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April 19, 2013

TEEN TOP to promote “Walk By” and release their repackage album

TEEN TOP will be coming back with the release of their repackage album.
The boys had stolen hearts with “Miss Right” from their first album ‘No. 1‘, and they’ll be back again soon on April 29! TEEN TOP announced the new repackage album through their official site. The new album will include the 12 songs from the original album, as well as two new songs, “Walk By” and “Jealousy“.

Not just that, but the album will also include 2 DVDs featuring TEEN TOP’s first album showcase and a making video. The title song of the repackage will be “While Walking…“, and the boys are planning to start promotions on broadcast stations next week.
[Update - The group's official site updated with their official English titles for the tracks and the article now reflects this change.]

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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Boyfriend releases trailer for their Japanese movie ‘GOGO Ikemen5′

Boyfriend will soon be making their film debut through the Japanese movie ‘GOGO Ikemen5‘ and they quenched the curiosity of fans with a trailer.

The trailer shows Boyfriend perfectly pulling off the flower boy concept in their school uniforms, leaving fans on the edge of their seats for the eye candy and romance that awaits. 

The movie is a romantic comedy about the five most handsome boys in school who fall for the same girl, and is based on a popular novel.

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’1st Look’ reveals the full 15-page pictorial of INFINITE’s soccer game with ‘AFC’s U-19 winners

INFINITE‘s WoohyunHoya, and L were previously seen showing off their soccer skills for ‘Nike‘ for ‘1st Look, and now the full pictorial has been revealed!

The INFINITE trio is seen engaging in a 3:3 game of ‘street football’ with ‘Asian Football Confederation‘ (‘AFC‘)’s U-19 championship winners Kim Seung Jun, Oh Young Jun, and Kang Sang Woo for the Nike Football FC247 Collection. The six players had fans cheering them on in spirit as they showed their passion and energy in a street corner of Hongdae where a graffiti art wall was created by the design group Mad Victor to bring out the liveliness of the game. Ryu Seung Wan, director of the hit film ‘Berlin‘, also participated as a creative director as did famous photographer Kang Young Ho.

Get pumped up as you watch some of the play-by-plays of INFINITE’s soccer game below!

Source + image(s): 1st Look
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April 17, 2013

INFINITE charms with BTS footage from their latest ‘NatuurPOP’ CF

INFINITE recently taught fans how to do the “pop dance” for their latest ‘NatuurPOP’ CF and now BTS footage of the boys on set has been released!

The group has their devoted Inspirits smiling from ear to ear as they put their adorable charms on display, while eating ice cream, dancing, laughing, and then eating some more ice cream!

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SHINee to return with ‘Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me’ on the 29th

SHINee is returning to you once more with the second part of their album!
As mentioned previously, the group’s third album was split into two parts. The first part was released in February and was titled ‘Chapter 1. Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You’. Although it was previously announced that the second part would drop in April, the specific date wasn’t confirmed, until now that is!

SM Entertainment revealed on the 17th that the boys, unfortunately with the exception of Jonghyun, will soon be returning with the release of the latter half, which has been renamed from ‘Chapter 2. Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of Me’ to ‘Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me‘. The release will take place on April 29th!

The boys will promote as four members in the beginning due to Jonghyun’s injury. 

SM commented, “Jonghyun was discharged from the hospital last weekend, and until he is fully healed, he’ll be focusing on treatments.”

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LEDApple reveals a beautiful cover of Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”

LEDApple‘s Hanbyul is once again covering Justin Bieber‘s hit, and this time it’s “As Long As You Love Me“!

He was accompanied by fellow member Youngjun, who played the guitar for the beautiful cover.

As mentioned before, the profits that are made from the advertisements that appear when playing ‘Music Note’ are donated to the international organization ‘Save The Children‘. 

The more people who watch the video, the more money they raise for the good cause!

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TEEN TOP’s L.Joe shares a sneak peek of his new song

TEEN TOP‘s L.Joe has released a sneak peek of the song he’s been working on.
He shared on Twitter, “Eum… For those curious about my self-composed song, I will share a small part of the song that I’m recording^^,” along with a video featuring a few seconds of the song.

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U-KISS’s subunit uBEAT’s teaser images unveiled

U-KISS‘ first subunit ‘uBEAT is getting ready for their debut next week, and what better way to get you all excited than with the release of fun teaser images?

The boys previously revealed that they’ll be standing on stage at the ‘M! Countdown global special scheduled to be held at the Taipei Arena in Taiwan on the 25th, but to get fans ready, they’ll be revealing their mini album ‘Should Have Treated You Better‘ on April 22nd!

The two photos revealed through their official Twitter feature just Eli and AJ in the first one, while the second one also features Kevin getting in on the fun himself!

Stay tuned for their exciting unit debut!
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Both agencies confirm Taemin and Na Eun’s casting for ‘We Got Married’

Although there is still no word directly from ‘We Got Married‘, reps from the respective agencies of SHINee‘s Taemin and A Pink‘s Na Eun have confirmed the rumors of the two being the new couple on the show!

Taemin’s reps revealed to various media outlets, Taemin will be appearing on a variety show for the first time [as a fixed member]… He’ll be able to show you a side you haven’t seen on stage,” as well as “Taemin and Na Eun have become the new couple of ‘We Got Married’… They’re currently filming at the cafe from ‘Introduction to Architecture’. As it is his first filming, Taemin is very nervous and excited.”

Na Eun’s reps also confirmed, “She went to attend the first filming at Jeju Island… She found out that she would be coupled up with Taemin after she arrived at the filming location.”

In addition to the reps’ comments, various fans have also reported witnessing Taemin arriving at Jeju Island, further solidifying the recruitment of the idol and his new ‘wife’, Na Eun, for the faux-marriage program.

The couple’s segment on the show will start airing after the conclusion of Kwanghee and Sunhwa‘s final episode, which will be broadcast this weekend on the 20th!

Source: TVReport, Star News

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SHINee and f(x)’s Victoria get classy and sexy for ‘High Cut’

SHINee and f(x)‘s Victoria had fans doing a double take as they took on a classier image for their latest ‘High Cut‘ pictorial!
SHINee effortlessly pulled off the ‘handsome male idol’ concept with their suits and ties, yet leaving their chests bare foregoing their shirts. Minho and Victoria also became the ultimate eye-candy couple with their back hug pictorial that left fans awed at their visuals, while also a bit jealous.
The labelmates who’ve known each other since prior to their debut also opened up about the changes they’ve noticed in each other through the interview. Victoria shared, “When I look back, they’ve all become more mature. At the time, all of the members seemed like cute dongsengs but they’re men now.” SHINee also revealed Victoria’s transformation as they said, “Victoria used to only able to say ‘Hello, I am Victoria’, but she can speak Korean so well now. This is the power of broadcasts.”

Taemin also revealed the group’s intense workouts for the “Dream Girl” choreography, “Prior to learning the choreography, we worked on our stamina. The choreographer would make the hyungs do a warm up with push ups saying, ‘You have to do this in order to carry out the choreography’, and we did 100 push ups daily.”

Minho reflected on how they changed since their debut sharing, “We’ve worked on becoming more comfortable on stage. When I look at our videos at the start of our debut, I look at us and think we’re cute.”  

Key added, “I can’t get myself to watch those videos. I start to feel the anxiety I used to feel before going on stage telling myself, ‘You can’t mess up. You have to perform well.’”

Unfortunately it seems Jonghyun was also absent from this pictorial due to his nose injury. We hope to see him back soon towards the latter half of SHINee’s promotions at least for their upcoming album, which will be revealed on the 29th.

You can catch more photos from this photoshoot through the release of ‘High Cut’s latest issue on the 18th!

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April 16, 2013

C-CLOWN releases teaser for “Shaking”!

C-CLOWN has finally released their teaser for ‘Shaking‘!

The boys had released image teasers just a few days ago, but fans had the unfortunate mishaps. Lickily they do not seem to be hindering the group’s progress forward.

The MV teaser reveals precious little, mostly just silhouettes of the members, of the song. However, the group seems to be going for a less high energy and comical concept this time around.

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‘School 2013′s Kwak Jung Wook spills secrets on INFINITE’s relationships with women

School 2013‘ actor Kwak Jung Wook is well known not only for being under the same label as INFINITE, but also as close friend to the INFINITE members.

He tends to have a first seat view to a lot of things they do, so of course he knows all of their relationships. On ‘Beatles Code 2‘, he said, “I know all the secrets about INFINITE. They’re probably the most scared of me right now.

He added, “Woohyun isn’t meeting my gaze right now. When I go to drama sets, female actresses and hoobaes all know Woohyun. He has a lot of women near him, because he understands them well and treats them well.

In response, Woohyun revealed a secret about the actor as well. It ended up being a battle of revelations between the two, and Woohyun said, “It’s his first time on a variety show, so he’s exaggerating. If he’s speaking the truth, I’ll leave INFINITE“. In response, Kwak Jung Wook said, “I’ll also bet all the rest of my acting career.

The episode will air at 6PM KST on the 15th!

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LUNAFLY take on James Arthur’s platinum-selling “Impossible” remake

Nega Network‘s 3-member rookie group LUNAFLYwho are currently promoting their new track “Fly to Love“,  is back with yet another fantastic cover.

The boys take cover a cover in this new clip, James Arthur‘s version of Shontelle‘s soulful “Impossible“. The group has released a slew of covers including Olly Murs‘ hit song, “Trouble Maker“, Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”, and many others.

“Impossible” is the 2012 X Factor winner’s debut single released in early 2013. It has sold over 1 million copies in the United Kingdom. The song was originally performed by R&B songstress, Shontelle.

LUNAFLY stay fairly close to the original arrangement and manage to add their own unique flare to the song.

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Sunggyu and Woohyun confess they nearly came to blows during a fight

Kwak Jung Wook revealed that Sunggyu and Woohyun had almost thrown punches at each other during a fight.

He appeared on the April 15th episode of ‘Beatles Code 2‘ and he had a a lot of stories to share about the INFINITEboys as he’s close friends with them. The MCs asked him, “If you were once a trainee with the INFINITE members, you must know a lot of things. Have you seen the members fighting?“.

At first, he hesitated, saying, “Can I really say this?“, but later stated, “I saw Sunggyu and Woohyun fighting once“.

Sunggyu admitted, “I fought with Woohyun. We had to go practice, but Woohyun wouldn’t get up. When he finally got up, he came at me. But we couldn’t hit each other, and we just had a face-off. It was close but we never threw punches. He apologized soon after and we made up.

When MC Shindong heard this, he made everyone laugh by admitting, “Super Junior sometimes fights really violently too.

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SHINee, INFINITE, SISTAR, and T-ara confirmed for the ‘M! Countdown’ special in Taiwan

SHINee, INFINITE, SISTAR, and T-ara have been confirmed for the ‘M! Countdown‘ special in Taiwan.

The concert will take place at the Taipei Arena on April 24 for their first global tour in 2013. Currently, the four groups are confirmed to be attending the show, and more top K-pop stars will be added on later.

Tony An will be the MC for the show, and DJ Koo of Clon will be putting on a special performance with his hoobae artists as well.

After that, ‘M! Countdown’ will be heading over to Indonesia in July.

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Junhyung’s ‘Monstar’ to begin airing on May 17

Junhyung‘s drama ‘Monstar‘ will begin airing on May 17.

Many fans have been waiting endlessly for the drama to start airing ever since he was cast, and the drama has finally confirmed its airing date.

The drama revolves around the recent audition craze sweeping South Korea and the behind-the-scenes stories on the road to becoming a star. It will also be a high school drama, featuring the eponymous school music club and the stories of the students that follow. 

B2ST‘s Junhyung will take on the role of a vocalist in the fictional boy group ‘Men in Black’, with a cynical and rough-and-tumble personality.

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G.O and Woori to star in second idol special of ‘Love and War 2′

MBLAQ‘s G.O and Rainbow‘s Woori have been cast in the second idol special of ‘Love and War 2‘!

The first idol special had featured ZE:A‘s Dongjun, Jewelry‘s Yewon, and 4minute‘s Jihyun, and now, G.O and Woori have been confirmed to be the leading roles in the next special!

KBS said, “G.O and Woori have been confirmed for the Idol Special of ‘Love and War 2′ that will be aired on May 17th. This is the 2nd special of the Idol Special that was aired last March, and we looked into things that can happen to a young newlywed couple who is in their 20s and 30s. G.O and Woori have experience with acting, so we cast them in the second part. They’ll go through the love and friction that young couples experience before and after marriage, and will gain the sympathy of viewers in their 20s and 30s.

The pair hasn’t started their filming session yet, but they will soon. Keep an eye out for their episode in May!

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April 15, 2013

Teen Top Acts as Older Brothers to ‘Little Psy’ Hwang Min Woo

Back in March, Teen Top and ‘Little Psy’ held a special performance of Miss Right together, but apart from the performance and the practice session, the Teen Top hyungs bonded with the little superstar-in-the making, causing fans to squeal in delight.

On April 11, Teen Top revealed the behind the scenes of practice video. The clip showed Teen Top encourage Hwang Min Woo and even playing games with him as Hwang Min Woo adorably addressed the members as ‘hyung’ and hopped into their laps.

At the end, Changjo provided a Kodak moment, as Hwang Min Woo jumped into Changjo’s arms. 
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Infinite Goes Brady Bunch for ‘Ask in A Box’

Currently men in love, the Infinite members appeared for Loen Entertainment’s Ask in a Box, where they answered questions from fans.

On April 12, Loen Entertainment revealed Infinite’s edition of Ask in a Box, literally having each member inside their own boxes as they chatted and answered questions directly from the fans.

Infinite talked about who the most handsome member in the group is, nicknames, which dance is the key point in the Man in Love performance, having super powers, and more.

The group ended the interview with a special ‘box’ performance of Man in Love
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Infinite Talks about How L Got Them Into Trouble

Oh, the woes of being an idol.

The Infinite members opened up about how they once got in trouble just because L took off his shoes.

The group appeared on the April 10 broadcast of SBS Power FM′s Jung Sun Hee′s Night Like Tonight and talked about what happened back then.

When Jung Sun Hee commented to L, "You′re like L when you′re staying still, but you turn into Myung Soo (L′s real name) when you laugh," the Infinite members explained, "Our manager told L not to laugh. He turns around whenever he feels like laughing. He can′t take off his jacket when he wants to, and he can′t take off his shoes either."

They added, "Once, L took off his shoes at a shop, and we were scolded as a group and asked whether we thought we were in a bus or something."

L confessed, "I used to get stressed out," and added, "I′m happy when the members start laughing," showing how he feels content when the members laugh since he can′t himself.

Infinite is currently promoting its single Man in Love.

Photo credit: enews DB
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INFINITE becomes the cover model for ‘STARAZ’s May edition

Entertainment magazine ‘STARAZ‘ has brought in INFINITE to grace the cover of their upcoming May edition!

The new magazine previously featured Hoya and Dongwoo as INFINITE-H on their March issue, and now they’ve brought them back along with the 5 other members for their volume 5, which also happens to be the May issue.

The magazine will of course feature these seven boys, and will also touch on the subjects of G-Dragon‘s solo world tour, ZE:A5, JYJ‘s Tokyo Dome concert, the latest dramas, and other Korean entertainment subjects throughout this jam-packed edition.

The May edition will go on sale on the 19th so pick up a copy if you happen to be in Korea!

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