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March 22, 2013

B1A4 Sandeul’s fans donate over 330 pounds of rice in honor of his birthday

In honor of B1A4 Sandeul‘s 22nd birthday (Korean age) on the 20th, his fans donated 150kg (330lb 11oz) of rice to charity.

According to social enterprise Nanum Store, B1A4′s fan page ‘Don’t Call Me Noona‘ donated 150 kg to the Seoul SOS Children’s Village. The children’s center is a home for children who don’t have parents or have parents who are unable to care for them.

‘Don’t Call Me Noona’s camp stated, “To celebrate Sandeul’s birthday, we prepared a surprise event on our fan page. As supportive and loving fans of Sandeul, we will spread love by continuing to help those in need in the future.”

It has been revealed that the 150 kg of rice can feed up to 1,300 children.
Their faces say: "Happy Birthday, Sandeul! We love you!"

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B1A4, Jewelry, Gary, and more attend the ‘Puma Future Suede Launching Party’

B1A4, Jewelry, Leessang’s Gary, and more gathered together at the ‘Puma Future Suede Launching Party‘ in Shinsadong, Seoul on the 21st.

Puma showcased their three new suede lines ‘Classic Suede’, ‘Suede Archive Light’, and ‘Future Suede’ for 2013.

Kim Young Kwang, Kim Na Young, B1A4, Jewelry, Leessang‘s Gary, Koyote‘s Baekka, Prime, Lee Kyun, Hoo Ni Hoon, Joo Suk, Loco, Illtong, and Crush attended as well as the hip hop group Soul Dive who performed at the event.

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LUNAFLY unveils Teo’s teaser image for 1st album ‘Fly to Love’

LUNAFLY will be making a comeback with their 1st album ‘Fly To Love‘!

LUNAFLY shared on their official Facebook with the photo shown above,Teo’s 1st official Teaser. LUNAFLY’s 1st Album ‘Fly To Love’ will be released April 3rd :). Please look forward to it^^.” 

Just like their previous image teaser, the Teo follows along with the colorful theme with his multi-colored hairstyle. Putting his hand beside his ear, it almost seems as if he’s telling us that there is good music coming our way!

Stay tuned for more teasers as their comeback approaches this April!

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P.O releases “Black Vans Authentic” from his mixtape

Block B‘s P.O has come out with what seems to be the last track from volume 1 of his mixtape, ‘Bigboi is Ready 2 Showtime‘!

Black Vans Authentic” is about how P.O came about finding his ideal type of girl. The idol rapper also wrote the message: “Thank you for listening and giving [my music] interest until the end. I’ll become more hardworking! I apologize, I’m sorry, and I’m always thankful!”

The idol rapper has been revealing a new song every day for over a week. 

He’s already releasedAMINO ACID“, You Try It” and “I Believed In MeTo BitcxxDo It“Ball-Bo 2″Good Morning With You” featuring IncredibleEyelineFuxx the SystemShixx, and B.I.G. boi style through his Cyworld.

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Get a BTS look at INFINITE’s “Man in Love” MV

Charismatic idol group INFINITE has released the making of the music video for “Man in Love“!

Along with the title song is their new album called ‘New Challenge‘, which contains fresh tracks like Sunggyu‘s “60 sec” remade as a group version, and Woohyun‘s first self-composed track “Beautiful“.

Check out the making-of footage as well as BTS photos below!

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INFINITE’s “Man In Love” achieves an ‘all-kill’ on music charts

INFINITE‘s newly released title track, Man In Love“, off of their ‘New Challenge mini album has successfully achieved an ‘all-kill’, sweeping the top spot on all the music charts.

The song reached #1 on all the main music charts such as Melon, Olleh, Soribada, Bugs, Mnet, Daum, Naver, Cyworld, and Monkey3. Not only so but the term ‘인피니트 (INFINITE)‘ also ranked high on the real time search queries of Nate, Naver, and Daum.

The song might be titled “Man in Love” but INSPIRITS are sure in love with INFINITE.

Congratulations to INFINITE!










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Kikwang’s fan club donates over 3,400 items of clothing in honor of his birthday

In honor of B2ST member Kikwang‘s upcoming birthday on March 30, his fans donated over 3,400 clothing items to charity.

Kikwang’s fan club ‘Meet the Universe‘ donated to the non-profit organization Octan. From February 15 to March 15, fans gathered clothing, handbags, and shoes to help those in need.

An Octan representative stated, “In honor of Kikwang’s birthday, Kikwang’s fans donated a lot of clothes and the number of people who participated exceeded our expectations. More so than this fan club donation becoming a trend in the future, we hope that more people will take interest in Octan.”

Kikwang thanked fans through his Twitter sharing, “Wow my loving fans prepared such an awesome donation! I’m really satisfied and love it. because I have fans like you, I am really glad, joyful, and happy. It is really such a kind deed! I feel so encouraged! Thank you everyone.”

Kikwang’s fans previously donated 1.7 tons of rice for the ‘United Cube Concert‘ last month, showing their dedication to maintaining Kikwang’s good reputation and to helping those in need.

Happy birthday Kikwang!

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Peniel celebrates BtoB’s 1 year anniversary

BtoB celebrated their 1 year anniversary!

A year ago on March 22, 2012, BtoB debuted withImagine” and “Insane” on ‘M! Countdown‘. 

Time flies fast as it’s already been a year since their debut, and Peniel took to BtoB’s official Twitter to celebrate. He wrote, “Woo!! 1 year since our debut! Wow… Congrats us! :) haha :P shout outs to everyone that has supported us up until now! We promise to keep working hard so expect a lot alright? ;) Thank you guys so much!! :D“.

It’s been a while since BtoB last promoted with “WOW“, so fans are patiently waiting for their return. The members have been active in various dramas, variety shows, vlogs, and by featuring in other artists’ songs.

Congratulations to BtoB!

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March 21, 2013

Super Junior’s Kangin and NU’EST’s Baekho are brothers from another mother?

Are Super Junior‘s Kangin and NU’EST‘s Baekho brothers from another mother?

Comparison photos of Kangin and Baekho uploaded online under the title “Kangin-Baekho doppelgangers?” prove just how much the two idol stars look alike. Fans noted their similar facial features, striped shirts, and even the fact that there are two members behind them in both photos.

Netizens agreed at their striking similarities and commented, “Does Kangin have a secret brother? They both look so alike,” “Synchronization is 100%,” and “I hope they become good friends.”

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P.O releases “B.I.G. boi style” from his mixtape

Block B‘s P.O has come out with the 12th track from volume 1 of his mixtape, ‘Bigboi is Ready 2 Showtime‘!

B.I.G. boi style” takes its name from P.O’s mixtape. The lyrics talk about doing everything in P.O’s own “BIGboi” style.

The idol rapper has been revealing a new song every day for over a week. 

He’s already releasedAMINO ACID“, You Try It” and “I Believed In MeTo BitcxxDo It“Ball-Bo 2″Good Morning With You” featuring Incredible, Eyeline, Fuxx the System, and Shixx through his Cyworld.

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SHINee becomes the first artist to win 4 times on ‘Show Champion’!

SHINee became the first artist to win 4 times on ‘Show Champion‘!

The latest victory was celebrated on the show’s Twitter, where they wrote, “Which song was the Champion Song for the March 20th episode of ‘Show Champion’? It was the shining SHINee ^^. SHINee won the Champion Song trophy 4 times in a row for the first time on ‘Show Champion’ and for the first time for ‘Dream Girl‘! They asked if they can really take it ^^. We sincerely congratulate you!“.

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Taecyeon and Sunggyu share a friendly snapshot backstage at ‘Music Bank In Jakarta’

It’s always nice to see a little bromance going on from your favorite boy groups, and 2PM‘s Taecyeon and INFINITE‘s Sunggyu left fans smiling upon seeing their close friendship.

Taecyeon seemed to have enjoyed himself at the recent ‘Music Bank In Jakarta’ event and tweeted, “Kyo kyo kyo ‘Music Bank In Jakarta’ is jjang!! kyo kyo kyo”, sharing a friendly snapshot of him and Sunggyu backstage.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the two friends and replied, “It’s nice to see their friendship”, “The two of them look good together”, and “I can’t believe they’re only one year apart.”

The ‘Music Bank In Jakarta’ special aired on the 19th and both 2PM and INFINITE rocked the stage with their hot performances.

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INFINITE makes a comeback with “Man In Love” MV + ‘New Challenge’ mini album

It’s March 21st, and date for Inspirits signals the return of charismatic idol group, INFINITE!

This is their comeback as a group after 10 months, but it doesn’t mean they’ve been staying quiet as we’ve seen drama activities as well as solo and subunit activities from the hardworking boys!

However, as it is their return as the full team in a while, fans have been eagerly awaiting this comeback with title track, “Man In Love“!

Along with the title track is their new album called ‘New Challenge‘, which contains fresh tracks you won’t want to miss like Sunggyu‘s “60 sec” remade as a group version, and Woohyun‘s first self-composed track “Beautiful“.

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March 20, 2013

Lee Joon channels his ‘IRIS 2′ character for ‘K-Wave’

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon defined charisma as he channeled his own character in the drama ‘IRIS 2‘ for the KBS magazine ‘K-Wave‘.

Lee Joon cast aside his somewhat 4D character that we have come to love on variety shows to become the baddest boy in town with his tough and charismatic expressions. Lee Joon also looks ready to tackle whatever case may be assigned to him with his gun and motorcycle handy.

Catch Lee Joon on ‘IRIS 2′, which airs every Wednesday and Thursday!

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BTOB’s Minhyuk bends into a yoga move on ‘Reckless Family 2′

Fans were previously able to witness BTOB Minhyuk‘s amazing acrobatic skills during the ‘2013 Idol Athletic Championship‘, and they caught Minhyuk in action once again on ‘Reckless Family 2‘.

During the latest episode of MBC Every1‘s ‘Reckless Family 2′, Minhyuk, miss A‘s Min, and comedian Kwak Hyun Hwa showed off their various laugh-out-loud talents. Minhyuk, who revealed his hobby to be acrobatics, went on to show off his supernatural strength by parodying a famous scene from the hit film ‘Old Boy‘ in which a character (played by So Ji Sub) lifts his whole body up backwards.

Min and Kwak Hyun Hwa’s jaws dropped when they saw Minhyuk’s hidden talent. They both responded, “That is really impressive.”
What do you think of Minhyuk’s yoga move?

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P.O releases “Shxx” feat. Incredible from his mixtape

Block B‘s P.O has come out with the 11th track from volume 1 of his mixtape, ‘Bigboi is Ready 2 Showtime‘!

Following “Fuxx The System, P.O. has released “Shxx“, which expresses his confidence in his rap skills and features another collaboration with Incredible.
The idol rapper has been revealing a new song every day for over a week. 

He’s already releasedAMINO ACID“, You Try It” and “I Believed In MeTo BitcxxDo It“Ball-Bo 2″, Good Morning With You” featuring Incredible, and Eyeline through his Cyworld.

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INFINITE reveals Sunggyu’s teaser for ‘Man in Love’!

INFINITE has revealed the final video teaser for ‘Man In Love‘ featuring leader Sunggyu!

So far, the group released teasers for Hoya, SungjongDongwooSungyeolWoohyun, and L.

In the teaser, Sunggyu takes romantic to the top by setting up his own romantic dinner at the top of a building.

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U-KISS and 2NE1 to stand on the same stage as Backstreet Boys and Demi Lovato in Malaysia

U-KISS and 2NE1 have been invited as the Korean representative(s) for a ‘Formula 1‘ event!

In America there’s NASCAR, for the rest of the world there’s Formula 1 or more commonly known as simply F1, which is the highest class of auto racing in the world. 

Formula 1 will hold their annual Petronas Grand Prix event in Malaysia and both U-KISS and 2NE1 have been invited to perform at the concert stage ‘Twin Towers @ Live 2013‘ before the racing event. U-KISS is scheduled to perform on the 22nd while 2NE1 will perform on the 23rd. Both of these respective groups will be standing on the same stage as American artists such as Backstreet Boys and Demi Lovato. In 2011, the Wonder Girls performed for the event, and in 2012, Girls’ Generation were the guests.

For their upcoming performance, U-KISS said, “While we went on foreign performances, we were on stages with famous stars, but this performance feels different. We think this will be so much more meaningful because we can stand on the same place as Backstreet Boys, who we really respect. We’re so honored that U-KISS was invited to a place where people all over the world gather, and we’ll put on a great performance as the Korean representatives.

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TEEN TOP releases more photos from their colorful ‘Cosmopolitan’ photoshoot

Having hinted at the vivid and colorful nature of their photoshoot with their group shotTEEN TOP is continuing on the neon color scheme through the release of more photos for ‘Cosmopolitan‘.

In addition to the group photo revealed previously, you can now feast your eyes on the new unit shots as the members divide up into two teams. But that’s not all for the boys have treated fans to BTS photos from the shoot for their fans on Facebook.

Credits: allkpop

It’s clear these boys really didn’t need touch ups or editing at all as the BTS photos pick up on their handsome facial features perfectly, and perhaps even better than in the magazine pictorials!

Sunggyu’s poster marks D-1 before INFINITE’s comeback

With INFINITE‘s comeback so close, following up after the release of his video teaser is none other than leader Sunggyu with his teaser poster!

To promote their return with “Man in Love“, the group has set out to drive their fans wild in collecting each member’s poster! In addition to being posted online, these posters have been posted around Seoul to make sure everyone knows that INFINITE is coming their way very soon.

Following SungjongWoohyunDongwooSungyeolHoya and L‘s posters, fans are now in a desperate search to claim the last poster featuring Sunggyu for themselves!

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LEDApple’s Hanbyul shows off his beautiful voice through “When I Was Your Man” cover

The boys of LEDApple have been injecting even more creativity into their covers as they now accompany the music with scenes you’d expect to see in a music video. They’re at it once again with their interpretation of “When I was Your Man” by Bruno Mars!

They’ve been putting rock spins on the songs, but this time for Hanbyul‘s solo cover, they stayed mostly true to the original song, with Hanbyul’s beautiful voice ringing throughout the song!

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March 19, 2013

SM Entertainment responds to criticisms against Onew giving the middle finger

With the heated attention of netizens on SHINee‘s Onew after seeing the idol giving the middle finger during a radio broadcast, SM Entertainment has responded to the criticisms.

As mentioned before, on the March 18th broadcast of ‘Younha’s Starry Night‘, the SHINee members featured as guests, and during the introduction segment, Onew’s hand was spotted on the screen during the filming of the radio program. This led many to express their disappointment and question why the idol had given the middle finger when cameras were rolling.

Although it turns out Onew and his members were just playing around before they officially started their talk segments on the radio program when the hand gesture came about, SM Entertainment didn’t make any excuses and simply commented, “Whatever the reason is, it was the wrong thing to do. Onew is self-reflecting. He will be more careful in the future.”

Source: DongA, Sports Seoul, Newsen

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TEEN TOP show support for Andy at Shinhwa’s 15th anniversary concert

The TEEN TOP boys made sure to attend Shinhwa‘s 15th anniversary concert!
As the CEO of T.O.P Media is Shinhwa’s Andy himself, the boys went to see their sunbaes’ event. TEEN TOP tweeted, “Andy hyung! We should have enjoyed the stage together with you today, so we’re a bit disappointedㅜㅜ! Hyung! To us, you’re always #1! Hyung, good job! You’re the best♥_TEEN TOP.

L.Joe then tweeted a photo of the six boys with Andy and wrote, “I have to sleep now~ Angels, sleep well too_L.Joe.” In the photo, the TEEN TOP members are gathered around Andy, who looks like he could fit right in with the much younger group.

TEEN TOP themselves will hold their own Asia tour, starting from May 11th and 12th in Seoul.

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TEEN TOP goes vivid for ‘Cosmopolitan’

While in the midst of continuing their search for “Miss Right”, TEEN TOP has scored a spread in the April issue of ‘Cosmopolitan‘ magazine!

Rather than embracing the softer, pastel-toned trend for this season, the boys break away from the expected with bright, vivid colors, standing out from the crowd of the usual spring pictorials.

Capturing more and more hearts as they return with solid comebacks each time, the boys revealed their thoughts on being one of the main characters in this ‘idol generation’. Ricky shared, “Since this is a special experience that not many could experience, we are working hard and enjoying it.” Changjo also commented, “Among the many idol groups, the point that differentiates TEEN TOP is that we’re not a formal idol group but a free style team.”

They also mentioned their individual goals for this year as Ricky showed his excitement sharing, “Among our plans for this year, I want to successfully hold a solo concert and an Asia tour,” and C.A.P adding, “I want to try acting and play a memorable role, even though it may be a small one, in dramas and movies.”

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