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April 16, 2013

‘School 2013′s Kwak Jung Wook spills secrets on INFINITE’s relationships with women

School 2013‘ actor Kwak Jung Wook is well known not only for being under the same label as INFINITE, but also as close friend to the INFINITE members.

He tends to have a first seat view to a lot of things they do, so of course he knows all of their relationships. On ‘Beatles Code 2‘, he said, “I know all the secrets about INFINITE. They’re probably the most scared of me right now.

He added, “Woohyun isn’t meeting my gaze right now. When I go to drama sets, female actresses and hoobaes all know Woohyun. He has a lot of women near him, because he understands them well and treats them well.

In response, Woohyun revealed a secret about the actor as well. It ended up being a battle of revelations between the two, and Woohyun said, “It’s his first time on a variety show, so he’s exaggerating. If he’s speaking the truth, I’ll leave INFINITE“. In response, Kwak Jung Wook said, “I’ll also bet all the rest of my acting career.

The episode will air at 6PM KST on the 15th!

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