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May 10, 2013

San-E denies being the ‘S’ that asked Niel out

In a hilarious turn of events, San-E got involved in Niel‘s ‘S’ incident.

Or rather, he included himself in the topic of conversation. Using his recent leave from JYP Entertainment and Andy‘s recent comments on ‘Radio Star‘ as the premise of his joke, San-E took to his Twitter to write, “I’m not the ‘S’ girl;;“.

Later on, he again wrote, “Niel is cool, but how can you say I was forced to leave because I asked Niel out……” Along with his post, he posted a photo of himself posing by a park sign that originally read ‘Gate Ball’. However, he’d purposely covered up the second part of the word, making the sign only read ‘Gay’.

As San-E is scheduled to return with his new single, “Big Boy on May 13, it’s a pretty clever way to promote himself.

Credits: allkpop

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