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May 10, 2013

Teen Top’s Niel Asks Fans to Stop Prank Calling Him

With fans crawling into restricted territory, Teen Top’s Niel laid out a straightforward and honest warning to fans who have been prank calling him.

On May 8, Niel tweeted a series of posts, asking fans to stop calling him.

He wrote, “Everyone, I’m leaving a note because I’ve experienced something that is truly upsetting. I understand that fans who know my number are really happy, but to the fans who are directly calling and calling late at night or in the early morning, I’m sorry, but I want you to stop.”

“To the people who are actually calling to play around and the people who are prank calling, seriously, please stop. I don’t even know how to say this because I’m very upset. I’m politely asking you… I already know that you are fans who like us and love us, so please, keep what should be kept.”

The tweets continued, “Now…. I’m not sure what I should say now. To the fans who didn’t do this, I’m sorry. I was so angry that I had to leave a message. I’m asking you… I’m thankful that you like me.. I’m politely asking once again, everyone,” and “Stop playing jokes.”

Meanwhile, Teen Top will be holding its 2013 Teen Top No.1 Asia Tour concert in
Seoul on May 11 and 12.

Photo Credit: Niel’s Twitter
Credits: enews

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