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April 16, 2013

G.O and Woori to star in second idol special of ‘Love and War 2′

MBLAQ‘s G.O and Rainbow‘s Woori have been cast in the second idol special of ‘Love and War 2‘!

The first idol special had featured ZE:A‘s Dongjun, Jewelry‘s Yewon, and 4minute‘s Jihyun, and now, G.O and Woori have been confirmed to be the leading roles in the next special!

KBS said, “G.O and Woori have been confirmed for the Idol Special of ‘Love and War 2′ that will be aired on May 17th. This is the 2nd special of the Idol Special that was aired last March, and we looked into things that can happen to a young newlywed couple who is in their 20s and 30s. G.O and Woori have experience with acting, so we cast them in the second part. They’ll go through the love and friction that young couples experience before and after marriage, and will gain the sympathy of viewers in their 20s and 30s.

The pair hasn’t started their filming session yet, but they will soon. Keep an eye out for their episode in May!

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Credits: allkpop

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