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May 10, 2013

TEEN TOP’s Niel randomly gifts INFINITE’s Sungyeol with sneakers

Do you need a reason to give presents to your friends?

Well, apparently TEEN TOP‘s Niel doesn’t! He took a photo of a pair of sneakers he bought for INFINITE‘s Sungyeol and posted it onto his Twitter, “I was buying shoes, and suddenly I remembered you, so I bought one for you, hyung~~ Wear it well~~! kekekeke.”

On the side of the shoe box, Niel wrote a letter reading, “To Sungyeol hyung~!!!! Thanks for taking care of us and helping us while you promoted!!!!!!! Let’s keep working hard and promoting together-! Wear the ‘ART OF WOVEN’ well!! – Niel-“.

It’s nice to see the boys being close friends!

Tip: Sarah

Credits: allkpop

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