope I'm not late yet for being an author. Hehe... ^^

May God Bless the 2011, as always before. 

Hello Kitty Kimono Dress