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August 24, 2012

Don't Worry, I'm A Ghost Movie

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UEE and NU’EST’s Minhyun and Ren are rock stars for ‘W Korea’

After School‘s UEE posed in the fashion magazine ‘W Korea‘ with two members of NU’EST, Minhyun and Ren, in a fierce photo shoot utilizing the theme of ”rock band”.

After finishing up her work on ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘, which led to her winning the ‘Best New Female Award’ at the ‘Baeksang Arts Awards‘, UEE made a comeback with her group After School and is also busy as an MC on ‘Music Bank‘. Even though she has a very hectic schedule, UEE made time to participate in the new photo shoot to showcase a new side of herself.

Her label mates Minhyun and Ren also show off their rock star transformations and pull off various colored hair and outfits consisting of pieces like leather jackets, boots, and patterned blazers.

The full pictorial can be found in the September issue of ‘W Korea’ as well as on the ‘W Korea’ ipad magazine app.

Lineup for the ’14th Korea-China Music Festival’ revealed

The lineup for the ‘14th Korea-China Music Festival‘, to be held at the Yeosu Expo Digital Gallery on August 25th, has been revealed!

Artists such as Girls’ Generation, KARA, IU, 2PM, Sonya, Kim Tae Woo, Supernova, B1A4, EXO-K, and Rania will represent Korea while Tan Jing, Sa Dingding, Ning Jing, EXO-M, and more will be representing China.

Sonya, who has been receiving a lot of love for her weekly performances on ‘Immortal Song 2‘, will be performing a cover of Boohwal‘s hit song “The More I Love“. EXO-K and EXO-M have been sparking interest as well because they’ll each be representing different countries at the music festival.

The concert will air on September 2nd on the Korean network KBS and Chinese network CCTV.

Source + Image: Sports Seoul via Naver

Producer Joo Young Hoon snaps pictures with TEEN TOP and miss A

Composer and producer Joo Young Hoon snapped a couple photos with idol groups TEEN TOP and miss A.

Joo Young Hoon posted the above pictures on his Twitter account on August 21st, tweeting, “Today I’m with TEEN TOP. I’m an idol at heart too,” and “Recording with miss A right now. We all strike a sexy pose together. Oooh~.
In the pictures, Joo Young Hoon tries to fit in with TEEN TOP and miss A, striking various poses and making cute facial expressions along with the idols. He even blew a kiss for the camera in his picture with miss A, displaying his playful personality and attracting much attention.

Netizens responded to the pictures, “Just Joo Young Hoon’s facial expression is like an idol’s,” “Joo Young Hoon looks the most excited,” “As expected, idols are different,” and “I’m looking forward to the new songs.

Source + Image: Osen via Naver

INFINITE’s L being considered for a role in new sitcom

With L turning down his casting offer for ‘To the Beautiful You‘ due to INFINITE‘s overseas promotions earlier on this year, many fans were left wondering if they were going to be able to see the idol return to acting once again. It seems the opportunity may have come faster than expected for it has been reported that L is one of the potential candidates for one of the roles in an upcoming sitcom!

According to broadcast representatives, L is being considered for a role in MBC‘s new daily sitcom ‘What Is Mom‘ (temporary title).

L’s latest acting challenge was through tvN‘s ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band‘, in which he took on the role of guitarist Lee Hyun Soo and earned much love from fans.

Others being considered for various roles in the new sitcom include comedian Kim Byung Man, ‘Birth of a Great Star 2‘s Koo Ja Myung, and Na Moon Hee.

The new sitcom will air on October 8th with the conclusion of ‘Stand By

Source + Photo: TVDaily via Nate, Newsen

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Nick and Aaron Carter’s sister dies at 25!

Leslie Carter, who is the sister of Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) and singer Aaron Carter, died yesterday in New York.

“Our family is grieving right now and it’s a private matter,” a spokesperson for the family told Access Hollywood. “We are deeply saddened for the loss of our beloved sister, daughter, and granddaughter, Leslie Carter. We request the utmost privacy during this difficult time.”
Following in the footsteps of her famous siblings, Leslie was an aspiring singer and her single “Like Wow!” was even included on the soundtrack of the movie “Shrek” in 2011. Nick’s younger sister also appeared on the family’s 2006 reality show, “House of Carters.”
Leslie leaves behind her four siblings as well as a husband, Mike, and nearly one-year-old daughter, Alyssa Jane.
As far as I can tell, no one has reported the cause of death yet. When I find out – I’ll let you know!

F(X) Music Videos

F(X) - Danger Music Video (

F(X) - Electric Shock Music Video (

F(X) - Lachata Music Video (

F(X) - Nu Abo Music Video (

F(X) - Hot Summer PV (Japan Version) Music Video (

F(X) - Hot Summer Music Video (

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INFINITE holds an awards ceremony on ‘Ranking King’

Boy group INFINITE held their very own awards ceremony- the ‘2012 INFINITE Ranking King Awards‘, to mark the end of their 3-month reality show, Mnet‘s ‘INFINITE’s Ranking King‘.

For the last 85 days, ‘Ranking King’ featured episodes in which the INFINITE members would compete for a ‘king’ title each week, including the ‘Likeable King’, ‘Brain King’, ‘Athletic King’, ‘Knowledge King’, ‘Energy (Energetic) King’, ‘Courage King’, and ‘Lucky King’.

The boys wrapped up the season by holding an award ceremony which also featured the best 3 moments of the show, determined by votes placed by netizens and viewers. The boys were also awarded under several different categories based on their performance on the program, such as the ‘Action King Award’, ‘Popular Phrase Award’, ‘Ruined Character Award’, and many others.

The episode also finally gave member Woohyun, who had shown a strong interest in being an MC throughout the entire season, the chance to work as the main MC, receiving much love and attention from fans. He earned the nickname ‘NamMC’, the budding MC of the industry, showing his enthusiasm for hosting.

Producers from Mnet stated, “Today’s broadcast allowed the INFINITE members to completely well organize the variety show talents and energy they displayed on Ranking King, as well as feature the highlights and a few behind-the-scene cuts from the show. INFINITE really showed off their humor and wit throughout the season – we were impressed“.

Are you sad to see the boys go?

SHINee reveals Minho’s teaser photo for “Dazzling Girl”

SHINee has revealed Minho‘s teaser photo for their upcoming Japanese single, “Dazzling Girl“!

“Dazzling Girl” is described as an electro-pop number with a polished beat and refreshing melody. It represents the start of a romance with a dazzling woman and the emotional intensity one feels when in love.

The single was produced by Jeff Miyahara, and mixed by Miles WalkerTom Coyne (Sterling Sound) also participated with the mastering of the single.
The dance was choreographed s**t kingz, while the hair, makeup, and outfits for the PVs and jacket covers were done by KEITA MARUYAMATomizawa Noboru, and Watanabe Yuki.

“Dazzling Girl” is slated for release on October 10th.

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B1A4 members become etiquette instructors on ‘Hello Baby’

B1A4 members have stepped up to teach their babies proper manners.
The upcoming episode of ‘Hello Baby‘ will feature B1A4 and the babies visiting an etiquette academy to teach the youngsters proper manners.

Jinyoung shared that “character education” is the most important for the babies, and revealed his determination to teach etiquette to Eunsol and Hyunwoo, who usually speak impolitely and play practical jokes on the B1A4 members. The rest of the members agreed and shared that they would like to teach them “to speak politely, give items with two hands, and not bicker during meals.”

However, a scary teacher waits for the B1A4 at the academy and it seems the members themselves will also be learning a thing or two about etiquette.
In addition, B1A4 will be getting a surprise visit from a ‘one-day mom’. 

According to the producers, the members reacted enthusiastically upon hearing that the producers will be selecting a mother to visit.

Catch the full story on the 24th broadcast of ‘Hello Baby’!

Source+Picture: KW News via Naver

Dalmatian’s Daniel models a Louis Vuitton coat for ‘L’Officiel Hommes’

Dalmatian‘s Daniel has transformed into an homme fatal in his latest pictorial with ‘L’Officiel Hommes‘ men’s magazine.

Representatives of the magazine explained, “While preparing the pictorial, we discovered the hidden potential of Dalmatian’s Daniel and chose him as one of our models.”

Daniel captivated everyone on set with his muscular body, which is the work of years of swimming and working out. He earned the praise of the staff for his natural, modern poses, as well as his hidden potential as a model in the way he pulled off a Louis Vuitton coat costing over ~17,600 USD.

In related news, Dalmatian will be kicking off their international activities next month by participating in the ‘KMF 2012 5th Hallyu Music Festival‘ in Japan on September 15th and 17th.

Source + Photos: Joy News 24

B2ST’s Doojoon follows through on his promise with Jung Hyung Don

B2ST has followed through on their promise to make an appearance on MBC‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘.

Back on December 31st 2011, Doojoon signed a contract with Jung Hyung Don. The memorandum stated, “I, Yoon Doojoon accept the invitation of Doni hyung, who I love, with a happy heart and promise to make an appearance on ‘Weekly Idol’ with the rest of the B2ST members as soon as we make our comeback.

Just as promised, on August 22nd B2ST participated in the recording of ‘Weekly Idol’ after making their long awaited comeback.

During the recording, Doojoon distributed copies of their newest CD to the two MCs and expressed, “I’m glad that I could finally keep my promise with Hyung Don hyung with the release of our newest song.

In response Jung Hyung Don stated, “B2ST, who we have been waiting for, has finally come to visit ‘Weekly Idol’. We prepared a gift to give to B2ST”, and presented the boy group with a box of Tonkatsu from his restaurant ‘Doni Doni’.

Tune into the August 29th broadcast of ‘Weekly Idol’ to catch B2ST in action!

Source + Image: Hankook Ilbo via Nate

Various Girls Music Videos

F1RST - Ma Ma My Music Video (

Chocolat - Syndrome Music Video (

Baby Soul (베이비소울) ft Wheesung - 남보다 못한 사이(No Better Than Strangers) Music Video (

Hello Venus - Venus Music Video (

Sweet Revenge - Rule Breaker Music Video (

AOA - Elvis Music Video (

Baby Soul & Yoo Jia (ft. Dong Woo) - She's A Flirt Music Video (

Baek Ji Young(백지영) _ Good Boy (feat Yong Jun Hyung of BEAST) Music Video (

Chi Chi - Love is energy Music Video (

CRAYON POP (크레용팝) - Saturday Night PV (Japan Version) Music Video (

CRAYON POP (크레용팝) - Saturday Night Music Video (

CRAYON POP (크레용팝) - 빙빙 (Bing Bing) Music Video (

C-REAL(씨리얼) - No No No No No Music Video (

EXID - Who's That Girl Music Video (

Fat Cat - Like a Dream Music Video (

Fat Cat (살찐고양이) - 예쁜게다니 Music Video (

GANGKIZ (갱키즈) - MAMA (마마) Music Video (

GLAM - Party (XXO) Music Video (

Kim Wan Sun Ft. Jun Hyung - Be Quiet Music Video (

NS Yoon-G (NS윤지) - 마녀가 된 이유 Music Video (

Rainbow Pixie (레인보우 픽시) - Hoi Hoi (호이호이) Music Video (

She'z (쉬즈) - 내맘대로 (My Way) Music Video (

SPICA - Painkiller Music Video (

TAHITI(타히티) - Tonight M V PC ver. 신인걸그룹 타히티 투나잇 뮤직비디오 공개 Music Video (

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INFINITE featured in ‘W Korea’ Magazine

INFINITE‘s fashion spread for ‘W Korea has been revealed!

During the photo shoot held in cooperation with HEAD sports, the members were said to have showcased their charisma by transferring their on-stage masculinity to compliment the dark atmosphere set for the photo shoot.

A staff member on the set revealed that the members kept positive attitudes all throughout the shoot and showed no signs of discomfort even while dressed in clothing from the Fall/Winter collection in the middle of the scorching August weather.

In addition, an editor in charge of the shoot praised INFINITE expressing, “Seeing as they would monitor their photos and listen to critiques after each scene, it made me believe that although being young, their attitudes were no less than those of professionals.


TEEN TOP’s Ricky falls in love?

TEEN TOP‘s Ricky seems to have fallen in love, but it’s likely that Angels won’t be too upset about the news.

On August 23rd, Ricky posted to TEEN TOP’s official Twitter: “I’ve found her!!! The cute and lovely girl who stole my heart at first sight. [Not wanting to be separated], I’ve taken a picture~ I’m going to want to see you again T.T Puppy T.T”. The adorable idol attached an even more adorable photo of himself with the lucky “girl” in question.

Fans responded, “So cute Hehehe,” and “Ricky and Puppy = I see no difference xD.” 

Source: TEEN TOP Twitter

Boyfriend’s debut Japanese single ‘Be My Shine’ ranks at the top of Japanese music charts

Boyfriend‘s debut Japanese single ‘Be My Shine‘ has ranked fourth on the Oricon chart the day of its release!

The single is the first collaboration between Korea’s hit composer duo Sweetune and Japan’s greatest lyricist, Matsui Goro. Through their teamed effort, Boyfriend skyrocketed to the top five on the Oricon chart the day of the single’s release in addition to sweeping the #1 positions on Tower Records’ singles chart, HMV, Yamano Instruments, and Shinseido Rankings.

Through Oricon Style, the members expressed, “We hope to become a group loved nationally in both Korea and Japan and also hold Japanese tour and dome concerts. Ranking first on the Oricon chart is our goal.”

Boyfriend was previously the subject of much envy when they became the first rookie group to perform at the Budokan in front of a total of 40,000 audience members before their debut.

Continuing on their momentum, the boys will be promoting in both Korea and Japan for the time being.

MYNAME’s Seyong bares his abs for ‘L’Officiel Hommes’

MYNAME‘s Seyong is the next up in ‘L’Officiel Hommes‘s sexy batch of male idol features, and Seyong comes packing the punch as a stylized recreation of Chow Yun Fat‘s character in ‘A Better Tomorrow‘.

Completely shedding his image of the sweet boy-next-door, Seyong has bared his toned abs in his retro recreation of the popular movie’s leading character. The cut alone shows how much charisma he’s able to give off even with his eyes hidden behind shades, and does well in amplifying the anticipation of fans for the group’s upcoming comeback.

MYNAME is currently focusing on their Japanese activities, and is scheduled to return to Korea in September to prepare for their next comeback.

Source + Photos: OSEN via Nate

[bnt 화보] 에이프린스 시윤 “귀여움을 맡고 있어요”

[배진희 기자] 에이프린스가 화보 촬영을 통해 댄디한 매력을 뽐냈다.

에이프린스는 아직 데뷔를 앞둔 신인 남성 아이돌그룹이다. 공식적인 활동 없이도 각종 SNS(social network service)에서의 반응이 뜨겁다. 페이스북 페이지의 80%이상을 해외 팬이 차지할 정도로 국내뿐만 아니라 국외 반응도 심상치 않다.

준비된 한류 아이돌 에이프린스는 리더인 성원과 태혁, 민혁, 승준, 시윤으로 구성됐다.  그들은 bnt뉴스와 함께한 화보 촬영을 통해 댄디한 매력을 보여줬다. 첫인상은 영국 보이밴드 ‘원 디렉션(one direction)’의 느낌을 자아냈다. 소년 같은 친근함이 있지만 내면에서 남자의 매력이 물씬 풍기는 모습이다.

시윤은 보타이와 짧은 기장의 바지를 매치해 막내의 풋풋한 매력을 물씬 풍겼다. 귀여우면서도 개성있는 포즈를 선보여 촬영장 분위기 메이커 역할도 톡톡히 했다.

꿈 을 이루기 위해 이룬 일보다 앞으로 해야 할 일이 많은 에이프린스다. 함께 진행된 인터뷰에서 그들은 다른 아이돌과 사뭇 다른 책임감을 보여줬다. 데뷔 전부터 ‘전면 오픈’과 ‘소통’을 중심으로 활동하는 점 때문. 데뷔 전과는 또 다른 모습을 팬들에게 선사한다는 각오다.

에이프린스는 “다양한 모습을 보여주고 싶다”며 앞으로 “보여준 것보다 보여줄 것이 더 많다”고 말한다. 대중이 요구하는 무한대의 매력을 채워줄 수 있다는 자신감을 전했다. (의상협찬: 아보키)

한경닷컴 bnt뉴스 기사제보

[bnt 화보] 에이프린스 승준 “이렇게 귀여워도 되나?”

[배진희 기자] 에이프린스가 화보 촬영을 통해 댄디한 매력을 뽐냈다.

에이프린스는 아직 데뷔를 앞둔 신인 남성 아이돌그룹이다. 공식적인 활동 없이도 각종 SNS(social network service)에서의 반응이 뜨겁다. 페이스북 페이지의 80%이상을 해외 팬이 차지할 정도로 국내뿐만 아니라 국외 반응도 심상치 않다.

준비된 한류 아이돌 에이프린스는 리더인 성원과 태혁, 민혁, 승준, 시윤으로 구성됐다.  그들은 bnt뉴스와 함께한 화보 촬영을 통해 댄디한 매력을 보여줬다. 첫인상은 영국 보이밴드 ‘원 디렉션(one direction)’의 느낌을 자아냈다. 소년 같은 친근함이 있지만 내면에서 남자의 매력이 물씬 풍기는 모습이다.

승준은 네이비 셔츠와 화이트 팬츠로 댄디한 분위기를 한 껏 자아냈다. 원 노트로 가볍게 맨 넥타이는 신사보다 말쑥한 소년의 느낌을 보여준다. 뿔테 안경을 통해 자칫 평범할 수 있는 코디에 포인트를 줬다.

꿈 을 이루기 위해 이룬 일보다 앞으로 해야 할 일이 많은 에이프린스다. 함께 진행된 인터뷰에서 그들은 다른 아이돌과 사뭇 다른 책임감을 보여줬다. 데뷔 전부터 ‘전면 오픈’과 ‘소통’을 중심으로 활동하는 점 때문. 데뷔 전과는 또 다른 모습을 팬들에게 선사한다는 각오다.

에이프린스는 “다양한 모습을 보여주고 싶다”며 앞으로 “보여준 것보다 보여줄 것이 더 많다”고 말한다. 대중이 요구하는 무한대의 매력을 채워줄 수 있다는 자신감을 전했다. (의상협찬: 아보키)

한경닷컴 bnt뉴스 기사제보 

[bnt 화보] 에이프린스 민혁 “오래도록 이 멤버와 함께 하고 싶다”

[배진희 기자] 에이프린스가 화보 촬영을 통해 댄디한 매력을 뽐냈다.

에이프린스는 아직 데뷔를 앞둔 신인 남성 아이돌그룹이다. 공식적인 활동 없이도 각종 SNS(social network service)에서의 반응이 뜨겁다. 페이스북 페이지의 80%이상을 해외 팬이 차지할 정도로 국내뿐만 아니라 국외 반응도 심상치 않다.

준비된 한류 아이돌 에이프린스는 리더인 성원과 태혁, 민혁, 승준, 시윤으로 구성됐다.  그들은 bnt뉴스와 함께한 화보 촬영을 통해 댄디한 매력을 보여줬다. 첫인상은 영국 보이밴드 ‘원 디렉션(one direction)’의 느낌을 자아냈다. 소년 같은 친근함이 있지만 내면에서 남자의 매력이 물씬 풍기는 모습이다.

민혁은 전반적으로 블루톤의 스타일링을 선보였다. 오렌지색 벨트는 전반적인 코디를 살려주는 포인트. 장난기 많고 활발한 그의 성격과 대조되는 스타일링으로 반전 매력을 보여줬다.

꿈 을 이루기 위해 이룬 일보다 앞으로 해야 할 일이 많은 에이프린스다. 함께 진행된 인터뷰에서 그들은 다른 아이돌과 사뭇 다른 책임감을 보여줬다. 데뷔 전부터 ‘전면 오픈’과 ‘소통’을 중심으로 활동하는 점 때문. 데뷔 전과는 또 다른 모습을 팬들에게 선사한다는 각오다.

에이프린스는 “다양한 모습을 보여주고 싶다”며 앞으로 “보여준 것보다 보여줄 것이 더 많다”고 말한다. 대중이 요구하는 무한대의 매력을 채워줄 수 있다는 자신감을 전했다. (의상협찬: 아보키)

한경닷컴 bnt뉴스 기사제보 

[bnt 화보] 에이프린스 성원 “미소년 느낌 물씬” 3초 장근석?

[배진희 기자] 에이프린스가 화보 촬영을 통해 댄디한 매력을 뽐냈다.

에이프린스는 아직 데뷔를 앞둔 신인 남성 아이돌그룹이다. 공식적인 활동 없이도 각종 SNS(social network service)에서의 반응이 뜨겁다. 페이스북 페이지의 80%이상을 해외 팬이 차지할 정도로 국내뿐만 아니라 국외 반응도 심상치 않다.

준비된 한류 아이돌 에이프린스는 리더인 성원과 태혁, 민혁, 승준, 시윤으로 구성됐다.  그들은 bnt뉴스와 함께한 화보 촬영을 통해 댄디한 매력을 보여줬다. 첫인상은 영국 보이밴드 ‘원 디렉션(one direction)’의 느낌을 자아냈다. 소년 같은 친근함이 있지만 내면에서 남자의 매력이 물씬 풍기는 모습이다.

성원은 톤 다운 된 오렌지 컬러 셔츠를 입고 특유의 밝고 화사한 매력을 선보였다. 하늘색 반바지에 포인트가 되는 네이비 벨트가 더해져 그의 진중한 이미지와 잘 맞아떨어졌다.

꿈 을 이루기 위해 이룬 일보다 앞으로 해야 할 일이 많은 에이프린스다. 함께 진행된 인터뷰에서 그들은 다른 아이돌과 사뭇 다른 책임감을 보여줬다. 데뷔 전부터 ‘전면 오픈’과 ‘소통’을 중심으로 활동하는 점 때문. 데뷔 전과는 또 다른 모습을 팬들에게 선사한다는 각오다.

에이프린스는 “다양한 모습을 보여주고 싶다”며 앞으로 “보여준 것보다 보여줄 것이 더 많다”고 말한다. 대중이 요구하는 무한대의 매력을 채워줄 수 있다는 자신감을 전했다. (의상협찬: 아보키)

한경닷컴 bnt뉴스 기사제보 

August 23, 2012

B1A4′s Gongchan displays a more mature image with ‘L’Officiel Hommes’

B1A4‘s Gongchan has partnered up with ‘L’Officiel Hommes‘ to show off a new look!

The idol recently adopted a more matured and manly image for the latest pictorial. Casting aside his more gentle and boy-ish look, Gongchan has effectively captured the eyes of fans with his new image.

He was even referred to as the classic icon James Dean, and was praised by the staff on set as he brought out his manly charisma with the slicked up hair and the stronger eyebrows, which emphasized his smoldering gaze.

Catch more of Gongchan on the September issue of ‘L’Officiel Hommes’!

Source + Photo: ETO via Nate

B2ST and VIXX snap a friendly picture together

Boy groups B2ST and VIXX displayed their friendship with a recent picture.
On August 23rd, VIXX released the picture above on their official fan cafe, ‘RealVIXX‘, sharing the two group’s latest interaction with fans. B2ST member Yoseob also holds up VIXX’s new album in the picture, further showing his support for the rookie group.

In addition, VIXX recently selected B2ST as their role-model group, explaining, “Each member has a unique character and personality, but the 6 members also work so well as a strong team”. It was also revealed that ‘Rock Ur Body‘, VIXX’s new single, was originally made for B2ST by none other than producer Shinsadong Tiger. Sunbae group B2ST graciously passed on the song to VIXX, which brought attention from fans of both groups.

VIXX stated, “We hope our own pathway to success is similar to B2ST’s. Our goal for ‘Rock Ur Body’ is to receive more attention from the general public.”
VIXX is currently hard at work with promotions for their second single, ‘Rock Ur Body’.

Source + Image: Sports Chosun via Nate

SHINee to continue their solo concert series with Taiwan as the next stop

Having completed the SMTOWN concert in Seoul on August 18th, boy group SHINee will be continuing their solo concert series in Taiwan this September!
SM Entertainment recently announced, “SHINee will be performing in Taiwan’s Taipei Arena from September 15th through the 16th“.

This will be SHINee’s second solo concert in Taiwan. Last year, their first concert achieved great success, as they were met with many loving fans who had traveled from all over the nation to see their favorite group. Many posts were also found on Baidu, a search engine, asking how to get tickets for SHINee’s concert, evidencing the group’s success overseas.

After Taiwan, SHINee will perform in Singapore and other countries to complete their ‘The SHINee World 2′ Asia tour.

Source + Image: Sports Chosun via Naver

B2ST’s Doojoon under fire for alleged rude reaction to overweight fan?

B2ST‘s Doojoon seems to have ruffled some feathers.

The idol has been under fire for his alleged rude reaction to an overweight fan during the ‘Guerilla Date‘ segment on a recent broadcast of KBS‘ ‘Entertainment Relay‘. What has a lot of viewers upset is Doojoon’s reaction after being challenged to give a piggy back ride to the fan.

Nu'Est Music Videos

Nu'Est - Face Music Video (

Nu'Est - Action Music Video (

Nu'Est - Face Teaser Music Video (Aron, Baekho, JR, Min Hyun and Ren) (

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TEEN TOP’s C.A.P. models for ‘L’officiel Hommes’

TEEN TOP‘s C.A.P. has proven that there’s more than meets the eye with the slight reveal of his muscular frame in a new photo shoot for the September edition of ‘L’officiel Hommes‘.

C.A.P. unleashed his beastly charisma in a number of looks that combined unconventional patterns that he was able to pull off thanks to his sexy charms. In particular, a cut where his pelvic bone is slightly revealed has left his fans breathless.

The magazine’s side commented, “We discovered C.A.P.’s powerful, masculine image while looking for idol groups to combine with our male fashion magazine. We tried to emphasize the masculine side of him, a side not often shown outside of the pictorial.”

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

B2ST members share their most recent concerns on ‘Show Champion’

The B2ST members have a lot to smile about these days, especially after earning a #1 K-Chart win on multiple music programs, but even these boys seemed to have their share of concerns.

B2ST who performed on MBC Music‘s ‘Show Champion‘ listened to the concerns of their fellow peers, and then shared some of their own.

Kikwang began, “I have not been getting enough sleep, so my voice cracks when I hit the high notes,” while Yoseob added, “I want to grow taller,” and Yong Junhyung remarked, “I run out of breath really easily these days.

Member Jang Hyun Seung who admitted he ate a lot of meat these days said, “I eat beef twice a day, and I’m afraid my personality will become really vicious,” and maknae Son Dongwoon hilariously confessed, “It’s so cold here right now, I don’t know what to do with myself.

Leader Doojoon displayed his leadership as he shared, “I want B2ST to become even more successful, and I am thinking of how we can accomplish that.

Despite their concerns, the boys seized the ‘Champion Song’ position and proved that they are currently one of the hottest idol groups in K-Pop.

Source & Image: ArtsNews

Super Junior & BOYFRIEND rank in top 5 on Oricon Daily Chart

On August 22nd, Super Junior officially released their fourth Japanese single “Sexy Free & Single“. After first day of sales, the single placed 2nd on the Oricon Daily Chart by selling 63,813 units.

Boyfriend also made their formal Japanese debut with the release of “Be My Shine” and they placed 4th on the same chart.
Congratulations to both groups.

Source: Oricon

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SHINee & EXO-K pose with former SM Entertainment artist Bada

Singer Bada took a snapshot with some of her juniors from her previous label, SM Entertainment.

On August 22nd, Bada shared the above photo via her official Twitter page and wrote, “My juniors EXO and SHINee who I was glad to see at the VIP preview. Because I am an SM Entertainment alumnus, I enjoy the camaraderie when I am with these guys who feel like my family. They bow 120 degrees to me, so polite and well-mannered these juniors.”

In the photo, Bada is standing side by side at the ‘Traffickers‘ VIP preview with SHINee members Taemin & Jonghyun, as well as EXO-K members Chanyeol & Suho.

Not only did the friendship between the senior and juniors draw attention, but also their lavish outfits. Bada’s white blouse paired with a print skirt brought out her feminine charm, while Taemin, Suho, and Chanyeol opted for a neat and simple look. Jonghyun stood out amongst all of them with his fashionable blue cardigan.

Source & Image: Bada‘s Twitter page

[NEWS] 120822 BEAST, Confess to Various Recent Frustrations

[ENG] Having to be crowned the #1 spot on various music charts, the six members of BEAST who are always happy, had revealed to have their frustrations.

During the live broadcast of MBC Music “Show Champion” on the 21st, BEAST appeared alongside MC ShinDong and Kim ShinYoung. In the program section of “Stars’ Book of Agony”, celebrities have to voice out their worries by writing them down on this book, together with it’s solution. During this section, six members of BEAST have confessed their recent worries.

Lee Kikwang confessed “Due to the lack of sleep lately, I’m worried that my voice will crack during the performances.” Yang Yoseob said, “I wish I can grow taller”, Yong JunHyung, “Lately, my breath is too cold (?), so it’s hard.” These 3 members expressed their  realistic concerns.

Also, Jang Hyunseung, “Lately I’m in love with steak fillet. I eat twice a day, I’m frustrated if I will be violent after enjoying so much meat.” Son Dongwoon, “This place is too cold, so I don’t know what I should do”. These two rather silly worries caused MCs as well as the audience to laugh.

Especially, Yoon Doojoon who holds the leader position,”I wish that BEAST will be better in the future, but how to be better? That’s what I’m worrying about”, confessing his frustration as a team leader.
On this day, BEAST gained the Champion Song award. Along with other various #1 spots on music programs, BEAST’s recent hot popularity as a top group has been recognized.

[NEWS] 120815 Why did BEAST Yoseob Cry During “Hello” Recordings?

[ENG] BEAST Yang Yoseob has shed tears during the recordings of “Hello”.
A representative from KBS2 “Hello” had revealed on the 14th of August, that Beast were  invited as special guests on “Hello”. During the recordings, BEAST member Yang Yoseob, shed tears when talking about dreams to be singers.

According to that representative, “When aspiring singers talked about their singing dreams, and how it’s hard to chase them and expressed their sad thoughts of giving this dream up, Yang Yoseob was seen choking with tears”. Yang Yoseob was also a singer who faced many setbacks before he managed to debut. Because of this, he could understand the feelings of those who aspires to be singers, hence the tears.

Yang Yoseob even had times where he wanted to give up on his dreams, but he held on and came to his current agency with Lee Kikwang. Eventually, he became a part of BEAST.

It was also reported that BEAST officials couldn’t hide their surprise when they heard that the usual-manly Yoseob cried during the recording

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