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May 08, 2013

TEEN TOP’s Changjo triplet becomes a quadruplet

TEEN TOP‘s Changjo has found himself another ‘twin’!

Changjo shared on his Twitter, “Changjo and Jonghyuns together in a long time”, introducing the fourth member of the Changjo clan, Jonghyun (Changjo’s real name). The idol previously shared a photo with his ‘twin’ and then found a third brother, but now we see him as a part of a quadruplet thanks to his handy work on photoshop.

But fans will get to see only one Changjo during TEEN TOP’s Asia tour which kicks off at Korea University in Seoul on May 11th-12th, before moving on to Kobe, Japan on the 18th, and Tokyo on the 21st-22nd.

Tip: Ferdz Evans

Credits: allkpop

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