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March 19, 2013

TEEN TOP show support for Andy at Shinhwa’s 15th anniversary concert

The TEEN TOP boys made sure to attend Shinhwa‘s 15th anniversary concert!
As the CEO of T.O.P Media is Shinhwa’s Andy himself, the boys went to see their sunbaes’ event. TEEN TOP tweeted, “Andy hyung! We should have enjoyed the stage together with you today, so we’re a bit disappointedㅜㅜ! Hyung! To us, you’re always #1! Hyung, good job! You’re the best♥_TEEN TOP.

L.Joe then tweeted a photo of the six boys with Andy and wrote, “I have to sleep now~ Angels, sleep well too_L.Joe.” In the photo, the TEEN TOP members are gathered around Andy, who looks like he could fit right in with the much younger group.

TEEN TOP themselves will hold their own Asia tour, starting from May 11th and 12th in Seoul.

Credits: allkpop

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