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April 15, 2013

Infinite Talks about How L Got Them Into Trouble

Oh, the woes of being an idol.

The Infinite members opened up about how they once got in trouble just because L took off his shoes.

The group appeared on the April 10 broadcast of SBS Power FM′s Jung Sun Hee′s Night Like Tonight and talked about what happened back then.

When Jung Sun Hee commented to L, "You′re like L when you′re staying still, but you turn into Myung Soo (L′s real name) when you laugh," the Infinite members explained, "Our manager told L not to laugh. He turns around whenever he feels like laughing. He can′t take off his jacket when he wants to, and he can′t take off his shoes either."

They added, "Once, L took off his shoes at a shop, and we were scolded as a group and asked whether we thought we were in a bus or something."

L confessed, "I used to get stressed out," and added, "I′m happy when the members start laughing," showing how he feels content when the members laugh since he can′t himself.

Infinite is currently promoting its single Man in Love.

Photo credit: enews DB
Credits: enews

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