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May 10, 2013

SHINee’s Taemin Chosen as Most Filial Idol

It’s Parent’s Day (May 8) in Korea and the netizens have chosen SHINee’s Taemin as the Most filial idol.

From April 30 to May 7, online community, DC Inside held a survey titled, ‘Which idol is the best filial-dol to his/her parents?’ The idol that came out first was none other than Taemin.

Taemin took 37.2 percent or 141,257 out of 379,633 votes. It’s assumed that Taemin came out at the top with the help of what he said on a variety show about how he bought his parents a house in Chungdahm-dong as well as a foreign car, despite still being in his teens.

Chasing after Taemin on the list was Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (31.1%), IU (16.1%), Big Bang’s G-Dragon (11.2%), and JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun (2.3%). Other idols on the list included Kim Hyun Joong, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Yesung, miss A’s Suzy, Infinite’s Woohyun, SISTAR’s Bora, and more.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment, DC Inside 

Credits: enews

‘Monstar’ Reveals BTS Teaser Ahead of Broadcast

With the hourly countdown in place, Mnet’s Monstar released another teaser, this time revealing snippets of what went on behind the scenes.

On May 9, Mnet unveiled a new teaser, focusing on the drama’s cast and their interactions with the staff as well as each other.

The music drama about how teenagers heal their pain with music will begin on May 9. 
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Teen Top’s Niel Asks Fans to Stop Prank Calling Him

With fans crawling into restricted territory, Teen Top’s Niel laid out a straightforward and honest warning to fans who have been prank calling him.

On May 8, Niel tweeted a series of posts, asking fans to stop calling him.

He wrote, “Everyone, I’m leaving a note because I’ve experienced something that is truly upsetting. I understand that fans who know my number are really happy, but to the fans who are directly calling and calling late at night or in the early morning, I’m sorry, but I want you to stop.”

“To the people who are actually calling to play around and the people who are prank calling, seriously, please stop. I don’t even know how to say this because I’m very upset. I’m politely asking you… I already know that you are fans who like us and love us, so please, keep what should be kept.”

The tweets continued, “Now…. I’m not sure what I should say now. To the fans who didn’t do this, I’m sorry. I was so angry that I had to leave a message. I’m asking you… I’m thankful that you like me.. I’m politely asking once again, everyone,” and “Stop playing jokes.”

Meanwhile, Teen Top will be holding its 2013 Teen Top No.1 Asia Tour concert in
Seoul on May 11 and 12.

Photo Credit: Niel’s Twitter
Credits: enews

Teen Top Has a Little Something Special Planned for Concert

Teen Top has something up its sleeves and the only way to find out is to go to the concert.

On May 10, one day before Teen Top’s 2013 Teen Top No.1 Asia Tour in Seoul, the members released a video where they talked about the concert and what they’ve been keeping a secret.

Teen Top has been revealing photos of the concert practice each day through its Facebook page, giving fans a sneak peek at a very special something to happen at the concert. Niel mentioned that C.A.P was particularly awesome, raking in more curiosity to what this thing could be.

Teen Top’s first concerts in Korea will take on May 11 and 12. 
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FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi Doesn′t Enjoy Being Compared to CN Blue

Although close friends and family members in the same agency, FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi implied that he doesn’t like being compared to CN Blue.

On May 8, the cast of the movie, Passionate Goodbye interviewed each other on SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment.

As Lee Hong Gi prepared himself for the questions to come, co-star Ma Dong Seok mentioned, “At the set, last time, I joked around and said, ‘Do you know Lee Hong Gi? CN Blue,’ and his expression wasn’t that great.”

Appearing a little startled, Lee Hong Gi slowly explained that there are many people who find CN Blue and FT Island similar.

“We’re actually really close, but when people start jokingly comparing, it’s a little...” trailed off Lee Hong Gi, unsure of how to finish his sentence. Luckily, Ma Dong Seok nodded his head, and replied, “I think I know what you mean.”

Lee Hong Gi made it clear that there were no hard feelings by saying that CN Blue and FT Island are very close to each other.”

Meanwhile, Passionate Goodbye will premiere on May 30.

Photo Credit: SBS, FNC Entertainment
Credits: enews

INFINITE to invite 30 lucky Inspirits to their ‘NatuurPOP’ fan meeting

INFINITE will have something to be ‘inspirited’ about as the boys will be holding a special fan meeting for ‘NatuurPOP‘!

Thirty lucky fans will be invited to the event, ‘INFINITE, Personally Meet Them at the NatuurPOP Store‘, where they will get to meet INFINITE in person. Fans can enter the contest through the ice cream band’s official Facebook by posting a snapshot of themselves buying their ice cream and writing a review of the experience. Entries will be accepted until the 12th, and the winners will be announced on the 13th.

The event will consist of two parts: the first part will be an autograph session held from 11AM-12PM on the 15th and the second part will be INFINITE directly serving the ice cream to fans.

‘NatuurPOP’ stated, “Like the various charms of the seven INFINITE members, we hope that you have a good time with ‘NatuurPOP’ ice cream.”
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Sohee denies asking Niel out + Andy apologizes for his comments

Yesterday when Shinhwa came out as a guest on MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, Andy confessed that TEEN TOP‘s Niel had been asked out by a JYP Entertainment girl group member ‘S’!

Of course, as soon as the episode aired, many viewers tried to guess who ‘S’ was, and most came to conclude it was Wonder Girls member Sohee because she’d once said TEEN TOP was her favorite group. However, Sohee denied all the accusations. When a fan asked her on Twitter, “Are you ‘S’?“, she answered shortly, “I am not-“. This denial was especially surprising since Sohee mostly uses her Twitter only to re-tweet other posts.

Andy also apologized for what he’d said through his own website, writing, “Hello, this is Andy. I’m sincerely sorry to everyone that was bothered because of me. I’ll be more careful on broadcast from now on. I’m Sorry.

Credits: allkpop

TEEN TOP’s Niel randomly gifts INFINITE’s Sungyeol with sneakers

Do you need a reason to give presents to your friends?

Well, apparently TEEN TOP‘s Niel doesn’t! He took a photo of a pair of sneakers he bought for INFINITE‘s Sungyeol and posted it onto his Twitter, “I was buying shoes, and suddenly I remembered you, so I bought one for you, hyung~~ Wear it well~~! kekekeke.”

On the side of the shoe box, Niel wrote a letter reading, “To Sungyeol hyung~!!!! Thanks for taking care of us and helping us while you promoted!!!!!!! Let’s keep working hard and promoting together-! Wear the ‘ART OF WOVEN’ well!! – Niel-“.

It’s nice to see the boys being close friends!

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DMTN’s Daniel attends 2nd court hearing

DMTN‘s Daniel quietly attended his 2nd court hearing for the marijuana related charges.

The hearing took place in the morning of May 9 at the Seongnam Branch of Suwon District Court. As with the first hearing, Daniel apologized for his charges and attended the hearing with four people that were indicted along with his lawyer.

Bianca Mobley from ‘Global Talk ShowChat With Beauties‘ was not present for the second time, and instead her lawyer said, “We received a phone call from Bianca’s mother. Bianca is very sick, so she’ll definitely attend next month.” The court was not amused with her second absence, saying, “Lately, it looks like the court is looked down upon. We already gave Bianca one chance. This is not a hearing just for herself. If she does not appear next time, we will issue a warrant for her arrest and she’ll be placed on a wanted list.

The third hearing will take place on June 4 at 2PM at the same court.

Image: News1

Credits: allkpop

JYPE say they have no comment regarding ‘S’ asking out TEEN TOP’s Niel

JYP Entertainment didn’t have much to say regarding the reveal of TEEN TOP‘s Niel being asked out by a JYPE girl group member with the initial ‘S’.

JYP Entertainment responded, “Although several names are being discussed, we will quietly let this pass over. Our position is that we have no comment.”

On the May 8th broadcast of ‘Radio Star‘, Shinhwa‘s Andy shocked fans by mentioning that Niel was asked out by a girl group member. Andy hinted on who it may be revealing, “I heard it was from JYP Entertainment, a girl group member ‘S’”, which led to a frenzy of netizens trying to find out which girl group member it could be.

Sohee has denied asking Niel out, while Andy apologized for his comments on the broadcast.

Credits: allkpop

San-E denies being the ‘S’ that asked Niel out

In a hilarious turn of events, San-E got involved in Niel‘s ‘S’ incident.

Or rather, he included himself in the topic of conversation. Using his recent leave from JYP Entertainment and Andy‘s recent comments on ‘Radio Star‘ as the premise of his joke, San-E took to his Twitter to write, “I’m not the ‘S’ girl;;“.

Later on, he again wrote, “Niel is cool, but how can you say I was forced to leave because I asked Niel out……” Along with his post, he posted a photo of himself posing by a park sign that originally read ‘Gate Ball’. However, he’d purposely covered up the second part of the word, making the sign only read ‘Gay’.

As San-E is scheduled to return with his new single, “Big Boy on May 13, it’s a pretty clever way to promote himself.

Credits: allkpop

F.T. Island’s third Japanese album to be ‘RATED-FT’

F.T. Island will be returning to their Japanese fans with ‘RATED-FT‘!

‘RATED-FT’ is their third album in Japan, and it’ll feature their singles such as “Top Secret“, “Polar Star“, and “You Are My Life“. It also contains a special gift for the fans in the form of songs written by the members themselves. 

Jonghoon wrote “Hold My Hand“, Jaejin wrote ”Time To“, and Hongki wrote “Orange Sky” and another song on the album.

But that’s not all! F.T. Island will be kicking off their arena tour in Japan starting on June 15, with stops in Miyagi, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Nagano, and Tokyo.

The album will be released on June 5, so stay tuned!

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May 08, 2013

INFINITE members to bare their abs for a taste of Korean beef on ‘Weekly Idol’

Korean beef is loved by many in Korea, and INFINITE is no exception!

While recently filming of MBC Every1‘s ’Weekly Idol‘, the boys were told that they would be able to eat delicious Korean beef but only if they had nice looking abs.

Hoya, Dongwoo, and Woohyun had no problems flipping their shirts up to reveal their washboard abs, but the rest of the members hesitated. At this, MC Jung Hyung Don said, “Even if you don’t have abs, we’ll give you a high score, so don’t worry“, coaxing the other members to reveal their bodies.

Sunggyu was quite hesitant on revealing his body, saying, “Should I reveal my body just for one piece of meat even though I’ve never done it for the past 4 years?“.

The boys’ ab-fest will air on May 8, at 6PM KST, so don’t miss it!

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U-KISS’s Hoon and Kiseop to take on musical ‘Goong’ in Japan

U-KISS‘s Hoon and Kiseop will be playing the lead characters of the musical ‘Goong‘ in Japan! The announcement was previously made through the musical’s Japan site, but the idols’ agency have now officially confirmed the news through a press release.

The musical is entering its 4th year already, and Hoon and Kiseop will be taking over this year alongside idols like Supernova‘s Sungmo and F.T. Island‘s Minhwan, to take to the stage at the Osaka theater BRAVE.

Hoon said, “It’s my second musical, so I’m going to do my best to give the audience a stage they’ll be satisfied with.” Kiseop commented, “I’m so nervous because it’s my first musical. Although there’s a lot that I have to learn and lines to memorize, I’ll do my best for a good performance.”

The musical will start in July in Japan.

Credits: allkpop

TEEN TOP’s Changjo triplet becomes a quadruplet

TEEN TOP‘s Changjo has found himself another ‘twin’!

Changjo shared on his Twitter, “Changjo and Jonghyuns together in a long time”, introducing the fourth member of the Changjo clan, Jonghyun (Changjo’s real name). The idol previously shared a photo with his ‘twin’ and then found a third brother, but now we see him as a part of a quadruplet thanks to his handy work on photoshop.

But fans will get to see only one Changjo during TEEN TOP’s Asia tour which kicks off at Korea University in Seoul on May 11th-12th, before moving on to Kobe, Japan on the 18th, and Tokyo on the 21st-22nd.

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May 07, 2013

B1A4 asks you “What’s Going On?” with the release of their MV

B1A4 has followed up their mini album release with the MV for ”What’s Going On?” (or “What’s Happening?“).

The album was made available for download online previously, but only hit the shelves today in Korea (May 7th). 

To commemorate the official release, the music video is finally here featuring the lovable members!

Credits: allkpop

SHINee tops physical album sales charts in Korea and Taiwan

The SHINee-zombie apocalypse is here – in Korea and Taiwan, at least.

The boys released the second part of their 3rd album ‘Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me‘ towards the end of April, and of course topped Hanteo’s daily chart before they went on to sweep the weekly chart (4/29-5/5)!

It doesn’t stop there since the physical album sales also ranked #1 on Taiwan’s ‘Five Music‘ Korea-Japan chart for the week (4/26-5/2), showing fans’ immense support for this group.

Congratulations to SHINee!

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May 06, 2013

INFINITE’s Dongwoo suffers a sanitary problem on ‘Mamma Mia’

INFINITE‘s Dongwoo went through a slightly embarrassing episode during his appearance on KBS‘s ‘Mamma Mia‘.

On the latest episode of the family variety show, Dongwoo went on a simple spring outing with his mother. As he hadn’t seen her in a while, they both managed to have a good time by themselves.

However, their fun outing was cut short when, somewhere from Dongwoo’s nether regions, came a farting sound. Although his mother turned in surprise, exclaiming, “What sound is that?”, Dongwoo maintained his calm, simply replying, “It’s a fart”.

He then turned to the camera and apologized, saying, “I apologize.”

Don’t worry, Dongwoo – apology accepted. We’re not the ones that had to smell it!

Credits: allkpop
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