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April 15, 2013

Block B quietly celebrates their second anniversary

Although currently embroiled in a dispute with their agency, the members of Block B didn’t forget about their two-year anniversary, which happened earlier today.

Block B’s Taeil thanked their fans for not forgetting about this special day. “Today was Block B’s second anniversary~ it feels a bit weird being only able to receive anniversary greetings from the fans through SNS..” he posted to his Twitter earlier today. “But this is still nice ㅎ Thank you so much to all of the BBCs who congratulated us~~ good night =.=”

Similarly, Jaehyo tweeted, “To our fans who’ve been with us for two years, we sincerely thank you and we love you!”

Despite some internal problems, it’s nice to see that the Block B members haven’t forgotten about their group!

Credits: allkpop

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